Nintendo Loses Out At Game Critics E3 2012 Awards

Nintendo only managed to scoop one award at this years Game Critics Awards. The company managed to scoop the award for best hardware/peripheral with their forthcoming Wii U console. Sony and Naughty Dog were the biggest winners, as they managed to claim five awards. Here’s the full list of the winners.

  • Best of Show
  • The Last of Us
  • (Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)
  • Best Original Game
  • The Last of Us
  • (Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)
  • Best Console Game
  • The Last of Us
  • (Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)
  • Best Handheld/Mobile Game
  • Sound Shapes
  • (Queasy Games/SCEA for PSVita, PS3)
  • Best PC Game
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • (Firaxis Games/2K Games for PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Best Hardware/Peripheral
  • Wii U
  • (Nintendo)
  • Best Action Game
  • Halo 4
  • (343 Industries/Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360)
  • Best Action/Adventure Game
  • The Last of Us
  • (Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)
  • Best Role Playing Game
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • (Obsidian Entertainment/THQ for PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Best Fighting Game
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • (NetherRealm Studios/WBIE for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U)
  • Best Racing Game
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • (Criterion Games/EA for PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Best Sports Game
  • FIFA Soccer 13
  • (EA Canada/EA Sports for PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Best Strategy Game
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • (Firaxis Games/2K Games for PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Best Social/Casual Game
  • Dance Central 3
  • (Harmonix/Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360)
  • Best Motion Simulation Game
  • Dance Central 3
  • (Harmonix/Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360)
  • Best Online Multiplayer
  • Halo 4
  • (343 Industries/Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360)
  • Best Downloadable Game
  • Unfinished Swan
  • (Giant Sparrow/SCEA for PlayStation 3)
  • Special Commendations for Graphics
  • Star Wars 1313
  • (LucasArts for TBD Platforms)
  • Watch Dogs
  • (Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft for PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Special Commendation for Sound
  • The Last of Us
  • (Naughty Dog/SCEA for PlayStation 3)
  • Special Commendation for Innovation
  • Watch Dogs
  • (Ubisoft Montrea`l/Ubisoft for PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

177 thoughts on “Nintendo Loses Out At Game Critics E3 2012 Awards”

  1. The Last of Us is one reason I’m getting a PS3 instead of a Wii U, E3 was the deciding factor and Nintendo didn’t quite convince me.

    1. Most real gamers get more than one console. If you’re making your decision on e3 alone without waiting for all the information before the actual launch then you may lose out. Oh well, one extra Wii U for someone who really wants it.

      1. i agree with adam this stupid console wars is stupid get ps3 and wii u you’ll get all the great exclusives and the multi plats o nintendo dont really use e3 no more nintendo direct

            1. Saying you cant afford it then saying upgrading your PC is a bit contradictory :p but yeah, its up to you in the end of the end of that day, least your not posting fanboy crap.

              1. Why would that be contradictory, I said, -if- I had the money. And anyways, a better graphics card, which is what I want, would only cost about $200. It’s not like I’m spending thousands of dollars.

                1. It was a joke, clearly youve already paid forthe bulk of your PCalready,im curious in gettinga PCalongwith a WiiU fornext gen if graphics arent gona bea giant leap.

      2. You do realize they both cost money, so it’s really not logical to buy a system based on the hope that it will eventually get games. I don’t doubt that the Wii U will have good games, I just don’t see a reason to buy one at the time being. I bought a 3DS on the release day and had to wait until June to get at least one good game(OoT) and I am not spending 300 on a system that will probably sit, unused, for 4-5 months. PS3 already has a bunch of games I want to play.

        And I’m not making the decision based completely on E3, E3 was the deciding factor, meaning, I already had reasons for and against buying both systems before E3, it’s just that Nintendo didn’t show me much of a reason to buy a Wii U as PS3 had for me to buy a PS3. Once Metroid or Zelda are announced for Wii U, then I’ll want one. I have no interest in another Mario game.

        1. dude screw these guys its ur money u do what u want im sure u worked hard for it but i own a ps3 and if u just getting one for these two games then ur gana be disappointed in the end but hell do you brotha

          1. Why would he be disappointed? The PS3 is an established device with a massive and better library, with an obviously better online community. The only thing he may be bummed with is the looming PS4 by buying this instead of waiting.

            The Wii U looks like a mega-fail, none of the hype the original Wii had pre-launch. People still have no idea what Nintendo hopes to accomplish. Wouldn’t be too surprised if it ends up as this gen’s Gamecube, port machine with horrid sales and the only quality titles will be the major IPs main series entries with a glaring effort.

            1. I’m really not too concerned about PS4 seeing as I’m only now considering getting a PS3. I’d actually like to wait a little longer to see if the PS3 price goes down a bit more, but I probably won’t. And I’d imagine the PS4 is going to cost a lot, probably more than i’d want to spend on a console.

              And, I agree with you, the PS3 does have a massive library, so it’ll probably keep me busy for a while.

