Pachter Claims Nintendo “Just Doesn’t Get It” With Wii U

Everyone’s favourite industry analyst Michael Pachter has told Electronic Gaming Monthly that Nintendo “just doesn’t get it with Wii U.” Pachter says that while Nintendo struck it lucky with Wii U, he has his reservations about whether they will repeat the console’s success with Wii U. He ended off his tirade by stating that he personally doesn’t think the Wii U looks all that great.

“Nintendo is partying like it’s 1985. Their strategy is ‘We got lucky with the Wii, so if we just try something different, we’ll get lucky again. In their vocabulary, the word ‘lucky’ doesn’t exist-substitute ‘brilliant.’ Unfortunately I don’t think it [the Wii U] looks brilliant.”

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    1. Yah this guy is a MORON!!
      BTW Typo in Artical:
      “…Nintendo struck it lucky with Wii U…” Take out “U”.
      This idiot is so in denial about how succssesfull Nintendo is! And just hides behind his theory that Nin. got lucky. -_-“

      1. I agree with him!
        I will buy Wii U day one, but I really doubt that it will reach the same audience that Wii did.
        I don´t see many casual gamers talking about it, and when they see they don´t care about, like it was with the Wii.

        I am a nintendo fanboy, but I am really worried about the future of wii u.

        1. Have faith, Savino. The future will be brighter with Wii U. The developers take time to make a great Wii U title no matter type of genre the game categorizes.

          “…Wii U game developers have been optimizing their games and getting more out of the hardware over the past few months. New software updates from Nintendo to the Wii U SKD, engine improvements, etc. have reportedly helped developers to increase the frame rate of their games. All while the visual quality of the games has improved as well. According to the source (rumors), developers now have a better grasp on the system and are able to get more out of it.”

          Read more about at this link–

        2. you agree with patcher ???? the man who stated the psp would outsell the DS 3:1 and the vita would crush the 3ds . and the 3ds would never exceed 8 million units in its entire life , which it reached 20M after 1 year ???

          the man knows nothing about gaming.
          the wiiu will 100% definately be bigger than the wii . why?? because the ‘wii’ branding is a household name now . the original wii came off the back of the low selling gamecube. the wiiu is coming off the back of the high sellin wii. guaranteed huge success.

      1. So when he says good things about nintendo hes all good but when he says bad things all of a sudden hes hitler lol. Yeah mr patcher predictions have for the most part been wrongbut thats becuase heunderestimated the sheer stupidity of nintendos fanbase. To put things into perspective its like somebody predicting shamwow would fail because of how obvious it is of a scam just to be proven wrong becuase he forgot to factor just how braindead the american public is. Heck american are so fucking stupid that they get scam by nigerians heck sometimes three times lmfao thats why the poor little americunts need laws to protect them from themselves. Mr patcher just goes by logic reasoning on why some piece of shit would likely not fail but forgetting o factor in the sheer stupidity of the bible believing nation. Mr patcher is a classy and may i add very sexy lookng guy for his age. Patcher you really need to factor the type of consumers that the companies tand to target for example casuals a group of moron that dont understand the value of a dollar. Chuckles

        1. You said “So when he says good things about nintendo hes all good…” When did he say good things about Nintendo? when did he say good things at all?

          This is what Patcher says: Nintendo will fail! Sony will fail! Microsoft will fail! Everything will fail! Epic fail! YOU will fail! I hate you! I hate everybody! I hate everything! I hate ME! *takes a gun and headshots himself*

          1. Why all the hate for patcher ive had the pleasure of meeting him and hes a good down to earth family man. At home he has pc and mobile gaming with andriod tablet but he is just stating his opinion on why nintendo is going downhill. If you met him youd love him his a great dad and family man. I agree with him and it boogles the mind why nintendo is still here. Even screwattack and ign love the guy for crying out loud. He predicted nintendo magizines death and look at that

            1. It’s because 1) Pachter is a flaming douchebag; 2) He hates Nintendo; and 3) He dick rides Micro$oft for points status.

              If you wanna dick ride that douchebag, it’s your funeral. I’m done feeding you and that’s all I’m gonna say to you.

