Developer Claims He’ll Get Fired If He Says Anything About Wii U

During a recent interview, designer Ben Cureton was asked about whether he can share anything from the Wii U version of Darksiders II. Cureton replied by saying he doesn’t want to get fired and therefore can’t say anything about Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Wii U.

Can you tell us anything about the Wii U version at all?

“I can’t say anything about the Wii U. I don’t want to get fired!”

108 thoughts on “Developer Claims He’ll Get Fired If He Says Anything About Wii U”

  1. I don’t see how this is news. Other developers say that even as jokes about new projects and stuff. Then again, THQ/Darksiders team have already shared a good amount of info about the game and the system itself.

    1. It’s not that simple. Random developers can’t say a lot of information about the Wii U just like that. That’s up to Nintendo.

    2. its true because the guy who took the picture of the updated wii u tablet before it was revealed at the pre e3 got his ass fired

  2. That’s quite obvious…Maybe not necessarily fired but they’ll obviously get into trouble…And the way he worded it suggests it’s more of that, than he’s been told explicitly that talking about it will get him fired.

            1. Yep. And Kinect isnt even great tech, it has no practical use other than for casual games, not to mention it doesnt even work properly, and still fanboys defend it.

              Cant eait to see the look on there face when they have to pay for Kinect 2.0 fron the next box, because its build in

          1. If it is a pad Plus… make it even more responsive? :P Nintendo are well known for expanding on their products. N64 had the expansion pack for games. Wii with motion plus etc

            I wouldn’t be surprised if such a thing exists in the U’s life cycle.

            1. Cant make it more responsive.
              I wouldnt be surprised if nintendo bought something out to accomadate a few games, but not a whole redesign of the game pad. Unless they make a HD one with a larger battery

        1. Could be worse. They could release their controller without rumble because “nobody wants it any more” only to then realise that people do want rumble and thus release a new controller with rumble built in.

          But thankfully no company has ever been stupid enough to do that…

            1. Basically you said MS and sony rip people off… when Nintendo charge too much for Eshop games when retail is cheaper…he hardly went off topic.

              Not hard to understand. He may be a troll but he made a valid point. Alot of people are pissed off because they want to buy it digitally.

                1. I dont care. I am talking about companies. Shock horror but Nintendo Sony and MS are companies who run a business and want to make money. Nintendo are not perfect either. Far from it actually.

                  The digital release of Mario has sparked an outcry. Nintendo need to push the digital platform… not destroy it!

            1. But it IS a reflection on a missed opportunity and a complete lack of understanding on Nintendos part about how to use Digital Distribution!

      1. obviously they are going to be more advanced. they had longer after nintendo to create the things they copy. still doesnt mean they are better. look at move or kinnect vs wii. the wii wins even without motion plus.

  3. He is lucky if he just get fired. In worst case Nintendo will send their Ninja’s on him and then he’s screwed for real…

  4. Its coz the wii u is weak !! if he sais anything about the wii u , he will get fired ..coz nintendo wants to trick people into buying it .. Wii U is a piece of shit !

      1. Stupid comment. They are working FOR nintendo if they are making a game for their platform…they obv need to learn the (inferior) tech inside the box and if they have any trouble they will contact Nintendo to get answers. Watch the interview with two guys at darksiders if you haven’t already.

        If they are WORKING ON THE game for the NINTENDO CONSOLE then they should know what is inside the box… FACEPALM you are such an idiot :P please refer from posting more retarded comments.

        1. nope that’s not a legit answer, there making games for Nintendo not working for Nintendo. PLUS i can tell you get mad like crazy when reply to me like that. It seems like your boyfriend Ness can’t defend you when i use my words of justice.

          1. Actually if you are making a game for a Nintendo platform you will need to talk to Nintendo wiiU technicians who made the console in the first place. When you are stuck on something you usually Google it but if the tech is new… chances are you cant find the answer your looking for. So naturally, you would go to Nintendo for the answers.

            The darksiders 2 technical director said in an interview they experienced challenges with certain parts of the wiiU gamepad but they rang up Nintendo for help.

            So really they are working for Nintendo. Especially the unique features of the pad.

            1. I know, but he said it like this the people that made this game work for nintendo. NOT the company but the people.

  5. LOL at this article, hardly news at all.

    Why is Nintendo so secretive about their specs? what are they hiding? Inferior tech? I think so They want people to buy the console and fool them into thinking this is a next gen box…

    And no the dude at Scribblenauts is not a reliable source… he is making a 2d GAME… not hard to make to be honest… :P same applies to TwoTribes who are making a cartoony puzzle game

    Assassin creed 3…yeah great 1080p but I can buy the game on a CURRENT GEN console rather than spend my money on a NEW console that is an overclocked 360… even the ex darksiders 2 guy said it is 7 years late. I take his word since he was a developer and actually know about tech unlike most on this site…who pretend they do.. LOLz…Also, what is the point in releasing Ass 3 when Ass 1 and 2 werent on Nintendo consoles? Poor nintendo fanboys (revolution) are going be confused. You can always youtube Let’s play videos and watch GAMERS play on CONSOLES you all DESPISE so so much :P

    and the dude at crytek says cryengine 3 (a CURRENT GEN engine) runs beautifully and a game from a well respected dev is using it… WHERE IS THE GAME? Marketing speak as always.

