Puzzle Game MouseCraft Is Coming To Wii U Later This Year

MouseCraft from indie developer Crunching Koalas will be available in the third quarter of this year on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. The puzzle game tasks players with helping mice in their relentless quest for cheese by stacking tetrominos, which can be used to create a safe path for the mice. It also challenges players to defeat obstacles, overcome gaps and gather collectibles by using different types of blocks.

Don’t Forget You Can Check Out The Splatoon Single Player At Select Best Buy & GameStop Stores

Just a quick reminder that you can check out the Splatoon single player mode at select Best Buy and GameStop stores in the United States. There’s a ton of stores with demo locations so you will want to check this link to make sure that your local store will be offering the demo. Amy from Miiverse has been reminding people to check it out, so I guess it is best to do what she says!

Hello Inklings of Miiverse! I hope you had a chance to play yesterday. How many battles did you win? I think I won three battles – I was happy to see the result showing how much I contributed to the team. For those who can’t wait until the game launches to play, I have amaz-ink news! You can now test out the single-player mode for Splatoon at selected Best Buy and GameStop stores! Make sure to visit the website in this post to check which stores are offering the demo. If only I could transform into a squid and swim quickly to one of those stores right now!

Thanks, Josh S


Rumour: Low Wave 4 Amiibo Shipments At GameStop, No More Holds, Shulk Restock In June

A Reddit user that claims to work at GameStop has outlined the dire situation ahead for collectors of the fourth wave of amiibo figures. The retail chain will only have a limited amount of stock of shipments and won’t be holding amiibo. However, there is good news, as Shulk is meant to be restocked sometime in June.

Throw away account for several reasons. Here’s what we are dealing with at gamestop. Mods can verify this however they want but I’m not using my own separate verified account.

  1. Corporate is raining down on stores stemming from the small Marth restock. Enough people complained about holding amiibos that it got store policy changed. Here’s the kicker though, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t affect employees, just customer holds. At my store personally, several people complained who I know benefited from amiibo holding themselves in the past. they where just pissed they didn’t call first. So the reality now is that from now on at gamestop…its first come first served when it comes to store shipments that aren’t preorders/web-in-store.
  2. Our shipments of wave 4 SUCK. plain and simple. from 0 robins/lucina to just one of each. 1,2, or no nesses. Surprisingly we’ll have plenty of silver mario’s for whatever that’s worth. Memo stated that we will not be re-supplying wave 4. Once we run out, we are out. you can camp gamestop if you want, but as a collector myself…I’m not. I can spend my time better at another store with much better stock. (this doesn’t mean there won’t be the abnormal store here and there that might have decent stock)
  3. e-mailed customer solutions about the shulk shipments from february. They told me it’s now between June 2nd-June 9th.

Edit 1: The email said we are going to post in hand stock I believe the morning of 5/29 right on the door. So, you’ll be able to see what we have while you wait in line.

Can’t post the actual memo and email. Especially because of the warning up top, not risking my job for this one folks. maybe a more carefree SGA and up will provide it. can’t really think of anything else at the moment. I’ll field questions for a bit though, so ask away.

TL;DR wave 4 stock sucks, it’s harder to get amiibos with us now

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

Japanese Prison Lets Elderly Inmates Play The Nintendo DS To Help With Dementia

A Japanese newspaper, Mainichi Shimbunhas discovered that in Oita prison, inmates are allowed to play the Nintendo DS to help combat their dementia. 21% of inmates are over 65, this causes a lot of problems with patients suffering from dementia, as it usually gets worse once they’re in prison. To help combat the problem, the prison set up a program in which inmates suffering from dementia could partake in certain exercises to help them, like yoga and playing brain training games on the Nintendo DS, a few times a month. One inmate in his sixties said: “The DS is the most fun part. I want to keep my brain sharp by practicing like this.” Who doesn’t love a bit of brain training?

“After they get out of prison, I hope they will take steps to continue to look after their [mental] health, such as using the DS. We need a support system for prisoners once they are released, too.”— Warden

Little Devil Inside Reaches Wii U Stretch Goal On Kickstarter

Little Devil Inside has reached its first stretch goal on Kickstarter, which means that the upcoming 3D RPG is officially coming to Wii U. Developed by Neostream, Little Devil Inside throws players into a surreal setting with humans, creatures and monsters to interact with. It tells stories about people with ‘unusual’ jobs such as hunting monsters and what happens in their everyday life doing so.