Nintendo America COO Admits Sony Has Done A “Phenomenal Job” Driving PlayStation 2 Sales

Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime admits Sony did a great job in terms of supporting its 12-year-old console, PlayStation 2, which launched in 2000. The PlayStation 2 is currently the best-selling video game system of all time, followed closely by the Nintendo DS, which released 2004. Like the PlayStation 2, Fils-Aime believes Wii will keep selling for quite some time.

Have you learned anything from watching Sony’s continued success selling the PlayStation 2?

“You know, PlayStation has done a phenomenal job driving sales on what is a [twelve] year-old machine. They’ve done a phenomenal job, and they have been able to address different marketing over time, to build an incredibly large install base. We believe that the Wii system, similarly, will keep selling for quite some time. They’re going to be different addressable markets, not only from a U.S. perspective but from a global perspective… [but we'll] hopefully continue to drive sales at a historic rate.”

148 thoughts on “Nintendo America COO Admits Sony Has Done A “Phenomenal Job” Driving PlayStation 2 Sales”

      1. Sony is always bashing Nintendo, I’ve never heard that they applaud Nintendo because of their successive sales. They said 3DS was a babies toy, Nintendo response : Sony has done a good job about PS2

        1. All companies have taken shots at each other in the past. All companies have given props in the past too. Stop being such a blind fanboy thinking Nintendo is infallible and that Sony is the devil.

          Quotes from Sony officials about Nintendo:

          Quote 1: “It’s a great success story. They’re (Nintendo) focused on easy to pick up games. With great game play. At one point, Nintendo decided in the last generation that they wanted mature audiences on the GameCube. That made it crowded. With the Wii, they then made the decision to focus on what they do best. That really helped separate the focus of the three platforms in this generation. (Nintendo’s success)…is helping the growth of this industry. I think Nintendo did well for themselves and they are bringing in new gamers to the industry for all of us.”

          Quote 2: “Normally we don’t really reference the competition a lot when we talk about the PlayStation business, but in this case it’s perhaps a little salutary that sales of the 3DS, having the advantage of releasing a little bit ahead of us, have been exceedingly good.”

          Quote 3: “I have always thought Wii was in a generation of its own. I always thought PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are in the same generation, but Wii was not the same.”

          “To me, the industry was growing really fast when those three platforms came up because the focus is so different. The PS3 and the 360 were the closest in terms of high definition and networked services. But Wii carved out a large niche to itself. To me, it was like two generations going at the same time.”

        1. Chrisbowserkoopa it’s like saying you’re a pansy if you’re caught playing a 3ds….right? That’s not constructive at all! That’s more like trying to keep you from buying a 3DS. Especially if you’re the type of person who cares what people think.

    1. I’m not sure of the ages of the people posting on this website but it would SEEM that my two young children can act more mature than most of the posters here. Treat others with respect. Can we all not agree every system out there has a lot to offer and bring a touch of something that distinguishes them from each other. Personal I love all consoles but then again I have been gaming before the word gamer became a term. Playstation has great Rpg’s. Xbox has great shooters. Nintendo has great puzzle games. No one system is better than the other and no system is the same… Just like people. Hopefully you can look at both sides and change your way of thinking.

  1. PlayStation 2 didn’t have any real competitors as the PSOne was so disruptive because of Nintendo and Sega mistakes.

    It wasn’t even selling that well, it just had a good international distribution and a lot of tricks to pretend they were selling more. Wii would surpass it if Nintendo didn’t abandon it in 2009

    1. Or maybe it was a legitimately good console and not a piece of shit designed to cater to a casual market of non-gamers.

      You’re on serious drugs if you think the Wii is remotely on the scale of PS2.

      1. Im sure the most infurating thing to you on here is that no one gives two giant shits on your porch what your opinion is.

      2. the wii is better than all playstations and both xboxes it changed the game with better graphics and better. gameplay and if third parties supported the wii while not being copied wo ld’ve smashed the hd twins oh wait they did smash them the 8th gen whooping begins on the wii’s sixth birthday nintendo extincts sonymicro easily

    2. Actually, it only sold so much because Sony never stopped milking it after the PS3 came out. The DS is obviously king, being four years younger and selling nearly as much.

