Black Ops 2: “Your Ending Won’t Be The Same As Someone Else’s”

Treyarch boss Mark Lamia has explained that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will feature multiple endings which are determined by the choices you make through the single player campaign. Activision has yet to announce the game for Nintendo platforms, but it’s incredibly likely that we will see the game on Wii U when it launches later in the year.

64 thoughts on “Black Ops 2: “Your Ending Won’t Be The Same As Someone Else’s””

    1. I literally saw the title and came in here to make that exact same comment. Considering that Bioware failed to deliver on that promise, I have to doubt that an arguably inferior development studio under the thumb of just as horrid a publisher will manage to succeed, especially in a fraction of the development time.

      That said, there is relatively very little by way of discernible plot in Call of Duty games, so tying any player choices together could be a lot easier for them… Ah, on second thoughts, I still doubt they’ll pull it off.

        1. thank you lol i think your the most reconizable people on here (at least to me lol) well other than sicker (maybe he will reply to this XD that would be awesome) soo keep on postin’ ^_^

  1. “Your Ending Won’t Be The Same As Someone Else’s”
    That’s what Mass Effect 3 Said.
    (The new that’s what she said)

    1. Too bad Wii U games aren’t getting real announcements until E3. Rocksteady won’t even show Wii U Arkham Asylum yet

      1. Even though you’re changing your name to look like different people commenting, you still have the same avatar pic on all of your posts, and you still use the same insults and bad grammar …

  2. Hopefully we will be seeing more of a variety on the Wii U. I hope it doesn’t end up like the Wii, being completely alienated by the more popular 3rd party games.

  3. Maybe with the overhyped of this franchise, and with the begin of a new generation, either this or BO3 will be the ‘Franchise Killer’ for Activision.. one man can hope

  4. Lol this tactic of announcing multiple endings in order for the people has been used by EA on ME3 already.. Nice try Activision Try another tactic.. It wont work anymore..

    1. i know…. so much hate for something that is actually an improvement. The single player campaign needs more attention as most players dont care about it. Who cares if someone did multiple endings before, Its a good addition and its more important if they do it RIGHT.

      1. I agree, how many people here have actually spent any time on the CoD campaigns or even a CoD game?
        They are actually pretty good!

        Sadly the Wii versions get butchered because it isn’t as powerfull as the Xbox 360 or PS3. If they release this on Wii U I will definetly get it for it, hopefully the graphics will be a bit better than the PS3’s

  5. Why the hell is this website talking about CoD? CoD barely has anything to do with Nintendo, if they are gonna talk about CoD, They might as well talk about Halo. Afterall Halo has a better storyline and a much better soundtrack (music) than CoD. Halo is a better game than CoD, and since Halo actualy has a great music and awesome fiction, it would should appeal to nintendo fans more. So if this site is gonna talk about Black Ops 2, they should start talking about Halo 4

    1. CoD has been on Wii, and this will probably end up on Wii U, therefore it does involve Nintendo. While I’m sure most people here prefer Halo, it’s a Microsoft exclusive, and has nothing whatsoever to do with Nintendo.

      1. Slam! LVL UP! ;)

        Halo is amazing, sadly Xbox exclusive

        CoD is amazing as well but also goes onto the Wii AND DS….
        Therefore CoD news is relevant

  6. You are implying that ANYONE gives a rats ass about the Single Player campaign of ANY of these generic military FPS’s and now I’m not being generalistic, besides the big controversial moments do you give a damn about anything the single player campaign of any Modern Warfare game offers….hmmm…NO! Call of Duty/Battlefields single player has no meaning and serves no purpose, heres a list of games

    Metroid Prime
    Half Life
    Duke Nukem
    DOOM 1&2

    All of these games are First person Shooters and ALL have a main character people actually remember, who actually cares about Generic Military Guy #517 and #896 from COD and BF, in fact if EA and Activision decided simulatiously decided to drop single player campaigns from COD/BF, NO ONE would care and be more then willing to drop 60+ for it anyway…..

    1. Doom’s main character is an unnamed space marine, pretty memorable if you ask me. I will agree with you on the rest. But I think people do remember characters in COD like Soap, Price and Reznov. Oh, and Metroid Prime is not a FPS.

      1. You gonna give me that same “Metroid Prime isnt an FPS” BS despite being a shooter in the 1st person perspective. Compared to Red Steel and Condiut its still the best First person perspective game on the Wii

        Oh and when it comes to the Doom marine at leats more gamers recognize him more then Soap

        1. Umm, sorry! To me and most of my friends (having played DOOM a LOT!) we all find Soap and Reznov to be more memorable.
          Reznov is AWESOME!
          (and voiced by Gary Oldman! ;D )

  7. My BO2 ENDING:
    *main character fist pumps*
    “Hell yeah! I’m the Mass Effect master!”
    Friend: ” Dude, this isn’t M.E.”
    Main: ” Don’t you fucking tell me this is what I think it is…”
    Friend: “*cough* CoD *cough*
    *blows brains out*
    Seriously just a way to lure more idiots into buying one of their damn games again. Fuck this, where’s Smash Bros. 4? That’s a sequel worth waiting for. :)

  8. I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again, the only time I’ll buy a COD game is that when they release an HD Collection on the Wii U with all of it’s games in it.

    1. And they should update the graphics to put that 2008 or 2009 graphics card to good use, as for online, every gun, map, game mode, and character from evry COD game should be in it.

  9. Yes, you may end the game with 16 bullets left in your clip whereas your friend may end the game with 11 bullet left in his clip. :o

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