Pachter Says Wii U Is Just An Xbox 360 With A Tablet Controller And Not Next-Gen

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is firmly under the impression that Wii U isn’t a next generation console which leads him to boldly claim that Microsoft and Sony shouldn’t be worried about the console. Pachter describes the Wii U as an Xbox 360 with a tablet controller that “is likely going to come out at a higher price point than the 360 at the time.”

“…And again, I take a lot of shit for this: their next gen system is a current gen system… But people who go, ‘well what are Microsoft and Sony going to do to catch up with Nintendo?’, they don’t care. Microsoft especially is not afraid of the Wii U. They look at the Wii U as an Xbox 360 with a tablet controller and is gonna likely come out at a higher price point than the 360 at the time.”

“[Wii U has] complicated game design for developers, who can’t figure out if the Wii U will ultimately support only one or multiple controllers.”

“Nintendo is all but assured of limited third party launch support”.

216 thoughts on “Pachter Says Wii U Is Just An Xbox 360 With A Tablet Controller And Not Next-Gen”

    1. Exactly, not to mention boasts from fanboys that no nothing about the Wii U. I’ll wait until I have the facts but I doubt the Wii U is an Xbox 360 with a tablet

    2. *Ehm* as stated by the people who put dark siders on the WIIu (can’t remember their name) they said that developing for the WIIu was as easy as the Xbox 360, this was posted on this very website sometime ago (maybe a month or 2)

      1. Vigil Games

        Anyway, they said that they got the game up and running on the Wii U in about 5 weeks. They got the game on the tablet controller with two lines of code and that was it.

        “As easy as the Xbox 360″ means equally easy. Meaning development ease for Wii U is equal to development ease for the 360.

        Very much the same.

      2. so THAT’s what was said? all this time those bumbling bufoons on NeoGaf were deriving from that statement that it was only as strong as the 360? good grief i should’ve known. don’t get me wrong, i didn’t believe it for one second. but for the past half a year now i’ve been trying to figure out where they even got that from. geez people are way out of context. all just to bash Nintendo. just like this idiot (Pachter)

    3. hello I’m Patcher, I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

      predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

      Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

      in that way.. you’ll get what i really mean.

        1. Why would you bring up a seriously debatable topic during a joke? This always leads to arguments and shouldn’t even be on a Nintendo site. But I guess I’m furthering the problem by responding to you…

          1. pacher is wrong because wiiu will have another special features like ios etc.if is that so then ps4 and 720 will be the same as wiiu an xbox 360 hows about that!?

            1. If you keep your nose pointed towards the sky all the time, don’t go outside when it rains or you may drown :/ *WE have an education! WE are superior!* yeah sure.

            2. OK, I understand you not believing in God, because neither do I, but to insult people for their faith, that just shows your uneducated, people with real education know how to accept cultural diversity, even if they do not believe in it.

              1. All I did was insulting the Bible (face it, it says a lot of horrible things in there, like how to deal with gays etc.).

                If a christian says it doesn’t care about the Bible, that person is probably better than most atheists.

                1. Go insult some other book like Hamlet or something, sheesh. Why pick on the Bible if you don’t even believe in it?

  1. Wii U is a Nintendo gaming machine thay fibally lets all the fun, unique, exclusive Nintenso titles be at their best. It also has a screen to add some new features or act as a tv

      1. Provide pictures of said “hot” wife please. And as everyone knows, being married doesn’t equate to guaranteed sex. A lot of closeted gay men are also “happily” married to women.

    1. hello I’m Pachter, I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

      predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

      Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

      in that way… you’ll get what i really mean.

    1. And don’t they also say it’s fun and easy to develop for? Retard Pachter, it is different from the 360, he even said the difference! There’s a fucking tablet! Yes, I know there’s more differences, I just wanted to mention this one specifically (this difference isn’t even completely true).

      1. Pachtard actually contradicted his own point right there as the 360 as actually really easy to develop for. And apparently he never watched the E3 last year where developers basically promised a lot of support.

        The incompetence and bias around this guy is massive.

    2. hello I’m Pachter, I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

      predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

      Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

      in that way.. .you’ll get what i really mean…

  2. Ridiculous. How can he say the Wii U is just an xbox with a tablet controller? That’s like saying xbox has a Wiimote and nunchuck.

