Pokemon Developer Explains Why The Series Isn’t On Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Producer Junichi Masuda has explained why the development team have opted to keep the series on the established Nintendo DS, rather than the newer Nintendo 3DS. Masuda says the reason is simple; it’s because of the humungous user base that the Nintendo DS has compared to the Nintendo 3DS.

So first, being a direct sequel to Pokémon Black version and Pokémon White version, we really wanted to make sure that players of the original game would be able to play the sequels. Maybe not all of them have a Nintendo 3DS, but they definitely had a Nintendo DS if they played the original games. Also, the Nintendo DS platform is really just owned by pretty much the most people around the world. So many kids and so many players from the around the world have the Nintendo DS platform, so it made sense that if we wanted to have the most people possible play the games to put it on the Nintendo DS. However, it wasn’t just about having Pokémon Black version and Pokémon White version players play the games. We wanted to make sure that it was enjoyable for new players, too. We also really wanted to focus on making sure the games could communicate with the original Pokémon Black and Pokémon White versions and it made the most sense to put the games on the Nintendo DS this time. However, we also wanted to have a nice surprise for the owners of the Nintendo 3DS so we developed the Pokémon Dream Radar application which is available on the Nintendo eShop. It’s kind of a supplementary game that features some action-packed gameplay where you can catch Pokémon using the gyro sensor and the AR function of the Nintendo 3DS. Since the Nintendo 3DS can play Nintendo DS games, if you have the Pokémon Black version 2 or Pokémon White version 2 in your Nintendo 3DS you can transfer the Pokémon you caught in Pokémon Dream Radar to your Nintendo DS game. We thought that was very interesting.

75 thoughts on “Pokemon Developer Explains Why The Series Isn’t On Nintendo 3DS”

    1. They didn’t promise anything like having a game from the main series on the 3DS. There’s also 2 Pokémon games for the 3DS (one being Rumble Blast, the other being the upcoming Mystery Dungeon), so I’m very ok with all of it. You might want to go to another site.

              1. The difference is that game is justified one and RSE is not.

                Not like it matters to me because I don’t care about FF, nice try though.

  1. As a person who hasn’t played Pokémon game since Gold/Silver (even then it wasn’t for long, my heart belongs to Red/Blue and especially Yellow), I’d really like to see the series on the 3DS with some kind of super-jolt of new life into it. I don’t know about anyone else but despite having been away since the early days, I really don’t see how much of an improvement. That’s not to say there aren’t but what’s going to reel me in exactly, what’s going to say “HEY YOU! Yeah, you! This Pokémon game is new and different but still retains something of the classic games everybody has loved!”

    1. I actually don’t want to see the main games change. The mechanics are just as they should be. Too big changes wouldn’t work.
      There are the so called spin-off Pokemons, such as Ranger, Mystery Dungeon and now, Conquest for those who want something different.
      I see your point but I can’t agree with it.

      1. Disagreed. The games are perfect I agree, but if they want to continue making new ones they’re going to have to make drastic changes. Of course they’ve been surviving on the same basic mechanics for a very long time, but sooner or later that could stop working, the differences between new iterations are already getting greater (excluding B&W 2 which I don’t know too much about)

  2. That’s all well and good, but if future Pokemon games aren’t released on the 3DS I’m going to be annoyed. Support the new system. Not the old.

  3. Does Nintendo even care about pokemon games before black and white? i mean sure they are out dated but couldnt they of added 1 2 3 4 generation to pokedex 3d? of course im not sure so correct me if im wrong. and i dont like the new generation at all, im only gonna play their new ones if they remake the originals or something in 1-4 generation

  4. It makes sense. I’d be sad if I didn’t have a 3DS to play the direct sequel to it. I’m sure the next title will be on 3DS with improved graphics. It just made sense to keep number 2 on DS. I’m sure the next main game will be fantastically redone on 3DS.

  5. quick question in pokedex 3d how come their arent first to 4th generation, the 5 generation sucks and im not gonna play the new title unless they are remakes or something

  6. What would have been REALLY great, but would NEVER happen is if they put it on the 3DS in the Virtual console, just like for NES and GBC games. That way 3DS owners can buy the DS game and also enjoy the 3DS functionality like exiting to the home menu and getting street passes while playing. Going into a DS game makes it so you can’t street pass and all of that functionality is taken away. But like I said. Only in my dreams.

    1. No doubt. Can you imagine the sales of a WiiU Pokemon though? Jeez…
      It must be comforting that Nintendo really do have this sort of failsafe, that if theyre loosing money they can just say, WiiU Pokemon, and just get billions

  7. Seems fair, but I’m glad that Pokemon AR Dream Radar for 3DS lets you transfer Pokemon and Items to Pokemon Black 2, and White 2. The Pokemon AR Dream Radar also has another feature within it, if you have inserted other DS Pokemon games like Diamond, Perl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver you can unlock more Pokemon to catch in the game like Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Ho-Oh, and Lugia.

    Besides those games, they’ve had Pokemon Rumble Battle on 3DS, and soon with another Pokemon Dungeon game. I would like to see 3DS Pokemon adventure game, one that still uses 2D-3D graphics, but with 3D Stereoscopic View.

  8. Another reason is because trying to work a trading framework that can communicate directly to DS software from 3DS software without patching the original DS software (which they can’t do!) is practically impossible, so you couldn’t trade from B/W to B2/W2 if they the 2 was on 3DS. Obviously, Gen 6 will be on 3DS, and there will be the Pal Park / Poké Transfer so you can get your Gen 5 Pokémon, but it will be one way, ‘as per’ in the series.

  9. As long as they go to the 3DS to get graphical upgrades for the next game (most likely Ruby/Sapphire remakes) or the sixth generation, I think this is fine.

    To be honest, I got really annoyed when Black and White 2 were released for the DS, but now I think Game Freak are doing the right thing. For example, God of War 2 came out a few months after the PS3 came out, and it still did pretty well compared to the other GoW’s.

  10. Well I understand completely why Black and White 2 are on the DS. But I have a 3DS and it has taken Nintendo a while just to release quality games on this handled. I just do not understand why Nintendo does not pull the trigger and release all the previous Pokemon games or atleast some of them in the 3DS shop. People would buy them without question. Cause to be honest most people who work on their own hack of these Pokemon games are usually better than the original games that are being released

  11. Let me educate you all, Nintendo is a Japanese company, and Japanese companies are about honor and value to customers. 150 million DSs sold, thus honor those people with pokemon and let the 3DS have monster hunter. That’s is what being humble is all about, something some western companies need to remember, end of class :).

  12. That makes perfect sense from a business standpoint. Hopefully the people have upgraded to 3DS already but the one’s who haven’t will still be able to enjoy this game. The last great game on the best selling handheld of all time. Leave luck to heaven.

  13. If they put Pokemon on the 3ds it would sell more systems so… wtf game freak or they could to a duel 3ds DS release is all they care about is money????

  14. The truth is they dont want to make a pokemon for the 3ds because they will have to innovate to make something good, it’s just much easier to make it for the ds

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