Epic’s Stunning Next Gen Unreal Engine 4 Footage

Epic has held true to its promise and has shown off the first footage of Unreal Engine 4 on Game Trailers. The engine is meant for next generation consoles, though Epic expects the majority of next generation consoles to initially use Unreal Engine 3. Epic has yet to confirm whether or not Wii U will run the engine.

81 thoughts on “Epic’s Stunning Next Gen Unreal Engine 4 Footage”

    1. Uuuh, I seen at the UK retailer they are selling Wii U games for £33.

      It not up to Nintendo to give a price for the games, its up to the retailers.

  1. “If the device has really good graphics performance, anything from an iPhone all the way to a next generation console or a super high-end PC, Unreal Engine 4 will support it. It will scale all the way from the low-end to the high-end with the same feature-set and tools.”

    Tim Sweeney – Founder & CEO, Epic Games

      1. Yes but, Why for hell, they didn’t confirm it yet? Why, after the SECOND presentation, we don’t know the graphics performance yet? Why we don’t know the specs yet?

        1. Why give the competition a target to shoot for this early in the game? I think it’s more about Nintendo not wanting to reveal their hand to the competition too early.

          1. Too late for that. They revealed the Wii U a full year before it was even ready to be revealed, giving MS and Sony more than enough time to adapt. Nintendos specs almost don’t matter, since they’re releasing first, and since their console has to support at least one other screen.

            Sony and MS can release a year and a half from now, for the same price, newer tech, and still out-class them due to lower costs of hardware.

            Maybe Wii U will pull a PS2 and XBOX369 and capture the market effectively though, being first like the above consoles were.

            Time will tell.

          2. You know, saying that, a thought came to mind. What if Nintendo planned on releasing the full Wii U specs, but after seeing that Sony & Microsoft implemented their ideas, Nintendo decided to hold back so changes could be made? – May not be the case, may be wishful thinking, sure, but it may also be possible.

      2. That is not proof. You’re grasping at straws. He specifically said in the future those devices perhaps can run it.

      1. Well if you look at the graphics performance of the iPhone and compare it with a PS3 version of UE 3 you can see a big difference, so I’d say it could be likely that the Wii U has a good, if not decent GPU.

    1. this is confirmation. people don’t get that its architecture that determines the compatibility, not the power, running an engine is not what’s important, its how well it runs it

      1. Nevertheless, am I the only one that noticed Uncharted 2 and 3 had this level of detail, if not a bit lower, and they’re both for current gen consoles? The Wii U is rumored to be twice as powerful as the ps3 and 3 times as the xbox360, so if these tidbits are true, then that would put the Wii U in a very capable place as far as eyecandy goes.

  2. With any luck it will be on the system, but if they confirm it won’t be on the system we’ll still have 3.5 which is just as good

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          1. “Wii U already can run something akin to Unreal Engine 3.9″
            >akin to

            Yeah, because that clearllllllly says “Wii U can run Unreal Engine 3.9″.

            1. That implies that the system can run something that’s on a rather similar level to Unreal Engine 3.9, which means it can run something that’s near or similar to Unreal Engine 3.9 so yes this counts.

  3. with this leaks about wii U hardware, forget about 3.9, so what about 4…. NO WAY… also wii U supposed to be 1080p, but its not.. its 720p with 4xaa… 1080p just a single pass.. just like 360 and ps3.

    1. That’s for launch titles, most developers are still getting used to the Wii U dev kits to create a 1080p game

  4. hmm i think next generation games will run all the wiiU’s power.wiiu now runs normally as the ps3 the current games and next gen games might run on the 50%.hmmm i am not sure enough…

    1. Actually you might not be far off it, if Unreal Engine 4 runs on the Wii U it could max out the performance nicely and give a somewhat smooth frame rate at 1080i or 720p

  5. That obsession with the unreal engine is kinda akward… especially when you consider that more and more developers bringing their own engine out.