      I kinda hope Nintendo pushes the Wii just enough for it to pass the 100 million mark. It’s nearly there, but selling just about as much as Vita weekly, it seems tough.

    1. Homophobia, and parodying somebody who’s accomplished infinitely more than you have. Typical Nintendork feeling inadequate about himself.

        1. The real problem isn’t how he badmouths Nintendo (I see plenty of that on the Internet to be able to dismiss it). It’s that he comes to a Nintendo fan site and keeps commenting on how all Nintendo fans, especially the ones here, are retards and how he acts like he’s one who knows everything about games and that his opinions are supreme (even though he’s gotten plenty of facts wrong). We should really just ignore him. You know, not feed the troll and stuff.

      1. Says the guy who spends at least an hour or so a day to specifically go onto a fan site for something they are not a fan of in the least and shout nonsense to obviously compensate for a small penis, weak ego, and glaring inadequacy issues through defense or advocacy of the virtues of a fucking toy for playing video games on. You’re a useless hypocrite. Your opinion affects nothing here. Good job. :) But keep posting if it gives your little ego a shot in arm and makes you feel better and keeps you from hanging yourself in your attic, i’ll gladly read your tantrums every other day or so if it means that much to you.

        1. You accurately managed to describe yourself, I presume. My opinions clearly affect you enough if you felt the need to reply and bring me up in several comments on this very article.

          I conclude that you’re a butt devastated Nintendiot.

  2. I will admit the Playstation 2 was a beast of a console but as soon as Playstation 3 came out it has been going downhill for Sony. The only game that gave he huge enjoyment on the PS3 was Red Dead Redemption.

    1. Naughty Dog, where was Jack and Daxter on the PS3? All you gave me was Uncharted 1, 2 and 3. It got so boring and now your coming out with The Last of Us which looks similar to Uncharted. Not good enough but I know Naughty Dog are not the only ones to blame.

            1. I’d argue that the Wii is better than the N64 in that it received superior 3rd party support and had 1st party titles that rivaled the N64 but that’s purely based on opinion.

            2. Dude,n64 came with two games at launch.
              Difference between ps2 and 3:ps3 had better graphics and shop.ps3 had worse:gaming library,sales,price at launch,gameplay(important),and goals(ps3 was all about graphics,ps2 was about gameplay).
              Difference between wii and n64:wii had better games, franchises ,graphic, online, gameplay, support,and franchises.n64 had better nothing.

              1. I find it funny you attack someone over saying UC2 was the best this gen (seeing as it was his opinion) and then you go off at people saying “Can’t take my opinion, butthurt much?”

                1. He attacks everything Nintendo related. Nearly all of his comments are retarded. If a normal person said they liked Uncharted more then that’s his or her opinion and fair enough. He’s just one of those retarded Sony/Microsoft drones that thinks everything Nintendo does is a fail.

            1. relevance is a funny word. It kinda means the weight people around something ascribe to it in reference to how important it is to them, whether it be an opinion, or an entire person. For example, there is a dude using the name aeolus on a website who tries to rain on everyones parade as hard as he possibly can who reads that website and just tries to discuss things relevant to that website as a fan of the subject because in the real world he is unequivocally and increasingly irrelevent concerning everything and everyone around him in his life which makes him feel very small and very lonely. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(.( its ok buddy, you can hang here and make yourself feel better.

        1. And those games aren’t even a challenge to beat. I’m being completely honest when I say my 8 year old nephew can beat those games….I’ve seen him do it with my own eyes bro! shiiiiiit, I remember when i used to play old games that were hard as fuck to beat that once you actually beat the game you were proud of yourself for accomplishing it. Now days you got all these cinematic type games with too much pretty scenes but no challenge at all.

        2. Am I only the only one here that actualy enjoyed all 3 of those games (well not so much one level in Uncharted 1 :| )? I honestly love the 3rd one most. They fixed the online, the way drake interacts with his suroundings is pretty cool (dont see this with Zelda), I did love the story (I am a big fan of the stories in all 3), and you finaly got to fucking swim underwater xD one thing I will complain about was the campaigns are too short in my opinion, that one level walking around aimlessly in the deseelrt was just better off being a giant cutscene.