    People (outside of this site) are getting bored of this secretive shit and pushing them away from the hype train. I am not talking for myself but GAMERS everywhere. Nintendo fanboys not included because they gobble up Nintendo’s bullshit tactics as of late.

    1. also ZombiU and rayman legends maybe exclusives but Ubisoft are obv gonna bring them to other consoles and PC…they love their money. Look at rayman origins… on every single platform including the shitty 3ds version that looked awful in 3d and felt laggy :P

        1. double posting as always. You and dragon make a great couple posting Memes that are OLD… that episode is so old now… get with the times..I forgot… you are a prophet to the God Nintendo… you are stuck in 2006 with the NEW current gen console :P and playing catch up with achievements… sorry accomplishments :P

          For once you actually wrote you instead of U…well done. Keep it that way. NO ONE.. even your fellow nintendroids like it because it is fucking annoying.

    2. That former darksiders dev did not work on the wii u at all. He claimed in he said that it was 7 years late based on speculation. That is about as reliable as a blind eye witness.

      1. I am sure he has friends in the games industry who worked on it, game devs in the industry always share these things…again a common symptom of Nintendo fans…wishfull thinking :P just like before E3 when EVERYONE wanted a new zelda, starfox, smash bros etc etc etc all shown in one conference…you did get zelda, f zero etc…. in Nintendoland ROFL

        I love seeing people’s hopes get CRUSHED.

        1. How is it wishful thinking? i pretty much stated the dev in my own words and pointed out how a dev who does work on a console is probably not very reliable in this situation. You then go on to stereotype all Nintendo fans, bring up E3 for some odd reason, and base your entire reply on a hunch that everybody shares what they are doing with each other. Rival companies do not share development plans. “I love seeing people’s hopes get CRUSHED.” Who are you responding to? Hope can only be crushed if stated or revealed. The entire reply is a mess.

    3. Did you make yourself feel relevant by writing all of that? You truly have a pathetic life if you sit on a website all day, everyday, refreshing it, and explaining why you don’t like it what it’s about. It’s so sad you spend the majority of your time on something you hate. Your going to be the death of yourself. You are your own worst enemy…

    4. Wow, you reached a new level of stupidity.
      First of all, go look at some launch day 360 games. Yeah, not so great looking, not mention they’re all terrible.
      Second, that guy from THQ didnt even work on the WiiU, he’s not even played the damn thing, how is his opinion any better than the stuff you posted? Totally bias opinionated garbage. And he was just having a little bitch fit due to being fired, swearing in a legitmate interview, basically doing what you do when someone prove you’re an idiot and you say, “shut up you fucking faggot fanboy HAHAHAHAHA wiiu is shit”. Gee, big man.

      Thirdly, about the CryEngine3 game…ermm….do you think that maybe, its being made? What do you want, a constant live stream overseeing the entire development of the game?
      Retro studios are making a game, we havent seen it, does that make it marketing talk? No, they just arent ready to show it.
      Games like Remember Me showed up this week, its been in development for years, yet novody knew anything about it, same with Watch Dogs. Its the developer, publishers and Nintendo choice when to show off a game, dont try to act as though you know the tiniest thing about marketing, when you all you do is sit on here (and before you say it, i did media studies at college, i know all about marketing, budgets, ect).

      And everyone is getting bored of this, not just “gamers” outside of Nintendo (give me a break), we all want to know about the system. But do you know why we dont?
      Fucking stupid cunts like you, and the unoriginal head honchos down at Sony and Microsoft. It took Microsoft LESS THAN A YEAR to respond with a “challenge” to the WiiU, even though it was a piece of crap. This is why the NDA is in affect, because the majority if the gaming world is full of unoriginal money grabbing bastards, and stupid graphic fetish norins like yourself.

      And do you really believe Ubisoft will put work into porting ZombiU and Rayman to other consoles, when they either have no similar control support to the WiiU, or ine that requires $500 worth of tech, including a handheld thats barely selling. No, they wont.

      1. This site is overrun with man-children.
        This is the publicity Nintendo gets.
        A raging sea of angry, immature hooligans.

  6. I only wanna know whats going to be released this year on wii u anyway. I dont see what the point of announcing games that are coming out next year is going to accomplish. Just look at the gta v announcement for example. Its pointless.

  7. Considering that Sony is desperately looking for every little opportunity to churn out and over-hype a half-baked copy of anything Nintendo does, it’s not surprising that Nintendo has some strict NDA in place.

    1. What about games like RE6, Borderlands 2, Crysis 3, etc.. It’s NDA also the reason why devs don’t announce those game for Wii U?

  8. I’m glad to see Sickr and Alba continue to post anything said about WiiU, dispite the Jealous comments of people who either don’t own a blog, or have a failing one.

    It’s also good to see, that with 3DS kicking ass, and WiiU ramping up to do the same, that the drones, trolls and Anti-Nintendo Fanboys are swamping to places like this to try and do some kind of damage. I waste very little time reading their comments anymore. They are repetative and ignorant.

  9. Damn, Nintendo is really serious. At the end of the day it’s still business, can’t share Coca Cola’s secrets to Pepsi.

  10. He didn’t say he would get fired, he said he doesn’t want to get fired. Meaning he didn’t know and didn’t want to take a chance.

  11. the nintendo will have a lot of probels selling alot of wii u console’s and if that is going to be true then Satoru Iwata should be fier for sure for alotof mistakes

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