GameStop Begin Taking US Wii U Pre-Orders

Popular US retail chain GameStop has begun taking preorders for Wii U. You can either choose to purchase the basic bundle for $299.99 or $349.99 for the premium bundle. If you’re looking to offload your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 then there are trade-in deals to be had. You can also trade-in your Wii console, but you’ll only get $50 for it.

Thanks, Andy.

97 thoughts on “GameStop Begin Taking US Wii U Pre-Orders”

      1. not necessarily, gamestop let me bring my 3ds xl home and do a system transfer from my original 3ds, then i brought it back and they took 100$ off of the credit card bill.

    1. my suggestion is 350. reason 1: 4x the ram than the basic (300$). reason 2: comes with 3 games (if i’m not mistaken, if not then 2 games). reason 3: comes with necessary accessories. reason 4: because… black has always looked cooler for some inexplicable reason xD

    2. hi there go with the $350 becuase you get 32 gb of flash storage over 8 gb flash storage you get nintendo land also and nintendo enrools you atomadicly in too the nintendo didgital premiumn discout on dowload games be 10% cheeper then non $350 bundeled

    1. your right i am too board of xbox 360 and ps3 oh dont foget wii u has a tablet controler is like a small ipad for gamming

  1. I called all 5 of the gamestops near me and none of them have the sku yet, said to call back tomorrow. I’ll call again in 10 minutes

      1. They just started now so I’m leaving work to put in a down payment. They wouldn’t do it over the phone like last time

  2. Im getting the premium bundle(Makes sense since I want Nintendolands and I already have the Wii in white mind as well try another color) but gamestop right now is the only place that is available for pre order? The sales tax sucks here but soon amazon will start charging sales tax for CA too so Im out of luck, but gamestop charges 15 bucks for shipping so will have to pre order in store..should I try tomorrow or are they doing pre orders today?

  3. For the extra material you get in the premium bundle that’s got my vote. It’s a little more than I was hoping to pay, but it looks to be a great system.

      1. Totally! Looks like Amazon might be updating their info now… still no listing for the console but the prices are being changed from 99 to 59 for games… sweet =)

        1. is it better to order from amazon or best buy or just pre order it from gamestop? When u do a pre order do they charge u the full price now or do they only charge u when it ships?


    1. how old is your sony tv if it was before year 2000 then no if its like 2010 then yes i have a vga 120 projector for wii ps3 xbox 360 my sony 32 inch 3d bravia has 3 hdmi ports

  5. Hey My Nintendo News, I found some New Super Mario Bros U footage on YT from Gamexplain. It shows a world map, etc. Not sure if someone already told you this…

        1. Once again, damn EU law makes the price way more expensive than the actual exchange rate… Still buying it, but I will need to sell off a few old games.

            1. In the current exchange rate from dollars to pounds and converting from the American price, the Basic bundle should be £186 and the Premium bundle £217. So we are paying over £70 more for it.

              This is because EU law makes retailers responsible for pricing, not the actual makers of the product. Distributors are greedy, so they raise the price. This was the case with the 3DS as well, with the UK price being much higher than the American price.

        2. is it better to order from amazon(Damn its not available here in the US to pre order on amazon) or is it better to pre order from best buy or gamestop..never pre ordered anything from amazon before

      1. is it better to order from amazon? Are they more reliable? Ive never pre ordered anything from them so thats why Im asking..Id rather get it from them and get the free shipping then have to go to gamestop and pre order it there

        1. Amazon is phenomenal. They have amazing prices, fast shipping, FREE shipping, and no tax. Games I order through them always show up the day or release or one or two days before or after. Highly recommended.

          1. Great! Only bad thing is that sales tax will start being charged here in Cali starting in a few days but thats OK, the free shipping is worth the wait..either from amazon or best buy I dont care as long as I can pre order it. I dont want to have to go to gamestop but if that is what I have to do I will do it
            Do you think amazon will do the pre order today? I did an online chat with them and the guy had NO idea what I was talking aout

  6. I just left the Gamestop down the street from my house and paid off the $350 Deluxe Set along with New Super Mario Bros. U. Now all I have to do it WAIT. :(

    1. I thought for pre order you just have to put 50 bucks down in order to pre order something? When I pre ordered my Nintendo 3DS XL I put 50 bucks down and paid the rest when they got it

      1. Since I have the Gamestop Rewards Pro Membership, I just had to put down $25. But since I had save up for the Wii U over the summer, I paid the price in full along with a game.

  7. My preorder for the deluxe set is secure. Plus I preordered Mario and Batman. Dunno how well the Wii U will sell, but I’m not taking any chances, not after it took me six months to finally land a Wii.