            2. ‘ none of the hype the original Wii had pre-launch’

              HAHAHANo. The hype is massive, it’s just that you’ve been stuck in your own Playstation World. I wouldn’t be too surprised if any console of any gen ended up as a console Vita.

        2. Word, Mario games is almost getting out of hands that I starting to NOT want Mario games anymore… I know these games are good, but I hope Nintendo don’t milk out too much Mario games.

          1. How are they getting out of hands? NSMB is admittidly getting boring now, but its wanted. But theres only 3/4 3D mario games, 64, sunshine amd galaxy 1/2.
            I dont count spin offs because theyre not really mario titles.

      3. Most real gamers spend money on a console that actually looks like it will have a thriving future and not more of the same gimmicky shovelware and past gen graphics. Okay.

        1. You mean like microsoft, oh wait. Kinect is becoming a built in feature with xbox and nextbox, im sure “real gamers” want that. Do they fuck.
          If you look at the WiiU controller and cant think of a way that itll improve a core gaming experience, then you have no imagination, or are a stuck fanboy asshole.
          Sony and Microsoff barely broke even with their consoles sales, they wont deliver these avatar graphics (which cant even be done on PC), they probably meant the avatar mii ripoff. That was a joke. But all next gen systems are gona be graphically disappointing, because the economy is bad, consumers cant afford it, and game companies cant afford it, but WiiU sure as hell wont be this gen, theyd literally have to spend more money to make the WiiU less powerful than the ps3. Its impossible.
          So shut your fucking trap, and go on a ps3/360 forum where you can talk to graphic whores and whine about Nintendo, who outsold this gen with last gen tech.

          1. [Wall of speculatory fanboy text and denialfaggotry]

            Kinect will have nothing to do with the overall experience of the Xbox, unlike Nintendo, microsoft does not abandon their core market. Your first argument is now invalid, next up:

            Wii U us a HD Nintendo DS with overclocked 360 internals. There is no imagination to be had in shoving stupid casual titles and counter-intuitive control schemes into something that just works–the standard controller of today. If you think this will have anything going for it than a gimmicky “hold your controller to the screen and get a new view” fad, then you’re a fucking idiot. Let me point to the Wii, ohwait, that didn’t change anything for gaming in the grand scheme of things.

            >both Sony/MS console’s didn’t break even in sales.

            Are you retarded? The 360 is at 67 million units sold and the PS3 is at about 65 million, with the Wii not even having a 2:1 lead with 97 million, then pretty much died 5 years after launch. What a joke.

            The 56 page manifesto and current PS4 rumors already proving your “fanboy wishlist” wrong. If you think these consoles are going to be on par with the Wii U, you’re going to be for a big fucking rude awakening. I can assure you that, you fanboy piece of crap.

            1. The 56 page document? Do you REALLY want to bring that up? Its a joke. Its barely a gaming console. These “real gamers” you speak of are fucking furious with its designs. They dont want to pay for a kinect, or “augmented reality glasses”, which already gets rid of all the community who wear glasses already. They basically want it to connect to ever other microsoft product, its basically a huge advertisement, to get people to buy the surface tablet, or window 8, even though it has NO contribution to the gaming market. The WiiU has the ability to changed casual and core gaming experiences, imagine a 3rd person shooter, use 1 analog to move, one to move the camera, and the gyro, which is very very accurate, to aim. Thats unheard of in the game industry, let alone the shooter genre. The Wii didnt change the market? Its completely changed the market!!! Youre a fucking idiot, seriously. Im not a fanboy faggot, and just the fact you use such an ignorant word makes me want to punch you in the face, i own a PS3. A PLAYSTATION 3. How can i be a fanboy faggot when i support the competion?
              “Oh but the REAL next gen specs are this and this”. The nextbox’s card, according to developers, and bulk purchases, it a radeon HD 6670. Thats not even a gaming card. “oh its 6x times more powerful”
              Thats nothing.
              Youre entire arguement is flawed, because in reality, all you give a fuck about is graphics, which DOESNT MAKE A FUCKING GAME.

              1. Lol, you’re a fucking retard. Like I said, Microsoft is not abandoning the core market no matter what kinect shit you keep bringing up to inspire some sort of an ill-researched and analyzed point.

                Wii U has nothing going for it. Absolutely fucking nothing. You’re trying to imply it does, but you haven’t elaborated on how it does. It will be nothing but DS gimmicks and stupid motion gimmicks. This does not change or revolutionize gameplay, PERIOD. Why do I want to turn the fucking controller for camera control when I can just use the damn stick instead? Stop being so idiotic and narrow-minded.

                You’re a shit stupid fanboy. All of your arguments suck and Nintendo doesn’t care about you. Play real consoles and stop being a little bitch kid copying everything he sees on sites as if he understands what the fuck it’s about. Absolutely NO CREDIBLE RUMOR in the industry mentions 6770 powering the next Xbox. NOTHING. Microsoft would be completely idiotic and Epic would fucking remove all sorts of support from them if they used such a shitty card. Use your fucking common sense and whatever gaming instincts you have left to educate yourself, because you’re a big dimwit if you believe any of that.

