Nintendo Land Is GameTrailers Most Disappointing Game Of E3 2012

GameTrailers has published its best of E3 2012 awards, which include a whopping twenty-six categories. Nintendo scooped a number of awards including Nintendo Land for the most disappointing game of the show, and Pikmin 3 for the best strategy game.

  • Best Nintendo 3DS Game: Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate
  • Best Wii U Game: Assassin’s Creed 3
  • Best Platformer: Rayman Legends
  • Most Disappointing Game: Nintendo Land
  • Best Music Game: TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy
  • Best Strategy Game: Pikmin 3
  • Best FPS: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

122 thoughts on “Nintendo Land Is GameTrailers Most Disappointing Game Of E3 2012”

  1. Honestly, that’s true. Nintendo Land was quite underwhelming, it shouldn’t have really gotten that much promotion in my opinion.

    1. Yeah but there were much more worse games like Just Dance. Also why AC3 as best Wii U game. It’s not even exclusive to the platform. Should’ve been something like ZombiU

        1. THANK YOU
          Yes sing is an absolutely terrible idea..I’m an avid gamer and after I saw Nintendo land in action I want.

      1. Yeah, but it was Most Disappointing, not worst. We know exactly what to expect from Just Dance and a karaoke game.

    1. No. They don’t. You’re just an ass-hurt fanboy who can’t admit that Nintendo Land was indeed a big turd.

      Were you GENUINELY excited when they ended the conference with that? Because if you were, I have some more paint chips for you to eat…

    2. No, they don’t. Nintendo Land it’s a piece of shit! And please don’t use a come back like ” Nintendo hater!!! Xbot!!!” because I am a more serious Nintendo fan than most of you.

      1. The original presentation – what counts – was what was shit. Apparently the game it’s self is actually quite fun.

        1. Yeah, maybe the game will turn out to be fun, but thanks to the bad, boring presentation I truly can’t expect something too good.

          1. Oh All Of you STFU Nobody has played the game only people who played on E3 i dont understand why people care about what some other person think hey when it comes out buy it if you hate like the reviews said fine sell it but youre never gonna know if you hate or like unless you youreself plays the game ive heard bad reviews from games on ps3 when i buy them i like them a lot because sometimes the person who did the review dont know shit about games

    1. But that’s not disappointing. We knew a game like SiNG is going to suck. However when Ninty talked about a new IP and we get Ninty Land, that’s dissapointing

      1. The first part of your comment made sense. However, if you say that SiNG wasn’t disappointing because we already new it would be, then the same could said for Nintendo Land. Have you seen it? It smells like a Wii U demo game just like Wii Sports. And we all know how fast that became boring. Sorry, I guess my point is, we shouldn’t take Nintendo Land so seriously. What disappointed was what wasn’t there in the first place.

        1. I think there were two things that made it disappointing. One was that Ninty had talked about new and interesting IPs for the WiiU and 3DS. Instead (we don’t know if this was what they were talking about but this is what was shown) we got some lame minigame collection. The second thing that made it
          disappointing really doesn’t have to do with Ninty Land, but rather how much time was spent on it. Instead of talking more in depth about games we care about, they spent 20 min talking about, again, a boring minigame collection

          1. Now that I can agree with 100%. I really do hope that Nintendo Land wasn’t their big IP. I’m certain Miyamoto said he was working with a small group of developers on multiple new IPs. Oh, and I wouldn’t call Nintendo Land boring to begin with. I know I said before that it might get boring fast (I could be wrong since obviously, none of us have played it yet), but it does look interesting from what I saw. Who knows, it might be shockingly good.

  2. So if Nintendo Land is the most disappointing, what the hello does that make Sony’s Eye Toy Magic piece of shit come to life book???

    1. Book=/= game? Techically they never called it a game. But how much time it took up a sonys press conference it should count! I’ll give it to sony though, that assassins creed crystal white vita bundle is tempting as hell! :O

  3. Well that doesnt matter because GT are baised arseholes. Admittedly, NintendoLand shouldnt have been the main focus on the conference but its far better than some of the shite that came from this year.

