The Entire Top Ten In Japan Consists Of Nintendo Games

This weeks Media Create sales figures are in and once again they show that Nintendo is the dominate video games company in Japan. Nintendo and its publishers have managed to secure every single space in this weeks top ten software charts. The company’s Nintendo 3DS is once again the best-selling console in the land of the rising sun – easily fending off the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable. Here’s the Japanese charts:

  1. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  2. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
  3. [WII] Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online
  4. [WII] Just Dance Wii 2
  5. [3DS] Oni Training
  6. [3DS] Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na Orb
  7. [WII] Wii Sports Resort with Wii Remote Plus
  8. [3DS] Tousouchuu: Shijou Saikyou no Hunter-Tachi Kara Nigekire!
  9. [WII] Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition
  10. [3DS] Kobitodzukan: Kobito Kansatsu Set
  • Nintendo 3DS: 111,857
  • PlayStation 3: 16,277
  • Wii: 15,640
  • PlayStation Portable: 13,285
  • PlayStation Vita: 11,298
  • Nintendo DS: 2,256
  • PlayStation 2: 1,433
  • Xbox 360: 978

147 thoughts on “The Entire Top Ten In Japan Consists Of Nintendo Games”

    1. although i don’t know some of those games but they sure sound cool!!!! with games like this no wonder i like Nintendo a little more!!!! (^0^)

              1. get the 3ds now so we can be friend dude! after all the wii u is gonna take a while to launch!! by then im sure you’ll have the money!

  1. HAHAHAHAHA , the japanese KNOW!!!!! THE JAPANESE KNOW !!!!!!.
    the UK and USA charts are disgusting .
    spors games , shooters , lego trash and other horrible games .
    Nintendo are just the world’s greatest Developer , publisher and Hardware makers .
    yes the 3ds is better than the vita .
    but it doesnt have as good graphics you say ????
    well this means developers can make TONS of awesome games for 3ds , whilst nobody can be bothered making psvita games because they dont want to put effort into an unpopular console .
    the vita is dead . with no big games coming in japan it will never catch up .
    and from what i have seen , COD vita and AC3 look like little watered down spinn offs.
    R.I.P vita , you have almost replaced the dreamcast .
    and thedreamcast was actualy awesome .

      1. well i dont like those madden/fifa games. I play mario tennis open though and it was fun. It must be cuz i like tennis more than football/soccer

      2. i love fifa and pes !!!!! but for them to dominate the sales is lame.
        they are hardly the height of video gaming .

      1. That was hilarious, also the graph in the first post has made me give up hope for the Vita. I’m sorry, but the Vita is simply a portable Dreamcast in terms of sales. It is a good console, but it is just ahead of it’s time. Anyone who tries to defend its horrid sales is simply insane in my books.

          1. So ur not a fanboy right? Vita isn’t looking good fanboy or not facts are facts. Seems to me u can’t handle the fact that the Vita is failing or any negative news on Sony/Micro, but live to see negative news about Nintendo systems. If that isn’t “double fail” I don’t know what is. Why cause u son are a fanboy. Number don’t lie and to be doing worse then the Dreamcast…WOW..just Wow…I like Sony, but the Vita was just stupid and foolish on their part, they should have learned from PSP vs DS sells and the 3DS launch

      1. Like I once said, I only respect those that are civil in discussion. I forgot to add that bashing a group to make your favorite group look higher is rather immature.

    1. yes . they are the same system .
      like ps3 and ps3 slim for example . same thing . same graphics , same games , different shape. that is all .

    1. It was doing pretty bad for a while until new popular games come out recently. Good/popular games drive system sales.

      DQ X, Kirby, and a few others gave it a nice boost.

  2. Nintendo games sell well in japan coz kids
    Over there are childish and parents buy them a Mario game for them to shut the fuck up while all the GAMERS play Ps3 or Xbox ;) japanese people have a bad taste in games ..Japanese devs suck ! Western devs FTW ;)

      1. that’s why its a troll. It just does this to annoy people by bashing Ninten. Its gettin its laugh off of pissing Ninten fans off, or them responding to it in a critical manner.

