Nintendo Reveals The Official High Quality Pokemon Black & White 2 Box-Arts

We saw some scans earlier this week of the Pokemon Black & White 2 box-arts, but now Nintendo has released some high quality images of them. Nintendo has yet to reveal any information regarding Pokemon Black & White 2, but we do know that the game is coming to North America and Europe this Fall.

44 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals The Official High Quality Pokemon Black & White 2 Box-Arts”

  1. First!

    Liked i may get pokémon Black or White… thanks to this… ~~’ was waiting for a 3DS pokémon game, but its not coming soooo…. let go 2D XD

    1. You were first? It’s not polite to finish before the lady (or, in this case, Satan)

      Now, put my dick back into your butt and wait for me to finish.


      On a side note, I got Black version before and it had Reshiram(the White one) on the cover. This one looks like the legendary will match the version. Not so sure how it’s gonna work, but I need to get the one with Zekrom.

      1. Actually maybe it’s just me, but for some reason the White version seems really badly drawn or lazily done for some reason.. I’ll definitely be getting the black version this time around, kind of sad they made it so one-sided though..

  2. I bought White last time, so I think I’m going to continue with it. I say that because I’m going to assume that White 2 is the continuation of the White story with L taking Reshiram. Hence why it looks like Reshiram and Kyurem are fused together! Can anyone say “evil mutagenic experimentation with magic?” :D

    1. I’m getting Black 2 because I had Black. I don’t know why people are getting the opposite version, I thought not only did it make sense to get the same colour version as the previous games, but it also features the opposite dragon, so it might let you obtain it so that you’ll have both.

  3. I loved pokemon black and white, hopefully this one is just as good. Hope one direction are on the advert on there just they were on super pokemon rumble

  4. i was reading an article that was saying that the blue and red under there names look like ruby an saphire and then they went on saying wat if you could go to hoenn or other places that would be cool if we could go back to every region maybe they heard our cries of a ruby/saphire remake!!!?!?

  5. I still can’t believe that they’re going with these two monstrosities for the new legendary Pokemon. Like, seriously, I thought Reshiram and Zekrom were supposed to be fused with each other, not BOTH with Kyurem. Something seriously looks wrong with these Pokemon.

    1. No. Nintendo Network is a completely different thing that Ninty is working on to make their online better in the future… supposedly.

  6. They both look amazing, I defo plan on getting both since I have black and white, but black is my main one so I recon Black 2 will also be my main one. It’s hard to chose though cos Black Kyurem looks so kwl but so does white!!!

  7. Love zekrom, I bought pokemon white, so I’ll get the one with zekrom in it, but it’s confuseing hat they change the colors

    Now it’s
    What the heck?

  8. If you look closely there are tube like things (could be flame and lightning though) extending from the tail/generator to their backs. Could be something significant? I’m probably overthinking it though, probably There to look cool. which they do : )

  9. wait Before White had Zekrom and Black had Reshiram now Black 2 has Zekrom and White 2 has Reshiram am i the only one who noticed that and is wondering how this might play?

  10. i’m a little pissed that they made it as zekrom for black 2 and reshiram for white 2. they should’ve kept it the way the originals were goddammit!

  11. What’s with the tubes on their backs? Is that supposed to be some meaning to they were altered by Team Plasma? Hmmmm… my theory: It’s the DNA of N’s legendary, and of the meteor that Kyurem was in. Like Mewtwo, they won’t be forms, but they’ll be separate Pokemon altogether. That’s why there was a Mewtwo event, and they use Team Rocket’s machines that created Mewtwo, and you will have to fight the new Pokemon, alongside Kyurem who is trying to stop them, too. :P It is only my hypothesis, though.

    1. my theroy is that team plasma used genesect to alter the dna so n will come back with genesect and black/white kyurem

  12. Seriously? WTF happened to pokemon? These pokemon try way too hard to be badass. Back in my day, there wasn’t such a need to focus on the bad-boy-darkness-jagged-corners BS that new pokemon do. I suppose I’ve outgrown pokemon to an extent but, after Gold and silver they lost all meaning. What happened to animal-like creatures that shared pet-like bonds with their trainers. Now all the pokemon are 6 story-tall aliens and monsters and stupid shit that makes no sense.

  13. ポケモン白2 is pokemon white 2
    is pokemon black
    no wierd color thing like the original thing! i am getting white 2

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