Rare Really Wanted To Make Killer Instinct 3

Donnchadh Murphy, a former 3D modeler that worked on games such as Donkey Kong 64, Jet Force Gemini and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, has revealed that the team at Rare desperately wanted to make a new Killer Instinct game. Murphy says that while the team wanted to create it, Microsoft were more interested in broadening the Xbox user base.

“Probably the same game every Rare fan wants to see and that’s KI3 (Killer Instinct 3). We all wanted to make KI3, but Microsoft [was] more interested in broadening their demographic than making another fighting game.  So it never got made, I doubt it ever will.”

125 thoughts on “Rare Really Wanted To Make Killer Instinct 3”

    1. killer instinct came out when i was just a kid and now im 26 and im still wanting another killer instinct tha game would sell milions i would be happy to pay my 59 bucks somebody tell microsoft stop hatin

          1. Lol, you probably don’t even have any friends xD
            And if you did, it would show how faggy each one of you is; spending time on a website dedicated to a company you don’t like. An educated guess tells me you have absolutely no life =””)

            1. I dont understand why you are even on this website is your life that horrible that you have to go on the internet to bitch and complain about nintendo? Really?? Pathetic

              1. Thank you, Sickr, for standing firm in the words we’ve been reciting for so long to these….’people’….
                But honestly, the only way to truly get rid of them is to actively moderate any and all comments made by them, or just out and out ban them whenever they crop up no matter how many times they reappear.

                  1. Yes, the comment system on this site sucks (see complaint above).
                    I want to reply but the site makes it seem as if it is an alone standing comment.

              2. Isn’t it possible to ditch this incredibly bad comment system and get something that you can’t comment on by just handing over an e-mail?
                Example: phpBB forums will only allow you to comment if you actually sign up, and it’s possible to report spam/trolls. Of course trolls can still go there, but it’s MUCH better than this. Also you won’t have the problem of the comment box getting smaller every time (an annoying thing on this site).

                I love the news and the fact it’s updated so frequently, but the site itself has a lot of problems. It has a lot of traffic so I hope some day there will be a different comment system.

                1. Exactly, I have friend who runs a small phpBB forum and it looks great. It is very easy to update and ban people’s IPs, so trolls can’t just make a new account and they actually have to go on another computer to continue their idiocy, which most of them can’t be bothered with. The only real problem with that which you don’t find here is the occasional spambot, but you can just ban them.

                  Please move sites Sickr, it would be a great benefit overall.

                  1. Well, they could use proxies, but it’s more the fuss of making a new account again. And if that does happen, you can easily block the proxy again. It’s much better to not allow anonymous posting, this site is the proof of that. It’s a shame this the best site for Ninty news, otherwise the trolls would be annoying enough to search for an alternative.

              3. I never quite understood them. They’re quite idiotic and often irrational. If you don’t like Nintendo, fine. But quit reiterating that and coming back here. You sound like a broken record.

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                  1. Im pretty sure you could find a decent job out there besides working for microsoft you doosh. If you cant you seriously need help.

                    1. You clearly know nothing about the industry. It is extremely competitive. Hell even Grant Kirkhope got turned down from retro!

                      I dont need help. I got a well paid job as a developer (web not games) lol and I can tell you it is difficult findind a job especially today

                  2. Actually, we CAN be.
                    I know this from personal experience.
                    I WAS HOMELESS, at one point.
                    Sleeping under bridges and everything.
                    I still quit the telemarketing job I had managed to grab at that time, though, after a week of struggling to justify staying, because it was a degrading experience that made me feel like crap.
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                    Being homeless sucks, yeah, but you can survive that without resorting to degrading yourself in a job that makes you more miserable than being homeless does.
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                1. And as I’ve said multiple times, the only problem with not owning Rare is the lack of their many franchises. If Nintendo bought the franchises and gave them to Retro to develop, everything would be sweet.

      1. So what?
        We just want Nintendo to have the rights of the franchises, there’s more than enough competent developers to do the job. IF Nintendo were to buy Rare, it would be to make those classic games again, surely not because of the developers they have now.