  8. Not convince yet. i’ll stick with my 360 & Ps3 for now. I’ll possibly get one a month after launch i wont be pre-ordering anything. i got a serious question is there a list of Wii games some where that i can play on the wii-u if i get one?

    1. Check out Nintendo’s official webpage, they should have something up by now. I think their FB page is getting updated as well. I understand your caution and must admit, there are very few titles so far that really interest me. Still, it looks like an impressive system as you just know there will be a planned shortage. Look what it did for the Wii =)

            1. You’re very welcome! Good luck, my friend. I hope you find something you like =) I’m still watching Amazon US… no system yet.

  9. I am not gonna lie, I am impressed with Wii U’s price. I’m still not buying one though. I am not promised enough good first party titles. Also, just as soon as much more powerful HD systems role around, you guys seriously think Wii U will be getting downgraded forms to run on Wii U’s engine? Wii also had a lot of PS2 ports at the time of its release, but as PS2 faded, so did Wii’s 3rd party support. The same will be for Wii U. Just as soon as PS3 and 360 become last Gen,majority of 3rd party support will stop, and be put only on the two power houses (720 and PS4). It will be a simple repeat of the Gen before, and if Wii U is lucky, it will garner atleast half of the sales of Wii before it bogs down.

    1. Good points never thought of that. It will still be worth it, just for the one Zelda game that will come out in a couple years, even if the game and system will cost you 360$.

    2. You do realize that the jump between this generation and the next will have very little to do will graphical power and more to do with play innovations right? Or would you prefer to pay $100 for CoD because it looks 1/10th better than the last gen. Personally staying in the realm of $60-$70 with better gameplay due to improved physics engines, animation stengthening, an god forbid maybe a lack of gimmicks to draw in cas fags (i.e. graphics and you)

  10. i have already preordered my deluxe version at my local gamestop like 10 minutes away from my house and i was debating on whether to get the deluxe vs the basic but after gathering my thoughts and looking at the benefits of both systems i figured what the hell drop the money and get the deluxe cause you get all the neat stuff like a stand for the wii u and a charging dock ( i think ) nintendo land and some other great stuff like more storage ( 32 gb ) and its in black which we all know that everything good comes in black. and for 350 bones it better have a gold bar despenser. ( joking ) i am so ready for the Wii U that i cant even rest properly. now its just pay it off which i have exacly two months to do and this is the first system that i am preordering so i am very excited.

    here is the details that it requires for a preorder at gamestop:
    – if you are a premium gamestop reward member you only put 25 dollars down instead of the 50 dollars that other people have to put down.
    – if you have madden 13 for ps3 or any other current gen console there is an automatic 30 dollar credit to use along with your preorder. i believe its for US stores only.
    – there is alot of promotions for the preorder bonus like if you preorder a wii i think you get 50 dollars on up to the PS3 where you get 140 dollars toward your preorder and if you have apple products and other tablet stuff you can pretty much trade those in have your preorder almost all payed off.

    happy gaming.

    ps: call your local gamestop to confirm to what you are going to do they might be different, but this was at my gamestop in tampa, florida.

    1. oh yea one more thing i forgot to mention: nintendo annouced this cool thing called nintendo tv and they also have this program similar to the PSN plus where you can get 10% off games downloaded on the network and online is free. its called nintendo network premium. bye bye.

      1. Long sentences. Punctuation can save lives. Let’s eat Grandma vs. Let’s eat, Grandma =) I’m glad you secured a pre-order, tough. GS may be our best bet for now, no one else seems to have it listed in the US.

    2. hi there preordered my wii u on best buy website delux version my best buy at mall of gorgia wich is 15 miles 15 minutes away from my house

  11. Well I’m likely to trade in my Wii, only purchased thing I have is Majora’s Mask so I’ll see about transfrerring but may not worry too much. However, I NEED my Wii for the 2 month wait because I’ve been playing through a bunch of Nintendo titles. I’ll likely trade in my 360 too for a large discount.

  12. I just spoke with Amazon US customer service and they have no way of knowing if and when the Wii U will be available on their page for pre-order. If you really want to secure one today, Gamestop may be your best bet. I wish I had better news. They advised me to keep checking back.

  13. Lol at the shops that didn’t have the skus yet. I pre-ordered my deluxe with $200 down like 15 minutes after the conference was over, and that was because I had to wait behind some guy buying a used 360.

    1. wow what a choice used xbox 360 or a band new wii u with a tablet controler bundeled in every wii u package my i say wii u with wii u tablet controlers

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