Wii U Handles Ports Easily

There are a few games coming to Wii U that are ports of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games. It is apparently very easy to port games to Nintendo’s upcoming console. Games from current gen systems, including Mass Effect 3 and Batman: Arkham City, were originally released in 2011 but will re-release on Wii U later this year. Because it’s easy to port games from current generation systems, do you want to see more arrive on Wii U?

118 thoughts on “Wii U Handles Ports Easily”

    1. Which games do you like to see? I think I want the ones announced at E3. Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Crysis, The Last Of Us (yeah i know some are exclusives, but I still want them xD), Resident Evil 6 Amazing Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur…

      And for the ones already released. RE5: Gold Edition. Assassin’s Creed Saga. Vanquish. Ninja Gaiden. DEVIL MAY CRY. wow, there are tons of games, i can’t even remember more… Looking forward for Wii U having good ports thanks to the Wii U Controller Pro

      1. I want to see Watch_Dogs, Crysis, Splinter Cell basically anything that isn’t an exclusive come to the WiiU (obviously not everything, but the big ones from EA, Ubisoft and Activision). There is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to port PS3/360 games to the WiiU. It is more powerful after all. They don’t even have to use the controller in a special way.

        Don’t even have to use it at all. We only need the buttons after all. The Pro controller is also a thing,

      1. Put it this way, the only ones that looked good were ports (besides Pikmin). NSMB looks like the same game we’ve been playing since the DS release, Zombie U could be multiplatorm, and all the other titles looked like they could have been done on a Wii. Rayman Origins was the best title there.

            1. And then people will bitch about no good 3rd party support. Just quit bitching if it’s never good enough. Of course you can botch, honestly I didn’t really liked Ninty’s E3 either, but be consequent.

        1. ZombiU isn’t a port and its Wii U exclusive, well for now at least, but even so it would be classified as a port on the PS3 and XBOX 360

          1. And even if Ubisoft were to port the Wii U title to Xbox 360 and PS3 (too bad it’s not gonna happen), they should change the title name to just simply “Zombi”.

            1. I would like them to stay with ZombiU. So they can remember wich console inspired them first, and make it possible… lol

            2. Not gonna happen?

              Bitch, this is fucking Ubisoft. That shit is getting ported whether you like it or not. They even implied it would, lmfao.

        2. Seriously look at this everyone:
          Wii’s E3 software Unveil:
          Launch/Window: Twilight Princess, Red Steel, Excite Trucks, DBZBT2, Wii Sports, WarioWare, RE4 Wii Edition (THE ONLY PURE PORT WE PLAYED BEFORE [TP was released the same time on GC as Wii])
          Future Titles: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

          Wii U Launch: Nintendo Land, NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Zombie U. (The rest are ports)
          It also had 0 future titles announced.

          Worst unveil in history goes to Wii U.

        3. actually you missed rayman legends, scribblenauts, zombiu, project p-100, and lego city undercover. zombiu is not a multiplat. all ubisoft said is that “it may be a possibility but not any time soon.”

              1. Ubisoft knows Rayman Legends will sell well on Nintendo Systems compared to 360 and PS3. That is the reason its an exclusive.

              2. It sold horribly because it wasn’t marketed properly. Yet even those “horrible sales” were successful enough for them to continue the series.

                This shit will be ported eventually, no such thing as third party exclusives if people demand it enough. ;P

                1. Gears, halo, killzone and resistance dissagree with you people bitch for them to be multiplatform and it won’t happen, besides ZombiU would need a pretty drastic change in game play to be ported and it would lose it’s horror factor which i have yet to see in any other zombi games of the previous gen.

        4. What about ZombiU and Rayman Legends? I swear i heard they’re exclusives…. Maybe it was just my imagination >_>

      2. Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders II, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Trine 2… Still doesn’t mean that 95% of the Wii U’s games are ports

        1. Yep, you’d have to keep going like the energizer bunny to get to 95%. And darksiders 2 is hopefully releasing on all at the same time and being developed wouldn’t classify that as a port myself..

          1. Sad to say that the guys who are making Darksiders II confirmed that the PS3 and XBOX 360 will come first and then on the Wii U, but since the game was made at the same time for each console including the Wii U but it won’t stop people from calling it a port

    1. i would LOVE skyrim on the wiiu. if they added steam functionality to the wiiu, and added steam workshop into the mix, it would be godly on the wiiu.

    2. Sounds like a really pro idea! I’ll buy it! How About some Diablo, StarCraft and Warcraft? And lets say that… Blizzard is coming… lol Skyrim would be nice… It makes me imagine a Monster Hunter U o.o

    1. They should bundle Non-Specific Action Figure in with the Wii U and use him on the NFC scanner so you could get an exclusive Mii of him =3

    1. Crytek pulled all support of the Wii U because they think its for “Kids”.

      And yes, you did spell Crysis 3 right

        1. +3. And it’s good to know that Nintendo Franchises are vast and diverse. Let’s get some Fire Emblem!
          Sure they need new IP’s however…

            1. As long as that “original content” is something new, not the same old same old like on other consoles who always brag when they get another FPS like it’s a brand new game experience.