          Now excuse me if my opinion does not agree with yours.

            1. Ah many people here do think I am a sony drone just because they cant accept the fact that Nintendo is number 2 to me. I still buy and support nintendo yes but playstation will always be my favourite.

          1. you arent alone, the 2nd Uncharted was my favorite game this generation. I like Deception, it was a great game, but aside from the graphics, it didnt give me that wow factor i felt after finishing Among Thieves. *SPOILER* (i did love the ending with that whole last few chapters were only a mirage)

        1. And yet its almost sold as much as the ps2 in half the time the ps2 did. Ps3 barely sold at launch. Now its almost overtook the 360.

          Dont act dumb Aeolus.

          1. Everything a Sony/Microsoft drone says is retarded. You should know that by now. He thinks Uncharted is a better quality of a game than Zelda. That sums up his intelligence.

            1. I liked Uncharted 2, but 3 was boring, it was the same thing, but not as good.

              But everytime i play a new Zelda game i say its the best game ever xD not a coincidence.

            2. I’m sorry, I thought people were allowed to OPINIONS, something you seemed to be a strong supporter of? :3 (Note, I ain’t siding with Aeolus, I hate hypocritical people is all)

                1. that only leads to the conclusion that youre a nintendo drone, right?
                  does this mean your opinion is bias and shouldnt even be taken at all serious? (not that i do anyways)

          2. He isnt acting, he just cannot pass by any comment on this site without injecting his off-the-cuff and mostly ignorant two sense into every discussion he comes accross. It’s a wierd cumpulsion, i see it all the time.

          3. Handhelds almost always saturate the market more than consoles, it’s a stupid comparison and you should feel stupid for bringing it up.

            Also, show me a console from Nintendo that has done nearly as much as the PS2. Oh right, there are none.

              1. wait, this is stupid reasoning, isnt this the argument most Nintendo Fanboys use when sony/MS fanboys bashed the wii?

                that the Wii outsold Both Consoles therefore its better than the PS3 and 360? but now that this is brought up, sales dont matter?

                1. No, I love the PS2 BUT he’s now saying that the PS2 is the best and that the sales prove it, when they don’t. The thing is, if I used sales as a reason for why the DS and 3DS are solid platform, I would be dismissed BUT if he uses sales of the PS and the PS2, it’s prerfectly fine.

    2. Uncharted is overrated. I really enjoyed 2, but 1 and 3 just failed to jeep my interest, but theyre far from the best games this gen, alot of games, such as Infamous 2 are better, although hands down the better shooter this gen was Borderlands 2 and Metroid Prime 3. Both are so against the grain and both prove their dominance for doing so

  3. I still play my PS2 and my Wii… I didn’t get a PS3 because I didn’t see many titles that interested me nor could I justify the price, and the lack of proper backwards compatibility frustrated me. But I’ll be getting a WiiU because all those things are the polar opposite.
    (Not to say PS3 has no good titles, it has quite a few now.)

  4. PS2 has been one of the best systems ever. :) Such a broad variety of games. Whether you’re an RPGer, Shooter, Adventurer, there’s a game on the PS2 for you. multiples actually. The Wii … kind of lacked in all the big areas barring a couple JRPGs that America is lucky to have and Mario spam. The Wii was a fantastic idea on paper, I’ll admit I sat out in front of Wal-Mart for over 20 hours to get a Wii on launch, but as time went on…it started to gather dust. I wound up using my PS3 the most (mine is backwards compatible with PS2 games).

  5. PS2 was pretty much on top of that era…great library of games! I’m not A Sony fan at all, but I did enjoy PS1 and 2…PS3…ehhh…it kinda fell off. I enjoy my Wii and 360 a lot more.

  6. This is why I still have my 12 year old PS2 and not my barely-7-month-old-before-it-got-sold PS3. Granted, I’ve sold much of my PS2 games by this point, but really, Dragon Quest 8 and FFXII are all I need. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 don’t hurt either.

