Nintendo Says Animal Crossing 3D Is Still Alive

Despite Nintendo deciding not to show Animal Crossing: Jump Out at this years E3 event, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has assured fans that the game is still very much in development. Animal Crossing: Jump Out is scheduled to be released in Japan during the Fall, so it probably won’t come to the West until sometime next year.

Animal Crossing is a game that is in development.”

50 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Animal Crossing 3D Is Still Alive”

    1. Yep, just as I thought. It’s going to be released half a year later than it is in Japan. That’s because the English editing team is progressing very slowly on it, probably not enough are employed to get it done at the same time.

    1. Can’t wait till Animal Crossing comes out. Guys I have been patiently waiting for the WII U to come out. Please give the North America a set date so I can start putting money away to get one.

  1. If only he gave us confirmation that the game is still coming out this year………………………………….. *Sigh*

      1. Totally this. It’s the kind of game you can take about 10 minutes out of your day to play, which is impractical on a home console.

        1. I think they should just release this game on the WiiU as well. Sounds like a City Folk move, but if they are exactly the same they could have cross connectivity which I would prefer.

    1. City Folk was not better than Wild World besides the very minor improvements. I’d get a Wii U version but the 3DS version will be enough for me for now

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I love AC and want this to come out sooner. But it isn’t even listed as a TBA game on Nintendo’s website.

      1. It used to be listed as “2012” for it’s release date on the nintendo uk website, but they recently changed it to “TBA”

    2. I agree completely. Nintendo announced this at 2011’s E3 and now its coming out next year. Im a very sad fanboy

  2. They should just start another for Wii U, This took WAY To long they may be in the middle of finishing the game by the launch of Wii U. Watch as they look for Animal crossing for Wii U in about 1 ~ 2 Years.

        1. Can’t you talk like a normal person? What’s up with all those Nintendo allusions, like “Mii” instead of “me” or w.e.? I’ve noticed it a few times already. It makes you seem retarded, really.

          1. im the only one who does that around here, if U got a problem go talk to Nintendo and ask why there fans are doing this.

      1. That’s what I think. They decided to go ahead and start a Wii U AC and want to get the compatibility right, so it won’t take FOREVER for that game to come out. I’ll buy both.

      1. You do know that Nintendo is releasing their games on the eshop as well as cartridge, right? NSMB2 will be the first downloadable 3ds game.

  3. I dont see what people like about this franchise. :P
    Oh well, I know that many people are into it… and glad its coming to the 3DS.

  4. I’m said that it won’t be getting a September release in the U.S. There’s usually so much going on during those months (Oct., Nov., Dec.) in-games. Whereas when it’ll get released in the U.S., not so much. But hopefully they’ve added more events and holidays so there will be stuff to do during those months. I’d really love to see various world holidays make it in the game. Instead of taking holidays out, just add more.

  5. -___- About this time next year Nintendo will tell us that it’s been pushed back to 2014.

    Stop running mario into the ground with a new game every month and put out AC.

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