    1. hello I’m Pachter, I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

      predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

      Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

      in that way.. you’ll get what i really mean…..

  3. so if pachter says it it means one thing

    the exact opposite AWWW YEAHHHHHHHH

    also its strange how its gonna be the first console to deliver true 1080p hd lol

    sounds like classic pachter

      1. but hirai had announced it before pachter said it im pretty sure, it had been around for quite a while anyway he just took one of two options and wasnt wrong this one time, gz pachter

        pachter is an idiot he said the 3ds shoulda been 300 bucks and then said the pricing for the vita was perfect and that it will outsell the 3ds and all of this is completely false

          1. ….The point was that he doesn’t anticipate anything else but the obvious. You need to learn to understand contexts (unless that comment was aimed at HealyHQ).

        1. And by the way, pachter posted that after a sony mann already confirmed that there is no PS4 at the E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          So this is not a prediction, he was only tweeting that wwhat a sony mann already said ;)

      2. Well, yeah, who does he think he is, Kaz Hirai? Why in the hell would he actually believe he is in any position similar to the damn boss of Sony himself to say such a thing?

      3. EVEN if he got half of what he predicted right, a score of 50/100 is still Failure.

        So if this is an attempt to play devil’s advocate, the devil still has no credibility. Nice attempt to cause more hate postings and bump up Sickr’s traffic… So for that, nicely done.

        1. “EVEN if he got half of what he predicted right, a score of 50/100 is still Failure”

          Exactly! Even a kid (I guess about half of all kids in the world lol) would be able to get more accurate predictions.

          1. ARE YOU STALKING ME? I’m Pachter not YUKI

            I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

            predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

            Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

            in that way.. you’ll get what i really mean.

    1. ARE YOU STALKING ME? I’m Pachter not Yuki

      anyway, I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

      predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

      Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

      in that way.. you’ll get what i really mean.

  4. Analyst morons:

    Generation is determined by time of release, not by power.

    The Wii U will be the first new console of the next generation. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    1. Um, no. Developers would still need to develop for the tablet controller as well. So it’s not just a matter of changing the software format, they have to develop for a whole new interface.

  5. I would actually agree with the belief that it’s a box very similar to the Xbox 360 with a tablet controller; But this so called expert – Who only seems to criticize everything he can – forgets teh most important fact here:

    The Wii U is a 360 with Nintendo games. Winner Wii U

    Instead of the endless shoot em up games, we’ll get wonderful experiences with ageless characters and stories like Mario and Zelda with the same 3rd party support of the competition. This is a huge coup for Nintendo.

  6. Why does Patcher badmouth nintendo every fucking time i hear his name?!?!? Nintendo finally takes a stretch and reaches out to hardcore gamers. Fuck what Microsoft thinks, im spending my money on Nintendo so I will only worry about Nintendo………..That Prick

  7. if Wii’s tech was last gen, y did it sell soo well alomg side ps3 & 360? cuz Nintendo’s excluaive game titles are so great. they have addicting gameplay w/ very high replay value & each one is unique & don don’t even fit in a genre. so now Nintendo games hav the same power as ps3 & 360 AND offers same features AND has 2nd screen. if Sony & Microsoft arnt moved by this, what the heck do they have planned?

      1. Except that there were Wii’s being sold at ridiculous prices like $500+ online and people were buying them because it was out of stock. People clearly wanted more than just graphics for games.

    1. I doubt the Wii U will have the same power as PS3 and 360 (especially considering PS3 is already more powerful than 360, so you really can’t use “and” in this case). Didn’t a THQ guy already say the Wii U was 50% more powerful than the PS3, which is A LOT.

      1. I have researched the potential power of the Wii U. The CPU alone would run circles around the PS3s.
        IBM has a paragraph on their website that vaguely details the memory technology in the Wii U CPU. They say that this technology allows the CPU to have up to 3x the embedded memory without making the chip larger, or something like that. (can’t source it as i’m on my 3ds.)

        I can’t really guess on the GPU side of things though. I know it’s a custom AMD chip that is based on the R700 (HD4000 series) chip.
        (I personally believe that the graphics chip is modified to have features from the R800 (HD5000 series) chips.

        If one were to combine the powers of the PS3,360, and Wii, that would be the power level of the Wii U.

  8. He did make the statement that Nintendo’s “next gen system is a current gen system,” so he does agree with Microsoft’s view.

