Nintendo Still Debating About Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses CD Soundtrack

Zelda publication Links Hideaway managed to scoop an interview with Eric Buchholz from ZREO about Twilight Princess Symphony and their involvement with Symphony of the Goddesses. Buchholz was asked towards the end of the interview whether Nintendo had any plans to release the soundtrack on CD, during which he replied that it is something the company is hesitant to do. Would you purchase the soundtrack?

Do you know if a musical CD will be released after the tour ends?

Well, like all the other interviews online have said, it’s something that there is a lot of demand for it from the concert goers but it’s all a matter of whether Nintendo wants to do it. Nintendo, first and foremost, is a games company. They are not a record company so anything to do with music and especially selling music is something that they are hesitant in wanting to do.

56 thoughts on “Nintendo Still Debating About Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses CD Soundtrack”

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          So, what have the doctors been doing to you in the lab?

  1. Hmm I can listen to entire history of zelda music on youtube,firefox,screwattack.avgn lol and i can download free hd zelda music of piratebay

      1. I can get my private symphony orchestra to play it to me as I am fed gold encrusted caviar upon a dodo skin plate by dancing women.

  2. Just becuase Nintendo is a “games company” doesn’t mean they should deprive their fans of music. I mean, they have no problem selling keychains and stuffed yoshi dolls.

    1. So true. I had all kinds of Nintendo character toys and stuff growing up in the 80′s. There was a Super Mario 64 soundtrack available during the N64 days too.

      1. Microsoft also has classic and timeless masterpieaces like halo,fable,sonic raiders,killer instinct and music store. And better yet you can play music using smartglass or KINECT or BOTH…welcome to the future

        1. Actually, I’m not sure what’s going on here! Nintendo has released plenty of their soundtracks before. They sell a LOT of other merchandise besides consoles and games, so I don’t understand this whole post

          1. Id much MUCH rather have a CD quality recording of these movements rather than someones bootleg over-the-shoulder potato recordings.

            I would also love a chance to further support the effort!

  3. @kirk yeah but compared to microsoft theyre noobs. Does nintendo have justin beiber,little wayne and shaq and more. Also microsoft has commercial, and ads…not to mention tweeter=cash money flow baby

      1. Holy shit bro i finnaly figured it out lol all i had to do was click full site instead of mobile. Well you learn something new everyday. Thing is my iphone has ios,smartglass intigrated with windows 8 so my phone was to advance & high tech to figure out

          1. This is the mark of a true Nintendo fanboy. Actually believing iOS is a big enough competitor. Consider that any serious person doesn’t consider iOS a major gaming platform or at least has Nintendo consoles as well before you call the most advanced mobile OS of all time “dumbed down.” If Apple sold melons, you wouldn’t think the melons are bad as they are good melons and don’t compete with major games consoles. Get my point?

    1. Hahaha, you must be posing as a Microsoft fan and acting dumb to give them a bad rep, right?

      Come on, even for an M$ fan, that’s some hilariously stupid bullshit right there.

    2. I actually agree with you. Nintendo has fallen behind as an entertainment company. They’ve restricted themselves to gaming (albet excellent games), but they are behind the times. And I don’t understand this soundtrack business becuase I have an official copy of the Mario Galaxy soundtrack, but there’s a problem with releasing this symphonic Zelda one?!!

        1. Why not spread their gaming production skills across all media platforms? Why confine themselves to their hardware when our day and age is one where our technology is increasing communication between devices. I personally think its too archaic a mindset. I think they have plenty of talent to spread about.

    1. That’s from the 25th Anniversary Concert in 2011. This is from the longer, more feature-filled Symphony of the Goddesses tour this year,

    1. I have a 3DS that I got at launch. It is not a lemon or a ripoff. It is pretty bad ass, and I love playing it. As far as the CD goes, it was a free gift. So that is not a ripoff either.

  4. I went on wed. Everyone who enjoys music should try their best to go even if you haven’t heard zelda. Unfortunately, there are spoilers so watch out.

  5. Nintendo doesnt care about selling there music?… WHAT THE HELL nintendo’s video game music and songs are the best! :) even though… it kinda makes sense that they dont wana sell it, theyll probably say they dont want to become like any other company which only cares about money… meh, nintendo who cares, JUST SELL THEM AND YOULL BE FREAKIN RICH

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  6. I think it would be great if they released a CD of the Symphony, considering that the Symphony is supposed to be a 25th anniversary thing for Zelda, and not all Zelda fans can make it. I live an hour away from where they were on Wednesday, and I couldn’t go because it started at 8:30 at night. A CD would at least give me a chance to hear it.

  7. Can barely express how much I love The Legend of Zelda music, period. It’s already my personal favorite gaming franchise, for years, that has even brought me into gaming.

    Also, over those very years, I already collected a ton of OST CDs, downloaded remixes, and the recent Skyward Sword 25th Anniversary concert CD. So please, make it happen. This series makes me freaking love gaming music, in fact, I’m sure it got me into playing and learning instruments when younger(Oot first and foremost).

  8. It would do them no harm to release a CD of video game music. They think it’s appropriate to release plush toys but believe it’s stupid to abandon gaming and release music? Seriously? My only wonder is that would the music sell well, it wouldn’t be on iTunes, what with Nintendo being at their necks, so may not sell apart from to die hard fans.

  9. I saw this concert in Pittsburg last night and asked the conductor the exact same question. Her reply was “Write Nintendo”… which I did =) This spectacular show deserved a proper CD release. I also agree that offering it on Club Nintendo would also be welcome. It really is arranged beautifully.

  10. I believe you should sell it. The symphony was abssolutely amazing. I’d buy it and relive that performance over and over again.

  11. this should be released and sold on CD!!! it would sell AMAZINGLY well!!! especially if some people didn’t get the chance to catch Symphony of the Goddesses on tour!!!!!! as a person who has MAINLY game OSTs and soundtracks in his iTunes library, it would only ADD to my iPod!!!

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