New Pokemon Black & White 2 Footage

This weeks edition of Pokemon Smash included some new footage of the forthcoming Pokemon Black & White 2 for the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Black & White 2 is due to be released in Japan on June 23rd. Both Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have confirmed that the game will be released in the West during the Fall.

54 thoughts on “New Pokemon Black & White 2 Footage”

        1. I hate sacks of shit like you true this ass hat shouldn’t have made fun of the guy pre-ordering the game but why are you assuming the ass hat buys call of duty games is that the only good argument you can make if so you live a sad life.

  1. I wasn’t impressed with the game (another rehash), but the clothes and expressions of the Japanese people playing it made me LOL alot.

      1. what’s even sadder is that you can’t accept some one else has a different opinion. I feel the same way, I wasn’t impressed with D/P/P but I gave it a chance, felt the same way with B&W but I still gave it a chance. So no, I wont be wasting money one this one this time.

    1. its not a rehash, its a sequel that takes place 2 years after B/W with more pokemon, new areas and improved animations, battle environments ect,

      1. Wow someone with a brain at last lol

        people calling it a rehash clearly dont understand why there is a 2 on the end of the name lmao

  2. looks cool i’m gonna buy it rather sequels then stupid rehash with another colour name so glad gamefreak did this!

  3. That was….lame….it brought nothin new to the table except a new environment and altered music. Oh, and Keldio

      1. Story alone shouldnt be a game seller. You gotta bring a ton mre to the table. If that was the case the game coulda just been pulled off as an expansion pak

  4. The water type horse lookin Pokemon…what is it? I’ve never seen it before.

    I can’t wait til the game comes out. Im gonna preorder it and wait in line early morning ^_^

    1. It is Keledo. Keledo hasent been announced until recently. Its one of the new Pokemon released back in black and white but just isnt getting distributed until now. Keledo is also obtainable in Black/White and in Black/White 2.

  5. I find it somewhat disappointing that this new Pokemon game won’t actually utilise the 3DS’ power, looking at this. Seems somewhat a waste

  6. This game looks awesome!
    Hopefully this game has a lot of content… And legendary Pokemon from the past! :) like legends from ruby or Pokemon fire red! :)

  7. They get so excited over nothing lmao! I cant wait for them to come out! I heard them say something about heart gold and fire red????

  8. Look at those people… Japanese people are odd but women are pretty!!!! i dont play pokemon games but i must admit it looks good…. by the way, THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!!!!

  9. Cool. Do you get Keldeo from the beginning or an early level or something?! And where all those really cool Pokemon- magnemite, growlithe, koffing etc. wild?!

  10. cool. Do you get Keldeo from an early level or something?! And where those really cool Pokemon – Magnemite, Growlithe, Koffing etc – wild?!

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