  9. Oh really? I thought it was “an iPad copy.” This guy would probably also suggest that the Wii is a gamecube with motion control or that the 3DS is just a DS with 3D.

  10. There’s something many don’t understand about the “generational” thingy : a next-gen console doesn’t have to be a step further technically speaking, it just have to be built after a previous generation of hardwares. The technical improvement became kind of a gimmick, but that’s not the point…

    Also, the guy’s wrong as usual. Kinect and Move are the proof Microsoft and Sony care about Nintendo, just as they should. It’s mainly Nintendo that don’t give a shit about other companies.

    1. Exactly. When the ps2 came out the gamecube and xbox were superior in graphics to it but he never said anything about it

    2. Thank you, ive said it once, and ill always say it, Next gen doesnt mean more Ram, better graphics, or stronger processors. hell nintendo could release a SNES2 with 16bits all over again, if it comes out as a Sucessor to the latest console, It is a next gen console.

  11. So they said Wii was a previous gen game console…… It sold best over X360 and PS3…. Hmmmmm…. I wonder what will happen now?

  12. Isn’t the Wii U supposed to be even more powerful than the PS3?

    If so, I’d say it’ll be more than just an “X360 with a tablet”.

    Besides, the Wii outsold the other consoles, even with inferior tech.

  13. Silly patcher, the xbox doesn’t run mario. ;)
    Seriously though, he knows as much as i do(hell 75% sure i know more than he does) about the system, its games and online offerings. I’ve read about all 370something pages of the Neogaf speculation thread, don’t FUCK with me patcher with these types of statements. *shakes fist*

  14. uno dos eightbe viene por ti.
    tres cuatro cierra la puerta.
    cinco seis agarra un crusifijo.
    siete ocho mantente despierto.
    nueve dies nunca mas sentiras.

    mas al tema, Patcher me tiene harto. moron ese se roba los chavos y siempre esta mal. Por que mejor no lo ignoran <.<

  15. Lol yeah Wii U is an Xbox360 with a tablet controller that explains why its REALLY early prototype was already MUCH more powerful than the PS3 (making it even more powerful than 360). Also developers have said a million times that developing for Wii U is extremely easy.

    1. B-b-but he was right about ps4…. So yeah, to someone somewhere that is something note worthy sorta. *shrugs* Lets all just become industry analysts.

  16. I’d like to see his example of next gen. Not to mention his claims of no third party support and development problems. Obviously he doesn’t read too much seeing how many developers are supporting and its easier than both ps3 and xbox. Eat a baby dick patcher, nothing but shit comes out of his mouth.

  17. Wow, he’s actually right about something. The Wii I will be a current generations console compared to the Ps4 or Xbox 720

    1. Tech wise no, its got 4years newer tech in it. It will be well above the current gen and slightly behind the next. Nothing in the near future will be cost effecient enough to leave the wiiU in the dust. The wii U will be ps2 to og xbox in terms of power difference between it and the ps4 and nextbox.

  18. Of course Let’s all just believe the guy who has been wrong about everything in his entire. the only thing this Douche is getting paid to is troll and and give faulty news.

    Reminds me of Fox News?

    1. I think it’s obvious he’s in bed with Microsoft, and likely on their payroll. The hush hush kind of payroll.

      Sadly for Microsoft, he is a comical failure.


    Sickr, are you just doing this to watch the hate flow? I really want to know.

    And Mr. Pachter, I’d like to take a minute to address you directly. Yes. I am calling you out. I’d just like to ask you a simple question. Just a simple harmless question. What exactly does the phrase “next gen” mean to you? No. I am not asking this as a Nintendo Fan. I’m asking this as a gamer. A person who plays video games. Does “next gen” mean better graphics? Advanced processors? Power, power, power? Because if that’s what it means to you, than I will not try in vain to explain why I think you’re wrong. But what I WILL do is explain my thoughts on the phrase, “next gen.” Next gen, for me, means opening up a whole new world of “POSSIBILITIES.” That is the key word here. Yes, advanced hardware is indeed one way to do that. So why must you hate Nintendo for wanting to be different? And don’t say you don’t. The only reason people would ever hate Nintendo now is because they pulled back on hardware with the Wii. You saying Wii U is not a next generation console, is undeniable proof that you are indeed biased against Nintendo.

