“Top Men” At Capcom Are Discussing Mega Man’s Future

Capcom’s senior vice-president, Christian Svensson has revealed that the company still have the Mega Man franchise firmly in their minds and are discussing the series future. According to Svensson the company bigwigs over at Capcom are currently working out exactly where they are going to take the Mega Man brand over the next ten years.

“I hesitate to say exactly what, because I don’t want people reading more into it than is there. Let’s just say there are top men thinking about and actively discussing where we’re going to take the brand for the next ten years and how we’re going to do it.”

90 thoughts on ““Top Men” At Capcom Are Discussing Mega Man’s Future”

    1. Yeah eventually you are gonna see Mega Man CoD style lol just joking but I wouldnt be surprised if it happen I mean shit they are talking about doing that with Resident Evil. In my opinion I like CoD but I dont want to see other series go down that route.

      1. Why wait 10 years to return Megaman,that too long for Xbox 720, PS4, and Wii U Noo…no no Capcom. 3DS is A NEXT generation console. Just make Megaman Legend 3 for 3DS already and make Megaman Universe for Xbox 360 and PS3 ALREADY!! You killing MEGAMAN SERIES and MEGAMAN FANS. In Capcom X Tekken got fat Megaman like you don’t care Megaman. You like there you go this is Megaman HAPPY!! SERIOUSLY CAPCOM, Megaman = BIG CASHS!!

  1. Capcom:We thonk mega man should retin peicenow who want super street fighter 4 turbo ultamate suer cool mega man free edition

    Me: no

    Idiots: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Either make a 2D.5 one that is hard like Donkey Kong Country Returns, something else like a new sub-series (FPA, perhaps?), or sell it to a company willing to make a profit off it (NINTENDO)!

  3. And until we get Megaman Legends 3, it will not matter.

    I could go on and on about why, but that’s what it comes down to. Capcom screwed its Megaman fans, it KNOWS its screwed its Megaman fans, and it is actively resisting what it needs to do to mend the bridges it burned.

    1. Who’s the real main character of the franchise?
      Hm, let’s see, {puts on egghead glasses and graduation cap} the franchise is called “Mega Man”…

  4. Im so over waiting for them to make a new mega man. I dont even care now. At this point I wouldn’t buy it even if they did make a new one. That’s how irritated I am.

  5. Is it just me, or is it mostly Nintendo franchises that held up over the years with a lot of the fans just as pleased with the new games as they were with the old “classic” games?

    1. How do i post videos like that? Whenever I do it it just comes out as a link :( and no, you’re not the only one, a lot of other people thought of it too, including me.

  6. If i ever had the money, I’d just go and buy the rights to megaman and get a good company i like to make more megaman. and experiment with more gameplay formulas for megaman but thats just me. i love him to death though. i grew up with megaman and megaman x was the first game I remember beating

  7. common capcom, this is one of your most important franchises! (right next to RE). you cant just leave it like that, if you cant bring it back atleast make a reboot to it. heck, you can even make it a third-person action type game!

  8. As somebody who’s not really a Mega Man fan in any way whatsoever (nothing wrong with him or the games, just not to my taste) I have maybe one suggestion for Capcom’s “top men”. Beg Masahiro Sakurai to put him in the next Smash Bros as that way it’d introduce him to a wide range of new fans who may not know of the series thus getting Capcom more money in the long run. Just a thought.

  9. Can someone please explain why they don’t do the obvious and follow the Mario Galaxy blueprint and make a 3rd person platformer with shooter elements (ala the Wiimote pointer) like Mario did with the star bits?

    Seems like the natural progression of that series.

    1. A) Internet nonsense based on rumours and Chinese Whispers.
      B) Microsoft won’t release a new console until at least 2014 (same as Sony) as they’ve both relatively recently released new “consoles” with their Kinect and Move attachments and they’ll want to milk them for all their worth.
      C) Microsoft will wait until the Wii U is in their hands before making a new console as they’ll have to make (read: copy) their own.
      D) Goodnight.

