Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Pre-Orders From GameStop Come With Paper Craft Characters


Consumers in North America now have a chance to get those neat paper craft characters for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. They will be given to those who pre-order the upcoming role-playing game from GameStop. The items will be shipped with the game for online customers, but they will be available at the time of purchase for in-store customers. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam arrives in North America on January 22 for Nintendo 3DS. Japan gets it first on December 3, followed by a December 4 launch for Europe.


Video: New Japanese Commercials For Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version

You may not have heard about the collaboration between hit games Yo-kai Watch and Just Dance, but Level 5 and Ubisoft are trying to make sure that you do. Below are two new commercials for the odd crossover that are playing in Japan now. If you find yourself tapping your foot to the beat, you might want to consider picking up the game if it ever comes to the West. Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version launches in Japan on December 5th.


Video: “Game Center Holiday Edition: Amiibo”

It’s time for another Game Center update from the Play Nintendo Youtube Channel, and this time, it’s all about amiibo. The figures will surely be a huge hit this holiday season, so it makes since that Nintendo is marketing them so heavily. However, it is interesting that both the holiday commercial and this video largely focus on the additional costumes that amiibo unlock, and fail to touch on their other features. This could be a strategy meant to simplify the figures for consumers, or it could simply be that additional costumes is a favorite feature among customers. For those who bought amiibo, what is your favorite in-game feature?


Video: Here’s An Unboxing Of The Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

YouTuber NintenDaan has posted an unboxing video of the recently released Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo. This big adorable amiibo is compatible with seven Wii U titles including Yoshi’s Woolly World and Mario Kart 8, and two 3DS titles – Super Smash Bros. and Chibi! Robo: Zip Lash. You can check out the unboxing video below:


Check Out These Monster Hunter X Japanese Commercials

Monster Hunter X is now available in Japan, and people can’t wait to get their hands on it. The 3DS exclusive has had massive lines of eager fans waiting for hours to get the game. This could be a great sign for the West, as huge sales in Japan will likely encourage Capcom to localize the title. While Japanese gamers wait in line, and we wait for word on a western release, let’s all enjoy some of the latest Monster Hunter X commercials below.

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Video: Action Movie Kid Gets To Visit Nintendo Of America HQ

YouTube star Action Movie Kid and a bunch of other young YouTubers recently had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Nintendo of America headquarters at Redmond, Washington. The cute video gives you a look inside the building and just goes to show how much more open Nintendo of America is these days.

Massive Queues For The Launch Of Monster Hunter X In Japan

Monster Hunter X has launched in Japan, and as we all know, it is a massive franchise in the country and it shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. Judging from images posted via Famitsu there were huge queues of people lining up to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS exclusive. It will certainly be interesting to see Nintendo hardware sales in the next Media Create post!

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