    Also Mr. Pachter, you are not a video game designer. Please do not speak for them. Have they told you that game design has been complicated? Because to my knowledge, every developer who received a Wii U Dev kit would have Nintendo’s council on how to develop on it. And also, dev’s have also commented that the console is very easy to work with. 3rd party publishers will develop on this console, as there is no reason not to. The unfortunate lack of 3rd party support on wii, I can see 4 possible reasons for it. 1, no one wanted to develop a game on Ps3 or 360 and tone it down for Wii. 2nd, No one was interested in motion controls enough to make a wii original. (Perhaps the same reason the Playstation move hasn’t caught on yet) 3rd, Wii is generally considered to be a “casual console.” I guess having more violent games on it would not have great reception. And 4th, Nintendo would use the console to release their own games.

    If nintendo thought like it’s competitors, Video games would be boring, and they would all be the same. Just blood, guns, and shooting. Nintendo chose to be different. If you don’t like it Mr. Pachter, that is absolutely fine, but do not pass you’re opinion off as a fact.

  20. I feel like Nintendo coaxed Pachter into saying these things to build up negative expectations for the Wii U (hype is still hype, no matter what kind of hype it is), so that when Nintendo does reveal it in its entirety this year, we will be absolutely blown out of our minds and everyone will hush.

  21. Please stop posting “news” related to this moron Pachter, unless it’s news related to his death or retirement. He is a moron who is almost always wrong.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t and shouldn’t care about that. Nintendo is not playing the same game Sony and MS are. They play a much better version of that. And they make their own rules.

  22. Honestly, can we stop giving a fuck about what this guy has to say? I come here for Nintendo NEWS, and all I see is the “Pachter” hating on Nintendo on the front page. Stop paying attention to this idiot.

  23. Hi imma cow and speculte that the wiiu will be a success and thex box will become an mp6 player and the ps4 will be revealrd in mach 24 2009 because sony created a tie machine(i think thats more logical that what that nerd critict says)

  24. I agree with pachter. What will sony and microsoft do about the WiiU? Their consoles already have HD, they are connected with social networks, tv channels and now with mobiles, they look at the WiiU and think “we already have that”. Maybe 360 and PS3 will be at market for a long time, they have enough tecnology to update for ”cloud services” and add a lot of features from updates. Sony and Microsoft already did their job providing a console that can stand still in the market without a real need of new hardware. Now its up to Nintendo to show they can also do that.

    1. Well both sony and microsoft switched to motion control shortly after the wii. Remember this comment, we’ll see what happens.

  25. If you watched CES they had a lot of pachter talks and he actually seems like a pretty chill guy. But what he said. I agree. The specs are BARELY above what the 360 and ps3 use. So it essentially is a 360 with a tablet controller. Hardware wise. The key change here is the software and Nintendo has that. But as I said in the last pachter post, he’s right about the 1 or 2 controller talks. Developers won’t make multiplayer games unless they know how many damn people can play it.

    And as he said higher price than the 360. If its over 300$ it’s a rip off. I mean Nintendo builds cheap consoles but sells them at a high price.

    And don’t say “well the wii was cheapest of the 3″ well it also cost 50-60 dollars to make, and sold it for 250. That’s almost a 400% gain. Vs Sony and MS that sold their consoles at cost. Hell Sony up until last year, lost money on every ps3 sold.

    1. Is a company evil for selling at a profit? And also they didnt make that much. A lot of what was made went towards advertisement and development. But Nintendo was smart about it. They made a price point that was made more appealing compared to Xbox 360′s at the time price of $450 or $500 and PS3′s $600.
      But also if you look around, people are satisfied with the level of power that their consoles have. Only PC gamers are upset. Graphics aren’t going to get much better right now. Releasing a new console from Sony or Microsoft wont have the graphical leap that most people will justify a purchase for. Their Systems do everything they need to and most seem pretty happy with it.
      Nintendo on the other hand could use the jump. People who have picked up gaming from the Wii have moved onto the PS3 or 360. Nintendo is using Hardware thats a few years old. So what? Its still better than MS and Sony’s. And probably will end up being like the PS2 where it was decent for the generation, but not the best.
      Nintendo waits for prices on hardware parts to lower so they can continue to innovate and be easier on wallets. Whats wrong with that? So what if they make a profit. Taking a loss on each system would suck, but you’re viewed as a good guy for doing it? No. They’re doing it, because no one would buy it otherwise. Making a profit allows for bigger risks and a stronger business.

