Wii U Specs ‘Are Surprising’ Says Sonic Racing Developers

Steve Lycett, executive producer at Sumo Digital has admitted that he surprised by the specifications of Wii U, especially the GPU and memory which are better than the developers had expected. Lycett then went on the say that Wii U has way more memory than other consoles on the market, so they can then take advantage of that with less compression on elements and textures.

“There are always surprises and unexpected challenges when you develop on a new console. When we first got our hands on the kit, the first surprise was the capability of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). We’d been worried that we might need to re-engineer all the effects and shaders in the game, but they worked just fine.”

“The Wii U looks as good as any of the HD platforms. The Wii U has way more memory, so we can take advantage of that with less compression on elements and textures, so it will look all lovely and shiny.”

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215 thoughts on “Wii U Specs ‘Are Surprising’ Says Sonic Racing Developers”

    1. it has a 3.0ghz cpu with a 120 mhz dedicated sound chip (3.12ghz all together ) new power 7 arch .
      1.5gb shared between screen and gamepad 750mb a piece or 1.2gb for tv / o.3gb for gamepad etc . so a varied RAM speed .
      32 mb Edram . the leaked specs are indeed true .
      this whole ‘porting dilema’ is because the wiiu’s cpu on paper may not be as fast as a ps3 . so porting onto it , is dificult . but all the other specs means it is 3-4 times as powerfull as a ps3/360 .

      if you want to see what these specs are capable of , see the e3 2011 zelda HD tech demo . those graphics (which are being run on an early wiiu kit ) far exceed todays graphics . and suggest a powrfull gpu and memory is in use .
      Exciting times for wiiu .
      just what we needed after that week Assassins creed debacle yesterday.
      I knew that was BS , he said ‘catching up’ . its not finished yet . and it probably has better texture and framerate etc. but as of yet they havent added the lighting and particles to the wiiu build .
      get moving ubisoft!

      1. the frequency of the CPU is as of yet complete speculation
        and you didn’t just add the 120mhz (also unconfirmed) of a soundchip on top of the cpus frequency? not to mention that pure GHz isn’t any indicator for the performance of a CPU
        heck some smartphones come with 1.4GHz CPUs… does this mean they are as powerful as an intel i7 that i underclock to 1.4Ghz? no it doesn’t

        total system memory is speculation aswell neither has the amount of eDRAM the CPU will be using been disclosed

        simply saying “the leaked specs are indeed true” doesn’t magically make it so

        and without knowing what kind of GPU the wii-u will be using statements like “but all the other specs means it is 3-4 times as powerfull as a ps3/360 .” are also completely without any basis

        the only thing you stated that has actually been confirmed is the cpu being based on power7 architecture

        1. i recon these specs are true. its nintendo’s way of making an ffordable console that can completely out peform the ps3/360 and will attract graphics whores .
          i think they are going to be virtualy identical specs as to what i just listed .
          wiiu = 2-3 x better than 360 .

          1. they’re still speculation
            they could be fakes just as easily as they could be correct

            and you still don’t have any info concerning the GPU and without it there’s no way to be certain how well the wii-u will perform in comparison to the current generation

            i agree that it would be fairly easy (and cheap) to create a console with modern hardware that will outperform the current generation by a large margin, but for now anything definite is just speculation

            1. indeed sir , between my fanboy presumptions and your calm and collected neutral tech wisdom , the wiiu will be fantastic . its a ‘NEXT GEN’ console .
              the ps3 has no chance of dual renderin 2 images at once with both images displaying better graphics .
              its looking realy good for wiiu .
              i dont care what the ps4 and 720 end up being .
              if the wiiu can handle scaled down ports of them , i will never need to buy one of them .
              until they are really cheap 5 years into their lifespan .

