Nintendo To Cut Summer Bonus By 20% Due To ‘Weak Business Performance’

Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo is planning to cut its employee summer bonus by 20% due to unsatisfactory performance. Nintendo posted a loss of 37.3 billion yen ($469.65 million) in April. The company’s current consoles the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS aren’t doing quite as well as Nintendo originally anticipated.

92 thoughts on “Nintendo To Cut Summer Bonus By 20% Due To ‘Weak Business Performance’”

    1. this is to be expected, no company is doing well right now (I’m looking at you Sony) at least they no how to remedy the situation and not giving bonus to the bosses anyway ( ditto: Sony)

      1. Who took a 50 percent paycut when Nintendo wasn’t doing so well?
        Hmmmm…. Rethink that statement and do your research.

        1. what?! please explain; I stated what was going on in the business and this article, who said anything about a 50% paycut? the article said there would be bonus cuts. why dont you take some time and read what I wrote and do you research chief, before you call someone out anonymously.

          1. Last June after e3 Iwata took a 50% cut due to Nintendo’s shares dropping dramatically, as I recall. That;s what he was talking about.

            1. that’s the thing, I agree that there was a pay cut, I was just saying they are trying to keep nintendo viable by taking money out of their own pockets to show they believe in their own company, that’s all. I dont know what crawled up Anon’s butt to tell me to check my facts.

              1. Sounds like someone is just butthurt. If you don’t want to be corrected by some anon on the internet, then make sure what you write is to the point. You put “ditto: Sony” obviously you have no idea what ditto means. This statement, put as a closing remark in your paragraph after all you wrote about Nintendo, would mean that you’re saying Sony took a paycut to honor their company instead of Nintendo, in other words even if unintentional, someone reading this would think that you’re badmouthing Nintendo and saying Sony took necessary action to help its company, instead of Nintendo. So double check the stuff you write because sometimes it’s wrong, and as the internet is a free land where anyone can freely correct you or state their opinion, in the end if that’s not what you mean, you’re the one that looks like a loser because you’re the one that was wrong.

      1. I get the impression it’s been removed from youre body when you say that. When he’s done he will mail it back

    1. by posting that, u should expect verbal persecution by jealous commenters. Is it that worth it?

        1. zoras are in twilight princess….. ruto is in it too, as the ghost that you fallow about halfway through in kakariko village….-_-

  1. well the Wii is on its way out the door and the 3DS is topping worldwide hardware charts so maybe ninendo just set the bar a little too high. no big deal, they’ll shake it off

    1. It means that business isn’t doing too well so they’re cutting their employees bonuses by 20%. This is a common thing to do among companies.

  2. If this is true it will only be temporarily because soon they will make a profit of the 3ds and later the Wii U will lounge with an extremely strong lounge window so this is nothing to be worried about.

    1. Lol, so true. I spent the first 6 months of the 3DS life begging for nintendo to take my money, but they couldn’t barely muster the software. Where the fuck are the 3D classics anyway?!

    1. You comment just showed how little your knowledge about the companies is.
      Unlike Nintendo, Sony is producing a whole lot of other things besides video gaming systems. That means that the loss of Sony wasn’t only caused by the Playstation systems. Nor is Sony doing nothing but gaming systems. SCE is responsible for all the Playstation systems, not the whole company Sony.
      I’m asking you to think next time before posting such senseless comments, please.

      1. Troll… you’re really not so bright at all. Not only Sony is losing money due to poor sales of the PS Vita (most evidently in Japan) and a very poor game lineup. Even the selling of TV isn’t doing well. Don’t get angry at me because you have youth and I have experience.

        1. God knows there’s a sure fire way to lose $6.4 billion from just ONE product….you’re ignorant for someone who has ‘experience’. The guy is 100% right and you go and call him a troll. Not very mature for someone your age, gonna call me a troll too? Go ahead!

        2. “Even the selling of TV isn’t doing well. ”
          Source on this? Also, Sony does more than TVs and game consoles, they’re an entire goddamn entertainment company. Movies, music, the works.