      I seriously dont understand why making a profit makes you the bad guy. I bet you if Sony and MS could, they would bump up those prices as well.

  26. Wow. Why is patcher such an idiot? There is no official word as to the specs in the wii U. I own every major console and they all have their good and bad. I am sure that the wii u will have more power than the 360.(which by the way isn’t hard to do)

  27. You know Patcher isn’t a real analyst, he gets paid by whoever to write this fake stupid shit. He’s delusional and thinks his articles and predictions is a real job. Sorry Sickr but you as well as every other site should seriously stop posting his bullshit giving him attention. The less ppl care about him, the more he’ll disappear like a nobody

  28. Nintendo will always rock and haters like Patcher will troll when they can. Spike, G4, Gamespot screw them all. If a Mario or Zelda game were released on XBLA or PSN we all know that they would very quickly become top purchases. Nintendo is a beast of a company

  29. Everyone here always say, “Patch needs to stfu” or just ignore him cuz he’s a douche. AND I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! The guy has no credibility!He has the same “analytical” ability of a 5-year old. I’m a better friggin analyst than this guy. I predicted that Blockbuster would tank when they introduced that whole “no late fees” thing way back when because I figured they’d loss a ton of money due to a decrease in frequency of rentals, and what happened??? That’s a true story. Dead serious.

    Back to Patcher, I would Really love to know how would a regular person like me could go about contacting a douche like him. Cuz I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate the opportunity to communicate to him just how much of an intellectually challenged retard he is in my own words. I’m just as tired of him always popping up as the rest of you are and would really, Really like an opportunity to just completely discredit him as a so-called analyst so we can hear from someone who actually makes sense when they talk. Like, I could challenged him to duel to see who could successfully predict something related to Nintendo. I guarantee you he would lose. Guaranteed.

  30. WOW!!!! This must mean that Pachter has been given some inside info from Nintendo!!! Amazing; I mean; it’s not like he could be pulling shit from his a¤% or anything.

  31. Has anybody ever had the thought that pachter is just one of the greatest trolls ever? I mean he is no Stephenie Meyer but he is deffinitley up there.

  32. i wish Pachter would guess everything that would happen in my life,mostly bad things i hope, like being poor,living on the streets,never getting laid,haveing a miserable life.Why you ask? because hes always wrong and i will get the total opposite of what he says, thats why!

  33. As much as I hate this guy, he kind of has a point. Mind you, the ONLY news we have going for this system is that it’s Nintendo’s first HD system and the remote is touch screen. I really want Nintnedo to prove this idiot wrong but like other’s have mentioned, no actual games or announcements have been made about the Wii U since last years E3. Until then, I will patiently wait with my 3DS in hand.

  34. When will blogs stop quoting this guy and realize he’s just doing it to get attention for himself and his employer? All he does is make wild predictions, gets quoted and when confronted with his bs says “Well, I was wrong”. And then he does it again!

  35. Gentlemen, if you have a superior design, more modern graphic processor, more memory, superior physical media, does not frie (3 red lights), has a joystick with tablet and is a Nintendo ! If is that’s not the next generation I do not know what it is then.

  36. Oh shit. I’m late to the party. Got caught up reading manga. Here goes: I think Pachter is just flipping what Reggie said in his interview on Tuesday, so let me correct him. Nintendo is the one that doesn’t care what their competitors do. They bring their own unique perspective to the gaming industry. If the 3rd party developers can’t figure out how to use the Wii U, Nintendo will show them when they bring out a first party title that takes full advantage of their new hardware, and blows everybody’s minds.

    Does this guy ever get tired of being wrong all the time?

  37. I wont be impressed with Nintendo if the WiiU’s graphics aren’t notably better than the 360. However I’d love to know why this Patcher is considered an expert – what exactly has he been right on, by my count he’s more often wrong. Nevertheless with Nintendo stating they want to bring back the hardcore.mature gaming gaming audience, Nintendo would be total fools to think that they can be pawned off with that graphics that arent at least twice as good as the current Gen. Nintendo should worry more with its increasing reputation for being rip-off cheap skates…That doesn’t bode well for someone like me who still remembers Nintendo being sued by the EU for 100s of millions for price fixng back in the 90′s…There at it again one feels.

