Pokemon Typing Adventure Trailer For Nintendo DS Complete With Keyboard

Nintendo UK has uploaded some footage of Pokémon Typing Adventure which is exclusive to the Nintendo DS. Pokémon: Typing Adventure for Nintendo DS is coming to European stores on 21st September 2012 and comes bundled with the Nintendo Wireless Keyboard. The game allows you to research over 400 Pokémon – including Legendary Pokémon – in this unique, typing-based game.

95 thoughts on “Pokemon Typing Adventure Trailer For Nintendo DS Complete With Keyboard”

              1. yes its so kids can learn to type and then when they visit websites, they can join the discussion instead of being a complete and utter twat.

              2. Says the guy on a Nintendo news site. Oh, and nice name by the way. I like Earthbound too. Hmm.. what company is that apart of again?

          1. Really?

            That the best you can do, just tell the people to quit trolling and suddenly they will stop?

            Because guess what? That doesn’t work

            Do you not have any power what so ever to ban people?

            Jeez no wonder the comment section of this site is worse than the one found on youtube.

            1. @RichxGlov please don’t dictate to me what to do in every article I post. I have no intention of using disqus.
              @Mr-joker It’s my site. Of course I can ban people. If I ban one person why shouldn’t I ban the majority of users on the site? Myself and Alba check over the comments section from time to time, but it’s a very time consuming task. With a popular site you inevitably get trolls. End of story. I’ll continue to keep an eye on things.

              1. ^^Thank You!!! Some people dont understand this at all and it’s irritatin, like watchin a spoilt kid cry to his mama cuz he cant get his way

              2. “@Mr-joker It’s my site. Of course I can ban people. If I ban one person why shouldn’t I ban the majority of users on the site? Myself and Alba check over the comments section from time to time, but it’s a very time consuming task. With a popular site you inevitably get trolls. End of story. I’ll continue to keep an eye on things.”

                Basically you are going to do nothing at all.


                Well that is fine with me I will just keep trolling since you are going to do just nothing.

              3. “If I ban one person why shouldn’t I ban the majority of users on the site?”

                Because the majority of users on this site do not go out of their way to annoy other people. Sure, some may have rediculous opinions, but that doesn’t mean they’re willingly trying to get a rise out of people. They’re also not deteriorating your site on purpose or nearly as much. I’m sure the majority of people understand when someone is uninformed and opinionated, but you can’t hold them to the same standard as people who make it their purpose to troll.
                but it is your site and do whatever you want with it. if it’s too much work, get some mods or something. i can think of a few users on this site who’d be able to do that.

    1. gtfo . i would rather talk to a clown shoe than read or respond to your dribble.
      your About 13-15 judgeing by your horrificaly childish comment’s.
      not only are you young but your really imature for your age.
      some nice people on here are probably 13-15 but they come across as a 20 year old because they are mature and inteligent.
      if you feel the need to come on this website and embarass your self day after day , wtf is the point ???? .
      nobody takes offence or anything when they read your comment.
      they just think ‘this immature tard is posting his shovel comments again’.
      lets get some facts str8 . nintendo revoloutionized video games .
      they have been making awesome games for decades . and they are the leading force in this industry . the nintendo DS outsold the 360 and the ps3 added together + 30 million .
      microsoft are noobs with no franchises , sony are noobs with no imagination .
      Nintendo is blatently the best company in gaming.
      graphics = pc
      franchises and ideas = nintendo .
      xbox = imature teenagers
      ps = imature adults

      1. Wow you are stupid -__- why are you so blind by nintendo ? Play some PC or PS3 games and you will realize how terrible Nintendo is , and you are comparing handheld sales to console sales ? How retarded…the DS only sold to old fucks and teen girls ..

        1. Play some PC or PS3 games?
          Done and done.
          Is Nintendo terrible?
          Heck, I have and played with every home and handheld console except for the original Xbox. Is Nintendo terrible? No.

        2. “lay some PC or PS3 games and you will realize how terrible Nintendo is”

          So, you are saying your opinion is the most definitive opinion and everyone has to think that way or else they are ‘blind’?