                Graphics never matters to Ninty fanboys, yet when they think their games have good graphics and the real gamers prove them otherwise, it’s the same old tired bitchfit and gameplay argument.

                Newsflash: Shit graphics and power is exactly why the Wii had an early death, and the worst gaming lineup in the 7th generation.

                1. PS Vita it’s a piece of shit that it’s all gimmick and no good games. Gravity Rush was an overhyped game that turned out to be mediocre. Resistance sucked ass, Uncharted was inferior when you compare it to the PS3 masterpieces and the rest are ports. Yeah, good fucking handheld.

                2. Oh I’m going to remember you over the coming years. There were many like you around in 2006 who said exactly the same thing about the Wii. And that included every analyst like Pachter on the planet, none of whom thought the Wii would go beyond 18million lifetime sales.

                  Look what happened next…

            2. Are you shitting me? That 56 page manifesto and those PS4 rumors PROVE that they’re not going to be much more powerful than the Wii-U!

    2. E3 2012 was Wii U from Launch to Launch Window not
      E3 2010 of 3DS that was 2011-2013 with games still not release but announce in 2010 I am looking at you Animal Crossing and Paper Mario. Also Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 3D, Zelda OoT 3D and Kid Icarus Uprising arriving so late.

  2. Watch Dogs and The Last of Us deserve every bit of praise they receive. Other notables for me were Beyond: Two Souls, Dead Space 3, Rayman Legends, Halo 4 and Pikmin 3. This isn’t wasn’t the greatest. I’d say Nintendo did 2nd best, Sony was 1st, and Microsoft was rightfully in last place.

    1. Watch Dogs, based on the gameplay trailer, looked like it could be really good. That mostly depends with how much interaction you’re allowed to do (when you made the car crash, was there any other way to assassinate that guy).
      Last of Us… looked okay. Its gameplay, while admittedly well designed, didn’t seem like anything we hadn’t seen before.
      Dead Space 3 really looks like its abandoning its horror roots and just going straight for action, making it comparable to the other “shooting games” we see so much today.
      Rayman Legends looked fairly disappointing, trading its fast paced gameplay which is what made it so good into a slightly slower pace with some fast paced sections.
      Beyond Two Souls really just looks like a movie. It seems to have so reason to be a game, though I suspect it’s still really early in development which is why there was no actual gameplay shown.
      Halo 4 was… more halo. Not much else to say about that.
      Pikmin 3 was pretty much what the people who were waiting for it expecting, while looking good enough to people unaware of it to seem new and refreshing on consoles.
      One game that definitely should have won was Dishonored. That looked like it took a pretty standard genre and tweaked it to feel like a brand new experience. That was a game that should have won most of the awards.

    2. Watch Dogs looks good but I’ve been nothing but underwhelmed by The Last of Us despite loving the Uncharted series.

  3. i agree with that i sold my xbox to get a ps3 for the games like last of us but im still hyped for the wii u i dont think that nintendo could counter that anyway but zelda and metroid maybe but Sony and Nintendo are the only REAL consoles xbox is garbage NO EXCLUSIVES

    1. I agree in with xbox being garbage, it such a restrictive dumbdown system. The only thing i like about the 360 are its controllers, they are very comfortable, although they dont beat the gamecube, because the GC had hybrid triggers, which, i still think were fantastic, especially in games like mario sunshine

  4. why is there so much hype on the Last of US? its not even that great. it will be a good game but nothing ground breaking. It plays the exact same as your average Third Person Shooter with 30% more cussing. Pass

    1. Not everyone likes the same things. No game in the world can cater to everyone. Useless rambling about whether a game is good or not gets tiresome. Even the “crappiest” of games will be appealing to someone. <– That does not state my opinion on the game in question btw.

      1. Problem is that the award is supposed to represent the best game of show. That brings it into debate where people have to decide if it was good. Just because it satisfies one person, does not mean it should be given that award.

    2. Kind of true. The game is pretty much Uncharted with a teen following the main character. But still, looks good at least.
      Watchdogs seemed more interesting to me.

    3. I don’t know how you can say that w/o playing it but it looks pretty damn good from what I’ve seen so far although, if it’s anything like Uncharted, I’m not getting it.

        1. It may not have been playable by all, but a select few members of the gaming media were able to have hands on time with some. I’m not sure who was on the panel for the awards, so I can not say for sure if they had hands on time though, that’s true.

          Still, being playable or not doesn’t mean that one can not judge the games depending on the category it’s in.

  5. Eh, I feel like if they lower the PS3 price to $200 i may get it but at this point I feel like it’s too late to invest in a PS3 for all the games I missed. But I’m sure that Sony will just rerelease all of the PS3 games when the PS4 comes out or it’ll be backwards compatible. But this year is all about my future WiiU!

