Ubisoft Announces Exclusive Content When Pre-Ordering Watch Dogs

watch dogs mainUbisoft has announced an extra sweet treat for fans who pre-order the upcoming title Watch Dogs. The open-world action game features two additional content packages, depending on whether you pre-order from GameStop or Amazon in North America.

When pre-ordering the title from GameStop, players will receive a single player mission named ‘The Palace Pack’, which includes an investigation bonus and ATM hack boost. Both unlock exclusive in-game content, allowing you to find more investigations as well as increasing cash rewards when hacking banks through the ATM hack boost. And if you pre-order extra early, you’ll also receive a neat game poster, designed by comic-book artist Alex Ross.

Looking to pre-order on Amazon? If so, players will receive the Signature Shot Pack. The content comes as a single player mission that gives you access to the Biometric Assault Rifle, which was smuggled into Chicago for the captain of the Black Viceroy’s gang, as well as the Black Viceroy’s Outfit once completed. By all accounts, the weapon only works for the first person to make an imprint of their palm on the handle, so players will need to steal the package and make the imprint to be in with a chance of success. Watch Dogs is available for pre-order until November 18 and will be released in North America on November 19 for the Wii U.

87 thoughts on “Ubisoft Announces Exclusive Content When Pre-Ordering Watch Dogs”

        1. I knew that Nintendo is generations behind Sony and Microsoft but I didn’t know that they use wired controllers in 2013 which means they live about ~ 8 to 9 years in the past.

          1. I actually like the wired controllers better than wireless controllers due to the fact that when battery is close to dying then your wireless controller start to lags for input.

            Happen to me all the time on PS3 controller (this is why I want a longer USB cable), and sometime on Xbox 360 and Wiimotes. I know it is annoying with games or menu saying “your wiimote batteries are low buddy” every time but at least I know if buttons aren’t registered then it is probably due to low batteries juice. This help me a lot since I usually replaced batteries (if low) before important part of the game including boss battles or going for high score.

          2. That’s were you’re completely wrong, DRONE. Nintendo isn’t generations behind when it comes to innovation and ideas when it comes to making video games and systems. Do Sony or Microsoft make different controllers as their main controller on different systems? Answer: No! Look at Nintendo’s controllers from NES through Wii U? Seeing that you’re nothing but a graphics whore, you’re fucking failing at damage control. Focus on the topic instead of damage controlling. Accept it and move on.

              1. You fucking suck at damage controlling, Jimmy boy. Nintendo’s innovation is play control, new dimensions in playing games. The only gimmick that I see in Sony’s system is the highly expensive graphics and trying to be like a PC.

                1. Hey N-dub he saying the truth every dev saying that Wii U is crap and if you thinks blind fools that Nintendo thinks for you you’re wrong they thinking only for their asses if they was thinking for you they would give you real console with real games instead of that they give you junk and selling them expensive

                  1. Every developer? Ignoring that Ubisoft knows Wii U will make a come back. Also ignoring that Activision said Wii U was next generation.

              2. Wrong. How is the GamePad gimmicky? The Dualshock 4 is the same exact thing except no camera and a Touchpad instead of a touchscreen.

              3. Ignoring that Nintendo started the Rumble Pak, 4 PLAYERS, SSB a different type of fighting game, The Wiimote good enough to be copied by Sony, also ignoring that the 3DS does 3D with out needing 3D specs.

              4. @Neutron. I want to help you here. What you meant to say is, “Nintendo is so advance in their innovativeness, that every other system has to copy them in some way, shape or form”.

                It is ok, as I understand it is difficult for you to write what you mean, as opposed to blurting the first thing that comes out of your mind/mouth(whatever).

                So, you are quite welcome. No thanks needed.

        1. Why are you talking in third-person?

          Let’s make a deal. Every time you leave a perverted comment I spill your personal information.

          This counts for here and YouYube, TonyLabe/N-DubNation/TonyKanameKuran/TrollPatrol/TheObserver/TrollPatrol/JackTrettonCEO.

          1. You’re losing the battle, little kid. I’m not TonyLabe, TonyKanameKuran, TrollPatrol, TheObserver, TrollPatrol, or even JackTrettonCEO. Your mind fucking days are numbered and saving your favorite company isn’t gonna guarantee victory. You’re nothing but a fucking troll, hacker, and an inferior piece of shit. This is the last time that I’ll be replying your ignant ass because you’re done. You lost the battle and war. Leave me the fuck alone and get a life.

            1. You are Tony Lane, everyone on this site knoes that.

              Then why do you have the same IP address of all those alts I named? Are they friendss using your computer?

              1. What you’ve posted is none of your fucking business, kid. This shows proof that you’re nothing but a fucking coward. You’re NOTHING! A choke artist! If you want to continue playing with my emotions, then SUCK MY DICK!

                  1. You should stop Neutron, seriously what is the point of this? you are trying to demostrate what exactly? to who? showing all his personal data and records is pointless and will not going to demotrate anything to anybody, and also, if you are thinking that showing all his data will going to make you more “manly” you are wrong, is not your business or mine, is N-Dub Nation business, If you want to demostrate that you are really mature, you should go and meet him, (in real life) and put this to an end. Ohh yeah Internet dah! I forget about that ;)

                1. I know right, we doesn’t have anything better to say, just making our life miserable, that’s all he do, the same bull crap, over, and over, and over again, because that is the best thing he can do, trowing bullshit to all of us.

