Wii Currently Out Of Stock At Multiple Retail Outlets

A large number of high-profile retailers are reporting that the Wii is currently out of stock. Stores such as GameStop and Target are listing the console as backordered. A few retailers including Target and Best Buy have just started to receive stock again. Nintendo may be cutting down production of the console as it prepares to release Wii U, or it could be planning to release its holiday bundle soon.

114 thoughts on “Wii Currently Out Of Stock At Multiple Retail Outlets”

  1. Thats kind of a good thing. I know im getting the wii u on 1 day preorder on amazon or midnight release. I also plan to get nsmb2, dark moon, sticker star, ac3, nsmbu, rayman legends and pikmin 3! Cant wait!

    1. rayman legends is not a launch day title but is a launch window because ubisoft wanted more time to make it unique

        1. Most people are fooled in thinking Xbox Live is worth paying and that 40% of microsofts “xbox sales” are multiple console to one person due to do shitty hardware failure.

          I hope you enjoy windows 8, you can only use microsoft licensed tech only, so no Steam, and its being used for nextbox.

          1. windows 8 is fantastic and its next gen os and nintendo should put HD on their weak console so it would be a next gen console.Now wii and dreamcast 2 are just previous gen consoles

              1. that guy honestly doesnt have a clue what hes saying
                he’ll probably want windows 8 because its in hd and hes a microsoft dick rider

            1. LOL Its like arguing with a smarter version of Cheif from Arby n’ the Cheif. Now if only he would say “Hail MS” XD


          2. Oh dear, it seems the stupidity has started again. Before this mini-rant, can I just point out I hate Windows 8, I despise Metro. But I despise ignorant fools even more.
            Windows 8 will run any program that was compatible with Windows 7 when in desktop. There is also an alternative interface, based around the start screen which is designed to be seamless with a series of apps, similar to those seen on the iPad and Android tablets. The store from which these apps can be downloaded is closed, as with many app stores but will be open to 3rd party developers. So still no mention of Microsoft only licensed tech then? The apps will work in sync with existing desktop apps made for previous versions of Windows apart from Windows RT, a separate OS, designed to run on ARM devices, which will only run the apps due to incompatiability with the hardware, the existing software just won’t, and never has, worked with ARM processors.
            Oh, and has Microsoft said the Nextbox will be running Windows 8? Has anyone apart from your even rumoured that? While I expect it will be based on the same kernel, the Wii U couldn’t handle a full OS like Windows 8, not only because of the ARM processors, and I don’t expect the Nextbox to beat it in the specs department, there’s no way any games console, present or near future could run it.
            Okay, rant over. While your other opinions could be valued, that last couple of lines could only be described as total balls. Check your facts next time.

  2. YES !! they need that piece of fucking shit off the shelves too make room for GOOD GAMES , not some wii casual shovelware shit !!!

    1. you know microsoft and sony are becoming more and more casual by the second (mostly microsoft) . i mean ps move… eye toy…. kinect…. rumoured kinect 2…. M$ spent there whole fucking e3 on kinect(a couple of good games)… usher!!! really

      1. I hope you were joking just now. Sony and Microsoft becoming casual? Even if this was true, they would never be able to be nearly as casual as Nintendo. I mean, do you know any other systems than Nintendo’s which have so many games for children, may it be babysitting games, dress-up games, pony farm games, sparkly-cutie-pretty-fairy-princess games and all the other things? Well, I don’t.
        You’re blaming Microsoft for having Usher but you don’t mind Nintendo for having that 1Direction bs and other “so-awesome” “celebrities”… But yes, it’s true that it was pretty retarded from Microsoft to bring in Usher to their E3-conference. Really retarded.

        1. As much as I hate 1D, it’s pretty good that Nintendo snatched them up for adverts when they did, since then they’ve been absolutely huge. Plus, Nintendo sell more products to children than the other two, and loads of children love 1D, so they might suck, but good news on Nintendo’s part.

        2. yeah i was dissapointed with the usher thing… but im not blaming them because they decided to show games at ushers concert… nintendo is not perfect…. and i will be of the first to call them out on there bull shit… but if you cleary cant see they all have more casual shit than we are proud to say…. to name a few as before ps move, ps eye toy, kinect,smart glass,wii remote, wii balance board,… ex: who spends 20 min on stage at e3 talking about kinect and smart glass,oh yeah and usher… and i dont think any one forgot wonder book… believe it or not i like all consoles for variety… and get many enjoyments from them… but if i have to spend the next ten years with 2 AAA titles and dance and exercise games im gonna snap

      2. Philomatic is correct!…..”Ness” why do you think Microsoft is copying Nintendo’s innovated motion control idea??? BECAUSE ITS WORKING!!