    1. im sorry to say it wouldnt be backward compatible because they will continue selling ps3 so i would invest i did a week ago and its great all the best games are cheap

  6. guys. seriously. E3 was 3 weeks ago. let it go. nintendo didn’t have as good a conference as last year, fine. you say they lost E3, yes yes whatever. MOVE ON

    1. Conference was lack luster but i still say they won overall, they just delivered the mlst content, along side sony

        1. I never said they “won”, but they delivered the mlst content and information out of the 3.
          If anyone “won”, it was Ubisoft. Heck even EA was pretty good

        1. ‘…Sony won’
          ‘Nintendo spent to much on Nintendo Land’

          Sony spent nearly 15 minutes on that Wonderbook. Don’t claim that if Nintendo lost due to too much casual, that Sony also won by having a ton of casual.

  7. Most of these games werent even playable? Can judge a game by how it looks, oh wait, thats all the industry is these days -__-

  8. the last of us is your typical zombie w/e apocalypse story that has been used over a million times in movies games w/e so i am not psyched for it in any way shake or form.

    1. The Last of Us is less “zombie apocalypse” and more, “post apocalyptic survival.”

      The “clickers” (those infected with the fungus) are not the main focus in the game. In fact, Naughty Dog has commented saying that your encounters with them may be rare. It’s a story of survival, no matter the odds. So far all of the demos have shown humans and no infected. During the E3 demo, you can even hear some of the game characters speaking saying that they haven’t even seen the infected for weeks. So it is very possible that you will not encounter them much.

      The story, relationship, and survival of Joel and Ellie are the focus of The Last of Us.

      I absolutely hate zombie games, they do nothing for me. However, The Last of Us is considerably intriguing.

      Still, whether or not you are interested in the game is personal and based on your own likes. However, it is anything but your typical/run-of-the-mill zombie game.

  9. i saw nothing special about the last of us all i seen was some guy with an anger problem saying “I’LL KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKER RRRRRAAAAGGGGHHHHH” and then proceeding to bash some guys brains out with his fists.and his daughter helping him do it. even though the guy did deserve it. whatever interest i had it got lost at E3.

      1. like i said whatever interest i had. which was not alot. so i assumed it was his daughter. so until i see solid gameplay or a solid storyline besides a “lets kill everyone else and get mentally damaged before they kill us” story. cause thats what it looks like to me. actually it looks more like “lets kill everyone else and not feel anything before they kill us” story but you get what i mean.

        1. You’re a complete idiot. Hence the ‘post apocalyptic’ label the game has, if you hear closely…the guys Joel killed were rambling about how many tourists they’be killed in the past few weeks. It’s survival of the fittest. If it were anything like real life…you wouldn’t be able to trust anyone in an environment like that, so take them down before they take you down. You’re completely blinded by your fanboyism. Joel killed all of them because they were a threat and he didn’t want to take any chances. Hell, I wouldn’t either if it was real life.

  10. Whatever interest I had was sparked at E3. The Last of Us looks amazing. @dgdg if you want a ‘typical zombie’ look at ZombiU. I think it looks great, but it’s just another zombie shooter with a twist. The Last of Us deserves everything it’s getting. It was the best of the show.

    1. That’s what the ZombiU isn’t. I really can’t see a game that bears a huge similarity to ZombiU, which from what I’ve heard, is less about going through linear corridors where monsters pop out of closets and more general survival. The gamepad also helps to break away from typical zombie games, adding a huge tension where you constantly have to look back to make sure you’re not about to turn around and see a mouth about to close in on your face.
      Last of Us looks good, but still doesn’t seem good enough to make itself shine in its genre. Still, we haven’t seem some hands-on gameplay, so I could be wrong. I really want to see how Ellie is controlled though.

      1. Alot of peopld have been wanting that hardcore survival horror for a while, seeing a resident evil has just completely left that market, Dead Space is changing and The Last of Us looks more like an I Am Legend scenario but with more people. But its pathetic when ZombiU turns up, delivering what people want and people just instantly hate on it because its for WiiU.

  11. Nice to see the critics not having their heads up their ass. Sound Shapes is one hell of an interesting and innovative handheld title. Unlike the stagnated NSMB series.

    Also, Nintendo only has one *obvious* reward in this list, and none in software. Faith in gaming is restored. People are waking up and seeing this company has nothing better to do than make rush job casual games and lie to their longtime fans.

    1. How can game critics legitamately give awards to titles that werent playable at E3? Watch Dogs wasnt playable, and neither was The Last of Us or Halo 4. Typical of the game site these days to award a game for simply its graphics, its basically an art gallery.
      If they were playable, id understand, but just seeing scripted footage gives no insight to the game other than what it looks like.
      Go take your fanboy ass somewhere else.

      1. Do they have to be playable? No.
        Critics judged based on what is shown and presented to them, which were indeed played in real time–that’s what matters.

