Tretton: ‘Sony Has The Greatest Minds In The Industry’

Sony’s E3 press conference recently finished. At the start of the presentation, Sony Computer Entertainment President Jack Tretton thanked their fans and claimed that they have the greatest minds in the video game industry. This radical claim comes in after certain video game journalists stated that they think Sony has the most impressive group of first-party developers. Nintendo’s E3 press conference kicks off tomorrow and they will reveal both first-party and third-party games for Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

112 thoughts on “Tretton: ‘Sony Has The Greatest Minds In The Industry’”

    1. Can’t spell IGNorant without IGN….
      Yeah. Sony does a lot of originality, but copying Nintendo and MIcrosoft breaks the line.
      -Nintendo Fanboy who respects Sony and Microsoft

      1. Ever wondered why it was Sony that was hacked ?
        Because it was worth hacking, that’s why. Nintendo doesn’t even have a network that could be hacked. So before bitching around think about the fact that Nintendo still doesn’t have a nice, working and useful network. And I’m saying this as a huge Nintendo fan myself. It’s just sad that they’re starting to build up such an online service just now.

        1. nintendo got their servers hacking because they violated the privacy or their users, they were fucking hacking bitches first

        2. No, ANON got into Nintendo’s Network but they said they only did it to show Nintendo that they had Holes in their security, and even though they actually hacked Nintendo they would in no way Hurt them because Nintendo is daddy to the best Console ever made. (they were refering to the SNES)

        3. Nintendo took the first steps with motion and complete backwards compatibility with the Wii. They didn’t want to focus mainly on online, that would be mediocre. Also, they didn’t have the resources to make a fantastic online with the Wii. SO shut the front door, mother trucker!

      2. Nintendo, the company with minds so great, they were barely able to make a minimally functioning online experience…

          1. I was watching G4 last night and they listed the top 5 innovations in gaming history. Here they are in no particular order. Game Boy, Casual gaming brought on by Wii, the jump to 3D environments, NES, and online functionality. Who’s responsible for 4 of the top 5 innovations in gaming history? That’s right, Nintendo. Who’s got the greatest minds? Nintendo.

    2. sony e3 last night sucked balls it was so boring microsoft and ubsoft did a better job. the only games i found interesting from sony was watch dog and gow every thing else was crap. what i find funny is the fagboys love dissing nintendo but it seem like sony and microsoft love to steal nintendo’s ideas. sony and microsoft be original instead of a high priced nock off

  1. Honestly, all the companies would boast they had the best fans and great minds. It’s nothing new. Now, what also won’t be new will be the comments here just attacking Tretton and saying Nintendo has the best everything. Now, that’s all subjective. I really think they have great people working and great fans, as does every company. But, to say the greatest? A bit of arrogance there.

    1. I agree with you. but Jack Tretton also addressed fictional PlayStation video game characters as “heroes” more than once during the conference. I tend to not care what someone has to say past statements like that.

    2. sony e3 last night sucked balls it was so boring microsoft and ubsoft did a better job. the only games i found interesting from sony was watch dog and gow every thing else was crap. what i find funny is the fagboys love dissing nintendo but it seem like sony and microsoft love to steal nintendo’s ideas. sony and microsoft be original instead of a high priced knock off

    3. You have a point. Personally, I’ll play any good game by any person or company, and while Nintendo games/consoles are generally my favorite, there are other games by other companies that clearly just as much effort put into them, if not more. It’s all a matter of opinion.

  2. pff SONY MI CULO hahahahaha nadie supera la GRAN NINTENDO!!!! son los mejores en inovacion y videojuegos, lo que tiene que hacer la competencia pa´ hacer ruido pff

  3. Jack “-off” Tretton is lying is broke ass all the way down to the po’ house. Trolololololol….

  4. Well he is their president of course he is gonna say that they have the greatest minds. I would find it strange if he said nintendo had the greateast minds since he doesn’t work for them.

  5. Between insulting and and copying Nintendo, and now this, I think it’s safe to say that Tretton is an arrogant asshole.

    1. Companies aren’t copying each other. They are using previous ideas to make something better out of it. And guess what, even Nintendo is doing that. So by accusing other companies of “copying” Nintendo, you’re basically as well accusing Nintendo for doing so too. Because, as I said, Nintendo is using other companies’ ideas as well. The only difference is that, unlike you, I can tell the difference between copying and improving ideas. Without that whole system, video gaming wouldn’t be at the point it is at right now.

  6. i laughed when he said that but i do agree they do have brilliant developers the last of us looks awesome….but are they better than nintendo…NO!