  4. GameTrailers are just like another IGNoranT. I totally lost huge interest in them. But they’re no worse or no better in comparison to G4, GameSpot, and Game Informer. When it comes to gaming sources, EGM, GamePro, and Nintendo Power are the best.

      1. It can be, but not as badly as you would think. Previews tend to suffer from bias, but reviews typically align with other sources.

    1. Game Informer is actually pretty good, they aren’t biased towards systems and I agree with most of the scores they give games.

  5. I’m sorry but saying AC is the best wii u game discredits them. Rayman or pikmin 3 considering they are exclusive.

    1. Yes, actually. Imagine a WiiU game pad, with no buttons, no actual contribution to gameplay other than Madden, and you have to pay for it seperatly. Sounds intising right?

        1. Ha, when you’re right, you’re right.
          I think it’ll end up have cords so you can directly link the devices (I’m sure people will love that), or else it’s Wi FI and there are 100 things that can go wrong at any point in time.

  6. A re-awarding, according to me:
    Best showcase of ideas for a system: Nintendoland
    Coolest idea in a while for a survival horror: ZombiU
    Best way to try and appease fanboys while also failing at pleasing fanboys: Pikmin 3
    Bestest Most Awesomest Use of Copycat Third Handed Technology: SmartGlass

    1. ‘Best way to try and appease fanboys while also failing at pleasing fanboys:’

      I want to see the prize for that award.

  7. they are disappointed? why? what did they expect from the game?

    for me, splinter cell was the biggest disappointment of the e3. instead of going back to the roots or giving sam atleast some motivations. they made him into this one man-cod-army. or with other words: they made splinter cell pointless.

  8. im having a hard time believing this. why? because they called blackops 2 best fps, while there were a plethora of other fps games that were bigger and better than blackops 2 could ever be.

    1. Agreed. I do sense plenty of bias here if Black Ops 2 gets best FPS award instead of the far more innovative next gen FPS/ survival horror game Zombi U.

        1. I would’ve put Halo, but you guys are acting like you’ve played Black Ops 2, you’re just hating on it because it’s CoD and everyone else hates it…

          1. no i genuinely hate that call of duty is as popular as it is. it’s just rehashed bs every year. and i have played them. im not just blindly criticizing it, i really truely feel that call of duty is single handedly ruining the gaming industry

              1. those are ok, but everything else is just such rehashed crap that every eats up, and because of that, that franchise will never change and it will continue to ruin the gaming industry.

          2. I’ve also played various call of duty games on the gamecube (finest hour and big red one), wii and xbox 360 (the modern warfare games, black ops, and world at war). I enjoyed them but they do feel like the same game rehashed every year. I’m saying that black ops 2 is bad because a lot of people hate COD. I’m simply saying that I don’t feel that it deserved to win best FPS at E3. There were more impressive FPS games shown like zombi u. Or medal of honor and halo 4 like stratisfire mentioned. Though I was honestly most impressed by zombi u.

    2. I sense you hate it just because it’s Call of Duty-related. As far as those games are concerned, this one definitely stands out among them. Give credit where it’s due.

      1. all they really changed is the setting. eveything else is essentially the same or we’ve seen it before in recent games like ghost recon. seriously have you seen a gameplay demo for blackops 2? it STILL looks painfully similar to the other entries in the call of duty franchise.

          1. no its nopt actually. first off you can actually tell which one it is just by looking at it. second, each game has a new engine, so it plays differently and has different controls. and third there are actually a lot of additions to make each one better than the last like better matchmaking, more maps, better forge mode more customisation etc, where as call of duty is littereally the SAME engine the SAME gameplay and the SAME graphics EVERY SINGLE TIME. there is not nearly as much effort put into all of the call of duty games combined as there is with one halo game.

  9. Is it just me, or is “Best FPS” a bit of an oxymoron :P
    And what’s the bet that they didn’t even try the game out, I’ve heard a lot of people who were there say that Nintendo Land is actually a pretty good game

          1. You’ll note they never actually stated anything about debuting a new IP (that we didn’t know of beforehand like Pikmin 3) during E3. That was all just talk the usual journalists cooked up to build the unnecessary hype.

  10. Once again, this website persists with typing the game as ‘The At Rhythm.’ It’s Theatrhythm, as in Theatre Rhythm. Jesus.