        The rest is a bunch of fanboy conspiracy junk about graphics, form a better argument and I might take you seriously.

        Seriously, scripted footage? SERIOUSLY? Are you this stupid enough to believe this shit? Fucking dipshit.

        1. Its got nothing to do with the graphics, its the fact they cant award a game just solely on its graphics, they didnt play it, the footage is scripted, its playing in the way they want it to be shown, its deceitful, they place the AI where they want, just so they can used it chain different things together to make it seem more impressive, but nobody got a hands on playthrough. Even you cant be that ignorant.

          There were much more deserving PLAYABLE games there like Assassins Creed 3, ZombiU, Hawken, Pikmin, God of War Ascension, all great looking games visually, but they were also playable, thats the only way youre going to get a decent judgement on the game.

          1. >it’s got nothing to do with graphics
            >clearly makes a comment insinuating it has everything to do with graphics
            >once again says the games are scripted footage without actually being able to prove it.

            Make up your mind.

            1. The proof was the fact there was no hands on gameplay videos, and every gameplay video is showing THE SAME THING.

              The point is was making about graphics is they dont matter when it comes to something like this, if theres no hands on gameplay. “Oh the gameplay in this game is amazing” “Yeah but look at that Uncharted engine we’ve already seen, lets give the award to that”.
              Unproffesional, and you’re just a graphics whore, which is hilarious considering your on about ps3, even PC takes a massive shit all over consoles graphically.

            2. gameplay- there is none
              story-there is none just some guy bashing someones face in.

              graphics-impressive as hell

              conclusion- only thing they can base it on is graphics or the bloodyness and vulgurness of the game. neither are good ways to judge a game.

              if this doesn’t convince you that their judgement was faulty then i will stop here. cause clearly you will be beyond convincing.

        2. This is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard, sorry.
          Do games have to be playable to let us know how they are?
          Freaking YES. GAMES HAVE TO BE PLAYED IN ORDER TO BE JUDGED. You don’t look at a movie script to judge if people should see it. You look at the finished product and write a little description with a rating in it.
          I can’t call Watch Dogs best of show because there were so many variables that could impact its quality. Was that the only way to make the guy get out of his car? Could I have made his phone stop working causing a ruckus in his car, which would have made the car crash? Could I have waited until he got out, made all the lights go out, and shoot him from the shadows? How much control do we have over the environment?

          1. Thank you, im glad someone agrees. Other sites that do the e3 awards thing actually excluded non playable games, and 2 of those games were The Last of Us and Watch Dogs.

          2. There is something called a “gut check”, you can very well look at games and judge them before release. I bet if you were to search for Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, you’ll see exactly what a “gut check” means and why you can indeed judge before playing. To not subject yourself to liquified shit.

            Also, “movies” is a TERRIBLE analogy. The difference is, you SEE THE DAMN THING ANYWAY.

            Nice try though, but your argument is still invalid.

            1. ????? I really don’t get what you’re saying about the movies analogy. This is a pretty clear thing when giving out awards and the like. But if that didn’t make sense, then let’s instead use a game to prove this point.

              If you’ve ever played Madworld, you’d know that it’s fun for a few hours, but then it just gets boring and repetitive. Let’s say that you saw that game as one level presented at E3, and you thought to yourself “wow, this is kind of an interesting concept, with lots if different ways to kill someone and a funny little point system making it encouraging to see what you could do. Seems like a pretty good game. You then proceed to give it the award for game of show or whatever. Then it comes out, and you see it was clearly not worthy of the award.

              Just remember, if you’re giving out an award to a game, you should make sure that not only does it look good, it also seems safe to give it that award. Now, if certain people actually did get to try the Last of Us and said it was good, fine. But until we get the feeling that this game will actually be awesome even in its finished form, there’s not much point in giving an award.

              You don’t give the game of show award to a concept a developer is pitching for the same reason.

        1. yes i agree. you don’t have to play it to give an impression. but you sure as hell have to see it. unless someone says “hey i’ve seen the gameplay, its kickass”. me “alright sounds like a good game i’m suddenly interested now.” thats all there is to it.

        1. Oh come on, you mean to tell me they didnt do a rehersal of the gameplay footage shown on stage, so they can show as much diversity as possible, the lay the AI’s in a way they can chain together actions, making it look better, but instead just got some random guy on stage to play the game? Every company does it. They even mention it sometimes (although only when things go a little wrong)

  12. @dgdg well mario is ur typical side scroller where u jump and break blocks in customs thats been overkill & done by ninty & other companys. Mario reused story and fight small bowser thanbig bowser…all ninty games r reptitive

  13. @ryugamine If violence isn’t your thing, it just isn’t. Everyone can’t be pleased, and you obviously aren’t. That said, I believe it looks great because of the whole survivor aspect, surviving, gathering things from the environment to make equipment, the action, gameplay, graphics – it all looks great to me. I never said it was original, but it damn sure looks better than a lot of post-apocalyptic survival games.

