Nintendo Wii: Venture Beat Slams The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword And Says Nintendo ‘Hasn’t Learned Anything’

It’s come to my attention that Games Beat which is part of Venture Beat have posted a critically damming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword review. Games Beat only awarded the well received game 65 out of 100, with the reviewer stating that the more he played Skyward Sword the less he liked it. It seriously doesn’t get any more damming than that.

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180 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Venture Beat Slams The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword And Says Nintendo ‘Hasn’t Learned Anything’”

        1. @derpderp Be honest, have u played the game yet? Its literally the best motion control game(control wise). And that opinion was made from playing a goddamn demo. Please tell me what game uses motion controls better.

          1. the demo at e3 last year didn’t have good controls onstage cause of interference and him being to far away from the sensor. 98% of reviews say the controls work like a dream.

      1. hahaha fuck you. the controls are god awful. you dont slash right and the sword goes right. you have to hold the wiimote out and in a circular motion move the sword where u want it to go and slash. like if Link is holding the sword to the right and u slash upwards its gonna slash to the left.

          1. And now that awkwardly rude and incorrect fellow – what was his name? frwfew? – may actually learn the lesson that you shouldn’t jump the gun and ask yourself, “Maybe –>I’M<— doing it wrong?". Seriously if you wee a majority of people with no issues then it's time to question yourself and not lash out at the game or others. An extra note to you, frwfew, if you are too close to the sensor or swing it wildly or such it will destabilize, for lack of a better term. Or could your controller possibly be malfunctioning? Or maybe it might need re-configuring. Seriously, think a little.


            The controls rock! Anyone who says the controls suck and dont work have links to that games spot reviewer.

            1. The guy is being ironic. He has another video in the annotations where you can see the controls even better. He seems like he is mezmerized by the controls:D

    1. i think the controls are pretty good, just something to get used with.
      i agree that it is a little unfamiliar but they did make some awesome stuff with :P

      i’m now done with 2 dungeon’s and i just wanna continue more and more

      for me this game has at this point a 9 (still have to see the complete story and ending so the score can get higher or even lower)

      1. PEOPLE. Give the game an actual chance. You know that “MotionPlus” thing that Nintendo unveiled? Yeah, it’s all adding the depth to the motion controls. Notice how on the second Wii Sports, you have to put in some actual EFFORT? Well, the same case probably applies here. It’s probably something you’ll have to get used to… no different than when people first began playing FPSs. I for one cannot wait to play this amazing game.

    2. I recommend Venture Beat and that frwfew fruit dude to get themselves a new remote. Or a new sensor bar. Because obviously, they hate Nintendo so much that they’ve done unquestionable things with those two essential items to the console before Skyward Sword was even announced.

      ugh, the control sucks… Seriously, you make me laugh… Play it again. And this time, play it CORRECTLY.

  1. Are you serious? These crappy reviewers are obviously just trying to get attention. IGN is, and always will be, the most trustworthy website for video game reviews.

    1. Yeah, if there are any reviews I agree with, it’s the ones in Game Informer. Unlike some of these guys, they seem to put some pretty valid points in their reviews.
      If you don’t trust reviews from sources like this, just trust player reviews.

      1. game informer is sometimes less bias than many sites, but they still have their problems. no review site is perfect, and you cant base an honest opinion on one review, you need to look at all reception to a game, and that still doesnt prove whether youll like the game or not

    1. Yes, in a universe where Skyward Sword deserves a low score, Julianne Moore is attractive. Also, Occupy Wall Street is a spontaneous and effective movement of concerned law-abiding citizens.

  2. … the hell is ‘Venture Beat’?

    Anyway, I’m having the opposite reaction. I wasn’t sure at first but the more I play it, the more certain I am this might be the best Zelda ever.

  3. The dude is a half-ass reviewer and a sensationalist where he did not truthfully look at the game and he is only wanting his Madden, Halo, and Call of Duty games. Someone needs to fire him from VentureBeat or that site needs to die if they continue to half half-assed people like this fruitcake on there.

    1. They have, but that’s really not the point. They may have pulled some “Mario is Missing”s or “Wii Music”s in the past, but by no means should this even be associated with any of those. To agree with the very thought is a sign of insanity.

    1. OO AND have the same thing year after year-cause it comes out yearly- and have half assed attempts at “new” content but still have people fork over cash for it ahsakdkak- whoa i think I’m catching what you have dude o.O

      1. Alot of stuff infinity ward and trayarch put in the call of duty series was already in Timespitters, Zombies, Virus, flags, jauggernot, al of that. remot control (cat) idk how CoD is so innoviative.