    1. ”nintendo just doesnt get it” – ummmmmmm , the DS , wii and now 3ds are all massive success , what doesnt nintendo get ????

      pather , you are the one who knows nothing about video games . why is he allowed to write silly fanboyism’s ???

        1. Yeah its not nintendo it mr patcher that doesnt get how gullible and stupid a fanbase can get. Point in case the wii theres no logical reason that it sold other than cheap gimmicks as one of the answer. The wii had all the making of a failue. It had a ratio of 20:5 annualy in the shovelware to good games chart and thats meager amount is mostly nintendo 1st party offerings. Next was basically a gimp up gamecube with crappy browser,low memory space and a shitty flash support i mean my god my iphone could log into almost any site that the wii struggled with. On the positives it was the cheapest netflix player available. Most of their 1st parties were an embarrassment to the company. It takes brass balls to relase crappy first party titles like kirby epic yarn,metriod other m,excitebike,mario party,mario 25 anniversary which ironically was free on the nes and a few otber considering that the majority of its revenoues depended on their first party offerings. Thus wii had no games, very weak third party support,horrendous browser among other things and unlike other companies it did everything wrong and succeed even flat out lying to their consomers. Where was earthbound that mr iwata promised at e3 2006, where where the support of third party hmmp and yet ya critize mr patcher for predicting based on where logic should apply wrong mr patcher in the world of video games things get bizzaro its a world where being cheap,outdated,treating consumers like tools, blaming lack of 3ds sales onthe consmers stupidity amd lying a good company makes how ridiculous but painfully true in the world of video game market.Stay amd rong mr patcher you have supporters

          1. Explain to me when Nintendo ever said that the 3ds launch was the buyers fault. They have said so many times that it didnt sell well in the beginig because of the crappy line up. Which is obviously not the case with the upcoming WiiU. I mean not only do they have great first party titles like Super Mario U and pikmin 3, but they also have great 3rd party games such as Assasins Creed and Batman. And also just because the new Earthbound never came out does not mean he lied. Games like that get canceled all the time, But also i just watched the whole E3 2006 nintendo and it doesnt ever mention a new Earthbound. Another thing, how does Nintendo treat consumers as tools. All of there items are a whole lot cheaper than either microsoft or sony, plus they dont charge for internet that you already have (microsoft). You should really think before you talk. Just sayin

            1. Mr iwata blamed the consumers lack of understandng the 3d slider when the reports came that the 3d effects were burining the retinas off of people. Mr iwata basically said in l a subtle way that consumers where to stupid to relize the 3ds slider could turn off the effects obviously he didnt say stright out stupid but nonethe less the blame rested on the consumers. He still thinks thats the reason for his systems selling at a loss, thats the reason nintendo is staying quite qnd not pushing 3d as a selling point anymore. All companies know people are stupid even sony its the reason they called it vita rather than psp2 because they know stupid people would think 3ds was more advance l. Ironically they failed at sales but thats another story

                1. Its true look it up under iwata blaming users for lack of 3ds sales. If I was going to make shit up I say bigger crap like 3ds being better than vita. Also the point of being anonymous is to keep your identy hidden lol seems that concept missed you by a mile away. Lol for all we know i could be sickr lol. How you like hem apples unation or should i call you peteriuss?

  1. Hey Fans,

    Reggie here. I believe he is right. But don’t worry. You can all play OLD PORTS AND SHOVELWARE AND WE WILL HAPPILY TAKE YOUR MONEY

    Thank you for being the best fans

    1. Your the man responsible for this diarrea? Well fuck you , you fat bastard ! Why did you put this disaster in the market ? I would rather eat a dog turd than buy that piece of shit !!

    2. stfu troll. nintendo are awesome!! and make awesome games , even if they think they are ripping us off.
      mario kart 7 , kid icarus , 3d land , ocarina 3d etc etc . these are absoloutly legendary games better than most others. so stfu .

  2. I’ll say it again
    Pachter, Nintendo has experience with games and game systems for over 25 years so I’m pretty sure they know what their doing. You on the other hand is just a nobody that is looking for attention and being totally unprorfessional.