    1. On the topic of wish fulfillment and Mass Effect, I want to see a “Mass Effect Trilogy”. An ultimate edition boxed set that has all three games and the DLC. No hope in hell, but it would be nice.

  1. They can feel free to do the that with RE5, RE6, Arkham Asylum, Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 1 & 2, and GTA then.

  2. I’d like to see some more games like Amnesia on the Wii U, because it opens so many possibilities for the game to use the Game Pad touch screen

  3. Sure, it can do 360 and PS3 ports easy… but what about 720 and PS4? The Wii could port its previous Gen games easy too (Budokia Tenkaichi 2 and 3) but failed to do aorta with its current Gen and soon ran out of steam. I fear that if Sony and Microsoft release pumped up powerhouses next E3, games such as GTVI, RE7, Assassins Creed 4 and so on will be skipped on Wii U simply because it lacks the power needed to run them (the exact problem Wii suffered from). I an hardcore Nintendo fan, but I am sick of Nintendo being behind. They can never catch up to the competition if they are always a Gen behind. Wii U may replicate Wii and sale like hotcakes ita first few years, but soon it will slow down and competition will be selling fine JUST LIKE WII. And that’s a good case scenario with Wii U. If it never catches on and doesn’t sale good at first, Nintendo is in some mega hot water. With 3DS, sure it had a bad launch as far as lineup went, but atleast we knew good games such as MK7, M3DL, and Kid Icarus Uprising were coming out, so it gave us incentive to get one. With Wii U, we weren’t shown ANYTHING promising for the future, and the launch is better but ONLY thanks to 3rd party support (most of which are ports we have done played on other systems). My point is Nintendo is satisfied being behind, and I am growing tired of it.

    1. ok, im getting sick of people talking about the 720 and ps4 as if they actually exist yet. they don’t. stop comparing things that do exist with things that don’t. it’s retarded.

      1. Finally, someone who is thinking the same thing

        We all don’t know what the PS4 and XBOX 720 specs are like, people should just face the facts that Sony and Microsoft will take a while to release their latest paper weights to the market

    2. It’s funny how people act like E3 is the only expo for games. There is still plenty of time to WiiU release and things like TGS for announcements of titles like Mario Kart U or whatever. Although I think it’s kinda unlikely to Nintendo do that, I really don’t know what are their plans to sell WiiU, the way things look now, I don’t see good sales at the begining. But is Nintendo, they survived with the “failures” 64 and GC, and did pretty well with Wii, they will think of something. And for least, am I the only one who would like 3 completly diferent consoles? Damn this era of port and HD remakes and generic Shooters, I want new ideas, new gaming.

        1. Did you see the quotation marks around the word failure? Just in case you don’t know what it means, but I’m sure you do and just misunderstood, here’s a link to wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quotation_mark look for ‘Signaling unusual usage’.

          And, to make my point clear. Let’s see the seelings for the fifth and sixth generations:
          Playstation 102 million, N64 33 million
          Playstation II 154 million, Xbox 24 million, GC 21.74 million
          Nintendo consoles didn’t sold half of what Sony did. If we look back to the fourth:
          SNES 49 million, Sega Genesis 40 million
          That’s some close competition. And that’s what I mean by failure. They were the first on the market (that was true on the third generation, the first console from nintendo) and sudenly had their ass kicked by Sony.

          I’m not talking about quality, fun or games, but of numbers of sells. In this terms 64 and GC were failures. And, like I said, they did pretty well with these consoles.

    3. Don’t be so sure that the next systems will beat Nintendo. If the rumors are true that Sony & Microsoft are trying to block used games to be played on their systems, that will be disasterous for them.

      The other question is how much will Sony & Microsoft machines go for? Sony stated that their machine will be powerful & expensive when it comes out. Sony has lost over $6 billion dollars, I’m not so sure that is the way to go. Microsoft also stated they want their machine to be powerful and they want to keep Kinect.

      The Wii is THE ONLY MACHINE Nintendo made inferior to their competitors.

      And I believe that Nintendo made the Wii U powerful enough to have UE4 on its machine. This will give all three companies to have the games on their machines.

  4. GREAT! Then port Watchdogs, Tomb Raider, CoD, MoH: Warfighter, Splintercell: BlackList, Sim City, Castlevania, Crysis 3, You know… games that HAVEN’T ALREADY BEEN OUT ON CONSOLES FOR A YEAR NOW.