            2. Well I’ll be damned if you’re not the only person on this blog with his/her head on their shoulders. Far too many people seem to be saying that all the developer outcries are ‘bullshit’ and that the Wii U is definitely 2 or 3 times more powerful than the current crop of consoles based seemingly on nothing more than ‘because it’s Nintendo.’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m as exciterd for the Wii U as anyone but all of these specs from day one (bar the ‘based on Power 7 architecture’ which did come from a rep from IBM who was working out of the East Fishkill plant, are complete speculation and based on nothing substantial

  1. This is a good sign, it means that the games can be bigger and longer I hope :D
    Also I hope SEGA ports Sonic Generations to Wii U, I bet their Hedgehog engine could run at full power :D

            1. I’m not a graphics whore, but I have to disagree with the wii’s graphics. Honestly, it just looks ugly on my 32″ HDTV. I tried playin Monster hunter one day and it just looked really blurry. I mean, on an older smaller television, yeah it would be just fine, but many families today have upgraded televisions, and 480p just doesnt cut it. Why use a candle when you can use a lightbulb?

              1. I don’t own that game but I’ve never had problems with any games I own, most look great, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda, Metroid Prime 3, Sonic Colours, Resident Evil 4 to name a few I can think of

              2. Ik what you mean because the same thing happened when I played xenoblade chronicles on the hd tv. You need the right component cables for the specs to be clear

      1. can’t wait but probs need to wait some months to have enough money
        i can ask it for my 18th birthday maybe XD

        and as my second console later ps4 not going to buy xbox also…the differences is that xbox has only a few exclusives+pay for online>.>

          1. Yahoo is supposedly “confirming it”. But whatever the hell do they know.

            Sony has already came out and said that they won’t show a next gen console that can’t demonstrate a significant leap. So that’s one down for the fanboys claiming “they’ll all be on PAR”.

            Microsoft will undoubtedly listen to Epic and craft a beast of a console, in fact, this line reassures me that the REAL console manufacturers know what’s up:


            Of course, there will be the flood of squawking Nintendrones with “$599 U.S. dollars!111″ as if power had anything to do with the bulk of the PS3′s price and not actually Blu-Ray. :eyeroll:

            1. Oh and before anyone replies to this, Wii U isn’t considered next-gen. They’re talking about the systems that isn’t trying to cash grab Nintendo suckers.

                1. Hahaha, yes. It’s only next-gen in release. Not in spirit. It’s a joke and you know it.

                  Just like how “next-gen” the Wii was. Oh wait, that was an overclocked Gamecube.

                  1. “Oh wait, that was an overclocked Gamecube.”
                    This is quite true, yet the Wii happened to sell more than 4x as much as the Gamecube worldwide.
                    I’m sure Nintendo knows what they’re doing. They have been in business since 1889.

                  2. FunnyhhoHoweeeveryonecconsuderconsidersttgthewwiiccurrentgGenddespitdespiteppoorggrgraphics.BBesidesyyouccan’tiimproveggraphicsaanymmoretthehhavingcCGIllookingggameplaynsnsmootAAnimationAnimations

              1. the wiiu is next gen you idiot. it is 100% next gen technology , are you stupid ??? asymetric gamepad streaming @ better graphics than ps3 ??? potentialy a lot better graphics.
                it doesnt matter what sony and micro put out . the wiiu is next gen . it looks an awesome piece of tech .
                dont expect your xbox to be so cheap and powerful now !

                  1. because you are butt destroyed , and your going to have to stick with your sub par ps3 and 360 for two years .

            2. Sony says they wont bring another console out til theres a significant leap. By significant leap they probably mean graphics. If thats the case you’ll be waiting a while. Is it fun being a graphic whore?

              1. Gee, Captain Obvious. You don’t fucking say. I had no idea that’s what they meant. /s

                Thanks for clearing it up, you insignificant cretin.

                1. Have fun paying thousands of dollars on a new tv to get the best out of your console if this 4K rumour bullshit is true.

