Virtual Console & WiiWare Games Transferable From Wii To Wii U

News has emerged from the latest issue of Game Informer that Virtual Console and WiiWare titles will be transferable from your Wii to your newly owned Wii U console. Clearly this is fantastic news for those of you with a large library of classic Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games on your Wii console.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

73 thoughts on “Virtual Console & WiiWare Games Transferable From Wii To Wii U”

          1. Maybe, but the more options the better.

            For example, the new Zelda should support motion controls for those who loved it (I myself enjoyed them very much)but also standard button controls as an option for people who like that more.

    1. If you are getting a wiiu , why would you keep your wii ??? you can transfer your virtual console games (and presumably save files) over to the wiiu .

      If you have a wiiu , the wii is old and useless. I am going to give mine to a charity shop ……

      1. If you have Gamecube games you want to keep using, but don’t have a gamecube, then you should keep your WIi. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

      2. I keep all of my systems as a collection. I’ve got my NES, SNES, N64, and GC lined up in my Nintedo section. My Wii will join them when it’s time comes, it’s part of history

        1. I’m thinking you’ll use a channel like the dsi transfer tool. Hopefully it’s not limited by times like the 3ds if it is I better start downloading wads

    1. Do what i do , get rid of your wii (unless you ae a collector) and Have your gamecube and wiiu next to each other .
      or you can just keep your wii and use it for backwards compatability .

      But Gamecube games will be available on the Eshop . Hopefully in HD . Maybe (likely) they will put WiiHD games on Eshop , would be awesome. And gamecube games that you can play on the gamepad…..

      1. Sickr, you’re my angel!

        OMG, god have heard my prayers! Now I can play DKCR and Skyward sword!!! I love Nintendo even more now!

            1. People have NO right to judge the Wii’s graphics without using the component cable . I know not all games are compatable with it. But i recently compared skyward sword using normal wii cables and Composite 480p cables. and the difference is remarkable , the colors come to life , much much less visible jaggies and bloom lighting and particle’s are much more visible .

              The game looked 100% better with the wii composite/component cable …….

              1. but it aint HDMI on the Wii and you know it :P i have component plug ins on my old ass tube TV but I cant even be arsed to get them for my Wii. My PS3 and Xbox use composite cabels too. Once I have a HDTV ill get HDMI cables for my Wii U (if it has that) and for my PS3 and 360.

  1. My Wii broke a few months ago. Hopefully this is done through the club Nintendo accounts, because I linked my to the my Wii like a month before it went down.

  2. This is very welcome news. Now if only Nintendo could find a way to do the same with the 3DS. Though I already own them on my Wii I had to re-buy Super Mario Bros, Punch-Out, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid for the convenience of having them on another Nintendo product.

    1. Hackers will get through that easy the wii is very vulnerable,installing wads then install the channel to send it to Wii U if the wii u can detect if the wii is hacked or not the hackers can get through that by making the wii look like it’s not hacked.If a system update is required they would do what they usually do, patch it.

  3. This is all great, but what is the actual process? Do we need both the Wii and Wii U for the transfer? What about game saves of online games which for some stupid reason aren’t transferable? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

  4. It was inevitable, but this means I’ll probably have to buy a classic controller if there’s no compatibility with the pro controller.

  5. hi there i have a big problem with this is my wii cornal failing sooo i will lose 1/3 vertual console games i cant acess becuase the os is failing i am losing blocks as i speak my wii be 100% useless buy the time wii u comes out i cant recover my games i cant use my wii much longer

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