    1. unprofessional*

      I recommend the keyboard pokemon game for your 3ds. That way, you will learn how to type like a human being.

      1. Could someone please block this trolling corporate cocksucker pretending to be Reggie? Like before I decide to do something even more drastic?

        1. How dare he try and give credit by logicaly thinking consomer would be smart enough to stay away with outdated junk trash. Its like the beta max wars money makes the worlld go retarded lol. I wonder what would happen if microsoft and sony had the 99 lan when the wii came out ……

  3. We’ll wait and see how well it holds up when the rest of the next-gen consoles hit. It’s unclear how well it’s gonna do when don’t even know what the competition is gonna be. It seems promising to me though.

  4. WiiU is a bunch of shit piss and is a turd that came out of a monkeys ass !! I would rather drink elaphant piss than buy the wii U diarrhea !! FUCK THE WII U AND FUCK NINTENDO !!

      1. You do realise James Rolfe is a guy who pretends to be angry on youtube when reviewing bad games?

        youtube this. Angry Video Game Nerd. Hillarious guy

        1. That is not the real James Rolfe. The real guy would not randomly throw his AVGN character into discussions like this.

          He’s a troll pretending to be someone else. Just like you faggot.

      2. I have cancer ? How about you keep sucking an rangatans cock while your at it , NIntendo is cancer !! THE WII U

        1. Jimmy Superturd Rolfe… you should know the fact that the Wii U is the most powerful and innovative gaming console that does everything. HD graphics, touchscreen controller with gyroscope and asymmetric gameplay mechanics, NFC technology, social gaming, stream movies, surf the web, etc.

  5. You meant like how Sony got lucky with the ps2 and its dvd player capabilities, then thought they could do the same with bluray, and now think they can do the same with 4K resolution? Sure thing Patcher -.-

    1. I don’t see how that was Sony getting lucky. They saw the market wanted convenience and went “Ok guys! Here’s your gaming console and DVD player in one machine!” and were successful partly due to the console portion and partly due to the DVD portion. Something similar happened with the PS3, especially when the Slim came out with the price break.

      1. That asnt luck you moron that was marketing genius. They already knew it was going to be the cheapest dvd player out their thats why their main focul sale point was marketng as a cheap dvd player. Wii now that was lucky hey had to lie and make fake promises just to try and sell a junk trash gamble. It wasnt till by chance the wii being easly modded and people discovering it was a cheap netflix player that it started to really take off becuase only a retard would pay to play vc games when you could hombrew it play them all for free lol. You must be the kinda tool that bought the wii which they disabled the dvd play from us region and region locking it on top of it lol wow they also did that with the gamecube by letting japs get the dvd playr version from panasonicwhile the amerricunts get jackshit

  6. Nintendo got “lucky” with thr Wii? Thats says a lot about this analyst person. Nintendo made money, people had fun with the Wii, its time for something new. Whats so hard to understand about that?

    They are not trying to copy what Sony is doing. In fact, they kinda tried that with the Gamecube and that didnt go well at all, so now they trust their instincts much more than ever. Sony, on the other hand, keeps doing what Ninten-does, and makes it “cooler” for the older demographic that wants to feel less bad about still spending time and money on gaming. (Not that theres anything wrong with the PS3, I own one.)

    So lets just let everyone be, stop the flame wars, and go back to what this is supposed to be in the first place: A fun, harmless hobby.
    Pachter, get a real job.

      1. But the most people got bored with the wii because it doesnt have anything good to do with it,so thats why people are buying xbox/ps3

        1. I’ve owned a Wii for 5 years now and I’ve never felt the need to supplement it with a 360 or PS3. I considered getting a 360 occasionally so my mother could play Just Dance with the Kinect and so I could get a couple of games I was interested in but it never seemed worth it.

  7. It’s incredible to call the Wii’s success “luck”. Nintendo always stated what was their rationale behind the console: to attract a bigger audience to gaming and they did it. Nobody believed in them, but they did it anyway and it pay off.