                    1. You dont have to buy the tv but if you want the best out of your rumoured 4K ps4 you’ll have to get one. I thought you wanted a true next gen console ahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

                    2. You can very well have “true next-gen visuals” without the need of having it rendered in 4K, skirting around that isn’t helping your case. =P

                    3. They can use that engine on the wii u. This is my last reply to you cos you are one word: RETARDED.

            3. I love how they use the term “quantum leap” when “quantum” actually means something in an subatomic scale. :D

              And yeah, I knew we wouldn’t have peace for long.

              1. quantum leap, jump
                a sudden highly significant advance; breakthrough
                [from its use in physics meaning the sudden jump of an electron, atom, etc. from one energy level to another]

                I don’t see the discrepancy.

                  1. Ironic of you to say the first bit of that considering how shitty your typing skills and reading comprehension are.

                    Also, “heard”? You’re on the internet, what the fuck are you hearing? Nitwit.

                    1. oh so you want to argue semantics now? that’s the aeolus i’ve come to know and love
                      always up to discuss something completely irrelevant and off the wall as soon as he runs out of insults or anything significant to say ;)

                    2. The majority of your responses are irrelevant to begin with. What are you even going on with?

                      Also, remove that fucking faggot smile emoticon out of your posts.

            4. You’re pretty confident about a system that’s not even close to coming out and has very little info about it, aren’t you? (the supposed “xbox720″)

          2. Bippity Boppity Boop!!! That rumor does not have very much backbone behind it. 4k is displayed horizontally not vertically like 1080p, so they aren’t exactly the same thing. Also who cares about 4k graphics!? 1080 already looks fantastic.What will 4k do? It might sound like a big leap, but visually it is nothing. Oh an you would need a new MORE powerful, MORE expansive television just to experience the “4k graphics”… Bing Bang Bop!!!

            1. The 4K thing will most likely be for video formats only via the support of HDMI 1.4, and not actual gaming.

              Just go back to around E3 2006, when Sony were making claims about all games being 1080p @ 120fps or using dual tv output as a standard feature.

              They often massively overshoot things.

              1. I’m pretty sure they’re implying RENDERING it in 4K. Literally every HDMI 1.4 device can -output- it, it’s pointless to go about as if that’s a unique feature.

                Also, I’ve heard no such thing about “120fps”.

            1. I’m a Nintendo fan too. I’m a fan of every system because they each have good games and positive aspects.

              I’m cool with fans who can have civil discussions. I do not tolerate ignorance and disrespect when it comes to gaming discussions.

              You shouldn’t be ashamed of being a fan as long as you aren’t being derogatory and uncivil. :) It’s A-OK to be a Ninty fan! :D

          1. Yeah, but not all us Nintendo Fanboys go to their site trolling, although I’m tempted to start, as tey obviously come to our Nintendo website to harrass us.

        1. People still go on with this “original” and “clone” bullshit as if it matters who the fuck is posting.

          Holy shit you guys need a new tune to sing. Perhaps you can sing the song of Nintendo getting nowhere with the Wii U this year while they spend their time trying to explain to casuals that this is a new console, LMFAO.

          1. “Perhaps you can sing the song of Nintendo getting nowhere with the Wii U”

            Implying that you know how it’ll be in the future.

            But what do you know, you’re just a dumb ass.

            And oh look, you suddenly give a fuck about casuals? Hm, I guess you do when its AGAINST Nintendo, huh?

            1. I wonder where the hell does my comment show any signs of me giving a crap about casuals.

              Typical Nintendo fanboy mental capacity.

          2. Bing Bang Bop!!! I think this Aeolus is using reverse psychology on us. He says we need to “sing a different tune” yet look at all his comments… They all say stuff like “the Wii U is a babysitting tool” or “Don’t try to hide your a Nintendo fan boy” seriously is this all he got!? Bop Bam Boom!!!

        1. Exactly how does that reach a new level of it, or are you too stupid to come up with a coherent response that doesn’t show off your inevitable buyer’s remorse?

          1. Its a console. Seriously, babysitting tool? Are they going to babysit people with Assassins Creed? Ninja gaiden? ZombiU? Mass effect?