  4. What? Controls ain’t cool? Please don’t be silly.. It’s innovative and challenging. What’s wrong with the reviewers this days?! Geez!

    1. I think he’s trying to get the point of “people want a game where you don’t have to use the special new controls to play the game” across but being a dick about it… although playing twilight princess on the wii without the controller moving all the time would have been much easier in a lot of the areas…

  5. Meh, to each their own. What is important is I know I will enjoy it and this review doesn’t change anything. Also, other reviewers seemed to like it so, one bad review doesn’t ruin all the other good ones!

  6. People need to remember that reviews are opinion! Ok so this guy doesn’t like Skyward Sword that’s up to him, the majority of reviewers have rated this game very highly.

    1. You have to remember that “professional” Opinions have more weight to public influence and therefor must be unbiased, thoroughly explained and have legitimate points

    2. You’ve missed the point. The issue is not that he doesn’t like the game. The issue is the basis for which he doesn’t like the game. His basis is basically the same thing as hating the sky because it can’t ever turn green.

  7. Sorry but this looks like a desperate cry for attention more than an actual review. “Oh how will I get views on my dusty website? I know! I’ll talk shit about Nintendo!” Sorry but IGN’s already run by neanderthals who pull this shit regularly and get called out for it. I’m not going to make any exception to some 5th-rate website I’ve never heard of.

  8. Ok I haven’t played the game and this question is to any that has played it….how is the controls? Are they accurate? And is the game good?….I’d much rather hear from ppl on here that have actually played than people who get paid to review games.

    1. Yes, the controls are accurate, the game’s awesome. My only issue is that every time you pick up an item after you reload a save it disrupts the motion by playing a message you’ve seen at least 5 times, actually, much lite Twilight Princess. Other than that, I think this is the best Zelda to date.


  10. i think all the little new features,items and the awesome controls make it one of the best zelda games yet. also the multiple use of an area is not as that ‘wannabezaldafan’ tells. you don’t have to master the whole exact dungeon again. it’s everytime a different dungeon / temple. i love playing this game. it is awesome an legen…you don’t have to wait for it, as you already know how this ends… ;)

      1. Actually I’m sure is has nothing to do with jealously. I owned a 360 and still own a PS3 and a Wii. Zelda is my all time favorite franchise. I like most games. Stop trying to turn this into a fanboy vs fanboy war. This guy is clearly just a jackass.

    1. I guess gamespot was trying to garner some attention since the game had not been released yet. Not that it is, people seem to be experiencing good controls, which blows gamespot’s review out of the park. Expect more videos like this from people who have played the full game.

  11. Well my opinion so far is I’m really enjoying it. The only complaint I have is with dialogue and not being able to skip it. For example, and this isn’t a spoiler, I died during a boss battle so then when I went back in to fight that boss, I had to go through the whole dialogue again. I tried pressing all the buttons but no luck. Only a minor complaint. Otherwise it’s fun and actually reminding me of the excellent Okami. Though that may just be because that was the last game like this I think I played on th Wii.
    So in short: America, you’re in for a treat tomorrow.

    Oh and was listening to the Orchestra cd this evening. It’s like listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Just gives it all an epic scale. Now I want them to go back and rework the score for OoT and Wind Waker at least and add the Orchestra score. :)

      1. Ha! Tried that but then while busy fighting, I’m dead before I remember to take it. I blame old age. At 30, the reflexes and memory aren’t what they used to be

    1. You can skip dialog and cutscenes, as long as you have already seen them.

      This is true not just from dying, but hero mode as well.

      In the lower right of the screen an icon of the 2 button will be flashing, with the word skip next to it.

      press 2 and it skips the cutscene/dialog.

  12. sickr should stop posting this shit… these reviews are obviously written by jealous ps360 fanboys trying to weaken the Nintendo fanbase and thus Skyward Sword’s sales, and some idiots actually fall for it. Posting about these boycott reviews is like you’re working with those single-minded ps360 fanboys by allowing them to conceive more viewers.

  13. Sickr I don’t give two shits about a troll review that hasn’t even had it score published on Metacritic. Don’t give these guys page views for crying out loud. Tbh never heard of them!

  14. They gave CoD MW3 a 91 our 100 and Uncharted 3 and those games are the same as it;s prequels. Same gameplay also nothing new in those game.

  15. Only review that matters to me if GI and SS got a 10/10 from them, so “Venture Beats” and their biased review can fuck themselves.