        3. wow!!!! i have had a ps3 and a 360 since the day they came out! and all the best games. but i still think nintendo platforms and games are the best. by a long way . so gtfo you 1 dimensional retard.

        4. Played PC and PS3 games. Enjoyed them all. Is Nintendo terrible? Hell no. Nintendo is still great and always will be. Just because you aren’t a fan doesn’t mean you must have everyone conform to your views. Everyone is different. If people like this “rehashed” games, who are you to say otherwise? We live in a world where we choose what we buy, Nintendo caters for more a casual market anyway, oh an P.S. I ain’t a teen girl or old fuck. I buy all handhelds.

        1. well i have a had a ps3 and a xbox 360 since the day they came out. so stfu .
          also i do genuinely believe nintendo is BY FAR the most original and best company in video games. call me brainwashed all you like , tard.

    1. Probably the same way HeartGold and SoulSilver connects to the PokeWalker, there’s a small infrared chip built into the game cartridge.

  1. Why still put effort into ds games. Use all your developers for 3DS stupid! I want more 64 remakes. Mario64, SSB64, Majoras Mask. Etc. P.s. Why do we have to wait for q4 for zeldaII on 3ds when it is an NES game. Hurry up with that shit too. NES games should all be available by now.

    1. ” I want more 64 remakes. ”
      I laugh, because you want more effort to be done on the 3DS, yet you want N64 remakes. How ignorant can you get?..

          1. No, kid. Or immature adult I guess. Adults wouldn’t make such a stupid argument. Really? Only good for rehashes? Can we get a ban up in here.

      1. If you are trolling about about how shitty Nintendo is then why did you chose the same name as a Nintendo character?

        You just look stupid.

      2. Its a portable. I only want good rehashes made for the 3ds in 3d. The 64 was an amazing console so remakes are welcome and with online capability for games such as ssb64 would be wicked. Anyhow doesn’t sound like you own a 3ds or enjoy nintendo products so stfu.

      3. Yet Kid Icarus Uprising is (one of) the highest rated 3DS games this year. And it’s nigh on an entirely new game.

      4. the 3ds’s library is the fastest growing library of quality titles ever in gaming.
        did the ps3 and 360 have many good games after 1 year ??? nope . they had like 2-3 .
        the 3ds is AMAZING. games like kid icarus , resi rev , KH ddd , theatrythm , mario 3d land , mk7 , oot 3d , and many many others are awesome .
        the ps vita on the other hand has the most uninspired library ever.
        uncharted is good . everything else is a port or a rehash or a download or is shit .
        the ps vita is litteraly pathetic . rayman and mgshd are on ps3.
        everything else is dog shit .
        get over it .
        the dreamcast had LOT LOT LOT better games after 9 months.
        it had masterpieces and everything , like jet set radio and crazy taxi and sonic advenure and shenmue etc etc .
        the ps vita is the LEASTsupported console. matched by the likes of the sega saturn and the gamegear and the virtual boy!!!!!

        cod vita looks SHIT!!! 4v4 watred down rehash .
        ACL also looks like a little watered down piece of crap .
        RIP VITA .

    2. I’d rather not play the exact same games over and over again. No one is original anymore. The last thing we need are stupid remakes. Just play the N64 versions. They don’t need to be remade.

      1. See above comment. I am looking forward to the new paper mario and new smash, not a whole lot else. I would be happy with lots of Virtual console remakes for 3ds being a portable especially 64.

    1. its one of the most succesful consoles ever. so let it doe slowly and peacefully like the ps2 did.

  2. Pokemon typing?? It looks very incompatible from as DS game. Nintendo should make a flick typing game or release this on PC.

  3. id just get it for the keyboard, i hate using the 3ds type thing that it has, instead of the stylus u should be able to use the directional pad

  4. Eh i will stick to rpg pokemon

    anywho. Is it ok to skip B&W and get B&W2 instead? Can someone fill in the story for me?

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