            Seriously, you’ve got the most ridiculous backward mentality, its insane. You stroll around saying “mario is rehash and for casuals” yet say, “vita will have LBP, which is great”.
            Believing that a game has to have a fucking gun to be worth playing, and anything else is casual, and even to the point where you pretty much slag off any game on the WiiU, regardless what it is, and how good it is.

            You look like a spastic, no, that would be insulting to anyone unfortunate enough to have a mental illness.
            You’re just a fanboy, you can deny it all you want.
            “ps4 is going to destroy the WiiU”. You mean like the ps3 didnt do this gen.
            Who gives a fuck!?
            I’ll probably be buying a ps4, if its not expensive, but i’ll happily sit with my WiiU and rub it in your face that im so free of ignorance that i can enjoy every best game made next gen, because im not fixtated on what its fucking graphics are like.
            Piss off, fanboy.

            1. I asked for an answer, not fanboy butt-devastation.

              It’s a babysitting tool for overgrown little bitches in their 30s still obsessed with Nintendo. Only fanboys are really giving a shit about the Wii U. Go in any comments section on a real gaming site, and you’ll see just how many people aren’t convinced with the retarded children coming up with a load of excuses to make it seem like it’s worth a purchase.

              It must suck being a fanboy, limiting yourself to a brand name who’s been irrelevant since the N64.

              1. Thats the best reply you can come up with? Really?
                Even to the point where you call me a fanboy, when ive had every playstation. In fact, i didnt even have an N64 or a Gamecube, only the gameboy’s. But, then i played catch up, and bought N64 and Gamecube games. And i loved them. Try coming up with an answer that makes sense next time that isnt laced in your fanboy crap, and ludicrous belief that you could “take on” everyone here

                1. Owning other consoles doesn’t make you less of a fanboy. That’s the most predictable comeback fanboys use, by the way.

                  We know you’re a Nintendrone. Why even try to hide it? You make it more obvious by justifying their stupidity and downplaying the real systems that served real gamers this generation. Wii beat PS3? In sales, anybody with half a fucking brain knows that’s a load of bullshit for EVERYTHING ELSE.

                  1. Bing Bang Bop!!! Commenting on a news thread if it is to defend one thing or another hardly makes anyone a “Nintendrone.” You can like Nintendo without being a fan-boy. I would know, because I do it!!! How do I prove it?…lol I cant so big whoopee ding! Call me a fan-boy…like it makes a difference…that is the same comeback you have with every comment. Talk about “singing a different tune.” Bop Bam Boom!!!

                  2. your not even a real guy . you are walking cancer .
                    gtfo now . your just thesort of little nerd people want to punch in the phukin face .
                    puny piece of sh-it .
                    Nintendo make great games . deal with it .
                    sony and microsofts consoles have great games aswell .
                    nobody cares if your too poor to afford a wiiu .
                    stick with that old 360 your grandma bought you 3 weeks ago and keep behaving like a big man . i am nintendo fanboy. i stil bought a ps3 and a 360 the day they came out .
                    your not a gamer , your a narrow minded peice of turd who knows nothing about gaming . no go away , bfore i climb through the screen and smash your dusty grey 360 over your dirty fanboy had . tard .

              2. For someone who keeps referring to everyone’s ‘stupidity’, you sure do scream of blatant stupidity.
                “Only fanboys are really giving a shit about the Wii U. Go in any comments section on a real gaming site, and you’ll see just how many people aren’t convinced with the retarded children coming up with a load of excuses to make it seem like it’s worth a purchase.”
                First off, lets address ‘real’ gamers…’people that hang around a gaming website regularly, and demean others for playing games on a console of their choice’…that about sum up a ‘real’ gamer? Or maybe its the 10 year old kids boasting on xbox live about pwning others who come on to play for fun, when they waste 18 hours of the day playing Halo or COD? Perhaps those are ‘real’ gamers. No, the only thing ‘real’ about ‘real’ gamers is that they are ‘real douchebags’ like you.
                Secondly, game systems each generation reach what, at least 75-100 million people? I assure you that your ‘real gaming’ buddies on NEOGAF make up about .1% of the gaming population, so, logically, I’m pretty sure that their ‘expert’ opinions on the Wii U being ‘for babies’ or ‘a babysitting machine’ mean absolutely squat. But hey, everyone here thanks you for just clarifying how blatantly stupid you really are.