      1. A) I agree
        B) Let’s wait until E3 before we make assumptions. Microsoft and Sony have’t really released a cadre of Move/Kinect games since the things came out. I mean, besides maybe a dance game or two, have you heard of any upcoming Kinect/Move games in the future (no Mass Effect 3 doesn’t count because guarantee no one will use the voice feature.)
        C)…..That doesn’t make any sense. Microsoft has consistently released proprietary hardware, the same as Sony and Nintendo. They are a software and hardware company themselves, you know, or did you forget their name was MICROSOFT: one of the most powerful cooperation in the tech industry, rivaled only by Apple.
        D)You have a good one!

        1. I didn’t mean copy as in an exact one, I meant that both they and Sony will wait until the Wii U is out and then adapt it to suit their own needs, much like Kinect and Move are adapted from the Wii and Motion Plus.

          Also, no, I doubt many proper Kinect and Move games are on the way, but it’s these dance and party games that sell and money is all they want.

  10. 2234-7848-9682 add me plz

    I want mega man classic collection including 9 for the 3ds they cancelled the collection for gba but ps2 and gamecube got it.

  11. 2234-7848-9682 add me plz

    Brian:So Peter what did you do with James Woods?
    Peter:He’s being taking care of by “Top Men”.

  12. If you ask me, i would say the serie will pretty much die.
    It’s sad but is how most of the games end nowadays, like Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Guitar Hero, just to name a few.
    Of course they can always appear in every and any fighting Capcom game, but is not the same thing, especially if they always are in negation of making ANY Megaman Game.

    1. Bingo. 2D side-scroller MegaMan with fighting mechanics. He still shoots and collects weapons, but now he also punches and kicks. Make in a Megaman X style.

      Cash in the bank, Capcom. Cash in the bank.

  13. I for one would love to see a reboot of the series, with a teenage megaman as protagonist. Let’s say its been a few decades since intelligent machines were created. Suddenly an outbreak of war machines developed in secret starts killing and destroying all sorts of people and places. It is then up to megaman, as the creation of one of the world’s top scientists, to stop the robots and prevent them from giving the whole of mechanoloids a bad reputation. I would love for this game to be in hd, realistic.

    1. HD yes. Mega Man needn’t be realistic an all brown color palette-y. I don’t know why everyone requires games to look “realistic” these days. This game would be startling close to Bomberman Zero Mission. We all know how well that went.

  14. Here’s an idea for ya Capcom: Remember what you did to MegaMan with Megaman X? Do that. 2D, platforming, add a new feature or three, and then collect your millions.

    Megaman Legands = No. They were honestly trash games with poor mechanics and a weak story. Or even better, that thing you were doing with MegaMan ZX? Why not continue that, except expand it.
    Oh, and fu** Battle Network. Pretty much drove that cash mobile into the ground.

    Great for the first…i dunno 4 games. Then you got greedy . How about MegaMan as a type of giant mecha anime, except in game? I mean, you guys have alreayd tried everything else with him, the sky is the limit at this point.

    1. Mega Man series aren’t made any more cause they concluded. For instance, MM 8-10 were made as cash grabs and are irrelevant story wise, just like Mega Man X7 & 8. Zero series is concluded.

  15. I want more 8-bit Megaman games, I loved 9 & 10. If they made another 10 I’d buy every single one of them. They’ve got to be easy money, and it gave me a lot of respect for Capcom that they were the first company to realise a classic franchise didn’t need to evolve and what worked in the past could still please plenty and still provide are hardcore and rewarding experience. I think we all wish Sega would learn that lesson with sonic, and that Nintendo would for 1 game at least do the same with Metriod (not that M Prime Trilogy didnt rock!)

  16. Capcom y u no give us Mega Man Legends 3? Heck at this point I will even take a port of the first and second Mega Man Legends on 3DS. Just please make it happen.

  17. Just make a good 8 bit megaman game that all most people want. not some crazzy fps or insane epic story they want a game that makes them feel the way they did when the first ever played the blue bomber that all.

  18. We’re not asking for a whole hell of a lot here, at least for us classic Mega Man fans. Personally, I think it’d be great to see more of the Mega Man 8/Mega Man and Bass style graphics and sprites and music style in a new series of games. They’ve got a pretty good head start on everything they make in the future with character and level design if they choose to go that way and the kids these days are all for anime style graphics, so it isn’t as though it wouldn’t sell well enough. But I’m not picky, I’d even be more than happy with more of the 8 bit graphics, too! Here’s to hoping that these “top men” at Capcom get off their undecisive asses and stop holding out on their fans.

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