    1. Crysis 3 is confirmed to never go near the Wii U because Crytek pulled support of the Wii U because they think the console looks like a “Kids toy”

        1. why would i buy a 360 or ps3 for that?

          also i have a computer, but i’d rather not use it for gaming
          if it were for the WiiU, i’d actually be able to play with my friends

            1. because I’m not buying a WiiU for one game

              also because my friends don’t all collectively have a single console, which will change when the WiiU is out

    1. You will not get Mass Effect 1 since it is a Microsoft exclusive. That’s why the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 had to add a back-story in the form of a interactive comic to fill in the blanks from ME 1.

  5. i think it would be cool to see every good game on Wii U, but honestly I wouldn’t buy them since i’ve already played every xbox 360 game that I want to play that I can’t get on Wii already, and i’m not buying that same game twice.

  6. If it is easy to port, there is no excuses for the companies to port and make money ffrom us that want to buy the games.

  7. Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Mass Effect 3 are all cool games which I am happy to see improved WiiU versions of, but from the multi-platform games released already I think that that should be enough… Maybe Deus Ex also.

    Time to focus instead on the third-party games coming soon and in the more distant future. Those games all need to be simultaneously released on the WiiU during their release windows.

    Myself and a lot of others intending on buying the WiiU, we have already played most of the multi-platform titles released over the last three or so years and I certainly would rather not be spending money over the next year or two buying them all over again, just for GamePad functionality.

    It would be a waste of a new era in gaming if we were to be playing improved last gen games compared to the best next gen games.

    1. Because the developer wants to fully use the Wii U’s capabilities if they release a game on it. They don’t want to do a simple port.

  8. My vote goes for a Final Fantasy III-2 to be on the Wii U. And a totally new Super Mario RPG, like a direct sequel to the one for SNES.

  9. Ports are a good sign of 3rd party support, port or no port, if its 3rd party and it does well than ill happy get more ports so 3rd party developers will put a little more effort on nintendo consoles

  10. I’m not against ports, but I’d hope the Wii U would get the same games on the other platforms right when the games are initially released, not a few months/years down the line or future ports of already existing games like what happened with Call of Duty 4 on Wii.

  11. If we are talking about wish fulfillment, I want to see some good strategy games make use of the tablet. Give me Civilization V with all the DLC, Supreme Commander and maybe even some good internet multiplayer version of Risk. Hell, maybe even throw in some other variations like the customizable Risk Legacy or Risk 2210. Some new games like the new SimCity would probably work well with the tablet.

    I would love to see stuff from from my favorite indie developers, Introversion including Defcon, Darwinia, and Multiwinia. There are also some older gems like Deus Ex HR, The Crysis trilogy, Mirror’s Edge, Arkham Asylum, Torchlight, or anything from Bioware or TellTale.

    I also want more games ported to Virtual Console. Give me more systems as well. I want as close to a complete library as possible available for Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, SMS, Genesis (with add-ons), Saturn, Dreamcast, as well as as many classic arcade games they can release.

    Most of this has no hope in hell of happening, but this is about what I want, not what will happen.

  12. Lol everytime theres a post showing ninty is GARBAGE you see the most replys lmfao guess their egos prove ninty is pedophile garbage. Btw get use to xbox old ported games thats all ur getting their more concern with durango

    1. ^This. I also want some good rpgs on the Wii U. Bring me a tales of game or a final fantasy (a true ff like ffx) and I’m all set.

  13. me personally would like the following to get ported so i wouldn’t have to catch up on the ps3 versions and hope it get’s added something new to the games.
    Red Faction, Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War(wishful thinking), Asura’s Wrath, Rage, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3(hopefully with exclusive nintendo characters), Street Fighter X Tekken, Dead Or Alive, Mortal Kombat, Max Payne 3,
    and Bioshock(bought both twice).

  14. Resident Evil 5 and 6! That’s all I ask for as far as “ports” go. Especially since there is already a confirmed version of Aliens Colonial Marines being made for the Wii U (which will be more like a multi-platform game). Otherwise I just want 8th gen first party titles and 8th gen third party titles (ZombiU as an example).

  15. I’ve love to see a ton of the games that have already been mentioned a few times, but if the older games were ported – games that are over 2 years old – I think it would be best for Nintendo to have them as downloadable titles from the eShop on the Wii U instead of releasing the older games in retail forms again, seems a lot easier.

    1. Don’t ask for remakes dude, we should always want new titles, unless you want to play in the past =|

      If you want remakes though, this is not the time to ask for them. I’m a Nintendo fan myself, but imagine what kind of future a new console can achieve only remaking old games. You should ask for new IPs or a new chapter for a classic franchise! Don’t get me wrong, I like remakes and HD collections too, but this is not the time. This is a new console!

  16. No. Why would I? If I wanted those games I would’ve bought the systems to play them on. I will buy Batman and MAYBE ME3. But I would rather want new games than old games that I didn’t like enough to buy a system for.

  17. I find it increasingly hilarious that the fanboys who continually trashed and thrashed the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and their games – all of a sudden want them all to be ported to a Nintendo console.

    Fanboys blindly following companies – at its best.

    (I know not everyone who wants ports to the WiiU fit into that category, still, a lot do)

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