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  3. So, Wii U will soon be the most powerful console you can buy.

    PC->WiiU->xbox->ps3 is the current pecking order hardware wise?

    1. I’m not seeing what he said that’s so great.

      He said “surprising” specs. Probably implying his expectations were low, but it happens to be on par with consoles so he didn’t have to tone anything down.

      His statement once again cements that this console is an utter joke.

      1. I don’t see where it says that his expectations were low. Come with SOLID EVIDENCE that he said that. If you can’t support yourself, then GTFO.

        1. Read the goddamn article, and it is in your face obvious.

          “When we first got our hands on the kit, the first surprise was the capability of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). We’d been worried that we might need to re-engineer all the effects and shaders in the game, but they worked just fine.”

          Why should he be worried about a “next-gen” console would require such a task done from scratch? Don’t say “difficult to develop for”, no such thing needed to be done to 360 games, let alone PS3 ones. I think his expectations were low from the start. They have every reason to be after what they did what the Wii.

          Stop being a stupid fanbitch and accept that this console IS NOT SIGNIFICANTLY OVER THIS GENERATION. Holy fuck, everybody with half a brain has accepted that, trying to make your purchase of this junk feel better by paying too much mind to their quotes is embarrassing.

      2. Well then Amir… care to tell us why the developer say, “…Wii U has way more memory than other consoles on the market, so they can then take advantage of that with less compression on elements and textures.” ?

        1. New console has slightly more RAM than existing ones.

          Someone sound the alarms, this is a conspiracy.


          1. if by slightly more . you mean 3 times as much .
            this article is completely positive . and is proof the wiiu is powerfull . so gtfo . you are a nobody . go away . i bet you smell of piss and biscuits , nerd .

              1. You need to understand that generations are defined by the time of release, not the power of the console. It’s impossible to compete with say the third gen of consoles just because you’ve got a weak (by our standards) console. You have to have released it at the time.

      3. You probably went to an American school, thus English sentences phase your mind. Read his statement again. He explains it has a powerful GPU, and more memory. Don’t be Moronic and twist words that are vividly written.

        1. Don’t try to overanalyze what he’s saying. He’s surprised that the system could keep up. It’s very fucking obvious.

  4. Will still be weaker than the 720 and ps4 (probably) but not by much, and then it’ll have its price as an advantage

      1. Nearly a decade ago, the tune fanbos sung back then was “what’s the point in releasing a HD console; not many people have them and they’re too expensive”.

        It’s funny how history repeats itself so much.

          1. Excuses.

            The prices will inevitably deteriorate over the years. I wouldn’t be too surprised if cheaper alternatives come out of nowhere.

            You’re a broken record, man. You never have anything original or interesting to say. You’re a Nintendrone and that’s that.

        1. Nearly a decade ago, HDTVs were about $18,000 cheaper than these 4K TVs are today.

          The first HDTV was released in the 90s, and it wasn’t until 2010 that they surpassed 50% market penetration.

          So the first 4K TV is coming out soon, and if it follows the same pattern as HDTVs did, it won’t get anywhere close to mass penetration until 2025. When we’ll be on the PS5 and the rest at least.

          Meaning it would be utterly redundant on this upcoming round of consoles.

          1. The first HDTV was not released in the 90s, In fact HDTVs have dated back to the 50s. The television standard to be considered “HD” was the only thing changing.

            Also, you don’t even know the latter. For all you know cheaper alternatives *trust me, Sony is overpricing that particular display* will eventually show up. Then as the years go by, the price goes down.