  3. It may be on it’s way out, but if retailers are reporting pre-orders like this, this is actually showing something about the Wii console.
    Nintendo should be getting back on track now, the 3DS is no longer being sold at a loss, and the 3DS XL has just started appearing on shelves today in the UK (Japan Tomorrow, and more countries to follow). Come on Nintendo, you can get back in the game.

    1. Can get?
      They’ve BEEN back in the game for a very long time now.
      Sure, the Wii didn’t cater solely to the Core audience, but it brought in more new gamer blood than any console in recent history has.
      Eventually, many of those players who started out with simplistic offerings like Bowling on Wii Sports are going to see other games that are more in the core area, and will get deeper into gaming as a whole.
      Nintendo tapped a market that NEEDED to be tapped for the survival of the gaming industry.
      No matter how much core players hate to admit it, Nintendo made a smart move. Casual gamers are still gamers, and casuals can become casual/core or just plain core, eventually. By introducing people to gaming in a casual fashion, they open the doors for these people to experience deeper games on down the line.
      The Wii U, PS4/PS3, and 360/720 are all going to facilitate that transition into the deeper regions of gaming for all of this new blood. The Wii U, in particular, because it will still keep more of the casual offerings than the other systems will while still offering core experiences.

      1. If you call killing off your core market a “smart move”, then I sincerely feel sorry for your existence.

        Guess which current generation system has the most returns? The Wii.
        Guess which one is the most common “collecting dust” device? The Wii.
        Guess which one has the lowest metacritic review average this generation? The Wii.
        Smart move? Only for Nintendo’s wallet. Not the GAMER.

        Guess what? Casuals aren’t going to stick to Nintendo systems either. The fad is dead and they’ved moved onto iOS, Android, Kinect, Facebook games, etc.

        Truth hurts, but Nintendo isn’t going to be nearly as successful in the next generation, wouldn’t be surprised if this system can’t even surpass 40 million at the end of it’s life.

        1. The market has now been saturated and entered by all other manufacturers, so there is little to no hope in Hell that Nintendo will have anything going for them besides the usual cheaper price of their products.

          Cheap price didn’t save the Gamecube from being wrecked by the PS2 and even a newcomer.

            1. Suuuuure. You act as though im in denial or something. Nah. Kinect adventures is the best selling game on the 360, casuals have not moved on to ios and mobile games, theyre the casual version or handheld gaming. But casual home gaming is still alive and kicking, and nintendo and microsoft still have a piece of that, and the WiiU will be no different.

              1. The problem is casuals was the only thing really powering the Wii this generation.

                If the majority of them haved moved on and the core crowd still isn’t hyped over this machine, you’re just going to get a second GameCube in the grand scheme of things.

                  1. The problem is when the core market moves on to real systems and the Wii gets saturated with shitty games, that’s the problem. And if you can’t see it, then you can’t be helped. This is nothing but Nintendo apologist speak coming out of you. And if you honestly believe Wii made gaming more “popular” keep shitting yourself. The combined sales of competing consoles is far more than that of the Wii, and the only games selling on the Wii are party ones.

                    1. No shit, there are 2 of them. And the Wii did make gaming more popular. It was the first console to truly show that anyone can play games without having a complex and potentially over-whelming controller. Even someone with absolutely no interest in gaming at all bought a Red Wii, Wii Fit, the board and Wii Fit Plus,which yes, are casual games, but you can’t deny the popularity of it, the money it made Nintendo, or the people who bought the console regardless.

                    2. Sorry, in regards to my other comment, I missed out the sentence where the person who bought the red wii and stuff was my mother.

        2. lol! Aeolus, you got it wrong. Nintendo will always control the Casual gamers. With their new “broader” audience this time around(targeting casual AND hardcore) the Wii U definitly could be a huge hit. People arent leaving for Android, Kinect or Facebook games!? hahaha! First off all the games for the Kinect SUCK and Facebook games last like a week or two before getting boring. Secondly, why would you say Android and not the iPod? If anything is a threat the iPhone is, but those measly little apps cant compete with consoles, its a bunch of Bologna! The truth does hurt…expecially for Xbox and Play Station fanboys…they can’t take Nintendo’s brilliance ;) The Wii wasn’t Nintendo’s best work, I’m not saying it was god awful, but it could have been better….the Wii U will fix all of the old Wii’s weaknesses…becoming basically a perfect system :)

          1. 18 million+ Kinect units sold since its launch in 2010, a completely optional peripheral.

            More than 200,000 years total of time spent playing Angry Birds on iOS.

            Virtually every major developer/publisher onboard iOS making games for it, and to some extent, Android devices.

            Motherfucking Farmville.

            Nintendo does not control the casual market, stop being delusional, the Wii fad is dead.

        3. If the Wii U will have 3rd party game,s the Wii U will sell 80-120 million units, if it will not, then it will sell 45-75 million units. It’s my guess.