  11. While Assassin’s Creed 3 does look like a great game on Wii U and I plan to rent it, it was hardly the best Wii U title shown at E3. I’d say the best Wii U game shown was Zombi U.

  12. I’m going to have to disagree with their choice for best Wii U game. Even though AC3 is impressive, it isnt the best Wii U game.

  13. black ops as best FPS? pfft.. Far Cry 3 is better.. or is their definition of fps is only war games? even so, warfighter is better… get the feeling gametrailer is moderated by fanbois…

  14. why are people mad at game trailers Nintendo land was really disappointing
    Im not a troll im just saying the truth

  15. Best Nintendo 3DS Game: Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    Best Wii U Game: ZombiU
    Best Platformer: New Super Mario Bros 2
    Most Disappointing Game: Black Ops 2
    Best Music Game: TheatRhythm Final Fantasy
    Best Strategy Game: Pikmin 3
    Best FPS: Halo 4

    1. I agree with all of these except best platformer. That’d have to go to Rayman: Legends for me. I just feel that New Super Mario Bros 2 is the exact same game we got five years ago.

  16. I’d be happy if Nintendo Land were either cheap or included with the system. It looks like a nice party game to just jump into, but can’t stand as a whole game in itself. Like Wii sports. A fun tech demo to just break out and play with friends over.

  17. >No strong feelings one way or the other

    It’s not like any opinion on this site matters. All the poster are 12.

  18. Oh Gametrailers, I guess you can see into the future and you just know all the attractions and everything you can do in the hub world.
    I bet the game becomes rather popular, though admittedly I’m not certain if I’ll buy it. It depends on what other games are announced.

  19. Surprised about the music Final Fantasy title. I thought that would be poorly received, but I’m glad to see it’s getting good feedback. But honestly, I just don’t think Nintendo seems to understand what the fans expected from them. Mostly, I think we all wanted to hear more about the system itself and what sets it apart from others, and how it fits in as well. But all we got was a lot of games for a system we barely know anything about. Hell, we don’t even have a date. So pardon me for not being excited about Nintendo Land, which looks like a better done Wii Play game. But I didn’t see anything about the system at their conference, or much about the 3DS. Why not mention the 3DS XL at the press conference, instead of randomly later in the month?

    Frankly, if they can’t figure out why a majority of fans were disappointed, they really need to do some thinking, cos most of us have said flat out why we were disappointed. Pikmin wasn’t going to be satisfactory enough to make up for the lackluster show as a whole.

  20. Hopefully Nintendo Land will be packaged with the Wii U. If not, it simply won’t sell well. But I’ll still rent it and review it.

  21. cod is not the best game but its not the worst game ever (but i do hate it) its overated and taken way to sereusly

  22. I don’t get it. By disappointing, I guess it means that we were expecting a lot but turned out worse. Who thought Nintendo Land was anything more than a better version of Wii Sports? I’d say the most disappointing would be something like Dead Space 3, which finally dropped the pretense and became a complete generic shooter.

  23. instead of the conference ending with nintendo land, it should have been project 100. also best wiiu game should be an exclusive, NOT a multiplatform game. what retards.

  24. I’m gonna get this game. With the MiiUniverse intergration it’s a perfect environment for me to wander around and pull some lady Mii’s.

  25. How the hell did Black Ops 2 beat Halo 4 for best FPS? Even if you’re not a fan of either, you got to admit that Halo 4 really outdid CoD.

    1. Agreed, pretty much every 360 fan I’ve seen felt that Halo 4 was more impressive than Black Ops 2 as well. Weird.

  26. There’s not much to be disappointed with when this is just the Wii U’s Wii Sports… aside from that, people who have gone hands-on with NintendoLand have said it’s actually really fun. Don’t really get that one.

    I completely disagree with every single one of their choices aside from Pikmin 3 anyways. Castlevania the best 3DS game? Lol. AC3 best Wii U game? Lol. COD best FPS? Lol.

  27. Best FPS:Call of duty.
    Another Cod fanboys that should do real-life dutys instead of this,they will never see the army,that stupid Cod fanboysm…

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