    1. “coz kids Over there are childish”. Who ever thought in our wildest imagination that a kid is a child. Mind officially blown.

        1. Hahaha….this was completely funny as fuck! A kid is a child! Fuckin’ Duh! Like they say in Spanish “idiota”!….

    2. Hm… all the gamers play PS3 and Xbox games? I don’t see why not. There are plenty of good games out there. But to say Japanese devs suck, Japanese gamers have a bad taste in games… Maybe you don’t know, but Sony is Japanese as well, and it’s devs are Japanese devs! And to say they suck, well, I have to disagree on that. Let’s compare something that I’ve seen over and over on the internet: Zelda x Call of Duty discussions!
      The first is one of the most classical games, being a reference to the gamer culture. While it is based on the simple, yet charismatic story of the knight saving the princess, every game has it’s own personality, and they’re all full of puzzles and plot twists that make a real good story even better; no matter how old you are, you will always appreciate the plot! And the gameplay differs from console to console, making every platform have it’s own personal touch over the franchise.
      Now, Call of Duty consists of wars, where the plot is basically an excuse to shoot everything that moves on the screen. The gameplay is the same for every game, with difference over the weapons available. The multilayer consists on 10-13 years old boys yelling about sleeping with your mother every minute of the game.
      The first one is made by Japanese developers, and the second one is made by western developers.
      Well, I know you’re nothing more than a troll, but I just had to say it.

      1. japanese developers are a LOT better than western devs .
        people bone of western devs cus they all use the ‘la la’ Engine 2 or what ever . metal gear , zelda , mario , street fighter , monster hunter , pokemon , final fantasy , tales , kingdom hearts etc etc etc /
        IMO japanese devs have a great imagination . western devs just copy each other to the bone .

        1. lolno. Japanese developers aren’t even good at developing impressive engines for their own. That’s because they pretty much don’t know how to. For the ones that do, they already know the western audience. See: Square Enix.

          1. What the hell does a engine have to do with gameplay? Nothing, that’s what. Yet again you have exposed yourself as somebody who cares more about graphics than about the important thing: Gameplay.

            1. An engine will have a lot to do with how a game plays, actually. If the engine is bad, you’re likely going to have bad gameplay in return.

              Of course, an idiotic Nintendrone like yourself wouldn’t have figured that out. =P

              1. You got to be 8 or 9 years old…..probable still on baby milk formula, tell you mother to get u ur baby bottle so u can claim down, time to take a nap

    3. Gamers play PS3 or Xbox? PS3 I could understand but Microsoft is dead in Japan. Nintendo sells well because they are like freaking gods to the japanese. I admit I like there products but sony has taken my fancy of late.

    1. Read my comment bellow yours. That’s my guess.
      ” I guess the Japanese gamers who didn’t have a remote plus control want to get at least one for the Wii U. ^^”

  3. HAHAHA! Brace yourselves! Here come the butthurt trolls!
    My surprise was from the 7th position: Wii Sports Resort with the Wii Remote Plus. I guess the Japanese gamers who didn’t have a remote plus control want to get at least one for the Wii U. ^^

    1. this is very true sir !!!!! they are being wise !!! they probably owned and sold wii sport resort. but they get this cheap deal cus they know it is good for their wiiu . well done

  4. Good news! Then the next post will be some analyst saying,’Nintendo will DIIIIIIIIIE!!’ More opinions not based on reality.

    1. I imagine an extreme focus on graphics instead of anything else is what’s causing many western games to be pigeon-holed into first person shooters.

    2. Normally i’d disagree, but I have to say that NSMB2 was a disappointment. it’s fun.. but there’s nothing ‘new’ about it. Same EXACT graphics. same EXACT music, and hardly any challenge to the game. I 100% on release and don’t feel motivated enough to collect 1,000,000 coins to be fair..

      1. Seriously, there is no defense for that title. I feel sorry for the hundreds of thousands who actually bought it. It’s basically just an expansion pack with better framerate.

        1. So, expansion packs are suddenly bad? What for them people who maybe don’t have a NSMB game yet? Or those that want one updated for a new system? What for them people who wanted more New Super Mario Bros?

