EA Spokesperson Confirms There Are No New Modes Or Features In FIFA 13 for Wii

According to findings by Nintendo Gamer, Wii’s version of FIFA 13, which is developed and published by EA, is practically identical to last year’s FIFA 12. This year’s iteration features the same exact gameplay modes, graphics, menu screens, dialogue and character models.

An EA spokesperson confirmed to Wired that FIFA 13 for Wii has no new modes or features, compared to FIFA 12. Note that in a recent interview, EA COO Peter Moore said, “Year on year, Wii has just dropped, and clearly we don’t make games for it anymore.”

Thanks, Magi.

100 thoughts on “EA Spokesperson Confirms There Are No New Modes Or Features In FIFA 13 for Wii”

    1. Konami have no problem Changeing up the PES games for wii , PES 2012 was terrific and so willl be 2013 , they are seriously awesome football games on wii .

      This is EA butthurt off Origin once more , why don’t they fuck off ???

      PES2013 will be an 8.5/10 really great football game with new features and enhanced graphics and all that for wii , so really EA ??? really ???

    1. ^this.
      Is the wii market has dropped too low for you to make a new game,
      don’t re-package the old one and sell it again at full price!!

  1. I fucking hate Fifa/Madden/NBA games. Especially when there’s a new version released every year, with almost to none changes. It’s worse than CoD, at least CoD has an interesting story and sometimes entertaining multiplayer.

  2. Yeah, because there are novel ways to change a sport and absolutely no way to innovate a first person military shooter.

      1. Not all socker games sick freak!Mario strikers is not a gimmick game,it has more things to do.And yes pro evolution,fifa and other football or socker video games which they are the same are gimmicks and waist of time.

        1. I’m not trying to insult you,but I didn’t understand the comment.And were you responding to me or were you meaning to answer him?

  3. I have no interest in this game, but why have EA gone into Ultra-bitchy mode recently? I wonder if they are still butthurt about the whole Origin thing.

      1. Exactly.People think that ps3 has the spotlight now.If you give wii more games,then all the better for nintendo and you.

  4. EA really is digging their own grave here. They’ve made many stupid moves recently. It’s a shame, really. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Lol they have confirmed what we knew for a long time,that sports games aree just numbers in the title but the worst thing is that they shurely ruin dead space too

  5. First thought this was about the wii u version of the game. But its about the wii. Face it guys peter moore is right that the wii’s software sales are declining, and not worth the investment of making new games for it. At least this is true for EA. Sometimes the truth hurts.
    From what we’ve been told so far on this site is that Fifa 13 for wiiu is the best version of the game, so we can be happy about that.

      1. They did a remake of 12 for the wii to try to get a few sales. It is pretty dirty, but at least they are being honest that it has no new features than 12. I don’t think too many people would be affected because if you are really stoked for fifa 13 people should want the wii u version.

    1. Nintendo said they will continue support of the Wii. Good for them. Wii may become the first console with 1st party only software. (after WiiU launches.

  6. EA is struggling folks.
    Old republic isn’t doing so hot, Mass Effect 3 caused some PR issues, battlefield cannot keep up with COD, EA is bleeding millions of dollars.

    They wanted to make a deal with Nintendo to mooch off Nintendo’s success, but their beef isn’t only with Nintendo. They are laying off devs and their stock is lower than it has ever been.

    EA is struggling to stay afloat. If they don’t get their feet planted firm again, we could see this giant tumble.

    1. actually ea is doing fine medal of honor warfigter is comming this month i dont even understand u fanboys seriously when someone says something about nintendo u fucks get all raged up and start calling companys stupid and shit is anyone deserves a to lose money its nintendo and sony and dont call me a fanboy because i own ever nintendo system made but i guess now nintendo is getting the picture now.As for EA there doing what they need to do to make money if people want FPS fine if they want RPG fine screw u dude.

      1. This has zero to do with fanboys, and everything to do with one failed, multi-million title after another.
        StarWars MMO lost 2/3rds of it’s subscribers because the game is glitchy, and worse, it has been hacked severely.

        Battlefield cannot sell to compete with COD (but still made some money.

        And then there is this shit, rehash sports games in an age when gamers expect more. Adding a ’13 to the box and 5 new players just isn’t good enough, not anymore.

        So EA struggling has nothing to do with Nintendo, Nintendo isn’t even their competitor, so why the fuck did you go all ape-shit?

        1. funny everyone and there mama bought madden on day one im sure fifa 13 sold really well besides there is medal of honor crisis 3 and some other games. and yeah battlefield 3 is still better than COD guy

          1. I didn’t say COD is better. I believe Battlefield may be better, I’m talking about the company losing money, and shitty stock prices.

    2. best day for gaming in decades if they die

      but it won’t happen because they’ll put money into their own stocks AGAIN

    1. No this isn’t a port, it’s the same game. They just took a game they’ve already sold and gave it a new cover. Is this even legal?