    Once again Nintendo has stated what they want: to bring asymmetric experiences to consoles. Again there are lots of non believers, but they are doing it anyway. They are not betting on “luck”, they are betting on a vision they have.

    It’s hard for me to take Mr. Patcher seriously after remarks like this.

    1. i thought they wanted to attract the hardcore? so far they are failing since most of the hardcore already beat most launch titles or can buy them in current consoles

  8. I really don’t like to say this, but he could be right in some aspects. The Wii U probably won’t be able to get as successful as the Wii. The concept of it, the moving in front of the TV and the kind of interaction with the game was something new, that’s the reason why the Wii is so popular. The idea behind the Wii U isn’t bad at all (and something new aswell), and I’m really curious how people will react to it. I’m pretty sure the Wii U will be a success, but I don’t believe that this idea is enough to make the same success. Well, let’s see what will happen, they said the same about the Wii. :D

    1. wii didnt have HD because Shitendo wants to make money.Wiiu wont have next gen graphics and it will suck,wiius graphics are very simmilar to 360 and believe me and if not then take a closa look at assasin’s creed 3 or new super gaymario sistersU,wiiu has not good games either

      1. Did you even checked the hardware of the wii u? The graphics will be a touch better than the 360/PS3 graphics, the processor is worse than the processor of the others, it will have more RAM than the others and won’t run directx11, but dx10. And now define next gen graphics. I know what’s possible these days, and the difference is not small, but it isn’t big aswell. And the new games that will come out for the Wii U are good titles aswell, mass effect, AC3 etc. I’m not a fanboy, you are just a hater, my friend.

    2. In all honest, basing on the stupid on the human race, im not expecting the WiiU to sell as well as the Wii did, or at least not in the same ratio, next gen may or may not selling more consoles overall like it normally does with each gen. We’ll probably have a xbox vs playstation proxy war, over who has the better graphics, because that pretty much all they can base an arguement on, and just like this gen, they’ll pick one or the other then buy the WiiU for the exclusives. Nintendo play its incredibly safe, either way its going to sell a ton, just based on exclusive first party games ect. I hope Microsoft bomb hard though, they dont care about gaming anyway, just the profit, and then Sony is still making dumb money draining decisions, like 4K -.-

  9. clearly pachter “just doesn’t get it” with nintendo and is just a stupid COD fanboy who doesn’t appreciate orginal games.

  10. Everybody say that patcher is an analyst, he’s more wrong than right.. When he’s right he’s just lucky.

    He needs to actually think outside of the us! And to do a proper analysis.

            1. They dont -.-
              WiiU will have OpenGL thats comparable to DX10, but that also doesnt mean it isnt conparable to DX11 either.
              DX just belongs to Microsoft and it back putting the game on the system a little easier, its basically a big word that in reality isnt all that great, used to feed fanboys

    1. I completely agree. They should have added more cpu so 4 tablets could be used, and some more processor for games too. The gpu could use a little more of a push and maybe another .5 gig to the ram. Then we could actually push the games to full dx10 maybe, because right now its almost dx10 quality. I just hope it can accept future multiplatform titles.

  11. Nintendo’s only goal is to make a damned Entertainment system. That’s why their entire focus is on an innovative new controller, use of the Wii Remote, and an online social atmosphere. They’re not for the hardcore market, they don’t do things just for advertising, and they do prefer to stick with developers who make quality, entertaining games for their systems. This is also why they’re making a new controller already, because they decided they wanted to expand their horizons.
    I hope people in the industry grow to respect the Wii U and support with more games, but that’s up to them. If they want to take the cheap route and use pre-made gaming engines to dole out another mindless shooter, let them and keep it away from the real gaming console.

  12. Nintendo must put on wiiU this if u want UE4:HD5000 Evergreen 40 nm DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.1 The series was launched on September 23, 2009. It features a 40 nm fabrication process (instead of 55 nm before, except HD4770(R7V40)), with more stream cores and compatibility with the next major version of the DirectX API, DirectX 11, which launched on October 22, 2009 along with Microsoft Windows 7. The Rxxx/RVxxx codename scheme was scrapped entirely. The first cards out of the gate are the 5870 and 5850. ATI has released beta drivers that introduces full OpenGL 4.0 support on the all variants of this series.[1]

      1. this ass wipe is always moaning about graphic whores, then ranting the wii u isn’t powerful enough. also this count expects it to be cheap too.

