Amazon Distributor Claims $249 Price Tag For Wii U And November 11th Release Date

Video Product Distributors, who are the same people who supply stock to both Amazon and Blockbuster, have the Wii U listed in three separate bundles. The cheapest of these Wii U bundles retails for a mere $249.99. The company also has the console listed with a November 11th release date. Here are the three bundles and the pricing for each:

  • WIIU SYSTEM – GM – 11/11/12 $249.99
  • WIIU SYSTEM W/ – GM – 11/11/12 $299.99
  • WIIU SYSTEM 349 W/ – GM – 11/11/12 $349.99

75 thoughts on “Amazon Distributor Claims $249 Price Tag For Wii U And November 11th Release Date”

  1. Those prices seem a little more likely; Still, can we calm down and wait until an official announcement? I see about 20 different “Wii U Release Date and Prices” rumors a day across the web.

  2. How about we all FUCKING wait for 9 more days to pass by before spreading more bullshit rumours!?

    Fucking tired of speculation. Nintendo hurry the fuck up and deliver the news like a milkman delivering milk to the old people!!! holaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    1. Where’s that rating / thumbs up system when it’s needed. I know this is a new website, but honestly… it’s a load of shit, don’t report it. Sickr should make one article called Wii U Price Rumours* and update it.

      (*Spelling is that of UK English, not incorrect.)

      1. hi there becuase 99% of wii u games reqier you too use tablet or you lose mario u zombi u luigi mansion nintendo land bat man soo only top 1% will use old controlers you need tablet too win every wii u game

    1. Thats just stupid, but it doesnt raise a question….what would be the purpose of the extra $50 bundle if it was just a game along with it? The games will cost $50 anyway.
      My money’s on HDD version due to the “complaints” they got

          1. Play stupid all you want, ironically the PS3 is going to be having more stellar games than the Wii U this year, which has virtually nothing good going for it.

              1. It’s not 2006 anymore.

                Wii certainly didn’t have anything going for it either, since the major seller was also a Gamecube game.

      1. hi there hard drives have too slow read write speeds soo i think they may have a 16 gb and a 32 gb internal flash storage for fast read write speeds

  3. Three different options with three different price range. Although I like it, my mind is still focused on a November 18th release. A week from this Thursday, we’ll have the answers from NOA President and COO himself.

    1. I hope the Wii U gets the so called “Hardcore” games from third party. It definitely needs the support. I dont wanna keep getting them for PS3.

    2. The basic Wii u comes with a game pad. The higher ones comes with Nintendo land and a voucher for 2 titles on a future Wii u shop again all rumors.

      1. You’re right about one thing, CROW. I mean it’s pointless to sell a Wii U without a Game Pad. Personally, I believe the Game Pad comes with the U as a Core package. I’m sure they’ll come up with the price next Thursday (earlier in Japan).

  4. This seems more believable, but I’ll wait til the 13th. Plus I request that sickr and alba add the source website that they got the article from in the posts.

  5. I highly doubt that anybody really knows what the wii u’s price is, well besides high profiled people at Nintendo. I wonder what the bundles will be. As long as I can play pikmin 3 in November for a reasonable price (249-300$) Nintendo will make me one happy man.

  6. Take it with a grain of salt.
    However this is one of the more likely rumours and is actually the same date the original Wii launched.

    I hope theres bundles at launch, and if this is true, im curious to wonder what they’ll be…maybe one with a built in harddrive for the core gamers? Dont see how the system would cost an extra $100

    1. Maybe from the extra controllers added in like one bundle will have a pro controller and the other with a wii mote and nunchuck.

      1. Possibly, but an extra $50? Seems a bit much…the whole point of bundles is to save the customer money and i turn give the retailer more sales. An extra $50 seems like too much for 1 game or wiimote + nunchuck

          1. Well i hope its a HDD version >.< id be fine without a HDD, and it better targets casual/light gamers, but if there was a HDD option, then id buy it.

              1. Im not going to wait for it -.- im just saying if a HDD version comes out at launch, which could be possible by the look of these leaks, then id get it

  7. I think those prices and release dates are pretty realistic. I believe now we have the true release date and prices \ o/

  8. Not sure about that, Paper Mario comes out the 11th. I doubt Nintendo would release them the same day.
    But anyway, since my birthday is November 12th, I wouldn’t be complaining.

  9. One of the points made clear by Nintendo is that while they are going to sell a system which will necessarily use a gamepad as a controller, thus “obliging” (or should I say inspiring?) studios to develop a game based in its functionality, other companies may use the idea of a gamepad, but it will always be as an optional accessory. This is the very same idea used with Wii, whose motion controls were the basic ones. Once this is clear (and I saw a post here some days ago explaining exactly what I said), it becomes nonsense even to suppose that a package consisting only of a console may exist. I don’t want to speculate on what those prices mean, I think it’s pointless, but to say that one of them Is for a console without a gamepad don’t make any sense.

  10. $249 – WII U + GAMEPAD


  11. Don’t really care what the bundles are, just as long as Nintendoland is in one of the bundles…because if they don’t bundle it for a reasonable price, I’m not buying it. Too many other good games to make that sacrifice. I think Wii U + Nintendoland + Pro Controller for 350 would be bloody fantastic, but thats my take :)

  12. What does the GM stand for? If this is true, I’m thinking the $350 bundle comes with a game and maybe even the pro controller? That would be the bundle I buy. Leave luck to heaven.

  13. Jesus, this is getting more frustrating. Can everyone just calm down and wait for 9 more days until Nintendo confirms it?! We’re going to be in front of our computers, waiting the 13th until the conference starts and then you can all release whatever excitement you have.

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