        4. This is what annoys me, in regards to your lowest average score thing, the Wii simply has far more games than the other 2, more cheap cash-in and child games, which suck, but no one is forcing you to play them. the Wiis “It only has kiddy games” argument comes up a lot, but it’s like people feel they have to play them. I assume any game published on the Wii by anyone has a cut of it’s profits given to Nintendo, so even all the shovelware at maybe 500,000 units per game builds up a lot of money that no doubt helped pay for Galaxy, Skyward Sword and the like.

            1. Firstly, it’s fact that the Wii has far more games than either of the other systems. Secondly, the same games are mentioned because they are the best ones, and the ones that serious gamers who enjoy the Wii play.. 360 fans don’t defend their console with Sonic 06 or shovelware sport or party titles, or PS3 fans with Clash of the Titans. They defend the former with Halo and having the best versions of Call of Duty and the latter with Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank. All of them have their good games, pointing them out isn’t a bad thing.

      2. I agree. The Wii was just the beginning. Pretty soon, Wii U will take over once Nintendo gives it proper advertising as well as a friendly price tag. :)

  4. Man this sucks, I dont get what to do. 3ds XL or Wii U. Considering i have a wii right now, and dont have a handheld cuz the ds lite broke…. as much as i want a handheld, the Wii U looks so awesome. Anyone have any tips? This is literally a question i cant answer. Its so confusing!

    1. well i got a 3ds and im goana sell it t get an 3dsxl then ill save and use x-mas money to get a wii u which ill prob have enough money for after my birthday

    2. If you already own a 3DS, there might not be much point. Otherwise, i duno D: i doubt everyone will be buying a WiiU day 1, they’ll wait till christmas or early 2013 when the the sales are on. Im lucky enough to be able to afford both (good old holiday pay)

      1. Thats the thing, if the wii U even comes out before christmas, i will most likely get it on christmas. I can get the other one in like
        another year of saving, because even after getting the system, i need somes games. And i dont have a 3ds

        1. I’m getting it for my Birthday!!! which is in November(the speculated release month) I couldn’t wait til Christmas… :P

          1. i dont know about getting a Wii U from christmas. Rememeber what happened at the first year of the wii on christmas? they were out of stock everywhere and i dont want myself to fight for 1 on christmas, i prefer to get it on the first day.

    1. so basically games should be around 50-60 dollars. Aw man than even if the Wii U IS 300 dollars, then tax would be like 15 dollars then 60 dollars for a game. That over 375 dollars! Man i only saved 200 :(

      1. $15 dollar tax on $300? that’s cheap, here in chicaga the taxes are 10% so that would be $330 for the console and 66 for a game, total beign almost $400 (if the WiiU is priced $300)

        1. Here I am, living in Britain. Where companies think £=$ and where tax is at 20%. I’m looking forward to my $500 Wii U then.

    2. 60 bucks?!?!?!? no, no no no, is too much almost 100 bucks for a game!!! they need to reduce the price to 40 or at least 45 T~T lest hope this change once the wii U is out!!

          1. I wasnt using a tone -.-’ i was just saying you cant expect games to be cheaper at launch than $50-60. Thats hows its always been. The $100 game thing is a load of crap though, so dont worry.

      1. ^ idk why a picture showed up, i was just trying to put the link of where i found it. And the wii games are around 50 bucks so it does make sense that the really good games would be like 60 dollars and the games that arent really worth playing are like 45-50 dollars. But maybe amazon might try to fix the prices

      2. for some reason, picture show up when i write a amazon link, and it says “awaiting moderation” so here it is incase you can see the comments

        scribblenauts for wii U: 59.99
        rabbids land: 49.96
        sports connection: 49.99
        dirt wiiu: 59.99

      1. Actually wait, wtf? Why would they games be $100? And why is it just the Nintendo published titles that are $100, didnt dont charge more, they just dont put the official price down for a long time.

        1. I am pretty sure Nintendo’s president said that the Nintendo Wii U games will have a roof of $50 like all their other console games(unless they have like an extra controler or somthing, ex: Skyward Sword)

  5. Nintendo is awesome. and Windows 8 is stupid, filled with bugs, and slow. Mac OS X is a lot better. And Xbox is for casuals who cant afford a gaming PC.

    1. I’ve decided to start ignoring the small minded comments and focusing on the fact the Windows 8 hasn’t even been properly released yet. Of course it has bugs.

  6. there are still many great games I have to complete before wiiu is out so my wii hasn’t exhausted its use yet. especially when it’s riddled with homebrew stuff and roms. I love that rectangular monster.

  7. Every game on playbox would’ve been superior on wii playbox graphics weren’t that good especially for the 5 to 6 hundred dollar price plus dual analog is 6th gen control which is inferior to 7th gen motion

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