  14. @aeolus they lied about wii being next gen,lied about not doing dlc.lied about no hidden cost..then u get pay n play smh,lied about earthbound at e3 2006,lied about the wii u specs and hd and now lied about their stance on used games now joining in

    1. Okay, youre an idiot, first of all, it is next gen. If the big leak from the ubisoft staff, which got EVERYTHING else right, is correct, the WiiU uses a Radeon HD 6770 GPU, a VERY capable card, as well as Power microproccessors, and Direct X-11. Thats next gen.

      Nintendo made little comment on dlc, but did say, “they plan as always to release COMPLETE video game titles” but didnt say DLC wasnt a possiblity.

      I’ve heard nothing of hidden costs so thats stupid.

      Pay and play, i havent even heard that rumour, Earthbound legally wont happen, and again, that was back in 2006. Playstation said they have support for 2 hdmi output for the ps3, did it? No.

      And again, WiiU is a HD system, and in terms of used games, Nintendo are the ONLY company NOT getting rid of the possiblity of playing used games.

      Go educate yourself, you moron.

      1. That Ubisoft leak was NOT correct. It was a complete fabrication.

        The system runs off of an IBM triple core processor clocked @3.2GHZ, just like the original 360 and even has similar architecture. The GPU also happens to be based on the R700 series of cards (HD4xxx, possibly HD4850 based on the dev kit specs) with a tesselation unit (just because it supports tesselation, does not mean it’s good at rendering it). The system has no HDD, no ethernet, 1.5GB of RAM (500mb in use for the OS).

        That is not “next gen”–that is fucking 2008 worthy, dumbass.

        Even if it was HD6770, that card is an UTTER JOKE and not even a viable option in budget gaming PCs.

        Want to know what the hidden costs are?

        No HDD, you have to buy one adding to the cost of the system, or have fun running out of space when the 8GB of flash memory is all used up from saves, DLCs, digital titles, etc. Absolutely embarrassing.

        No ethernet, buy one of those silly Wii ones they offered in the past for what…$10-20? Hell no.

        Wii U Pro Controller for a normal, HarDcore™ controller option is sold separately. God knows what else.

        Also, every other company has debunked a means to stop used games, so that “advantage” is lost. Go educate yourself, you Ninty defence force robot.

        1. Nintendo released the official WiiU specs, which while unclear, are nothing like you said. Even if it was any of those graphics cards its still alot better than the 360/ps3, and i think if crytek says the wiiu’s minimum is as powerful as a 360, and that people “really shouldnt be concerned about its graphically abilities”, and that they could get their engine running on 1080p and 60fps, pretty much proves its not just a 360/ps3.
          The WiIU has no HDD because you can use which ever fucking one you like, or an SD. Seriously, i could buy a 1TB hard drive for £70. How much does an official xbox hdd cost with just 120gb.

          The ethernet cable, is either packaged with the wiiu, or like you said, just $5, thats nothing. And it still has wireless anyway.

          Its not hidden cost, its saving us money. They didnt put a DVD player in. Good, who doesnt have a fucking DVD player, we dont need it. Yet fanboys use that as a legitimate arguement.
          The pro controller? Who cares, the consoles comes with a controller, quote, “very light, very comfortable controller”. If people want it then fine, but the gamepad will be used anyway.

          Digital titles are an option, not a mandatory service. And the xbox and ps3 both have digital service, so your point is stupid.

          1. “Nintendo released the official WiiU specs, which while unclear, are nothing like you said”

            Allow me to make a complete fool out of you:

            CPU: IBM Power-based multi-core processor (How the fuck is this NOTHING like what I said???)

            GPU: Custom AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU (Again, HOW THE FUCK is this nothing like what I said???)

            “The Wii U CPU is designed by IBM. It is described by IBM as an “all-new, Power-based microprocessor”, the processor is a multi-core design manufactured at 45 nm with an eDRAM cache. Although neither Nintendo nor IBM has revealed detailed specifications, such as the number of cores, clock rate, or cache sizes, references to the chip containing “a lot” of eDRAM and “the same processor technology found in Watson”.

            8 GB Internal flash memory, expandable via SD memory cards and USB hard disk drives
            Slot-loading optical disc drive compatible with 12 cm “proprietary high-density optical discs” (25GB per layer) and 12 cm Wii optical discs”

            Besides discs, I pretty much said this shit involving memory.

            Everything else is completely relevant to what matters–GPU, CPU, RAM.

            You did NOTHING to debunk any of what I said. You’ve made complete damage controlling posts which only served to prove me correct. Forcing the consumer to buy a HDD is a HIDDEN COST, YOU FUCKING MORON. The ethernet adapter is NOT INCLUDED, else such a thing would have been mentioned or made clear.

            “We don’t need it”? Go speak for yourself you little shit, not the consumers. You’re the stereotype of a fanboy–always justifying Nintendo’s cheap tactics when they lack it, but when they include it, it’s the best fucking shit since sliced bread. You’re a total joke and your cover has been blown.

