The ‘Wii U GamePad’ Is The Official Name Of Wii U’s Controller

Today’s Nintendo Direct was about Wii U’s concept. Nintendo began the pre-E3 presentation by talking about how they want to make something unique that can “unite people” from around the world. The Wii U’s controller was soon shown and given a new name, the Wii U GamePad. Nintendo will talk about games during their E3 presentation on on Tuesday.

87 thoughts on “The ‘Wii U GamePad’ Is The Official Name Of Wii U’s Controller”

    1. Well us fans could still, and most likely will, call it the UPad. I think they decided not to go in that direction because some people may confuse it with the iPad.

      1. Meh, I myself will probably call it juse the GamePad, or Wii U Controller. UPad is even more “ugh” than Wii U.

    1. Well…maybe Nintendo will offer repair services like they do for their systems, and like MS and Sony do as well. I’m sure minor breaks in the controller would be cheaper to fix than replacing the whole thing.

    2. basically, you better take care of the one that comes with the system… The games may allow one more gamepad, but it won’t go higher than 2 total. To buy an extra, it may cost well over $60.

  1. I’m so completely overjoyed right now. That presentation was so perfect. This is truly a revolutionary device. It can do so much and for the dudes who want some more traditional, there’s the Wii U Pro Pad. This console really is made just for U. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Yeah, a “normal controller” that you pay extra for to have a remotely standard gaming experience.

      Ingenious /sarcasm.

      All I saw was a bunch of casual junk and online features from 2005. Boring as hell.

      1. Who’s to say that the controller will not come w/ the system? Oh wait…you’re Aeolus, nvm, no one gives a **** about what you have to say.

        1. They specifically said that it was an optional peripheral, you fucking dumbass.

          It’s just like what the CCP was.

            1. You mean the casual gold peripheral. Core gamers don’t touch casual crap.

              I’d buy the other -HardCore- controller in a heartbeat as long as it eliminated the need for that thing. But alas, it’s more money to spend on an overclocked 360.

          1. Of course it’s optional, it’s optional between that or the Wii-U Pad. Ntm, THIS controller will be used for multi-plats anyways.

      2. Keep bringing the hate, dude. You’re not nearly strong enough to stop the massive outpouring of love and anticpation from all corners of the gaming universe at these brilliant innovations.

        1. Outpouring of fanboys, many message boards have unimpressed core gamers. They know these aren’t impressive features that their systems from 2005 did already.

          1. Try again. You can’t kill this buzz. People love it. I see only positive comments coming over twiiter, facebook and ustream. You’re just grasping at any straw to hold on to the false image of Nintendo you’ve created in your head. I’m gonna continue enjoying this feeling. Good night, my friend.

            1. The only buzz is from FANBOYS lol.

              Literally everything they showed isn’t new stuff at all. Miiverse is a bunch of crap that’s completely irrelevant to gaming too. And 360 avatars still look better than retarded Miis.

              1. The buzz is from fans and fanboys but, alas, you’re only here to hate. It must suck to be full of so much for a company that has done nothing to you.

                1. Done nothing for me? They gave me a great lineup of first and third party of games along with an amazing online experience. Unlike Nintendo.

                  Nintendo is for socially awkward children.

                  1. *Face palm* I’m talking about Nintendo, shit for brains. What’s wrong? You have to insult a “kiddy” company to make yourself feel mature, huh? I bet you’re in early teens at best.

                  2. Wow, god forbid someone plays a game WITHOUT blood, gore, sex, and cursing. God forbid if someone plays a game for pure fun. God forbid if someone has even the slightest desire to play a game on a Nintendo system.

                    1. Implying every game on other consoles is like that only shows you know nothing about them even further.

                      And talking shit doesn’t help your case, you’re pathetic.

                  3. *Sarcasm* Yeah, I know nothing about the PS3/360, even though I own them, I know nothing *Sarcasm End* *Face palm* Continue your bullshit, believe me, it’s funny as hell.