      2. None. If its true, its just Sony, yet again, trying to recreate the ps2′s success, in that it had a dvd player. Thats why they had bluray, which they have to next gen, and they’ll do this 4K crap, which is only compatable with $30,000 tv’s. Yeah, nice work Sony.
        Thats the problem with sony and microsoft consoles, making you pay for stuff that unneccessary, or that i dont want. Inb4 Aeolus (let face it, he’ll reply), no, the gamepad is not the same thing, because its actually useful. Nextbox will have kinect built in. Nobody fucking wants that, besides casual gamers, and now this 4K ps4 rumour. Id of happily bought a ps3 with an optical disk drive, with 25GB disks, and saved myself a shitload of money. But no, cram expensive shit in there.

        1. Nobody asked for the GamePad, nor wanted it. It is unnecessary and useless in every sense of the word to gaming, no matter what you try to say to make it seem “useful”.

          Ring me up when I’m getting silly second screen nonsense on a tablet controller for PCs, because we all know how necessary it is, after all.

          “Nobody wants this, nobody wants that”. Except, millions are using them and it’s never forced onto the user. You are a Nintendo fanboy.

          1. Nobody wanted motion controls. Oh look, now they do.
            And its about having an imagination, creating new ways to immerse people into a game, and make the game fun, and having a better interface, along with some brand new ideas. But, for boring people like you, they literally brought another controller. Nobody uses the move, and kinect has no use for “hardcore” gamers.

            1. We do? Who’s we? Who the fuck is this “We”? Gamers don’t care about Wii, Kinect or PS Move. They don’t fucking care, casuals maybe, but not real gamers.

              Are we going to be forced to use a Kinect 2.0 in games though? NO.

              Why the fuck would Microsoft alienate their LARGEST userbase on their console?

              These experiences have almost never been immersive, or doing anything a standard controller can’t do. You’re just being a yes-man to support Nintendo’s uncompetitive cash grabbing bullshit. I was immersed in NO possible way with any motion sensing system, and I’m am positive many other sane gamers haven’t.

              You call it boring, I call it not fucking with the wheel real gamers are used to. Don’t fuck with what works, it isn’t going to make it fun for everybody. End of.

              1. They*, but you’ve effectively said “we” anyway when you said “gamers”. Actually “us”, because you’re not a real gamer and therefore not in that equation.

              2. It’s amazing how ‘real gamers’ will jump behind new IP as if it is automatically amazing, whilst attacking any game franchise that has been around for more than five minutes as being a ‘stale rehash’, yet when you mess with the controllers, the ‘real gamers’ are suddenly whiny little bitches afraid of change.

                1. You’re a fucking idiot you know that?

                  If it works don’t fuck with it. The same is true with PC keyboards. They’re always the same for a reason.

                  You guys only approve of it, because it’s Nintendo doing it. Don’t even bullshit yourselves.

              3. Bing Bang Bop!!! Please explain what the the HELL is wrong with being a casual gamer? Explain to me how many hard-core gamers there ACTUALLY are!? I know many people who play hard-core games like CoD and Halo, but they play it like Casual gamers do. SO anyone that plays a hard-core game is a hard-core gamer now? No, that is not true. There are very few hard-core gamers out there in the world compared to casuals. SO technically Nintendo has the broader audience…argue all you want, but your “reasons” for “why Nintendo sucks” are meaningless. Bop Bam Boom!!!

          2. “unnecessary and useless in every sense”

            Excuse me whilst I determine my current location using the inbuilt gps on my ps vita.

            At least Nintendo’s “unnecessary and useless in every sense” gamepad was/is designed for gaming unlike the other “unnecessary and useless” options and hardware other companies cram into their consoles. Apparently motion controls is a gimmick which helped with wii in sales yet for almost half of the people who bought the ps3 just for blu ray use isn’t?