              1. Ignoring that we never played or seen 95% of this line up yet saying it’s a weak line up. Anyone know what game Retro is coming out with? Exactly have a seat.

      1. you heard him Neutron Dunce stop sucking N-Dub Nation’s dick and quit being a douchebag and a stalker

      2. A Wild Troll Appears!
        Troll used “Its all a gimmick!”

        What do you want to use?

        Explain the already expansive third-party games available 3/3

        Ignore 30/30

        Feed the troll ∞/∞

        Take the time to come up with a logical statement that contradicts the Troll 20/20


        Nintendo’s Ducktale sized money pile: x10

        NobodyCaresBall: x15

        Sarcasm Flute: x1


        1. Expansive third-party games social reject who pretends real life is a childern’s game? Where are these third-party games on Wii U?

      3. graphically yes, but not in gameplay. Wii U’s GamePad is more advanced than the Dualshock and unlocks more possibilities of gameplay.

        1. That’s funny because games like Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, Infamous, Ico, The Last of Us, Mark of Kri, Sly Cooper are more innovative with the DualShock controller than anything on Nintendo’s gimmick Wii-brand consoles.

          1. By more innovative with the Dualshock you mean tilt the controller slightly to the side? Alright then :)

            1. have to agree i just hate the dualshock thetriggers suck, the control sicks are like 2 huge sloppy nipples. the ps4 dualshock looks like they maybe fixed that, also with the handles being a little bigger. so you dont feel so cramped!!!!!!

              1. I’m confident in the Dualshock 4. I doubt it will be more ergonomic than the Pro controller but it seems like it fixed all the problems the Shitshock 2 and the Dualshit 3 had.

                  1. And because Nintendo didn’t know if 3D gaming was gonna take off. Hey don’t forget the Atari Jaguar controller, that controller was terrible :P

                    1. yeah, have you played eternal darkness or has my pious comments been i waste of my time. ite seems no one on here knows about the game and the character,because call me stupid i found the comments funny.now im just getting over having this as my new picture, trying not making fun of the character everytime i comment haha.

          2. We have not see true innovation on the Game Pad yet idiot. Do you know how Zelda, Pikmin 3′ SSB4, Lost Worlds, Watch Dogs, AC4, GTAV, or even RE will be? Also ignoring that the Gamepad is off TV mode or many games. Have anyone seen all of Wii U sports or seen any games dealing with 2 gamepads! Has anyone seen Pikmin 3 with multiplayer and if it can be played with 2 gamepads? Exactly have a seat! Also Nintendo is going to sell a battery for the gamepad since you want to ignore last year’s article.

            1. You are completely too stupid to understand. Wii U doesn’t need to show us “innovation” it’s the most advanced controller to date, it can do more. Have a seat!

  1. Not so sure what the hype is with this game…EA, Ubisoft and many other devs are cocky fucks…this game could be like most..looks cool

    1. I agree with you to the EA extent. I mean, ‘The Wii U is crap’, what the hell sort of argument is that? At least Ubisoft give Nintendo support, it’s only what they need to make the Wii U a success. I’m pretty sure if EA gave it a chance they’d love the console!

    2. To be honest I glad you brought this up. I remember Red Steel was pretty cool until the game released. Red Steel have a lot of glitches and the game is little bit unprofessional. Now we have ZombiU and that game is good even know I think Nintendo fans just overexcited over this game. I mean it is good but not that great. I think it is a good idea to wait to see the game is actually good or not. I mean I am a victim of SWTOR, Diablo 3, and even Guild Wars 2.

  2. Wait, so if I get this at GAME in Europe get almost everything for £99, but in america they only get one for pre-ordering at a certain store….awesome!

  3. It’s lame to lock up content just for pre orders. Atleast there might be help for pc gamers because somebody could make a custom patch to unlock the stuff.

  4. Pre order a game which you have never played and tried, and get additional content? What if i don’t like this game at all. What will I do with that extra content then

    1. Good point my young squire, ive been with nintendo since the day of the NES debut.
      I kinda made up my mind with sticken to one console a la WiiU. Im not liking the 3rd party games that are and have been developed, not just the wiiu games but all console games. Skyrim was the last AAA title that i bought and it helped me give up on AAAs….to the point that I want nothing but Nintendo and Indie games…..u want a soapbox game …play minecraft, you can use your brain to learn something…you want to be dumb down, then play your GTA or this game that i forgot about already…..

  5. For the love of nayaru and for the sake of farore. sickr , alba , and the others , BAN THOSE TWO FREAKING IDIOTS CALLED N-DUB NATION AND NEUTRON , THEY ARE RUINING THIS SITE !!!!

  6. Interesting. It seems like Gamestop has the better bonus but I like Amazon better as a company and want to support them more. Who should I pre-order from?

    1. Hey, I don’t know if you realized it yet, but Amazon hates Nintendo and is refusing to give Watch Dogs its preorder DLC. The same goes for Assassin’s Creed IV.

  7. I don’t want to be ‘that’ guy, but I’m about to be ‘that’ guy. I’ve been yelling support Ubisoft with the way they’ve been talking about being on the Wii U, but seriously, after how Call of Duty from Activision went down, Injustice from Warner Bros. and the other titles that have been coming out, I have no reason to pre order this game and buy it at launch.

    I have been suckered too many times into thinking there’s going to be any extras that are advertised ahead of launch. If I miss it it, I miss it, but I’m not putting money on it until I see something concrete.

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