            Digital is the future. That’s why the options pop up more and more and the sales of digital titles will further prove this with iOS app store and even Android marketplace.

            Have fun with your overclocked 360 with nothing but ports and HD DS shovelware. Because that’s what this system looks like, and will undoubtedly turn out to be.

            1. Your paragraph is just full of shite and arguing with you is pointless because youll pull out some bullshit rumour which apparently when i mention one is debunked by default. Youre bashing a system that isnt even out yet, there isnt even price and release date. Nintendo dont care about competing with MS and Sony, they just make games, they dont personally make shovelware titles, which, the 360/ps3 is full of by the way, its just ignored. The Wii was flawed, i know, but its inproving on everything.
              “Nintendo have abandoned your core market”
              No they havent, anyone with a brain would know the games just arent ready yet. We know titles are gona come, and that theyll be great, because its Nintendo, they always make AAA first party titles. As for 3rd party, the Wii lost that because of its graphical limits. But look at how much support there is now. The only company i can think of not on board is Take Two, but i dont want GTA anyway.
              Go be a graphics whore on another site, seriously, clearly youre games arent as good as you say they are seeing as you spend all your time on here being a fucking prick.

              1. the irony is that if the wiiu was going to be such a shitty console, no one would feel the need to go on websites they don’t care about to bash it

                sorta like how it was just xbox360 vs ps3 for a few years because everyone knows the wii console itself isn’t great

                just goes to show you the wiiu, as a console. isn’t going to need first party games to make it a contender

              2. lolk.

                Keep telling yourself that, it’s going to be more of the same Wii horseshit releases with massive gaps between first party titles and a loads of current gen ports.

                Everyone else onboard has implied ports or half-assery as well, Ubisoft, EA, all of them.

                1. @aelous, I happen to love my wii and I have more games for it than my xbox and ps3, from casual game to great game like mario, zelda and ect, I play all consoles not for what they can do but for what games or type of games they have and clearly Wii has the most diverse games that caters to all my needs, advantures, actions, hardcores, family games and so on. So you bashing on the Wii shows how small you know about being a real gamer…

          1. Nintendo does not attend TGS nor do they ever disclose “final specs”. Because they know there is nothing to discuss about them. Everything they listed on site is relevant to the retail unit. GPU/CPU will have to be torn down from the actual device from third parties, or detailed by them. Have fun waiting for that, just to see how I’m woefully correct about all of it. :P

        2. The Wii-U is rumored to use an Radeon HD 4890, the 720 is rumored to use an Radeon HD 6670, and the PS4 is rumored to use an Radeon HD 7670. Please, explain how the Wii-U is going to get destroyed by the 720/PS4.

  15. Why is the last of us keeping that horrible Uncharted gameplay?? I guarantee it will be 95% wall climbing, and walking, then some target shooting, but the Uncharted story made up for that somewhat. I just hope The last of us has a good story because Uncharted gameplay, not the story was just horrible.

    1. Even though i like Uncharted although 3 was a bit disappointing, it does look EXACTLY like Uncharted, not even slighty different…just seem a little lazy, and i love Naughty Dog.

        1. I do like how the AI acts in the game, like they shit their pants by the fact you have a gun, but i can see them making the game very linear because of this, otherwise you could put yourself into bullshit situation where you have no weapon and just get shot for going the wrong way

          1. It’s “open linear” a hybrid of sorts. Depending on the actions you choose and the routes you take, the game and NPCs will react to those situations.

      1. Not exactly, but its basically the same engine, just updated, and modified. The character models look the same, and overall background look the same

    1. ikr? Nintendo has to stop making lame things for 3 year olds, like Nintendo Land, and start realizing that what gamers really want.

      1. NintendoLand is quote from Reggie, “what the wii sports was to the Wii”
        Its not a serious launch title, its an introduction for gamers and developers.

  16. @aeolus Thank you! I have a word limit on my mobile and didnt feel like educating Mr. DragonRage. Smh fanboys cant admit truths lol listen I can admit that while not impressive Wii u should have won E3 but I guess usher to casuals is more entertaining

  17. @Mr. ScribbleDoodle thats not the point. The point is mario is half ass copypaste with mods added lol like turn things gold..not warrent for a full retail price. Mario needs a overhual with more empasis on story since they already nailed platforming

    1. Mario doesnt need a story? Its never needed a big epic tale, princess kidnapped, mario save. Thats all it needs, i just care about the gameplay because im not a boring gamer, sho think graphics are everything, or that every game need A* voice acting, a story, and guns to be good.
      Sure, some games benifit from that like Uncharted and Heavy Rain and so on, but theyre not necessary, if they were the gaming industry would carry on being a boring 2 genre based industry like its becoming now.