            1. Well the zelda demo is very IMPRESSIVE. That demo is not anything close…. looking anything in this video.

              1. garic shut up. unreal engine 4 is not that great. graphics have hit a stand still. and yes, zelda tech demo looked great and on part with unreal engine 4. shut your condescending ass up. i’m very pleased with wii u graphics. everyone is just biased

      1. As a indie developer by choice I say that he has a point, the Unreal Engine 4 has some similarities to the Zelda HD tech demo.

    1. True, they weren’t that impressive.

      But you forget two things:

      1) Final dev kits for Wii U only went out a couple weeks before E3. There have been about a half dozen dev kits. So what you saw was likely done with under-powered dev kits, as developers have been stating they were using for the vast majority of time.

      2) Thise were first-gen Wii U games. Some of them not even done yet. And they look on-par with last (or close to last) gen PS3 and XBOX360 games. Remember first-gen XBOX360 games? Not even close to impressive compared to now. Proof: Halo 3 Vs. the new Halo 4, or Crysis 3. Both of which are still months away from being released (many months in Crysis 3′s sake).

      Done be TOO quick to judge. Appearances can be deceiving. And misleading.

      1. Well ZombiU was built over Killer Freaks, but I see what you mean. They could have tried just a little harder but hey, its only a first gen game

    2. no dude. games like project p 100, lego city stories, clearly show the next generation power. take your f’n biased goggles off. graphics are not going to get ridiculously better. esp in terms of polygon count. it’s everything else like color and lighting, and hd effect. i’m very please with wii u’s graphics. and those games don’t even utilize all the power of wii u. nintendo just had a bad showing. just wait and see the games that come out in due time

    1. They…do. They have an engine for their Mario games and another engine for their Zelda games. The toon engine from Wind Waker is the engine they’ve been using for Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. No doubt they’re refining the bitch out of it for a possible Wii U Zelda game, though I doubt it will be totally realistic.

    2. Well, they do, but it’s only for Nintendo developers. Their engines are first-party engines, not third-party like Unreal. But Nintendo games are almost always the best-looking games on Nintendo consoles (no surprise there).

  6. Well, the textures definitely have some meat to them, and it seems to look just SLIGHTLY better than Agni’s Philosophy, but ever since I saw that one, this trailer just didn’t knock my socks off. We need to test this engine out with actual human models, not giant creatures or even giant people, and see how well this engine can portray contemporary settings. Now that would be interesting.

    1. So true that square enix demo was so much cooler. I was even more impressed I think by the UE3 Samaritan demo than this UE4 stuff. Its as much about presentation as it is technical feats.

  7. It’s not the jump a lot of people were expecting to be honest, and it certainly does not make the Samaritan demo “look like crap.” It does have some really nice particle effects and the lava looks great, but the fog/blizzard looks terrible. After watching Agni’s Philosophy, this UE 4 demo does not impress me at all, and Agni’s Philosophy had more s**t going on at one time with lots of particle effects and a blend of CG and photorealistic graphics.

  8. I REALLY hope Nintendo has the time to install this engine system to their Wii-U! I don’t want Nintendo to fall behind when PS3 and X-Box unveil their new systems.

  9. http://gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=173468 <– Read this about the Unreal engine. Can anyone remember that Japanese garden graphics demo for the Wii U last year? Because It looked amazing and they even confirmed that the tech demo wasn't even the best it can do! As previously said in these comments- the launch and launch window titles we're not developed to show off the graphics; infact, games like mass effect 3, Batman Arkham city etc, we're made for current gen consoles so they obviously won't have amazing graphics. Can anyone also remember the graphics in: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2? Because they looked really good for the Wii, actually too good- People have said Nintendo has tricks and secrets to make a game look like it's running better than it can, which isn't a bad thing- It will at least run the URE4 in a scaled down way.

    Anyways this is all my opinion!

    1. True, the reason why people bashed on the Wii a lot was because of its “horrible graphics” But the Wii has great graphics, developers just have to use the Wii well like Nintendo does. Look at Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Skyward Sword, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart Wii. Those games have great graphics. Maybe not as good as PS3 or 360 but good nonetheless. Its those 3rd part games that look horible, not all but most.

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