Wii U Web Browser Won’t Play Flash Video But Supports HTML5

Nintendo Japan has revealed that the webkit-based internet browser for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U system won’t play Flash video content, but it will support HTML5. Nintendo has also announced that the browser will support tabbed browsing that lets users keep track of several web pages at the same time. A new feature that Nintendo has incorporated into the browser is tilting the GamePad forward or backward to automatically scroll up and down through long web pages.


96 thoughts on “Wii U Web Browser Won’t Play Flash Video But Supports HTML5”

    1. Why spam every time you are reblogging something? People are here for news and you are trying to get them to visit your site by spamming this one…

      1. @Witness He probably comments here that he’s reblogging an article to give credit to Sickr and Alba. I dont mind the reblogging comments :)

      1. Not really, some indie developers are looking at using Unreal Engine 3 for games on the internet, though flash animation is still around, some people actually use other software for animation.

        Face it, flash is a dying format. I love it but its time to let it go.

    1. flash is still used widely on the web even though it’s transitioning to html5. i think it’s silly to leave it off for now. i can see not taking more updates and keeping up with flash, but not offering basic support is weird, at least for the next year or so.

        1. Haha the amount of things that are stopping Flash. I don’t know why they do never thought of it as a bad thing :S. never botherd me but I would like to know why people wanna stop using flash. I just think of it as an extra. wanna make ur console do as much as i can but still having Wii U

          1. It is because not everyone is guaranteed to have flash but html5 is built into every new browser so it is guaranteed that everyone has it.

        2. not at all!!! before android 4.0 flash was included, YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD FLASH FROM GOOGLE PLAY!!! -thats what I did on my galaxy note 10.1

      1. Please, tell us all in what way your web browsing experience on a WiiU will be significantly lessened by a lack of Flash support.
        In all honesty I don’t understand why there’s a web browser to begin with… Unless you want to Google a walk through on the fly or something but I can’t ever see myself using an inbuilt web browser on ANY console, I have a laptop/smart phone for that and they do it much better…

        1. Do they? I mean obviously nothing beats computer but phone is meh at best. I’m probably going to keep my gamepad by my bed at all times and play from there

          1. In my experience my iPhone works fine as an on-the-go browser, even for when my laptop is in another room and can’t be bothered to get it, though I do use my laptop when it’s available.
            Either way, it’s better than console web surfing. Though the touchscreen of the WiiU might change that.
            Still, I’d sooner use my phone or laptop than my console.

            1. Wii U’s browser will be useful for browsing mid-game, and watching videos on TV swiftly (as long as it loads quickly and with a high enough quality; something that doesn’t happen on my PS3).

      1. Most things are HTML5 based now. All new content is and lots of old content is getting converted. Even big sites like YouTube, Facebook and RedTube use HTML5 now.

  1. Excellent. This shows WiiU is forward thinking.
    HTML5 will (arguably) replace Flash.

    Smart move on Nintendo’s part! This also saved us money. (No licensing fees to pass on in the final cost.)

    1. Still, if a webpage has a YouTube video, you wouldn’t be able to even tell what the video is unless YouTube switches or the Wii U displays the title and lets you click on it to view it in the YouTube app.

      I am skeptical about the YouTube browser, though. The 360 version is still really buggy, some videos don’t even show up, and it even crashes every now and then since it seems that the developers aren’t really trying to maintain it. I hope the Wii U version has a least a little more care for it.

    1. Yeah, no ipods/ipads/iphones have flash and millions of people get by happy enough!! And to be honest, if anything uses flash, i use my PC… much more responsive!!

    1. AVATAR! O_O I LOVE THAT SHOW! your picture made my day :)

      you watch legend of korra? its not better than avatar, but its just as good.

      1. Yeah Avatar is amazing! Me and my bro watched all the eps on Netflix and yeah I’ve watched the 12 eps of season 1 of the Legend of Korra which is a really great show too (Although I miss the old chars, Toph especially T.T)

  2. Hum, I think I am kinda old-fashioned guy. I really don’t care, since I inderstand consoles are primarily made for household gaming, and not surfing the web.

  3. I wish there could be an option to use the swype typing like you find in the Samsung galaxies, I find it a lot easier then standard input on touch devices, but oh well.

  4. I dont see how flash would make it any better, besides going on newgrounds.
    Long as i can check emails, youtube ect, and its a good, fast browser, its fine by me

  5. Apple has pretty much killed flash for touch devices already, Adobe is axing mobile flash support all together, HTML5 works better in a touch environment… Duh.

  6. Haha i thought gamers here would be fucked up about it not supporting flash, but i see most on here have the same point of view as i do. It’s a game console, so it’s not really meant for surfing the web and watching videos on youtube and etc. Phones and pcs excel in that area. Now an actual concern would be if there was something wrong with Ninten’s network and online wasn’t available to the Wii Universe.

      1. Thanks. I was going to ask the same thing. Cause I want to do that thing where I take a video I’m watching on the UPad and throw it to the TV like in that E3 trailer.

      1. Who knows? iOS uses a mobile version of Safari, WiiU will probably run something more like the 3DS browser, more powerful though. But no one has seen it or used it yet so no one knows.


    As HTML5 IS the new flash, I’m glad the Wii U doesn’t support Flash.

    I didn’t really use the Internet Browser very much on my Wii (only clocked in 300+ hours), but I do think that the Wii U’s Internet Browser will become my primary one to use now.

    Man, all of this news about the Wii U just keeps getting me more anxious for launch! :D

  8. I guess i wont get a wii-u for a couple of reasons. 1 – nintendos games arent as awesome as they used to be (all started with the ds.) 2 – My pc can play all third party games, not just a select few third party games like wii-u. 3 – web browser doesent have flash, so it wont be fun browsing the internet on the wii-u. I used to love nintendo, until they started doing all this casual crap. I miss the snes, and gamecube days.

    1. Then why in the fuck are you on the wii u blog u and your PC can go suck a dick! Its all about Nintendo and will always be about Nintendo!

      1. Because he obviously wanted news, like everyone else. And now that he knows more and more about the console, he is no longer interested in it.

        Some people are objective and don’t just buy anything with “Nintendo” slapped on it just because.

        1. Its not just a fucking piece of cardboard with nintendo slapped on it you dipshit its a home console with an HD controller that istouchscreen and has a bunch of third party support just incase your retarded.

  9. Im sick of these “HTML5 will replace flash” assholes. Their just like those idiotic onlive supporters saying that stream gaming will replace everything. No, no, no. Someone here has to stop this BS everyone of these idiots are spouting. Flash is still used in a large role of animation and games, so even if HTML5 supports a few video features doesn’t make it superior to flash. Fllash is constantly being updated everyday and by the time “HTML5″ shows its full potential, it will be ancient code, as flash will already be polished up, fixing all of its flaws. HTML5 is the new lie everyone uses to be a pain in the ass.

    1. Considering Adobe has stopped supporting it on Android earlier this year, and they’re continuing to ax the support of it, I kind of doubt we’ll be seeing many more “updates” for it.

  10. Sorry, but what are some examples of flash video content?? And what are some examples of HTML5???? I don’t really know about this stuff really, so please make it pretty simple :)

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