      1. Sucking your own dick much, Roy’s boyfriend? There’s a possibility that Nintendo will bring the Killer Instinct franchise back from RARE since the developer is a shell of its former glory.

        1. they kind of lagged it when it came to making games not that they werent good it just took them a very long time to make them. one of the reasons they were sold to microsoft.

      1. They do want fantastic franchises. Seriously, why does everybody think the same team would work on every major game IF this would even be the case.

              1. ive heard that mario kart 7 has an online service problem hahaha dicktendo is more useless than i have excepted

                1. there is no problem . nintendo patched an old problem where you could drive off the edge of a level and land half way down the course .
                  patched and fixed.
                  mK7 is a perfect example of perfect simplistic online play .

        1. I know. They try so hard to troll us yet it just doesn’t work and we all sit here laughing at how hopeless they are.

      1. At least nintendo can survive without third party but microsoft on the other hand…. I own a ps3 as well and just hate microsoft. Fail.

  1. Well I think this fully states it. Rare is taking its toll with Microsoft game wise, and probably the only way they can make so much more games is to probably be bought out by Nintendo (or Sega since of Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing.)

    1. There’s no point in buying out Rare as there are none of the talented developers left from when they were the ‘Golden Child’ of gaming. All that should be purchased are the franchises that are owned by Rare.

        1. What I meant is that most of their most talented developers left when they were acquired by Microsoft. Nowadays, they still have a few talented ones, but as you said, their creativity is greatly limited.

    1. Yeah. Let’s see a 12 year old with no grammatical knowledge or spelling proficiency hack a high-security system within a company.

  2. They should make it on PC and Xbox 360 with online and amazing graphics ..not that wii u garbage that the Nintendrones are praising.

  3. Why do I get the feeling Microsoft is about to leave the console race? They are only one Sony correct Vita price point away from doing that. If the Vita sells well, and joins the 3DS, even if it is millions of consoles behind the 3DS, microsofty’s game division is in peril. Here is why :

    1) PS4 shall release at the same time as xbox720, meaning microsoft’s gaming system cannot dominate the fps casuals anymore

    2) The Wii U shall be in first place and Nintendo make games, and games that are fun.

    3) Nintendo and Sony have first and second party genius game developers.

    4) We won’t miss halo or gears

  4. Why does everyone say Nintendo shouldn’t buy Rare back?
    “Oh, but the best employees are gone!”
    My brain hurts every time someone says this.
    Does no one even consider the possibility that Nintendo has the ability to put talented people from their own company BACK INTO RARE, if they bought it?
    And along with buying them, comes their IP’s, which Nintendo has always done justice to.
    It would be a good thing if Nintendo reacquired Rare, because they could raise it up out of the quagmire of mediocrity that they’ve fallen into ever since they were sold to Microsoft.[Bad move on Nintendo's part, selling their stock in the company. I get that it was a business decision at the time, but it still wasn't a good thing for Rare.]

  5. Huh… I would’ve relished at the thought of playing another KI game. KI was one of the games that’s made me laugh til i had a throbbing headache, another being the Smash Bros. series

  6. Screw you Microsoft for ruining Rare and not letting us get an amazing new KI game like everyone wanted (even though Rare desperately wanted to). IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!

  7. HOLY SHIT! Something just came to mind…what if “The game everybody wants us to make -Retro” is Killer Instinct 3. What if Retro started the game a while back and was the game that was pulled from E3 due to not clearing the liscenses yet because they hadn’t finalized the agreement between Microsoft and Nintendo. Who knows, because there was word going around that Nintendo wanted to buy back the IPs from Microsoft’sRARE

  8. KI3 will b 1 of the most selling fighting games ever!!! There’s a lot of pple who wants this game so bad!
    Y u guys just don’t make it? Microsoft is making a lot of stuff n’ their quality is the same… Y don’t make a good game like Killer Instinct 3? If u guys (Microsoft) r so smart u should see all the pple who have been specting this game 4 so long. Stop trying 2 get the water wet, n’ walking on circles!

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