  16. Skyward Sword is better then Twilight… back in 2006 game reviewers were not byost and ignorant and no game reviewer gave twilight anything lower then a 8.5. ignorant reviewers are giving dumb excuses like “The controls dont work!” oh! There so dumb that they don’t even read the controls!


  17. The more I play the game the better it gets and the more it surprises me. I’m actually beginning to see elements from past Zelda games thrown in but given their own twist. The flying is akin to the sailing in Wind Waker and the save system is like a better adapted version of the one in Majora’s Mask. Speaking of Majora’s Mask, I’ve just been introduced to a system that feels a lot like something we’ve seen in that game.

    Also I actually appreciate how unique the graphics are. I know lots of fans just want a HD Zelda, but I appreciate how the graphical style is handled over purely making it in HD and that apparently being wonderful by itself.

    It surprises me how unprofessionally many reviewers are treating this game. I’m not saying that every review needs to give it a perfect score like many delusional fans seem to think, but I would think that if I had the influence these critics have then I’d try to give the most professional review I could. Many people might stake purchasing a game on how well it’s reviewed and if a reviewer is giving a poor example of how the game plays then that is both poor journalism and does gaming a massive disservice.

  18. Can’t…..wait….for ….tomorrow BUT DAMMIT the mall Gamestop doesn’t open til 12! Gonna have to wait til then >:(

    1. Literally drowning in Zelda at this point. Got Four Swords, Link’s Awakening, and OoT3D on my 3DS and played Twilight the other day

  19. IGN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gamespot>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Games Beat

  20. Seems just a way to gain attention, pretty much like Gamespot did… What I still don’t get is how they can bash the controls so bad while not playing properly; and bash the game for not “innovating” and handing great scores to things like the new Call of Duty… Sigh.

  21. Zelda was fine growing up, but nowadays it’s not very appealing to adult gamers (okay, most adult gamers). But think about it. Toon link? What kind of man wants to play dora the explorer with a sword and shield? I don’t care how fun the gameplay is… and Twilight Princess was the last ‘mature’ Zelda imo, but even still, the name itself sounds girly so it fell short on that regard. ‘Hey man, do you want to play Twilight Princess?’ And as an additional rant, I know people say ‘graphics aren’t everything’, which is true, but sometimes I’m not in the mood for cartoons. With Mario, it’s fine, but Zelda needs to catch up with the times, not make a few additional improvements here and there.

    1. Just cuz you changed, doesn’t mean something else needs to. This is a really big problem how companies are coerced to cater to only one growing generation, while leaving out all the other new generations. Just let the kids have their games. Don’t unfairly bag on them just cuz you like different things now.

    2. Logic fail. Most gamers who played Zelda as kids are adults now. Most of which still enjoy the series because Nintens has never made a bad Zelds.

      FYI toon Link is one of the coolest Links yet.

    3. I liked Wind Waker, it was a great game with a unique style. Zelda games aren’t supposed to be either mature or childish, they’re supposed to be fun and I’ve loved almost every one ever since I first played OoT when I was 7(Spirit Tracks was a “meh”, though.)

    4. Could you elaborate on the “catch up with the times” comment? I don’t quite get it. A lot of people seem to think this way because of games like Uncharted with voice acting and Skyrim with open worlds, but not every game has the be the same. Portal 2 runs on a very old engine with little to do after you finish it, with no competitive multiplayer, and basically a big lack of guns and stuff; yet those are not the reasons that game is good. If Zelda was like Skyrim or like the Witcher 2, then why would we need to play that new Zelda in the first place? You want a bug-filled game like Skyrim? Do you want a scripted and ultimately short game like Uncharted? The beauty of gaming is that there’s variety in the games we play.

      Zelda is one of the few games to have lasted this long while changing the most. Whenever there’s something new to be introduced like gameplay, they always bring out Zelda for the task. All of those other games get so much praise even though they hardly change anything, but game like Zelda get the short end of the stick for not being innovative. IGN even called Uncharted 3 innovative. In what area? Times are surely changing, but it’s for the worst in that aspect.

      1. Perhaps I just set my expectation bar too high for future Zelda games and continually got disappointed with Nintendo’s approach to the series. (i.e. toon link) OoT was a great game, (still is) however, perhaps I just outgrew the Zelda franchise and must move on to other games that I won’t be embarrassed to play around others. Sorry, but graphics mean something nowadays almost as much as gameplay does.

        1. Thats because you are still young. One of the first signs of a childs change into an angsty adolescent is the sudden embarrassment over things that they enjoyed as children.

          An important step in the development of a mature adult is the abandoning of childish concepts and beliefs. Including the embarrassment from percieved childish things.

