Tekken Revolution Listing Spotted Online


A filing listed with the Australian classification board suggests that Namco Bandai is busy developing a new Tekken title called Tekken Revolution. The filing says that the title will be both “original” and “multi platform”, which suggests that the game could be a new project rather than a port. Could this be another handheld edition of the franchise along the lines of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition?

Thanks, Sam C

16 thoughts on “Tekken Revolution Listing Spotted Online”

  1. guys, the new tekken for WiiU is a good game? the last tekken game I played was 3 on arcades! I like the ”virtua fighter” style, but I still don’t know if I get it. Does it have online?


    1. Yes it is. Don’t tell the Sony fans, ever since they lost exclusivity to tekken, Final fantasy and now monster hunter, they have become aggressive and irrational lol.


      1. Good to know. I might get this game anytime soon.

        Also, Sony fans know they lost a lot exclusives, I keep hearing “if only the Vita had a MH game, it would sell a lot…” LOL

        sorry, 4th generation is Nintendo’s exclusive.


        1. True, Just remember that the 3rd gen was (still) a system seller for both Wii U/3DS, I want to know how the 4th gen will be in the future, lol, (Sony defense in 3… (Just wait for it)). Anyway, Tekken Wii U edition is damn funny to play, I recommend this to you if you like fighting games, give it a try.


          1. Yep, and I have the impression that MH4 was made in HD already, and downscale for 3DS, the graphics are great on the 3DS, just imagine that running on the WiiU, also it has the most distinct artstyle from all MH games, it’s colorful and vivid, I like it a lot. good thing that Ultimate is selling well on west, capcom loves money, they won’t resist to put that game on the WiiU and release both versions on the west. :p

            I like fighting games, I wish there was a demo and none of my friends have the game. but I think I’ll buy it.


          1. I didn’t know that. Good to hear, “it shall remain an exclusive then” -said God.

            …and people say we (nintendo fans) only buy Nintendo games. Well, we support the great thirdparty games, that’s all. we are not graphic whores.


            1. People say why did not make a big deal of battlefield 4 not coming to wiiu but we almost took down the internet when rayman was delayed? I say to them that rayman was a bigger lose than battlefield. After all there most be at least 25 fps coming to the wiiu.


              1. aww man… I wish that game was still an exclusive. I understand from a business standpoint, but still, back when it was delayed and moved to other platforms too, I felt a lot of sorry for Nintendo, It was a key game, in a key month where no other games was going to launch on WiiU (not counting the eshop) and in other platforms there were god of war, tomb raider and rising…


          1. We might not have a brand like final fantasy, but we have Hironobu Sakagushi developing games and Monolith which made, easly, the best jrpg of last gen. I think we are in a good :)

            I’m keen to play X and discover that world. Xenoblade had one of the best settings a game could ever dream, It was a giant, beautiful world, can’t wait!!! we might get a proper announcement at E3 I hope release dates.


    2. The Tekken Tag for Wii U is a lot of fun! Tons of content and so much to unlock. The online system works fine, but most battles can get a bit troll-y.


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