Nintendo Says No Wii U Press Event For Europe, Just New York

A Nintendo spokesperson has told UK publication Digital Spy that it isn’t planning to host a conference like the one taking place in New York on September 13th. While they won’t be holding a big conference, they will be enabling as many people as possible to get hands-on time with the console before it launches sometime later this year.

“We are not planning a specific European event like NOA, however we are looking to put the new Wii U console in the hands of as many people across Europe as possible and we will be in contact with news of our UK communications plan in the near future.”

75 thoughts on “Nintendo Says No Wii U Press Event For Europe, Just New York”

    1. they better phukin release the wiiu on same day as USA or i am gunna be really p’d off!!!!!!!!
      i will cry , carry on watching some American guy on youtube reviewing all of his wiiu :/.
      release it on same day or i am going to import an NSTC WIIU AND GET MY GAMES OF EBAY !!!!!!!

    2. Shibata the president of NOE and satoru iwata will do nintendo Direct conferences probably on the same day or just after maybe even before discussing the price and launch .
      last time i checked NOA isnt special compared to NOJ or NOE
      . nuff said.
      they aint gunna release it in America before Japan , you mad ??

      1. Actually according to rumors, they are going to release it in north America before japan to take advantage of the black Friday sales. Rumor has it that it won’t release in other territories until december.

  1. So this means they WONT reveil the wii u information. Because wouldn;t it be a worldwide event? Then they would’ve announced it via nintendo direct.

    Im confused

      1. but look, when the 3ds XL was announced, it was announced worldwide, if they will only annouce the details for NA, wont that be wrong? They will keep out japan and the other countries while NA gets all the light. Im from north america, but it doesnt seem like they will annouce something unless its a worldwide event

        1. I agree, this pretty much confirms that the release date and price won’t be revealed then. But maybe it will be the new Retro game we were SUPPOSED to get at E3?

          1. No, it doesn’t confirm anything about the release date. Look at console release dates, they aren’t always the same day throughout different regions, so if this is NA only, they could give out info specific to that region, such as the release date in that region. But it doesn’t have to be region-specific. It could be a Nintendo event, not a NoA-specific event.

    1. Bing bang Bop!!! Yeah well what if Europe gets the Wii U at a later date then America. It would make sense then, because America would have their conference now for the earlier release of the Wii U than in Europe. Think of that??? Bippity Boppity Boop!!!

      1. I have decided that trolls are not worth arguing with. I will now on try not to talk to people who simply don’t belong here.

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                  Can probably do so in a single phone call too, kekekeke.

                    1. It’s okay Bulby, I’m sure your collection of rule 34 pictures of Nintendo characters can keep you satisfied for a while.

      2. wat current gen as i seen the thing can PREDUCE top notch ps3 graphics and BETTER in lighting and physics like bat man cape for instance, the moment looks more like the PC version than the ps3 and 360 and not to mention all COOL FEATURES that i would use ARE ACTUALLY RELEVANT & it can only get better down the line and head start over 720 ps4

        1. ‘kamehame haaaaa’d ‘ ( how do you spell ‘kamaya maya haaa)
          i used to freakin love Dragon ball XD)

          1. Fi:Master, I´╗┐ advise you to set a course on sealing the trollers of this site into Demises Realm. I have already gone ahead and set them as your dowsing target.
            Me:any other advise?
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            Me:i will think about it :)

  2. They need to have an event in NYC, Japan, and London. It is just being courteous to do so. It is saying that Japan and Europe’s gamers mean something too.

      1. America would be the North America and South America regions. Japan would be Asia/Pan Asia region..London would be the European region. No need to have a conference in every country…just cover the main regions.

  3. I wish i could know about the wiiU’s spec and especially about GPU.Wii must know if the U is a next generation console with brand new generation graphics.

      1. The most important thing is,if the console is a next gen console.
        If you don’t mind for that then i have a task for u.Ask Nintendo to create their new games for ur n64 with n64 graphics.Will you like that?

        1. Generations aren’t defined by power, but the date of release.

          The N64 was the same generation as PS1.
          GC is after N64. Then the Wii and now the WiiU. As you can see, it IS the fucking next generation.

          People like you are obviously new to gaming and born around the n64 era. Generations were NEVER about the power of the hardware until now when xbots couldn’t take it that a weak Wii was outselling their precious 360.

  4. Everybody, this just means that there will only be a PRESS EVENT in North America it does NOT mean the rest of the world won’t get information

  5. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

    What’s the point of having a press conference in Europe? For one, press s only invited, so there would be all the same stuff as news, and also there’s probably going to be some kind of livestream I’d bet.

    1. Just to be polite. They could only reveal the European release date and price at the European press conference…that among other things.

  6. So this could mean 2 things:

    1. They are only announcing the release date and price for America
    2. This could be a private meeting for the press that is in America so that they can surprise people about what the Wii U can do and when its released.

    Either way, I hope we can all get the Wii U this year, both Japan, America and Europe

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

      Dude, it’s a press conference, meaning they’ll have news, so what good would it be to do another press conference in Europe if you’re going to reveal the same thing as in America, there’s the Internet you know.

  7. Me:i wonder if the U can stand against ps4
    Fi:Master,there is a 99% that the wiiU will dominate this generation
    Fi:Master,i advise you to don’t worry about the other companies because 1)sony is losing money misserable,2)microsoft doesn’t even to know how to make a game

  8. They’ll have tours around Europe like they did with the Wii. I couldnt walk into any shopping market without a wii showcase going on

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