    1. Oh my god shut the fuck up, look at this picture.

      And thats real time footage from ehat was basically a prototype WiiU thats been updated alot since.
      Who gives a shit what its specs are!? If i can play a Zelda game that looks like that, i dot give a fuck. I know that can come across as fanboyish, but Nintendo make my favourite games. Metroid Prime 3 is probably my favourite of all time. Is it the most graphically impressive FPS at the time? No. Was it the longest? Maybe. Did it make an high quality soundtrack with orchestra? Did it fuck. Samus doesnt even talk in it. Was it the best FPS ive ever played though? Hell. Fucking. Yeah.

      A GAME, is defined by its GAMEPLAY. This is just the next lines in Nintendos games. Stop. Looking. At. The. Specs. Theyre FINE.

        1. Are you fucking serious? I literally just ranted about how pointless graphics were to this guy and that he shouldnt give a damn about the WiiU’s specs

        1. I don’t see how Anti-aliasing would change the image.

          Only 30fps? I can think of two things to counter that with;
          1. Youtube can only display at 30fps – so it’s impossible to view the demo in 60fps via the Youtube video.
          2. And current gen consoles struggle to get up to 30fps as well.

          Except it’s in 1080p.

          Learn your stuff, newbie.

          1. That Zelda tech demo is 30 fucking FPS. Anti-aliasing wouldn’t change the image? Are you fucking stupid? Do you like those jaggies on shit? Or are your PC illiterate and don’t actually know what you’re talking about?

            I’ve seen the damn thing in person. The direct feed info even REVEALS IT AS WELL.

            Learn YOUR stuff, you fucking idiot.

            1. The video clip on Youtube runs it at 30 frames per second. The Zelda demo runs at 60 frames per second. When the fuck are you gonna understand? Everything we say to you goes in one ear and out the other. Get the hell out of the basement and accept the reality!

              1. Do you FUCKING READ?


                Holy shit, you’re so fucking slow it’s unbelievable. Fucking jump in front of a train already.

                  1. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP BRINGING UP YOUTUBE? How the shit is this even RELEVANT?

                    I will repeat: The demo is NOT 60 fps. Do you think people watch YouTube at E3? FUCK NO.

                    Holy shit, you’re literally this stupid. I’m screencapping all of this, this is the joke of the day and everyone needs to see it.

              1. So you’re saying digital foundry who got this info for themselves are lying? So you’re saying all those gamers who can tell for themselves are lying?

                Yeah, let me translate what you really said: “I’m a dumb fucknugget who can’t accept his total defeat because the Zelda demo was shit.”

                  1. No, you’re the one in denial, you have no proof, no evidence, you’re ignoring the folks who have been on the floor to witness it and Digital Founder.

                    Also, you’re fucking ugly, fat, and stupid. Kill yourself, shithole. You got annihilated, your case is lost. Good day.

                    1. You’re still sucking Sony’s dick, Aeolus. You can’t accept the fact the Zelda demo runs at 60 frames per second and you’re as dumb as fucking paint. You don’t accept facts that Nintendo and third party developers have stated. You have Call of Duty in your mind and your mouth filled with something I don’t want to know. Your comment is flawed, childish, and invalid. In conclusion, you’re nothing but a coward and a disgrace to the video gaming community. YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR!!!!!!

                    2. My penis is in your ass, Aeolus. Why don’t you just look at Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition on Wii U on YouTube in 1080p ?

    1. Bing! Bang! BANG!!! All the other kids(Michael Pachter) with their pumped up kicks better run run run! Outrun my gun! Bam BAM BAM!!!

