Kirby’s Anniversary Collection Coming September

Back in April, Nintendo announced that it was Kirby’s 20th Anniversary. To celebrate, Nintendo will be releasing a collection of Kirby games on one disk for Wii. The official name of the compilation is Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition. The game will be released in September. Even though this is a Wii game, you can still play it on the upcoming Wii U. Nintendo hasn’t announced which Kirby games will be on the disk – which ones are you hoping for?

26 thoughts on “Kirby’s Anniversary Collection Coming September”

    1. that was just a port of an SNES game. i don’t think kirby has a retro collection game anywhere so that fear should immediately be disregarded

  1. It must have Dream Land 1-3, Adventure, Super Star, and 64. Maybe a couple spin-offs too like Dream Course.

  2. I’m surprised that this isn’t coming to the 3DS…I mean it can run every Kirby game to date, so why not?

  3. This is a pretty good idea but I expect I’ve already got all the Kirby games on the collection on the Virtual Console so I won’t be buying this.

  4. Kirby’s Epic Yarn was actually the first Kirby game I played and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I then got Kirby’s Adventure Wii which I liked as well. Because of that I will certainly be interested in a new Kirby release with content outside of what I have already experienced.

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