  2. Think you need to search for press photos of the revised controller if there are any, using the prototype is probably misguiding people a bit… (although there’s not much difference anyway so it doesn’t matter much)

    1. I have one already he should be able to get one easy. Hit up gamespot they have a pic of the 2 side by side for comparison

  3. 1st. Wii u game pad is really improved. Still a little flawed but way better than the one from last year.

    Unfortunately the pro controller ruins that success by being a complete joke. It’s a 360 controller just with a horrible button layout.

    I mean really. Whatever idiot at Nintendo who thought that was a great idea should be fired.

      1. Um yes. To even argue it isn’t is just assanine.

        And the only real problem with the wii u controller is analog placement. Where they are now requires you to move your hands to hit the face buttons and D-pad. That isn’t good.

    1. You just want to think that way, actually it reminded me of Game Cube controller, it looks more like a fusion between GC controller and Wii CCP.

    2. It has the same basic layout as the actual tablet, they’re not going to switch the stick placement.

      And have you tried either controller? Nintendo does stupid things, but they obviously wouldn’t position a stick in a place where it would be counter-intuitive.

    3. “Unfortunately the pro controller ruins that success by being a complete joke. It’s a 360 controller just with a horrible button layout.

      I mean really. Whatever idiot at Nintendo who thought that was a great idea should be fired.”

      Here’s a bright idea, wait until you actually play with it before criticizing the button layout?

    4. “Unfortunately the pro controller ruins that success by being a complete joke. It’s a 360 controller just with a horrible button layout. ”
      It’s actually an improved classic controller pro. And weren’t people complaining before that the game pad wasn’t hardcore enough for them and that they wanted a more traditional controller? You get it and still whine about something…

  4. I was shittin bricks when I saw the black controller.

    I shat even more when observin the WiiU’s Universal involvement.

    I stopped shittin bricks when it ended :/

    1. And now you’ll be constipated Dragon Ball Z style having moments of brief brick-shitting during the Ubisoft conference (and maybe EA), going back to DBZ mode and then shitting a stream of bricks on Tuesday.

    1. BTW, I’m completely aware this was a song meant to encourage recovery, but I’m using it in a “just walk away” manner.

  5. Iwata said that Miiverse will work with WiiU N3DS and other future Nintendo devices, is he talking about 2017 generation or they are making something new for this generation?

    1. Leaving it open- like Xbox Live carries over. And typically they release handheld systems more often than consoles, so if they release a different version or successor to the 3DS that will still have Miiverse.

    1. More like a loser if it isn’t even out yet and they’re already showing an alternative for true hardcore gamers.

            1. Honors? I’d be surprised if you got any sort of diploma, you silly bullshitter.

              “Fuck you very much..”

              What the hell is this supposed to mean? LOL.

              1. This is the last time I’ll be ever speaking to you because you’re nothing but a fucking troll, a Sony drone, a Sony dick rider, and a complete waste of time. I’m a black man, I have a career, I enjoy playing games on PS3, PC and my nephew’s 3DS (Resident Evil Revelations rule!). As much I love Nintendo and everything that they have made, you always talk shit out of your ass.

                I’m black and I’m proud, and I’ll continue supporting Nintendo today and the day after. If you hate Nintendo and everyone here at this Nintendo blog, you’ll be just a statistic like a comedian’s short lived career.


  6. I’ve always thought that Wii controls (yes, the motion controls) are leaps above 360 and Ps3 controls because of the interactivity. Then, I admit that many PC controls are better for many games ( Wii game controls became very simplistic becasue there weren’t many buttons). But Wii U Gamepad blows mouse and keyboard out of the water. I love it, I want to marry it.

  7. I hope the gaming industry realizes really soon how much effort Nintendo is putting into everything, and how the system, based on control, is more impressive than anything from Microsoft and Sony. I mean this, because people praise them and look down on Nintendo, but the Wii U can handle every game and enhance the experience. When gamers and developers change their views, then there won’t be any more scares about Nintendo losing favor (and investors)

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