          Which is all it is. Perception. Very poor perception at that. Windwaker is by far the darkest and most mature zelda, (at least it was, until skyward sword. Holy crap at the ending.) Cleverly belied by its art direction, its a technique called juxtaposition, its a simple matter of emphasizing contrast. Windwakers colourful and safe looking visuals lend far greater impact to Ganondorfs mature dialog and moments of pimp slapping 10 year olds…. and far more impact to the violence of the end of the game, where Ganondorf loses his composure and silvertounge and goes apeshit.

          And the final blow, where link literally replaces Ganondorfs spinal cord with three feet of master sword inserted through the forehead.

          The violence has far more meaning in the innocent visuals of windwaker, instead of being diluted, nuetered and rendered laughable in the realistic themed games of today.

          The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

          1. Well said, my friend. Well fucking said. I was like “HOLY SHIT!” When I saw how Link killed Ganondorf at the end of that game.

  22. Just play the game and see for yourself. I have been doing it, and the controls are amazingly accurate. So whoever claims that the controls suck balls, either their motion plus is fucked up or they’re a retard or stupid enough to use motion control. Come back to the Xbox or PS where you just press buttons, you morons!

  23. I knew this was gonna happen. Everyone derpy will play the game like the asses they are, fuck up the way they play it, and then BLAME the GAME just because they’re too fucking stupid to realize how little they pay attention to how to REALLY play the game. If you’re gonna have pride in something, don’t have pride in your fuckin stupidity.

  24. hahaha, I like how people are sooo stupid… I guess they think that the guys from nintendo are a bunch of bums who think they know how to make videogames, and would realease without even playing it themselves…

    Nintendo is the biggest videogame company, and thet’ve been since the beggining… they code all of their games really carefully, and take all the time they whant, untill it’s perfect! so, people who say “I don’t like it, it sucks on the controlling”, remember, it’s more probable that you’re not doing it right… and a note to Games beat… they haven’t learned anything? I think they know it all, you’re the one who isn’t catching up with it…

    1. They gave MW3 a 9/10 and since that is my least favorite MW out of the series so far…yeah I’m not going to agree with them on this either. Does it really take that much energy to wave your arm, I have a busted shoulder an I’m still playing this tomorrow.

      1. I agree with you on the MW thing.

        MW2 was the best but 3rd one was maps not complete and completly diffrent missions. But with MW3 at least you can play 2 controllers online with multiplayer

  25. If you had a bad experience, it’s because you didn’t play with Wii Motion Plus. I’ve yet to try out the game, but I heard the game doesn’t offer the same great experience if you play with just the Wii Mote and Nunchuck.

    1. There’s actually no experience at all. This game requires the Wii Motion Plus. If you don’t have one, then it will ask you to plug one in.

  26. I just have one complaint about this game, something that really upsets me.
    You can’t make Link lefty… I mean, he was lefty in every other game except TP on wii…

    1. Yup, me too though they explained it was too weird swinging the Wiimote with your right hand while Link swing with his left. Which makes sense. Even though I’m left handed I still use the Wiimote and Nunchick as if I was a righty.

  27. If Metacritic include this score on Skyward Sword’s Metacritic page, then they’re clearly biased.

    Skyward Sword received 96/100 from GamesMaster, 98/100 from NGamer and 40/40 from Famitsu.

    None of these scores have been acknowledged, despite being released weeks ago.

    But on the same day that GameSpot releases their score (a very low but very poorly judged score at that) it gets its spot on the page, no questions asked.


    And as for Venture Beat…fuck them, they know nothing.

  28. I bet the guys who can’t controll the Wii-mote in this game only can use a computer mouse or a 8-bit control, because motion seems a little to advanced for them…

  29. Who cares about two or three negative reviews? Skyward Sword has basically gotten universal critical acclaim! I just got the game, and I honestly do think it could be the best one yet.

  30. What exactly do they mean by ‘Hasn’t learned anything”? That’s pretty much saying a lot of other game franchises haven’t learned anything either.

  31. The main problem with the review is that he constantly compares it to Skyrim, a great game but apples to oranges compared to Skyward Sword. What did he expect? It’s like comparing Final Fantasy to Zelda. If you walk into a Zelda game expecting it to be anything like the others, you will be sorely disappointed. Ironically it’s reviews like this are the reasons why the gaming industry painfully lacks innovation. Once reviewers attempt to set standards and project on how games should be, developers will immediately take it into consideration and re-align their techniques around it. This is the reason why we have first-person shooters and Call of Duty clones for the past several years now. When Reggie said, there is no other game like Skyward Sword, he was talking about its identity, not necessarily it’s quality.

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