    2. This isn’t the first time, they also did it with the vita version. Same game different UI and Cover.

      Theyre aren’t stuggling as people make them seem like they are, specially with all these mobile games that they publish. I do however see EA getting out of the home console market to cater the audience of mobile apps.

  7. Honestly sports games should be released every three years but the roster updates should work when rookies and new players come to the league.

  8. Guys can someone tell me the link to where they showed that mario can hold onto edges in NSMBU kinda like in smash bros brawl.? Idk i think they showed it in a direct video when they showed that mini mario can walk on walls. i cant find the link.

  9. At first I did not get why EA won the worst company of the year thing. Now I am getting it.
    WTF! I am glad that Pokemon is not a EA game be cause I would be very disappointed with Pokemon black version 2 and Pokemon white version 2. I guess they would be the same.
    No. Really. WTF was that? Are that retarded?

  10. screw all u guys clearly the wii isnt even selling and honestly no one is even paying it no attention because next month the wii u is comming out. you guys are acting as if the wii still has plenty of fight left in it when the system should have died in 2008 but nintendo gave us a few new games that really helped the system last a bit longer like mario galaxy 2 and zelda skyward sword but really i think smash bros call of duty really helped the system last this long. when i get my wii u im throwing my wii out the window into the garbage because the wii was infact garbage.
    im not saying though what EA is saying is right but you have to admit that the wii is just a fucking garbage ass system made for moms and grand-dads so i completely understand what there saying. by the way i dont even like fifa but i think EA should have put madden 13 on 3ds a fifa 13 on 3ds because the wii just flat out sucks ass.

    PS. this is a great site but its always putting up articals about what another company says about nintendo wii u or something of that nature like the sony artical about how sony thinks the ps3 and vita can do what nintendo wii u do and better. seriously that wasent even something worth posting because sony has done this for years and everytime they tried to copie nintendo they failed so what was the point in posting that artical. then another one that piss me off is everyone
    is always talking about how 3ds is killing the vita in japan but dont ever talk about how the 3ds is doing over here in the United States or in Europ maybe that why all the 3ds is getting rite now is fuckin stupid anime JRPG and no Fps or nothing like that its annoying

    1. Your missing. The point. What ea doing is completely wrong. Your opinion say old people & moms play wii. I guess you never heard off soccer moms. If they play fiffia yeaar afteryear & buy this garbage? Is that fair to them owning the same game plus paying 50$ in cash? That could have been use for something else? Her my opinion stop being a ea kiss ass & don’t just say well who cares the. Wii garbage & think about your fellow gamer thx u

      1. then u tell me what could they do to update the game besides adding online..and about the onlin thing developers still arnt sure how this nintendo network even works yet

    2. EA is literally scamming people by selling them the same game with a new name and you’re defending it with “it’s okay because no one cares”

      they could have very easily NOT made this game

      but they DID with the intent to scam unsuspecting consumers out of $50

  11. “Year on year, Wii has just dropped, and clearly we don’t make games for it anymore.”
    Then just don’t release the same game twice you idiot.
    EA disgusts me.

  12. I wonder why Nintendo didn’t put on the wiiU a truely next generation GPU like 7000 series…And why it’s CPU is weaker than ps3?That could cause dammage to the console from high heat

      1. We have 2012,the wiiU’s GPU might be a 5000 or 4000 series which they are current gen GPUS.7000 series have been released on 9/6/12.Every console must be next generation not even in graphics but in specs and gameplay experiance.As i was saying..observe at radeon wikipedia

        1. actually i saw the wii u graphics at max there is some videos out there but wii u is going to be a power house over the PC for now.i understand tho nintendo cant make that graphic mistake twice

        2. they maybe didn’t put the 7000 because the price would’ve been higher, and they already said that they arent going to make a price drop, anyways, i think it’s ok with the graphics they have now, what i think nintendo is doing is something like this: Let’s make our creative games, but the graphic-fags are gonna start crying so lets put in an acceptable graphic card so there are no problems like with the wii’s last 3 years.

    1. because consoles are no longer about power

      the 720 is going to be weak and sony can’t afford a ps4 after all the money they lost with their last two blunders

      1. Maybe. Fanboys from either side don’t really know. Enough speculation, let’s wait and see. In the mean time can’t wait for wii u


          I just hate it when people keep on saying that this thing will be out-performed by the next one. We have no clue yet about the specs of the other systems yet. We don’t even know if they are releasing another system (though it is very likely for Microsoft to do so).

  13. god ea why are you so goddamnedly stupid, and why do you keep beating your chest to the sound of your own retardation

  14. Seriously? Like this even matters.

    EA is seriously just digging their graves even deeper now with me.

    Sports-wise, though, I play ACTUAL sports that can get my blood physically pumping OUTSIDE. I have never seen the appeal in video games based off of sports unless they involved actual motion control like Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, or Wii Fit. Otherwise, it’s just a button-pressing game between two opposing factions that will just have me wondering why I’m not kicking an actual soccer ball rather than pressing a button to hit a virtual one. Defeats the purpose, really. :/

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