Reasons Why Earthbound Hasn’t Come To The Virtual Console

Earthbound Central has apparently received word from a Nintendo of America employee that Earthbound hasn’t appeared on the Virtual Console for a number of reasons. Nintendo of America basically wanted to make some changes to the game, but Nintendo Japan is reluctant to implement those changes. Here’s what apparently needs to be changed before the game can appear on the Virtual Console:

  1. The Sky Runner song needs to be changed
  2. The Chuck Berry battle song needs to be changed
  3. The Dali’s Clock enemy name needs to be changed

94 thoughts on “Reasons Why Earthbound Hasn’t Come To The Virtual Console”

    1. here’s an answer for everyone, Just emulate the game already. Its never gonna come here. Just accept it, if you dont want to emulate it, cool. Just move on and forget about Earthbound

      1. Naw, the fuck up, there’s Ness and Lucas in Smash Bros, ain’t no one forgetting who they are. Dem KIDS from EARTHBOUND.

    1. The Sky Runner theme sounds very close to the song “Wont Be Fooled Again” by the Who.
      The Chuck Berry song in question is “Johnny B. Goode”. A few battles in Earthbound use a song very similar to “Johnny B. Goode”, such as with the New Age Retro Hippie.

      1. The thing is though the song Johnny B. Goode is used in every Animal Crossing game, so Nintendo shouldn’t have an issue with that one

        1. Rockin K.K. is the song you are talking about right? Haven’t played Animal Crossing in a while, sorry. But I do know that the song sounds really close to “Johnny B Goode”. For all I know they rights holders for “Johnny B. Goode” could love the Animal Crossing series, but they despise the Earthbound series for whatever reason. Of course it is just pure speculation and it may not be 100% accurate (which it probably isn’t. lol).

    2. their basically kinda knockoff songs, they sound too similar to the original so there will be copyright issues here in america

  1. yes, its all the licensing stuff that japan can get away with but cant do in america, its shocking how they got earthbound here to begin with

        1. But changing them would ruin the experience. What makes you think Star Wars fans have gone to berserk mode on the special editions?

          1. If it was a choice of those special editions or nothing and no way to play it, then I’d go for the special editions

  2. NOT THE CHUCK BERRY SONG D: That was always my favourite battle theme from earthbound. :c

    Then again, I suppose if earthbound is ever to be released again state-side, we’re going to have to lose some things. Damn copyright laws

    1. But Earthbound deserves the VERY best =(
      I’d rather have it on Wii U, with the characters in 3D like in Super Smash Melee/Brawl.

    2. yeah i like to see that but whats the chance the west will like it while the west fps is really popular here, earthbound is not popular in the west keep in mind.

  3. I knew they were having liscencing issues with this game. Hopefully they’ll get past it and bring the game to us. Leave luck to heaven.

          1. I’m definitely a fan. I’m just not big on idolizing things. I love Nintendo with all my heart. They’re the reason I got into and still love gaming.

            I love your site, Sickr. Keep up the good work. And please implement a system to deal with the troll situation.

          2. Sickr my Fire fox is still running very slow since yesterday.
            Have you contacted the host? Its since yesterday. Could you ask them if they had some kind of update…
            I still of course visit the site as often as I used to and still love it the same amount (really I told you before but i just love thins site) but its annoying and it would be awesome if you could try to find the problem.

  4. if they’re going to have to change the sky runner theme and the new age retro hippie music then earthbound can stay off the virtual console

      1. I havent played Earthbound, so changin it wouldnt make a difference to me but i do want to, everyone seems to love it, and was interested why it never came out on VC, but this is stupidest reason ever

  5. Nintendo should reboot Earthbound and release it worldwide on the 3DS or next gen handheld.
    I never played the games either but it looks like it’s fun.

  6. Much more than two songs actually. Practically every song from the game is a “rip-off” of some sort. Even the beginning weird sounds (when getting to Buzz-Buzz) are ripped from 2012 from Rush.

  7. Really? Only 2 songs are under infringement. MANY songs in EarthBound are very similar to other songs. There’s about a billion Beatles-influenced sogns in there.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for another petition! What about “Operation Pessure”, because PSI is also the measurement of pressure as well as the MP in the Mother games?

  9. This is redicolus.Its not coming because it needs song and names changes?Ahhh nintendo u’re dissapointing me now last :(

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  10. And yet they STILL have Ness and Lucas in Smash Bros, where more kids will be confused to know end with why these characters are there and why they aren’t in any games of their time.

