Jett Tailfin Release Date Revealed For Wii U

The release date of Jett Tailfin has been revealed. The racing title will be available August 7th on Wii U. Announced in 2012, the game challenges players to accumulate as many points as they can through 16 tracks. Jett Tailfin also contains multiplayer features, allowing up to four players to partake in races.


Japan: Small Survey Regarding Favourite Game Developers Puts Nintendo In The Lead

A recent survey conducted by Japanese publication Freshers asked gamers who their favourite developers are. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo gained the most votes as the preferred game developer of choice. They were followed by Square Enix. Here’s the results of those given multiple options in the Japanese survey:

#1 Nintendo (41 votes)
#2 Square Enix (31 votes)
#3 Capcom (22 votes)
#4 Sony (20 votes)
#5 Tecmo Koei (14 votes)
#6 Konami (13 votes)
#7 Sega (12 votes)
#8 Level 5 (10 votes)
#9 Atlus (9 votes)
#9 Bandai Namco (9 votes)
#11 EA (5 votes)
#12 Spike Chunsoft (3 votes)
#12 From Software (3 votes)
#12 Nippon Ichi Software (3 votes)
#12 Microsoft (3 votes)
#16 Marvelous AQL (2 votes)
#16 Arc System Works (2 votes)
#18 SNK (1 vote)
#18 Takara Tomy (1 vote)
Other developers(2 votes)




Japanese Smartphone Gaming Market Reaches $5.1 Billion, Has Already Overtaken Dedicated Hardware And Software Combined

We already know that smartphones are now immensely popular in Japan, but what we didn’t know was the extent. It’s been revealed today in the 2014 CESA Games White Paper that the Japanese smartphone gaming market has now hit 5.1 billion, which is more than dedicated hardware sales and software sales combined.

Japan’s mobile gaming market in 2013 was, at US$5.1 billion, bigger than the one for console (hardware and software combined) at US$4 billion.

Thanks, Franco



XType Plus For Wii U eShop Seems To Be Freezing Consoles

A number of Miiverse users that have downloaded the recently released XType Plus for the Wii U eShop seem to be complaining that the shoot em up is freezing their Wii U consoles. The developer has explained on Twitter that he is aware of the situation and is contacting Nintendo to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.


Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Website Mentions Wii U In Source Code

Activision hasn’t mentioned at all if Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be appearing on the Wii U. We know that the previous game Call of Duty: Ghosts didn’t sell well on the platform, but could the company be bringing the latest game in the series to the platform? Well, a bit of digging has found Wii U written in the official website’s source code. You would have thought if it was coming to the platform Activision and Nintendo would have announced it by now, but the same thing happened with Call of Duty: Ghosts. We shall have to wait and see.

Thanks, WhiteEagle