  7. I don’t hate Sony but man they are disgraceful sometimes.

    Did you guys see the ‘tags’ on the All Stars game video uploaded to YouTube?

    Another thing that pissed me off was how Sony fanboys were claiming E3 victory after the conference. With what I saw….? Don’t think so. Ubisoft is the most impressive so far in my book-
    * Beyond: Two Souls (I’ll wait for the movie)
    * Playstation All Stars (…..need I say anything?)
    * God of War Ascension (I don’t care much for past GoWs or hack n slash in general. *pref*)
    * Third Party Games (don’t count. you cant claim these. 8th gen over 7th gen anyway)

    *The Last of Us (AMAZING!! def gonna get)

    So one game in the entire conference, for me that is.

    Thanks for the rant. I feel better now.
    I like my PS3 but despise the company and their fanboys.

    1. YEAH I SAW THE TAGS LOL, other than that, OH I forgot to say i was watching a video ago about the reaction of this game and in the end of the video they show a picture, AND HERES THE GOOD PART, the sony developer (1st party) have a wii in there while making this game!!!!!!!!
      how mess up is that; if i remember that video ill link or show the pic to prove it.

        1. Whoa! Good find.

          I should probably say (even with this being a dedicated Nintendo site were most of the regular commenters probably would not be interested in hearing), that although Sony pisses me off, so much more after this All Star game, I still am glad that they are around. As a gamer first and foremost, there is no way I could turn my back on some of the games they have. Nintendo is and will always be my #1 stunna but competition is crucial to help push Nintendo further. Also, they give me something to hate when I feel the urge.

          If only Sony showed some small degree of class in their operations, and if only Wack Tretton wasn’t a marketing hitler (doesn’t deserve a capital h) who continuously rallies the lemmings to stand at attention and clap like seals.

          Aaaaanywho; I am in way to good of mood after the awesome day today, more so then I am in a pissy mood thanks to Sony’s practices. Nintendo has already blown me away and they have yet to even take center stage.

          Good chat.

      1. And what’s wrong about enjoying video games as a whole ? You just proved how much of a fanboy you are and that you are not enjoying video games but something else. The fact that those people are, unlike you, enjoying video games as a whole and that while working for Sony actually shows how amazing they are. And guess what, Shigeru Miyamoto seems to be interested in the Playstation Vita, not long ago he said in an interview that he wished there were more good games for the Vita, so it wouldn’t go through the same things the 3DS did at the beginning. You should follow his example instead of letting fanboyism overcome you.

    2. *Clicks on link*
      Sony is NOT getting my money on this game. I’ll buy used and pay for a online pass, but they are getting as little money as possible from me on this one.

      1. You’re late to the party. last night when the video was first uploaded it has 3 tags and all 3 were super smash bros related. They changed it after the fans called them out on it.

  8. as has been said before, sony’s “greatest minds in the industry” seem to be known for shameless copying of nintendo. E3 2011, nintendo announces 4th super smash bros game for Wii U and 3DS with cross-compatibility. then later sony comes up with their own version that looks like brawl. as if that wasn’t bad enough, they announce at E3 that a vita version that was cross-compatible with the PS3 version. to top it all off, playstation’s youtube channel has the demo video tagged with “super smash brothers, super smash bros, ssb” (although it has since been changed).

    there’s also the playstation move, the vita/PS3 being used similarly to the Wii U (the announcement of which coming not to long after the Wii U being first shown), and this little gem . also, for the “greatest minds in the industry”, they’re certainly not doing too much to help the vita, which is crashing and burning sales-wise.

    so tretton’s statement was either another display of unfounded sony pridefulness or just one of those empty statements to please the crowd, like “i’ve got the best fans in the world”. really, it could be either one

  9. sony is very lame n wack just because there copying nintendo why can they create there own shit and be successful at it instead of copying
    sony to me is nintendo’s shadow

  10. Sony wouldn’t even be making games right now if it wasn’t for Nintendo. As a matter of fact nobody would, look it up.

  11. Were better than you nananabooboo. Geez what a fucking immature baby. You can always count on Nintendo staff to be polite and mature.

  12. this is bullshit i ain’t buying that allstar shit nintendo should sue sony
    sony is a load of crap
    i hope ssb.4 kills that piece of shit of game and i know it will nothing like the original’s

  13. Of course the PRESIDENT OF SONY would say that they are the best, just look at any hair-care advert and see how may times each one implies they are the best. This isn’t news, and to be perfectly honest is a waste of space on this site.

