Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS eShop Not Crediting Credit Cards Properly, And Other Issues

The guys over at Zelda Informer are reporting that there are currently a few technical issues with the recently released Nintendo 3DS eShop. The first issue seems to be with your remaining balance after you’ve topped up with credits via your credit or debit card. Apparently people are complaining that their credit or debit cards are being charged but they’re not receiving the credits that they need to purchase the games. I can’t say I’ve experienced this issue as I have purchased credits fine with my card, and it shows my remaining balance.

Another issue seems to be with the 3D trailers that are available to download. Some of the trailers are apparently extremely bad quality (again I have downloaded The Green Lantern trailer and it looks fine). Also the audio is meant to be quite muffled on the videos which means that you have to blast the volume up on the 3DS, but as the volume isn’t too loud on the 3DS anyway, this proves a problem. I’d like to stress that I haven’t encountered any of these issues, but if you have then please leave a comment.


33 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS eShop Not Crediting Credit Cards Properly, And Other Issues”

  1. I haven’t gotten around to download any games or add any funds to the eShop yet but the only trailer I’ve seen audio problems with is the OoT 3-D trailer. The audio is incredibly low compared to the other trailers I’ve downloaded.

    1. Okay so if you’ve ever had a problem you never said anything about it in your life? So shut up you moron. Seriously, they’re only saying something so it can get fixed. If it works for you good to know but don’t say someone is b*tching just b/c they are having issues.

    2. It’s working fine for you, if you look at the article, it’s not that people are just complaining because it isn’t perfect, it’s because it’s not working for them.
      Why should people not complain if they get charged for something and don’t get it?

  2. I’ve experienced the movie trailer issue.. The video quality is horrible, and there’s barely any sound.. However, all the 3DS E3 trailers are perfect.

  3. I have noticed the audio being extremely quiet compared to games on the system. Also, I thought some of the trailers didn’t have very good quality, but it may just be because I’m used to watching the same trailers in 720p or 1080p on my computer.

  4. I can’t find any E3 trailers. Where are they on the eShop? I can see the green lantern trailer abd OOT3D trailer but thats it..

      1. I dont think my eShop has updated properly then because i dont have a Games shown at E3 page :-( i’ll try a system update see if that helps?

        1. I believe you had to let the system get permission to auto-push updates (I think you could opt out), because it was in fact an eShop update that would download automatically. The eShop settings are all the way to the left while in the eShop I believe.

  5. I downloaded the 2 free stuff and the Paper Mario trailer, and they work fine. I plan to use the eShop cards rather than credit cards anyway.

  6. the resident evil trailer was rather low-rez, and the metal gear solid 3 trailer had a terrible fps.

  7. No problems with eShop for me so far but the audio on the Green Lantern trailer was very low, even with the volume cranked up to the max. I had to plug in some earphones just to be able to hear the audio.

  8. the only issue I see with the trailer is that is not HQ, and because of that, in some moments theres a lot of pixelation in the video, and in Zelda E3 trailer volume is too low when you hear it with the speakers…other than that, everything’s fine

    I have a questions, do the old wii/ds point cards work with the 3DS? cause the 3DS prepaid cards haven’t arrived here yet and I wanna start using the store!!!please answer if you know!

  9. The trailers are perfect, the only thing I have a problem is the volume. INCREASE the volume Nintendo on your trailers.

  10. I like the e-shop and it all works great for me, however we can allready now see what disadvantages the region settings have. In europe we are at the mercy of NOE and we have to hope they will give us the E3 trailers. I can almost guess that it is going to be the same with demo’s due to esrb & pegi ratings… Pretty disapointing nintendo…

  11. I haven’t brought any games yet so I don’t know if there’s any issues. Downloaded Green Lantern and the pictures fine but it’s not the loudest I must admit.

  12. Something funny about the 3D from video, too (same problem with the OK, Go video).

    The Green Lantern quality was pretty meh, but even worse was that the 3d effect was nearly non-existent (at least for me). Does it have to do with 3D depth settings for a big theatre not matching the small screen? Did anyone else notice that too?

  13. also think that the volumen is terrible…the Resident Evil Revelations trailer is the worst in the volumen topic

  14. Not too loud? Dude those things are extremely loud! I put ‘m at halfway just to listen to music while doing chores around my house…. headphones don’t work, and my iPod has absolutely crappy sound. Full-blast is extremely loud…. maybe it’s just my music.

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