            1. A location feature that you’re not forced to use. Great and sound rebuttal. You know what’s wrong with that, so I’m not even going to bother replying to the rest of this.

          3. Bing Bam Bop!!! Nintendo comes out with stuff that nobody thinks of… that’s the point. Its called being innovative. It wouldn’t be a surprising piece of technology if everyone was asking for it. Nintendo can deliver surprises that no one even thought of AS WELL AS things Nintendo fans “do” ask for. Bop Bam Boom!!!

    1. It will be weaker than them by a significant amount, only fanboys are in denial of this at this point. You will be proven wrong, and you will try to come up with stupid excuses when you are wrong.

      I’m so sick of seeing idiots post this.

            1. Because they need to tell you the specs of an unannounced product despite being very clear that it will be demonstrating a significant leap.

              Are you seriously this stupid?

          1. “It’s hard to say right now.I do not think we’ll have a console with a lot better graphics than the PS3 currently offered.I believe the future will be to offer consumers better and more accessible experience .The aim will be to make more people enter the world of video games and try to design titles for women.”

            James Armstrong
            Vice President
            Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

            1. -Vice- President of SCEE vs PLAYSTATION CEO. Yeah, I’m sure he wins that credibility fight.

              “I do not think”

              “I believe”

              Ancient source and an unsure interview. Cool.

                    1. This is not speculation, this educated insight and uses sources to prove my points.

                      The PS4 will be a beast, you’ve heard it from the camels mouth, nothing more needs to be said.

                  1. you lose . the wiiu will probably be just behind the ps4′s graphics . and will have all ports that look identical to it .
                    you lose . RIP sony .
                    they litteraly CANNOT afford to put out a console that costs more than $400 . they just calnt . or they will be liquidated from business. look at the vita , too powerfull too expensive nobody cares about it . nobody is making good games for it . its dead .
                    the 3ds has some globaly huge games coming to it . not to mention NSMB2 has just launched and i wont be suprised if the vita will be outsold by NSMB2 in the next year. thats pathetic . RIP vita . i would like to buy you one day . but you messed up with your price and memory cards and lack of attractive games , RIP kid .

                1. But I know what truth will hurt: When nobody buys the Wii U and Nintendo finds that it isn’t selling as well as they expect it to.

                  When the next-gen smashes it in specs and grips the industry while everyone forget it exists.

                  When real games built from the ground up hit those consoles, while you’re busy playing your last gen ports and HD reskins of Nintendo games.

                  That’s going to be the most entertaining thing ever. What’s funny is how likely this will be.

                    1. The Wii only sold well, no real, self-respecting gamers cared about it.

                      Missed out on every major release, had a bunch of last-gen looking games with none of them being able to stand their ground against later HD console titles.

                      Now it’s being outsold on a monthly basis by them, I guess pricing was the only thing going for it early on, after all.

                  1. Bing Bang Bop!!! lol! Aeolus, you try to use intelligence and wit in you’r comebacks, but I see right through it all. You think the PS4 is already better than the Wii U even though you know nothing about the console? Talk about being a fan-boy. You say you have “heard” the PS4 will be a beast yet you know nothing about it and call it “fact” then you automatically call the Wii U trash and yet you know NOTHING about it either(the specs aren’t released yet…) and you call that a fact… bullshit fan boy troll is BULLSHIT lol. Bop Bam Boom!!!

                  1. I just want to know one thing, and I want a good answer to this. You only seem to want to make things related to Nintendo look bad, hunting down comments and making people feel bad about something that they actually want to look forward to without being made to look like a fool.

                    Why don’t you just leave us be? Why not just leave us alone?

          1. Bop Bam Boom!!!…great comeback here Aeolus… I never could have come up with “Shut the fuck up, you ugly fatshit.” Highly original and really shed some light on my views about Nintendo… –__– Bing Bang Bop!!!