    1. hello I’m Pachter, I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

      predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

      Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

      in that way.. you’ll get what i really mean..

  38. ok, can we have a petition to stop posts on this guy? we know he knows sh!t about this industry!!! we dont care what he has to say, he’s been wrong 97 percent of the time….

  39. hello I’m Pachter, I’m actually a tsundere so that should explain why my

    predictions about Nintendo are opposite of what’s happening.

    Everytime I say something… please remember the word “Tsundere”

    in that way.. you’ll get what i really mean.

  40. Wii U is going to be a machine for babies and people who cant afford a PS3.

    The Wii is only good for peadophile Zelda fans (little boys in green dresses and white tights get them excited), and other baby rubbish like Pikmin…

    Wii U will be full of 5 year-old PS3 and Xbox360 ports, followed by the regular pile baby games.

    Nintendo fans should stop fapping over Zelda and grow-up!

    1. You are a dummy.

      Think more as have you seen the Wii U games being released?


      Ghost recon online


      Killer Freaks from outer space

      There all R rated games. Also Xbox 360 is for babies because the Kinect has only dancing and kid games.

    2. No, you’re wrong and that’s an understatement. The WiiU will be more expensive than the PS3, which renders your comment invalid. Second, if you call Pikmin stupid, take two seconds and look at Little Big Planet. Once again, Zelda will always be more mature than your stupid third party games.

  41. This Pachter guy is a fucking idiot. Yeah, an Xbox 360. Just with a revolutionary, innovative tablet controller. Does anybody listen, or even care about Pachter’s bullshit “predictions”.

  42. Screw you Pachter! You seriously need to stop being IGNORANT!

    360 Is a Microsocks console and is bad because of endless reasons.

    Wii U is next gen as it has better graphics and a tablet.


  43. this title is deceptive Patchner acknowledges the Wii U as so much cooler. All he said is that is how he thinks microsoft looks at it.

  44. yeah and pachter is just a asshole with a stupid head, big mouth and small brain…

    it is not a 360… shitbox will never have any fantastic games like mario pokemon or dragon quest(X)(cant wait for dqX)

  45. usually he’s an idiot and all but…i donno about the xbox thing but the whole “not next gen”, i kinda gotta agree. it does seem nintendo is playing catch up with the wii u

  46. Pachter’s full of shit and sickr you stop posting the words that come out of his ass he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. it is absolutely not an xbox with a tab controller. first of all, according to all my sources, it’s graphics are in fact slightly better than those of the xbox, secondly, xbox has no standard cam or gyro and xbox will NEVER have mario metroid or the sheer perfection that is The Legend of Zelda. Everybody claims that Nintendo sucks, based mostly on graphics and memory capacity, but they need to remember that Nintendo was the first to make a decent home console and Sony and Microsoft are wannabes. especially Sony. They will never attain Nintendo’s epicness. Also, theree wouldn’t “limited third party support” if third parties would GET THEIR DAMN ACTS TOGETHER AND START WORKING WITH THE FUCKIN HARDWARE CAPAPBILITIES. the past has shown that only nintendo and second party developers can actually make good use of Nintendo hardware innovations. Third parties should just plan for single play.

  47. Not that i think the wiiu wont support multiplayer that would be unthinkable but come in devers role with the fuckin punches if it looks like no multiplayer support make single player fuckin games and sorry bout the inaccuracy in last post (namely “slightly better than 360) but seriously third party devers make a few half-ass attampts to dev games for innovative nintendo system and just either ignore innovative features or use them as pure gimmicks then nintendo steps in and shows em how its fuckin done with a game such as super mario galxy or skyward sword or phantom hourglass or metroid prime 3 corruption. and ever notice how nintendo was actually first to make online multiplayer and microsof and sony jus built on it and acted like they were all that? and did the same thing with motion control, and, hey, HOME CONSOLES PERIOD? nintendo started with nes then other companies copied, copied, and copied more. sony only innovated games with discs (barely an innovation) and microsoft innovated absolutely dick.

  48. LOL
    This guy call himself a analyst, he doesn’t even know something about hardware, what an idiot, I thinking he’s trying to take some attention, he only speak nonsense things.
    He hates Nintendo from the bottom of his heart.

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