    2. And now let’s talk about sequels.
      A game sequel will always be different, but depending on the genre, what is different will be… different. Let’s use two hypothetical game sequels.
      A fighting game comes out and it’s pretty good. It has good mechanics, a good supply of characters, nice stages and a traditional tournament fighter plot (evil guy, win tournament to stop him). Then a sequel comes out.
      In this sequel, a new evil rises and the characters have to fight in a new tournament. Sounds like a good sequel right? New story? Wrong. This is a bad sequel. The core aspects have not been tweaked or improved on. The same characters, the same stages, the same mechanics and combos. All of the things that define a fighting game are still the same, making it a pointless sequel.
      Now, let’s go over to the platforming genre. Let’s use 2D Mario games as the first game, and a sequel is being designed. A good sequel will have the important elements updated and tweaked. So let’s see what those would be. The important elements of getting to the end of the level are: obstacles, level design and how you get across. This means what a new Mario sequel would need to be seen as a good sequel is: new levels/ power-ups/enemies/blocks.
      As you can see, a new sequel does not need a new story, because that’s not what the core aspect of the game is.

  18. I don’t buy it(seems like some one buy their awards), maybe if watchdogs had won best game, and original game, I would buy this list, Come on when i saw the last of us, i thought it was drake(I really like uncharted) in the future after some treasure hunting went seriously wrong after all his adventures usually end with and apocalypse scenario averted. In fact that to me would have been bad ass usually in game story doesn’t deviate much from their originals and this would change the story a lot.

    1. you do realized that ‘the last of us’ runs through the uncharted timeline right? the similarities are there because the fungi epidemic started off during the 3rd Uncharted. Hell ellie might be drakes kid, or even joel.

      I honestly can’t wait for this game.

      1. That sounds like a load of crap, they are even similar in their writing, Uncharted is a very Indiana Jones adventure with comedy, The Last of Us is very gritty and focuses on 2 characters.
        Its just the same engine.

        1. That doesn’t changed the fact that their in the same timeline, the easter egg IS in the last Uncharted. Plus its just a game Look at Majoras Mask, its much darker than Ocarina of time but its a direct sequel. or is that a load of crap aswell?

  19. Honestly, I can say I myself am a Nintenderp and a huge fanboy, but I agree with this list, Hopefully this will give Nintendo the push to revamp alot of the most beloved games (I dont know about you guys but a pokemon game on wii u would be nice, like Pokemon Conquest).

      1. I’m not talking looks. I’m talking concept. It’s never been done before. Not that kind of game, and not that level. As far as graphics though, it’s definitely up there with the best. That’s just icing on the cake, though.

      2. Besides, if you’re not impressed with Watch Dogs, you must be even less impressed with Last of Us, then. Cause it looks nowhere as good graphically by comparison, and it’s a post-apocalyptic survival game (I.e. not exactly that creative or groundbreaking).

    1. Theyre awards for E3….dont mean much to be honest, every site/critic is leaning towards 1 or 2 specific titles rather than 5-6

  20. Guys, enough with E3 and who won, I think we all have decided Nintendo won… LOL Just Joking. But seriously, What Nintendo showed was awesome, it’s just how they showed it. If they wouldn’t have focused on Armored Edition for ten minutes, they could have showed us 3DSXL and and Smash Bros. information like they wanted to, but they “didn’t have enough time”. Nintendo showed more games I wanted to play than anybody else. And to defend Nintendo, a whole bunch of confetti was supposed to fall during the fireworks at the end but I guess there was a problem and I kinda wanted to see that (I don’t really care if you did). Thats just my opinion.
    (Nice replies means good karma for you… remember that!)

    1. I agree, their conference was poor, but overall from pre-E3 video with Iwata to the last day, Nintendo showed a massive variety of content, with lots of developers, theres about 10 launch titles im buying, and only one of those is casual, NintendoLand, although i hopes its packaged or has a “with a wiimotion plus” deal.

      I think the conference was poor because they just werent ready, its just bad luck. Retro pulled from showing their game at E3, which wouldve taken up a good amount of time.

  21. It seems many people are hyped for The Last of Us by its trailer. However, I’m not. Cinematic quality in games doesn’t interested me so much as i care more about gameplay first, then music and story .Just like Uncharted games have excellent graphical scenes and effects and good story but the overall gameplay is not so impressive. They are ok but not as great as a lot of people claim. I sold all the 4 games (including Uncharted Golden Abyss for Vita) after finishing them.
    That said. I won’t fully judge The Last of Us until i actually play it.

  22. @Rich a Real gamer doesnt defend a company that constantly lies…thats unprofessional. A true gamer plays games not shovelware. That being said wii had great 1st party games but the irony is that gamers play varety of games…fanboys on the other hand…

  23. @Dragon Actually a mario Driven story would be great sorta Like mario rpg fused with galaxy+mario 3 content/gameplay..while not innovating it would be invigorating. Heck a nintendo styke kingdom heart wouldve been better than nintendo land -_-

    1. While theres Paper Mario for that, in particular, Super Paper Mario has a incredibley well written emotional dialouge

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