  14. fuck you sony.u suck and ur consoles are for the dick! i like nintendo games better than sonysucks games

  15. maybe there going another direction this time since they know sony copy everything about there upcoming ssb.4 game
    oh and by the way mario would smash that voodo doll thingy in a battle no dough about that


    You work at Sony, which you are claiming has the greatest gaming minds! So how can we believe… That you are telling us the truth!?

    *gavel, gavel* C A S E – C L O S E D.
    *end obvious rant.*

  17. EVERYONE fucking copies EVERYONE. There’s barely an original idea left.

    So really, who cares?! So far, Sony’s had the best press conference. Nintendo’s will be all sugary and Mario shroomy sweet. Honestly, I love all three, but Nintendo fans are so annoying. Nintendo has to catch up with their new console, and so far, has only barely surpassed the other systems’ capabilities.

        1. No-one can deny that any company hasn’t ever taken ideas from their competition, it’s just that Nintendo try keep it to a minimum.

    1. @azaria: Nintendo doesn’t copy. People are saying the Wii U pro pad is a copy of the 360 controller. Well the 360 controller is a copy of the gamecube controller. Besides what the pro pad actually is, is the Wii U gamepad without the screen. It has the same button layout (excluding the Home, start and select buttons). It had to have the same button layout for easier transition from one to the other.

      Nintendo innovates the most and even when they don’t, they are the ones who popularise new concepts in the gaming world.

  18. Of course he’s gonna say Sony has the best minds. What do you expect him to say “We at Sony are good, but Nintendo is so much better.” We know that’s true but don’t expect anybody working for Sony to admit it.

    I liked the Sony conference. They were a lot better thn MS, showed some really good games, but it’s nothing Nintendo won’t blow out of the water today. I just burst out laughing when they demoed Super smash sisters. It looks and plays just like SSB and they also stole Nintendo idea for cross-platform gaming with Wii U and 3DS. You just keep copying Nintendo Sony it just makes Nintendo look better in the end. Leave luck to heaven.

  19. i can’t wait for today i know nintendo’s conference is gonna kill both sony the one’s who claim are the best and microsoft conference

  20. sony claims that Sony Has The Greatest Minds In The Industry
    a cross platform super smash sisters game is being made
    oh, i got another one, the Sun is wearing ChuckNorris-glasses
    XD nice jokes sony thank you for keeping my mood up!!

  21. Of course he’ll say that about his company! Just as whoever did Microsoft’s (poor) show did and Iwata would do today if he was so big headed. I own and love my PS3 but in my twenty six game collection I have only one first party game (Uncharted 2) as they’re just, sadly, not good enough. Saying that, Beyond and The Last Of Us look superb but three good first party games in six years? That’s shocking.

  22. They have the sickest minds. This over the top voilence in “The last of us” and “GOW” is just sickening!! I’m really sad to see something disgusting like “Zombie U” on the WiiU >.<.

  23. Why do people have to resort to penis in the butt jokes insults and fag comments. You know there are Nintendo FANboys who are gay and would love to read the comments and share the common love we have for this amazing game developer. Grow up. Unless the people using these terms are a bunch of ten year olds. Other than that this year is the year Nintendo takes back the hardcore gamers. I am so thrilled to see the conference later today! Happy E3!

  24. actually i agree sony does have good minds in the company but there to stupid to make good decisions to keep there company from losing money example 3ds took a huge price drop 250 to 170 bucks vita 250- 300 no price drop yet come on

  25. that’s a damn lie! all sony’s “great minds” do is rip off other companies! saying sony has the greatest minds is like saying hugh heffner only has fully clothed ugly women in his magazine.

    man, sony and microsoft sure know how to lie!

  26. if they have such great minds then why was ther conference such a joke? i mean wonder book? seriously why in the hell would you spend THAT long talking about wonderbook?

    1. That was definitely way too long. The idea itself is pretty cool, but come on, they focused way too much on it.

      1. yeah. its funny because nintendo almost did the same thing with nintendoland. but overall i enjoye there conference.

  27. Their conference was pretty awful. Their saving grace was Last of Us, and the only only thing that caught attention was God of War (a series I’ve never been interested in. I mean look, the attacks have been the same throughout the series, just more grapples by now)

  28. They must be good, I mean they actually have to come out and say their good and that’s something no one can do unless you are good.
    Here I’ll show you,
    “I’m a… Good… Game…. Designer.”
    Huh, That was actually easier then I thought.

  29. I think if Nintendo didn’t have the Wii U, they’d be in trouble. The Playstation is actually looking really good right now.

  30. You idiots who post the hate on the site are unbelievable. Games are supposed to be fun but instead they make you trolls better and angry.

    Get a new hobby.

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