    1. You act like that’s the first time that’s happened. The PS3 was being outsold by the PS2 for quite a long while in its launch year.

      But what do Nintendo fans know

          1. By your standards alone.
            But then again, your standards, and logic, are that everything Mario sucks and that Nintendo as a whole is basically the same simply for owning the franchise.
            You don’t own the game and you hate the franchise and the company, so your opinion is too biased and hater-based to give the game a fair chance.

            TLDR: The opinion of a hater such as yourself, who has never played the game, doesn’t mean jack shit.

            1. It isn’t a good game, and there are far better platforms that deserve the sales. Of course you’ll try to stand up for Nintendo’s cash grabbing and robbery of idiots like you. You’re a brand loyalist, you don’t care about your intelligence. You’ll swallow anything this company feeds you. That’s why Nintendo fans are made fun of virtually everywhere. They’re gaming’s dimwits.

              1. This coming from the idiot that vouches for the Vitanic.
                It gets sales because it IS a good game, and I fucking ENJOY IT.
                You’re a vocal minority from a user base built by haters, for haters, and therefore shouldn’t be opening your mouth regarding quality of this game.
                Again; your opinion doesn’t fucking matter on this issue, to anyone but yourself, so KEEP it to yourself.
                Also, since you’re obviously too moronic to see the differences between a game in 2006 and a game in 2012 simply because they are from the same series, you would be better off refraining.
                You’re so sickeningly stupid that you’re not even worth a further reply than this, so have fun responding to thin air. I’m not spending time better spent on gaming on your worthless, elitist, noobish, zit-covered troll ass.

              2. im a brand loyalist, but i dont buy every nintendo game. just the ones that interest me. in this case nsmb2. which is actually a good game. and is more than a rehash. in my opinion.

            2. i own nsmb2 and dont think its a good game either its just a bunch of old ideas shoved in new packaging i love nintendo but feel lately they have lost a bit of the originality they are famous for they need to get rare back

            1. It is not, by any means. Replace Mario and familiar everything with some random new character, and I’ll guarantee you the ratings would have been considerably lower.

                1. That’s why they keep making a low budget rehash, if it sells, exploit the ever loving shit out of it for pure greed, not for an experience for the player.

                  Every company does it some way, but very few as blatant as Activision, Nintendo, Capcom, I can go on and on.

                  The difference is Nintendo puts “new” in the title, I fucking lol’d.

                  1. Ironicly SM3DL didn’t have “New” in it’s tittle yet its completly new and NSMB2 is… you know. In conclusion I’m getting bored of the new super mario bros series, 3D mario games is were it’s at.

                    1. Super Mario 3D land is “completely new”? No it isn’t and you know it. The game looks and feels like NSMB with a 3D camera perspective added, Lower poly galaxy models and nearly all of the in-game tracks for it are remixes from that game or some other one. Even the power ups are.

                      There is hardly anything “new” about 3D Land at all.

                  2. I have NSMB2. I was very skeptical at first of it’s quality and how much like the original it would be like. I downloaded it though, and I’m not going to lie, I like it better so far than the first one.

                    But hey, what do I know right? >_>

      1. The PS3 was never doing so badly as to rival the Dreamcast in such a low amount of sales. Plus, the PS2 was the most popular console in the world, and there were still plenty of games being made for it. The PSP, even though it has done well, was never as popular and there are less and less games being made for it now. The Vita is completely on course to be a second Dreamcast. Statistics prove it.

        1. Statistics don’t -prove shit- until support for the handheld’s life is over. Sing a new tune and stop being a Nintendrone.

          And until that happens. You have absolutely no case, argument, or anything to say on the subject when you don’t even own one.

          1. Bippity Boppity Boop!!! “Statistic dont prove shit”… I stopped there. Aeolus, how do statistics not prove things? Thats what they are made to do. The life of the Vita may not “technically” be over, but people can do the math and make really good educated guesses. There were people out there who calculated the World Wide recession!! I think they will be able to calculate sales for somthing like the Vita! Bing Bang Bop!!!