  13. Look at all the Nintendrones spazzing everywhere , the truth is that he is right ! Nintendo dosnt care about their consumers and are always way behind the competition..Nintendo acts like its the 90s and they don’t give a shit about specs , Nintendo liked to release inferior hardware and shovelware because that’s what they do best ;)

          1. You’re a 28 year old and acts like a lil’ bitch? Now that’s sad I bet you get no pussy and have no real friends only your Internet buddies which in reality don’t give a fuck about you….lol

        1. So Aeolus, you are almost 30 years of age .___. Yet I’ve seen people around half your age who’ve shown more respect to others and displayed more maturity than you have the capacity to. How flipping embarrassing for a man your age.

        2. So … I play Battlefield 3, Uncharted and the Witcher more than any other game but since I still play Mario games with my girlfriend, I suppose I’d be a kid? Lol for a 28 year old you’re quite stupid. Also with your grammar I think the pokemon typing game will benefit you a great deal.

        3. Wait,your 28 and all you do is play video games troll sites and insult people that don’t share your opinions?ROFL!

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  14. Bing Bang Bop!!! Michael Pachter = idiot… he is completely wrong 100% of the time. When Wii U comes out and sells like friggen crazy he will just go online and say “Oh, well the Wii U shouldn’t have been popular its only because of Nintendo’s fan base”… -__- he does it every time…Bop Bam Boom!!!

  15. I see even Sickr is now confusing the Wii U with the Wii.

    “while Nintendo struck it lucky with the Wii U, he has his reservations about whether they will repeat the console’s success with Wii U.”

  16. I think Pacter is scared. Why else is he campaining against Nintendo and Wii U. Also, he must be getting paid, what is his incentive? Nintendo Wii U will dominate, Wii U will be a smashing success. Watch out.

  17. That Patcher man is the silver fox of the swollen puss of youth!!! Savor his moist sweat well!!!! The mystic Tony Stark is so proud!!! Lick the pasta of sultry encounters for Usui Takumi!! Do it sultry fake regginator gracing my magnificent man gaze!!!! I’m so sultry for you. Odiorne loves you fake Reginald!!! So hawt! Kiss kiss fall in love my love!!

  18. And I claim that Patcher must stop. Seriously. If sites stop repeating his doom and gloom quotes he might lose a little influence. He’s a very negative person if his comments are any indication. Perhaps he really just hates himself and takes it out on Nintendo? I’d rather hear what he or anyone else has to say about a system AFTER it debuts. Negative hype every 2-3 days on an unreleased system is a boring and broken record. Patcher… shut the hell up.

  19. So, pachter is complaining how nintendo is trying to do something different again? The Wii wasn’t luck, it was innovative. All people care about these days are graphics and power, and when you just keep increasing it all, you end up with a 300 dollar ps vitanic. I would rather buy a new system with innovative gameplay for 250 than a maxed out 720 for 500.. I swear, pachter complains about the same thing every week…

  20. I don’t know why everyone is so arm broken (incredibly hurt) by what this man says. It’s his opinion, in addition to that he’s not even giving any constructive criticism on what can be done to make the industry better. Just let the sales of the WiiU and the games show the truth for themselves instead of listening to ppl who can only speculate.

  21. If history has anything to do with it, Nintendo will repeat theirs like they always have. Staying one step behind everyone, they are lucking out in Japan and in general, mainly because children just don’t know any better and parents don’t care to either.

    I mean every child in my household owns Nintendo products, every ones one of my friends little brothers or sisters owns a Wii or other Nintendo products. I do not just make this up that literally their main buyers are children or parents buying for children.

    I am sorry but I honestly don’t have any faith in the Wii U, not when the only titles I hear anyone mention being worth buying the system for are a zombie game (jeez another one). Yes I have seen it and it honestly is nothing amazing, I know for a fact it is over hyped and people will end up bored with it just like mostly every zombie game that has been released.

    Regardless it seems the Wii U will suffer the same short fate the rest of it’s consoles have. Sure they may have had their short lived terms of great sales but realistically we all know they never lasted long. Wii U really doesn’t look to be any different, it literally is a Wii with a different controller and finally better graphics matching that of current gen consoles (which honestly should not be a selling point for anyone, the PS3 is six years old.)