    1. You’re really a fucking failure. Nintendo isn’t finished because they already have billions of dollars. Sony, meanwhile, is about to be finished!

      1. Please stop giving Nintendo fan’s a bad name, lol so dramatic and what seems like an insane passion in every comment I see of yours. Take a chill pill, get off the internet, and start living life like an eleven year-old should.

          1. It’s not his fault you talk and argue like an 11 year old, calm down. From your previous posts I assumed you were just some little kid too.

        1. First of all, I ain’t no goddamn fanboy. And two, It’s not irrelevant, it’s the truth… and I saw it on Bloomberg last month.

            1. If you don’t understand about the Stock Market, you’ll be doing “a great job of making yourself look like one.” Quit being a hypocrite and move on.

  3. Nintendo is more criticized by the Gaming world then Lebron is by Skip Bayless on First Take….Sony lost 6. Something Billion dollar and went from a 100 billion dollar company to any 18.1 billion dollar company, Yet you hear nothing much about that from Analyst and Game mag’s, But every piece of negative news about Nintendo is eyeballed and rung thru ever eye/ear with in reach of their voice or pen. 3DS is selling bad? When and where? Isnt it close to 5 or 6 million in Japan alone and over 2 r 3 million in the States? Didn’t The WII sale over 80 million unit worldwide? So shouldn’t it slow down in sales? What r Vita sale? Just over 2 million worldwide is that good? How many PS3 or Xbox360 sold…not 80 million or DS 100 something Million. The Biasnes is crazy to me and I don’t unstand it….

    1. I’m sorry, what?

      Over the past few years, everyone has been all over Sony for any little thing. From losses to security breach, game sales, etc. The media and fanboys alike troll the crap out of those stories.

      But anyway, unlike Nintendo, Sony doesn’t just make gaming related items. Sony Corporation isn’t a gaming company. Sony Computer Entertainment is. Most of Sony’s losses come from other areas in the conglomerate. So gaming media reporting on irrelevant news (although they do anyway) about Sony’s TV department, or phones, etc. wouldn’t be very meaningful to the gaming industry itself.

    1. Like I said the Biasness against Nintendo is beyound comprehension, by gaming world and Developers. If Sony or Micro had those number we wouldn’t hear the end of it and this isn’t Fanboy talk….these r Facts, yes I’m a Nintendo fan and I own both 360 and Ps3 I never have a problem hearing how bright the future is for both those company’s yet Nintendo even with sales number equliping Both Xbox/Sony is go the way of the dough dough Bird…will so one create a unbiased gaming site where u hear people talking that loves gaming and not write to flame system wars…please I would love that

      1. We try to achieve unity and no unfounded bias on our site. If there’s any type of flaming and wars started – It’s the community that usually incites it and not the staff.

        All games should be enjoyed if they’re good. No matter what company makes them.

  4. or here is a better idea make some fuckin games that you know people will play u know the 3ds has a hardcore audiance so we need so first person shooters not JRPG all day then after u do that have retro studios make a game for 3ds and for god sakes it wont kill anyone if u stop bing so fuckin quiet about whats going on behind close doors

    1. GTFO you spammer, and this is a gaming website for people fans of REAL video games not that weak black jack shit… now put this orange kool aid on your lips you orange flavoured mother fucker

  5. i don’t believe this with New super Mario Bro 2 in 2 months, i cant see this rumor being true.
    they can make up any lost money- easy.

  6. Hmm this can seem to be a good thing. If nintendo are identifying a weakness in the way things are going, then they may put more effort into producing more and better games which is good for us. Although things have been pretty cool for nintendo gaming lately, there are some things that have dissapointed me, like MK7 (Although I think its a solid game, it doesn’t seem leaps and bounds more than what MKWii offered) and no word of zelda or a new MK for WiiU…although I’m hoping they will anounce a new MK and zelda later down the line :D

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