New Nintendo Land Information

The latest edition of the official Nintendo magazine contains some new Nintendo Land information. The information covers four of the twelve attractions that can be found scattered throughout the compilation. Here’s the information that is covered by the magazine.

Balloon Trip Breeze

  • Hero carries parcels between islands
  • Delivering the parcels rewards you with currency to spend in the theme park.
  • You can tap away certain obstacles on the gamepad but random prods (cheating) will cause the spikes to ricochet.

Metroid Blast

  • Shooting doesn’t use the sensor to aim, but the MotionPlus (ala Skyward Sword).
  • Gunmen boast Samus’ full moveset – morph ball, charge shots, evasive dodges and grapple beams – can use the latter to hang from the gunship.

Mario Chase

  • In the Mud River Run stage, mud moats can be crossed via bridges that dissolve under the escapee’s feet.
  • At the end of the round, you get a breakdown of everyone’s movement.

Pikmin Adventure

  • Pikmin world re-imagined as clockwork Gashapon toys.
  • Enemies arrive in plastic capsules, dispatched by a giant vending machine.
  • When a Pikmin is eaten by an enemy, they emerge as Poo (!) Friends must then help to chip them out.

53 thoughts on “New Nintendo Land Information”

    1. Yeah, no its not.
      You can still in any position you like, and you dont have to worry about going off the sensor.

      Also this could he applied to the gamepad in the future, using its centre as a judging point then just tilting it in directions to aim.

      1. Nope. I know yoh can face in any direction, but my one gripe with SS’s motion controls was having to recentre the bow all the bloody time. TP’s pointer bow controls were simple and easier. Metroid Blast would work better that way.

        1. Pressing a button once was easier than sitting perfectly in line with the sensor bar, and if it went out of view, it was more annoying to get it back to the centre

  1. I seriously can’t get excited for this launch. There’s no big games. I already have them or will be getting them for my PS3.

    1. I’ll probably get more excited closer to launch on November 30. I’m picking up the Deluxe Wii U and also NSMBU on launch day but that’s about it until Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3.

        1. Here’s an actual converseation I had with my brother:
          Brother: Hey look, I got Pokemon Emerald on my phone.
          Me: So what, It’s not officially licensed by Nintendo, therefore, it sucks. Also, I have a real version Pokemon Sapphire right here.


      1. Sorry if I don’t want to play around with faeces in my games … never knew you were into that kind of thing you sorry excuse of a fanboy.

  2. Everyone whose negative should chill it’s a family game and the poo is a way of inserting a little nintendo humour.
    But seriously I went to best bu 2 days and a row. Day 1 they were putting up the demo and I talked to the reps they said wait there are big games coming that no one knows about. Day two I got to play it and ill be honest it was fun only thing running was rayman and some video demoes and picture art. I do have a question is there a way I can post pictures to the site?

  3. I kinda want Nintendoland after seeing the Pikmin. Reminds me of Four Swords. Unfortunately I’m going with the ZombiU pro set due to all of the awesome extras like cheaper zombiu game and pro controller. I can’t agree with paying £40 for Nintendoland seperate. £20 hell yes. £25 at a stretch. Not £40 or having to pay the extra in Zombiu and the Pro



  5. Last time I checked, video games are high tech glorified toys. If your looking for maturity then don’t play video games at all. Those who bitch about one single thing about the game were looking for an escape point, a reason not to get it.

  6. hey tysamu by that logic you shold not be on the computer its just a glorifed toy sracstic so is movies eating enay thing but bread talking and even talking and enathing besides eating breathing and sleeping so think about that you jerk

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