    1. My ps2 died a while back. Miss that old bitch. Ps3 is gone, my Wii is gone(both sold). Its down to my 3ds and my 360. Good thing my WiiU is already preordered ^^

  7. i find it impress that ps2 manage to get 150mil in 12 years, but i find the DS more impress that it manage to get 150mil in 6 years.
    oh look aeolus will come as say [insert retarded comment here]….

    A while ago he said that he does not care what we [nintendo fans] care about him. He don’t care about us so why go to a place you don’t like? How is that even normal?

    1. Agreed on that. I wouldnt be surprised if the DS took the ps2 number 1 spot, but even if it didnt, its only a couple million behind, in only half time.

  8. The PS2 is definitely one of the best consoles of all time. Definitely one of my favourites too. Massive library of games from every genre. Props to Sony. Leave luck to heaven.

  9. Yeah that’s very true Chrisbowserkoopa. also the PS2 was as bad as the PS3 in a way due to the fact that the ones I ever owned had problems with the DVD player. You could play games but some wouldn’t play on them. But once the games would play then your DVD wouldn’t work properly and vice versa. I got friends that had the same problems with the PS3 bluray player. My bluray player from my first 60GB PS3 the one with the 4 USB port in the front and memory card slots works like a charm. Any model that came later was complete trash!

      1. 360 has Gears of War, Halo, Fable and a bunch of Kinect games.

        PS3 has Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, God of War and many others.


          1. Well, seeing as those were all English words, clearly he does.

            Aeolus. Listen to me. If you’re going to troll, at least troll intelligently.

  10. That’s why I love Nintendo. Instead of bashing their rivals they answer things honestly and respectfully. When Sony says something about Nintendo, it never is a praise or a constructive critic. Only bashing.
    But yeah, I’m more of a fan of PS2 than PS3. It was more innovative and had it’s own personality. PS3 is just a bulky and expensive console with little features that actually make me want one.

  11. The PS2 kept getting RPGs like Persona 3 and Persona 4, and Rougue Galaxy and Kingdom Heart chain of memories and God of War 2 at the end of its console cycle. Nintendo is not supporting Wii enough for it to keep selling, except for Skyward Sword they have not given gamers enough games to keep buying the Wii.

    1. Implying those games were made by Sony, except for God of War 2. The vast majority of the good games on the PS2 were from 3rd party developers. Besides, with Sony continuing to release good games for the PS2 late into it’s cycle, they helped to contribute to the PS3′s slow start, something Nintendo isn’t looking to do.

  12. Sony became drunk on the PS2′s success, and spent all their fucking money on PS3, then Vita.
    They are in a world of hurt if they can’t start bringing in more than they spend.

    1. Reggie:I like all companies and think they are all great.But it is our job to be the best
      Sony:nintendo sucks.3ds is for babies and ps2 sales shits on nintendo
      You can see the difference.

  13. What? Sony did a good job with the PS2, the best selling console of all-time with perhaps one of, if not the best, game library of all-time? I had no idear!

  14. Wow, comparing the Wii to the PS2 ? Is he insane or something ?
    None of Nintendo’s systems can be compared to the PS2. Not even a bit.
    And the Wii is dead already, so what is he even talking about ?

    1. ^Pure fanboy here, pure fanboy here

      Besides, the NES, SNES, GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, DS, etc. would like a word with you

      1. I’m a girl, but okay.
        And I am not a Sony fangirl. Actually, I’ve owned pretty much every Nintendo system besides the DS-DSi. Doesn’t mean I can’t face facts and accepts mistakes Nintendo does, though.
        And I don’t see why I would need to have a word with the NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS, etc. because none of them sold better than the Playstation 2. You would know that if you would have actually bothered to read the article, because it’s written in there: “The PlayStation 2 is currently the best-selling video game system of all time”.

        1. Fine, fangirl if that makes you happy. If you were referring to sales, I apologize. If you were referring to game libraries, then you’re being biased. Besides, no sh*t the PS2 is the best selling console of all-time, alongside the DS, you don’t need to be a genius to know that.

  15. I seriously doubt Nintendo will be supporting the Wii U for 12 years. The PS2 came out at the right time with the right price and the right library. I doubt any video game console will ever have that lifespan again. Consequently, I doubt any console will ever even come close to outselling the PS2.

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