    Sadly Nintendo’s main selling point for this new console has been “They are finally trying to accommodate all gamer’s, not just kids and grandmas. Sadly this can’t be true Nintendo consoles have always had very poor online experiences. So if this is anything like the last console it definitely will not appeal to hardcore gamer’s with common sense. If you noticed another huge selling point of the Wii U, is that you can finally play all those games you have already played on the Xbox360 and PS3 on the Wii U (again why would anyone with half a brain buy a console to play old games?)

    I just don’t believe it will be enough to make a huge impression, sure it will have a few good games but it won’t have enough just like every console/handheld they have made. Hell I have had a 3DS forever and I seriously cannot find any games to play on it that aren’t crap or kiddy games.

    Hopefully for the sake of those wasting their money to play on a system that finally has caught up to what gaming should be in this current age get the results they are looking for out of this release. In my opinion I think those who have such faith in this system to be upset in seeing how similar it will be to its failing counterpart the Wii (sales don’t mean squat when nothing but kids buy your products, the Wii truly sucked just like the Gamecube. Yea it had some great games but again way too few and not worth hanging onto the console for.)

    Good luck Nintendo, if anything was right about this retarded article you will for sure need it.

    1. How about YOU giving Nintendo a chance for just once, Michelle? It’s either you’re supporting that douchebag Michael Pachter (except the fact he’s buying the Wii U for Bayonetta 2), or you’re completely missing the entire freaking point? There’s a whole lot more about the Wii U than just shooting Zombis in the middle of the night. One of the main reasons I’m purchasing the Wii U is because of the games that was once on current generation consoles. Most of the Sony drones call the games “ports”, but I don’t give a shit about it. You don’t know a single fact that the Wii U is just like any other Nintendo systems from the past and present always have– quality. You have youth, I have experience.

      Furthermore, the Wii U won’t suffer the “same short fate the rest of it’s consoles have”. You should know the fact that the pre-orders have been completely sold out in less than 48 hours after the September 13th announcement of the prices ($299.99 for the Basic Set and $349.99 for the Deluxe Set and a 10% discount on downloadable games at the eShop). And according to Nintendo vice-president Scott Moffit, he had stated “certainly manufacturing enough units to meet consumer demand is one challenge”, but he added that Nintendo’s job was to make sure that fans and gamers see a value in the Wii U. Nintendo previously assured gamers that the “Wii U supply chain was solid”. Don’t deny it, girl. There will be more shipments of Wii U consoles and bundle sets to come in a matter of weeks.

      “Sadly this can’t be true Nintendo consoles have always had very poor online experiences.” That was on both the original Wii and Nintendo DS. Stop living in the past and think about the future. You should know the fact there is an invention called the Nintendo Network. And in that invention, the online structure will be better than Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. According to the president of Nintendo of Japan Satoru Iwata, “Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which has been focused upon specific functionalities and concepts, we are aiming to establish a platform where various services available through the network for our consumers shall be connected via Nintendo Network service so that the company can make comprehensive proposals to consumers.” Nintendo’s plans include personal accounts for Wii U, digitally distributed packaged software, and paid downloadable content. (Source of data: ) Your comment is invalid and useless. “If you noticed another huge selling point of the Wii U, is that you can finally play all those games you have already played on the Xbox360 and PS3 on the Wii U (again why would anyone with half a brain buy a console to play old games?)” You are so prejudice. You should know better than that. Third party publishers make games not only on Sony and Micosoft consoles… but also the Wii U. There is a place for gamers to play third party games for multiple platforms. Even independent developers have been given more support to Nintendo’s new system than they had in the past with Wii. There’s a strong possibility to see indie titles on Wii U powered by Unity 4 Engine.

      In conclusion, you should think about the future. Nintendo wants to create a video game console that aims for casuals, hardcore, fitness buffs, TV couch potatoes, and passionate gamers no matter what age, race, or gender. I’m glad they’ve created the Wii U because it can do many things their original counterpart lacks. Even when the economy is already messed up, the Wii U is an affordable system. “Nintendo already has a certified hit on its hands”. – Forbes Magazine

      End of story.

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