Black Ops 2 Will Significantly Innovate

Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia admits that the original Call of Duty: Black Ops didn’t necessarily innovate the first person shooter genre, but says that its sequel will. Lamia went on to say that Black Ops 2, which is the most pre-ordered game in GameStop history, will be a major step forward for the immensely popular franchise.

“We had customisation in the game, we had the theatre, the emblem editor, the maps, the settings, the locations that we created, all that stuff really came through. But one of the things that it didn’t do, is it didn’t look at the gameplay and say, ‘hey, let’s significantly innovate upon some of these core systems.’ They were more like refinements and changes to proven core COD gameplay.”

45 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 Will Significantly Innovate”

  1. We still don’t know if the Wii U online gameplay will be any good and that is the main reason why people get CoD. Nintendo needs to show everyone how their online network is going to work otherwise it’s unfair to ask people to purchase this sort of game for their system. Yes, I know it’s not all about online but it’s important for some people.

    1. What do you mean, “how it’s going to work”?
      You can play the games online just like on a 360 and ps3. Thats already met the requirement, and is on the level. What more do you need to know?

        1. Why? Seriously, everyone acts like the 360 and ps3 gives you a blowjob online when you’re online. You go online, play the game. Thats it. Nothing else is there. What more do you NEED to know in terms of being on the same level as the ps3 and 360?

            1. Yes, aside from Smash Bros, it was fine. And since then, they’ve redone their online, with Nintendo network, and from someone who plays the 3DS online, it works great

            2. Cod and WaW both played fine online.
              To your point, yes, there were several Nintendo games that blew online, and their network is also not as robust (however, it is free)

              If they have improved it some, and are keeping it free, I’ll be happy!

        1. The game sometimes disconnects with a inproper feedback saying “You must be logged in to XBOX live to use this feature”. Also, the game is slow on finding new hosts mid-game, and is really bad at determining if the host is too poor to host the game.

          BO online on xbox is by no means smooth. At least it’s better than the Wii version.
          As long as they improved the online at least a bit on the Wii U version (compared to xbox), I’ll be satisfied.

          1. It works fine for me, I have pretty bad internet too. Unless you have too many things going on the internet at one time that’s going to slow it down to a halt

        2. i played BO on all 3 last gen consoles. mostly on ps3, but a good deal on wii. the wii worked fine online. no more lag than on the ps3. plus, surprisingly, there were fewer kids on the mic on the wii than on the other 2 consoles. people who complain about the wii’s CoD online have obviously not played it and are only regurgitating what they read online from ps/xb fanboys. have an open mind, dont blindly follow, and try things before you try to act like an excpert on the subject.

  2. I sincerely hope that the emblems and customisation return. It gave the online that little bit more longetivity. Not including it in MW3 was a major step back. It just seemed like a revamp of MW2

    1. Emblem editor is back
      There are now 32 separate layers, and you could set certain ones to be transparent
      There is now a color palette

  3. From what I’ve seen, it plays out exactly as the other CoD and FPS game sout there so I don’t know what he means by innovative…:P

  4. Unless you have varying enemy types, and not just a game thats basically a shooting range that fires back, then no, you didnt.

    COD is basically a memory game. You dont get good at it, you just die and know were everyone is, or you have quick reaction times.
    No skill involved. Especially online.

  5. Normally, seeing innovate and Call of Duty in the same sentence is laughable but I’ll give Treyarch their props.

    They do way more for the franchise than Infinity Ward tries to accomplish, and that speaks volumes.

  6. And he also admits that the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 didn’t necessarily innovate the first person shooter genre, but says that its sequel COD: Black Ops 3 will.

  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XD Claiming a CoD game will be innovative 2012. Sorry some of us have seen through your lies already

  8. I have a wait and see approach. I am excited for this game just because they allow wii mote compatibility still. I am soooo gonna own those analogue players!!!!

  9. I agree. The innovation of split screen multiplayer on two seperate screens, an exclusive feature of the Wii U version :) All the rest is same old same old.

  10. I damn well hope so, I won’t buy it otherwise. If they can make single player actually engaging and make the multiplayer fun rather than just competitive.
    It’s definitely not a game I’d buy first day or pre-order. After trying out MW3, I need to be absolutely sure that this is a full new game and not an over-glorified expansion like the last four games.

  11. I like how halo had all the features that call of duty “made” first XD halo had emblem editing first theater first not to mention infection. Cod is so original.

  12. A Call of Duty game? “Innovate”?!

    Bahahaha! Good one! Considering it stole everything from Halo. Which makes all the recent “Halo 4 is stealing from Call of Duty” claims even more ironic and hilarious!

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