            1. Statistics are not going to dictate what “fate” the Vita will have, no matter what argument you put forth. It doesn’t even take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

              1. Statistics will be proven if the course is followed, in it’s current state Sony has not announced a single title that has fans or new comers in a buzz, even the titles that have been shown that have gathered interest have not shown enough potential for growth.

                Statistics change with every move, but they are always proven when current figures play out, that is Sony’s warning to find a winning project to alter their handhelds “fate”.

                This by no stretch of the imagination means Sony will shut down support for the Vita, the Vita has followed a path traveled by the PSP before and all turned out just fine, not good, but just fine.

                1. Sony has announced PLENTY of support for the Vita, I’m not sure where the hell you’ve been the other week. How the fuck do you know what titles haven’t generated buzz? Killzone Mercenary, ACIII:L, Ratchet and Clank: FFF, Sly 4, I can continue, but I want to see how long you’ve been living under a rock.

                  1. Plenty and quality are two completely different things. Sony’s offerings so far have been lackluster and aren’t selling the handheld, it shows. Announcing watered down console ports and spin offs won’t save the Vita.

                    Killzone and ACIII:L are popular series that much is true, but the two alone are hardly going to drive sales for the handheld. Ratchet and Clank and Sly 4 on the other hand aren’t worth mentioning, the market for these titles have already made up their minds on the Vita and a game they can get on a console which will deliver a far superior experience isn’t a system seller.

                    Now with that said there is no doubt these games will boost Vita sales, but they don’t have a chance of reversing the overall downward spiral of the handheld. The Market is still on the fence for the Vita, $250 is a lot to pay for a handheld system that has expensive accessories and a lack luster library, there are great games on the Vita but hardly anything to bring in new customers.

                    1. And, thus, made a total idiot of yourself. Try not proclaim you have a short attention span next time.

                  2. I’m sorry your so wrapped up in your own opinion that you can’t logically think about the situation and discuss the correction of it’s course, there’s more than simply praising a company for what it does best and than turning a blind eye to anyone who disagrees with you.

                    Otherwise, I’m glad we had a chance to talk, though I’m genuinely torn that we couldn’t finish on a proper note and throw aside the fanboyism.

      2. Yeah, that’s something that’s supposed to NOT happen.

        But any Sony loyalist (using your terminology of course) would conveniently ignore this to grant Sony any excuse to be a loser.

        The PS2 sold more because it was a better deal than whatever the crap the PS3 was giving back then. It’s not like a natural law like you’ve trying to claim it is.

  5. Holy fuck nintendomination on a whole new fucking level O_O. Excuse the language but I see it and still don’t believe it. And fuck vita atleast beat the psp.

  6. This more, than any other week is truly Nintendomination. And it’s only gonna get better when Wii U is launched.

  7. I can understand how 360 is at the bottom, since not only is it western originated but it’s also littered with sports games and CoD. Now I thought that sony would have a place at least somewhere in the top ten’s list, but damn. Ninten is owning this like Hulk owned Loki

  8. Im kinda suprise that Monster Hunter Tri G or Portable 3rd is not in the top 10…
    Even though Tri G is cause of high 3ds sales.
    Hmm the moar you know \O _o/

  9. that’s pretty crazy :O
    goes to show how popular nintendo really is among the japanese fellows
    sure .. they make quality games, but that fact alone can’t explain this kind of market domination, because so does SCE

  10. Vita sold less than 2.3M units worldwide after 9 months of being released is very pathetic. It is a disaster and a distraction for Sony which will haunt them this coming console war. The X720/Durango is gonna murder the PS4 this upcoming generation. Nintendo was smart to release it’s system first thus avoiding being a launch competitor to the other two. They also have the dedicated handheld gaming market in the bag outselling the competition this generation by an average 7:1 monthly, and lifetime sold 10:1; despite only an 8 month gap between the 3DS and Vita release.

            1. “Butt-hurt, butt-hurt”

              Is that all you have to say about me? Care to elaborate why I would be, as you put it, “butt-hurt” over your bringing up a completely irrelevant topic and proceeding to conjure up some forecasts about consoles that have not even been released yet? Troll?

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