    1. the original smash bros came out about 4 years after earthbound and brawl came out about 2 years after mother 3. ness and lucas were present in games of kids’ times when they were included in super smash bros. it’s just that earthbound didn’t do well in the west during its time and mother 3 didn’t leave japan. but it’s not like the localization people would just take out characters that western gamers wouldn’t recognize. that’s how a series winds up with more fans, like with fire emblem.

  11. This is 1of nintys ips I actually like. Ill hold my toungue but I have 1 question for ya hardcore nintyfanboys..Why does Japan hold out Great games from usa when we now have digital distribution, why do they refuse to please american gamers?

    1. Because of the incredibly biased gamers. Just like they saw the headline ”Reggie thinks gamers are ”insatiable”, they went apeshit. Remember the rape scene fiasco of Tomb Raider, yup, American gamers still can’t handle sex (or even rape) in their videogames, but they are still watching those on Tv shows, movies, etc.

      1. The day we as a species “handle rape” in any way is the day we’re all in trouble.

        Fictional or not. It’s a big deal for a reason. If everyone was “meh” about it, I’d be worried. It shouldn’t necessarily worry anyone, but it should definitely invoke strong reactions. Which it did. What’s the problem?

        1. Its not real, its like saying The Girl with the dragon tattoo shouldnt be released because she gets sexually abused. It not their for perverts, its there to envoke an emotion and responce, and to shock, it add to the story and the creation and sympathy of a character. Its a realistic situation that she’d probably find herself in. People that complained need to get over themselves

        2. You are talking about a video game. Censoring art to protect weak minds like yours is not acceptable. In reality, of course it is abhorrent and vile. But you are talking about a video game. Political correctness has gone so far as to be every bit as detrimental to our culture as, say, a rapist. There is absolutely ZERO need for a “strong reaction” or even any concern at all. Writing or drawing a scene depicting a violent or sexual act is a protected freedom, and a creative expression that is apparently lost one you. They are works of fiction. Claiming that such things are some sort of issue, or problem, and suggesting that there should be some kind of outcry is a blatant denial of human nature, not to mention an immoral act. “It’s a big deal for a reason.” Yeah, morons like you think that they should be able to control what other people see, hear, and create, so they turn absolutely nothing into a “big deal”. “What’s the problem?” You are the problem, feeb.

    1. It’s not that it would be hard to do so. They probably could easily do it. But Nintendo of Japan is just being retarded not allowing NOA to make these simple changes. NOJ probably is thinking “Oh noes!!! We can’t let them make simple changes that won’t affect the game’s experience at all!”

  12. @Miks thing is its japan that cockblocks reggie. Japan devs not just ninty still have major communication issues with american gamers i mean really if they expect to survive they need to start listing to ppl outside of japan instead of just famitsu

  13. @idp Entertainment invokes rape & all aspects of life as tools for storytelling. If done properly not in poor taste they can be used as a way to for society view issues that r other wise ignored or shun. Heck media was a major influnce in why continue

  14. Continue we have more freedom. Just ask atheist thnx to media outlets/etc. More ppl are now open to the other side of the spectrum. Theres even rape,murder,sex &such displayed in coultural musems which dont seem to mind the adult and feminist lol

  15. Man, that is such lame reasoning. I always assumed it was way more music than that that would need to be changed. People that are saying if they change those two songs, then it can stay off of VC are being ignorant. They could make close approximations of the two songs and everything would be just peachy. To say that would totally compromise the gameplay is stupid. Who cares? I love EarthBound as much as the next guy and I would welcome the changes if it meant EB would reach a wider audience.

  16. The references to OUR world made it so much more interesting for this young gamer. Still remember how excited I was when I got my own earthbound, no more renting it at blockbuster, hoping no one deleted my save. I want Mother 3 released, ebcentral and Tomato already translated and offered the it to NoA for free. This is like GNR’s chinese democracy or duke nukem forever, hyped for ever, huge watered down shitty disappointment when it happens

  17. The song reason are minor. Changing the name of the Dali’s Clock is fine, maybe to “Weird Clock”, or something more creative. As for the songs…I’m going to say there’ll be a Star Wars rerelease-esque outrage. Even though those 2 songs were very unimportant. One from NARHs and Franky, who are found at Twonson and at Onett once. And the other about twice.

