Extreme Exorcism Hits Wii U Later This Month

It might be a good idea to sharpen your Extreme Exorcism skills before the game arrives later this month. The paranormal platformer will be available on September 23 in the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, and it will cost $12.99. In Extreme Exorcism, players are tasked with exterminating all ghosts in a haunted house. There’s a twist to it, too, with each new round ghosts will mimic your prior actions to the point where you’re essentially competing against yourself. The game was featured in the Nindies@Home program in June.

Freedom Planet Should Come To Wii U This Month

It’s hard to know when Freedom Planet is going to come to the Wii U eShop as it has unfortunately been delayed a few times. Stevie DiDuro, who is one of the developers behind the game, has stated on Twitter that the well-received 2D platformer should arrive on the console sometime later this month, which can only be good news. In the meantime you can indulge yourself in the PC version.

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The YouTube Stars Super Mario Maker Levels Are Now Up

You may have read yesterday that Nintendo has gathered together a bunch of popular YouTubers and given them the task to create the ultimate level in Super Mario Maker. Well, those five levels are now live and you can vote for which one takes your fancy. There are levels designed by the likes of iJustine and the Game Theorists. The winners are the ones that receive the most likes on their video. Oh, and if you haven’t done so already be sure to check out our review.


Pokemon Shuffle Trademark Opposed By Playing Card Company


Cartamundi’s Shuffle has filed a trademark opposition against the Pokemon Company for the recently released mobile game Pokemon Shuffle. Cartamundi’s Shuffle, which is an application combined with playing cards, resents the Pokemon Company using the word Shuffle in their free to play mobile title and claims that it damages Cartamundi’s business. You can read all about the lawsuit, right here.


The Slowpoke Song Now Has English Lyrics

You may or may not remember the Japanese version of the Slowpoke song that was released on the Official Pokemon YouTube Channel a year ago – if you don’t recall it, it’s a song about how Slowpoke loves to eat and sleep and has a mouth like a ‘supermarket door’ mixed in with a cool reggae beat. It was originally released to mark the new release of the Slowpoke merchandise on PokemonCenter.com.

Today, the Pokemon YouTube Channel released an English version to sing along to and you can check it out here. Prepare to be hypnotised by Slowpoke going round in circles, Enjoy!

Callie And Marie Announce New Splatoon Gear By Mistake

With Splatoon’s latest software update to version 2.1.0 going live earlier today, Callie and Marie appeared to have caused some confusion once players were back online. The squid sisters accidentally announced the arrival of some new gear on their news update, which Nintendo later retracted on their UK Twitter account and reassured fans that it was a mistake.

There had been no plans for any new gear or weapons in this update, as it was purely to fix some of the previous glitches. There has been changes to the stage layouts for the Turf War version of Camp Triggerfish and all versions of Arowana Mall along with other bug fixes. You can check out further details of version 2.1.0 here. Hopefully the next update will bring even more weapons!

Mario Golf 64 Drives Into Japan’s Virtual Console Thursday

Fore! Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 is scheduled to be released Thursday on the Japan Wii U Virtual Console. This was the first direct release of a Mario golfing game, one of the first sports-themed Mario titles, and was published in 1999. The game features eight courses and several Mushroom Kingdom and original characters. After selling more than a million copies worldwide, the game spawned four sequels on consoles and handhelds.