          2. Seriously, it’s like you’re TRYING to make yourself look like an idiot.

            ………………….U IS TROLLIN i know it

      1. “Significant amount”

        Theres no such thing these days. In reality, PC games are not that much better. Sure, its noticably better, but if thats all you cared about, then people would just be on PC’s. Get ut out of your head that this growth in graphics is slowing down, fast, and only get more expensive and costly to run.
        I’ve never met anyone who looked at a ps3 game, and said, “those graphics are shit”, besides irate PC fanboys.
        Because Aeolus, and you might want to sit down for this one, the majority of people, dont care about graphics. OHHH SHITTTT, NO WAYYY.

        1. “PC games are not much better”.

          Thanks for confirming you’ve never touched a gaming PC. That is the biggest crock of shit I’ve read in a while.

          1. My housemate was a PC nut, although he also owned consoles.
            I played Unreal Tournement, Stalker, Metro 2023, Battlefield 3, TF2, and a bunch of others. Seriously, it looked nice, yeah. But you literally had to stand around and look for things to notice it, like the clock in Stalker, thats in real time. Who cares about that? I wasnt “blown away” like people say PC gaming is compared to consoles. It just looks nice, but the majority of games were FPS’s and overhead tyoe games like Diablo and Starcraft. Its nothing to get excited about.

            1. You don’t represent the PC community, shut the fuck up. You’ve lost your credibility, if you think those don’t “look much better”, maybe you should get some laser surgery done to your eyes.

                  1. Wow, you’re not a dumb motherfucker at all. Thanks for AGREEING. LOL.

                    Proves just how much ass-kissery goes on here. You said it yourself, so you disagreed with him.

      2. If it is then that may be a mistake, game aswell as console developers have realized that as of right now all they can do with next gen is take what we’ve already played and make it look better, and at that how much better, the ps3 maxed out the resolution of a standard hd tv. This would explain why Microsoft’s choice gpu as posted by ign:ca.ign.com/articles/2012/01/24/xbox-720-will-be-six-times-as-powerful-as-current-gen
        isnt that much more powerful than what the current xbox is at (as running direct X 11 games on it would be a slideshow) they might be taking kinect and trying to get gamers to except it as the new way of gaming as, as I said before they cant do anything but take what we’ve already played and make it look better. I want to say the reason nintendo made the Wii the way they did was because they saw that coming but then i’d have to ignore their succsessful plan of bringing in the “other” (casual) audience with motion controls.

  5. Bing Bang Bop!!! I am really looking forward to playing Sega& All-Stars Racing Transformed!!! The Wii U version sounds great. Can’t wait to play as Mii! :D Bop Bam Boom!!!

  6. Bingo, more proof of what we already knew. I hope they don’t get in trouble from Nintendo for giving that info out so blatantly.

  7. It’s official, I will get the Wii U version of Sonic All Stars instead of the PS3 version after seeing these news. Who needs pointless pre-order bonuses like Metal Sonic & Out Run track.

  8. Everyone, please do not feed the troll. All that Aeolus (Amir Stuart) does is troll, whine, bitch, bash and adds more bullshit than a politician and Michael Pachter combined.

    1. It’s funny reading his comments though because it actually looks like he believes his bullshit, which I don’t see how is possible.


      1. LoL @ “Amir” (what was those parents of yours smokin when they named your pathetic ass)? picking fights over VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS! HA HA HA! You poor little piece of trash. Get a life

        1. Telling me to get a life when you’re talking shit on your keyboard is quite the humorous. But it’s okay, you can be a keyboard warrior all you want; you’re still a pussy.

  9. Who ever said the Wii U isnt next gen is an ass! Why do you think Sony and MS are so quick to immitate what they do. Sony’s been so hellbent on making the vita rival the Wii U (not gonna happen) They haven’t been putting any relevant games on the damn thing. Now kinetik is trying to implement augmented reality? piss OFF! HA HA HA Nintendo is in the lead already and they know it!

  10. Wii U is gonna be awesome. Counting the days until September 13th. I need to know that price so I’ll have a target. Leave luck to heaven.

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