  18. I’m sorry for those people wanting a Sequal to Mother 3 (the sequal to EarthBound and the game Lucas for SSBB was from) But the creator of the series Shigesato Itoi (thats 99% not how u spell his name) has stated multiple times that Mother 3 ends the series and other Nintendo employes say they have no plans to translate Mother 3 and release it outside of Japan. Being a die hard Mother fan this bums me out but that dosnt exclude the fact that they wont reboot it. Ive finished every game in the series and i own them all for the GBA (Mother 1 and 2, 2 being Earthbound, were realesed for the GBA to promote MOTHER 3) and i would definetly buy them again but it might not happen go play Earthboumd and Mother 3 on your computer (Mother 1 is wayyy to hard cuz its orignialy 4 the NES. In which MOST those games are hard)

  19. Licensing issues are so annoying. I wish people would be more excited for their music to be used rather than “I’ll sue you if you use my song”. I’d feel honored to have my song, or something similar, used in a game. As long as my name was mentioned in the credits, I wouldn’t care so much.

    It’d be nice if they’d bring it here though, it’d let people like me know where the hell Ness came from! I never could figure out who he was until about seven years ago when I discovered emulators.

  20. The last time goddamn Americans decided to change something on a Nintendo game, we ended up with crappy tunes for the GBA releases of Donkey Country 2 and 3. Seriously, what the fuck. Reggie, your people are getting out of control. Do something about it.

  21. THAT’S IT?!?! Three freaking things? I mean, I figured it was more like 20 or 30 as I read what had copyright issues in the past and even then I said to myself “I mean, it’s a good amount but nothing too ridiculous” but now just three? I can’t believe they would withhold this game just because they don’t want to change two songs (the the sky runner one isn’t even a major song) and a name for one enemy you only see for a short time -_-

  22. The copyright issue definitely is a valid point that explains why Earthbound hasn’t made it to VC in the U.S., but what I want to know is, can a new installment be produced?

    1. Copyright is why it’s not on the VC in Japan either. Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the Mother series, said that he’s not making a Mother 4.

  23. Earthbound is only a game the MINORITY want…. not enough fans… not enough money to be made. Move along and enjoy MODERN GAMES. get an emulator if you are so butthurt about this game that isnt even that good (i emulated it, beat it and thought what a crap game)

    whiney nintendo babies

    1. You are such a dumbass… Have seen the cult following on this game? It’s nuts. It easily has the biggest cult following of fans ever. There’s an ungodly amount of fansites dedicated to the MOTHER trilogy. If you don’t like the game, fine. But you don’t have to be an asshole about it.
      By the way, you spelled whiny wrong.

  24. The Skyrunner Theme brings up another complication: Even if a settlement is made with The Who concerning “Baba O’Riley,” there’s still the song that inspired its intro: “A Rainbow In Curved Air” by Terry Riley* (Bet that last name should sound familiar right now). That makes 2 hurdles for Nintendo to go over in regards to that song.

    This article also doesn’t bring up the fact that Dungeon Man’s theme samples the “Sgt. Pepper Reprise.” You may also recall a character somewhat resembling Mr. T. I doubt that particular character would cause any problems, but it could may be considered unauthorized use of his likeness.


  25. Get over it, Nintendo. Everything’s a remix. No one cares, especially the Pete Townshend and the members of The Who. Who’s to say they weren’t “inspired” by the music? They didn’t sample the music, and they didn’t copy it note-for-note… Long story short: Nintendo’s too chickenshit.

    1. So Kenji Yamomoto’s ripoffs off songs are remixes? Good luck explaining that. If you don’t know him, Google him.

  26. Definitely weak reasons. For God’s sake, the music part of it alone could be covered under parody laws, because the whole damn thing is a parody! Nintendo, you’re safe on some level! Just release the damn game already! You’re pissing off a VERY devoted fanbase here!

    Hell, I didn’t even like Reggie’s excuse for not releasing “Mother 3″ here in the States, which was essentially the fact that the GBA was a “Dying system” and that they “wanted to focus on the current handheld”. Bullshit! That didn’t stop Square-Enix from releasing their GBA remake of “Final Fantasy VI” in early Feb of 2007. Granted, they probably released it to finish up their line of “Final Fantasy” remakes for the GBA, but still! YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!

  27. Could do what I did and kept your SNES with your copy of Earthbound ^.^ don’t need VC I play earthbound all day the right way

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