Square Enix Reveals Its E3 2013 Booth Lineup


Square Enix has revealed its booth lineup for this year’s E3, which takes place from June 11th to June 13th. Of the confirmed games the publisher will be bringing to the expo is one Wii U title – Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut – which is an enhanced version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was released in 2011. The games Square Enix will be showcasing during E3 2013 are listed below:

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn [PC, PS3]
  • Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII [PS3, Xbox 360]
  • FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster [PS Vita, PS3]
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut [Wii U]
  • THIEF [PC, PS4, Xbox One]

41 thoughts on “Square Enix Reveals Its E3 2013 Booth Lineup”

      1. Same, but I would have liked to not have to use my sister’s 360 to play Lightning Returns (you gotta admit, the battle system looks cool).

  1. Neat! I’ve never played a Deus Ex game before, and I saw from the reviews of the original version that the main problems were with the odd bosses and twitchy AI, but it sounds like they will be fixing that in the directors cut version, so I think I may get it!

  2. why is kingdom hearts coming out on PS3, shouldn’t it be coming out of WII U as well considering the fan base it has gained from Nintendo platform exclusives like Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days?

    1. Don’t even bother asking such a question. We all know how Nintendo deals with 3rd party devs. They promised elaborate agreements with 3rd parties, and look at the Big N now… :(

      1. Doubt it considering 1.5 is only showing cutscenes from 358/2 days. It’s most likely an exclusive issue than a Nintendo issue.

      2. Thats the devs fault. Screw their bullshit whiny ass devz. I respect them but Im seeing alot of exagerated media propaganda. Trying to demoralize Nintendo’s Fanbase with worthless crap just to say ooh dlc! Eeeh… (In Jamaican accent) “Dem can go and find eachotha soft spot ha dam batee Boyz!” No biggy.

    2. well the games on it were both PS2 exclusives if I remember correctly so that might explain a part of their reasoning. Besides lets face it the Wii U is no 3DS installbase-wise and being an owner of a 3DS doesn’t necessarily translate to owning a Wii U, I don’t think they saw much point sales-wise when overwhelming majority of KH fans are on the Playstation platform

    3. They even teased 1.5 on the 3DS. Square Enix has betrayed me twice. First the twewy teaser for a port and then teasing a ps3 game on my 3DS. Seriously, Square is following Crapcom’s dark path.

    1. I do! I played it on the 360 and thoroughly enjoyed it, but never got to finish it, with the Wii U’s go at the game I’m sure I will finish it! Can’t wait! Maybe Nintendo is having all it’s 3rd party friends remain very hush hush until the Nintendo Direct from E3 and that’s when everybody is like, “Surprise, we really have some bad ass stuff in store for Nintendo fans!” That would be awesome and aren’t we all allowed to dream? I can’t be alone in this hope, this tiny glimmer of hope for the Nintendo Wii U and it’s possible success!

  3. IMO, Monolith is filling the spot that Square-Enix once filled in my gaming life.
    Which is a shame, considering they did incredible work on titles like Secret of Mana and Super Mario RPG.[Which, btw, I just got on my Wii U's Wii virtual console]

    1. Well considering Monolith has former Square employees, it’s understandable. Now if Nintendo can get Mistwalker as well.

  4. So, legitimate question here.
    Since Square Enix will obviously have a huge focus on the PlayStation platforms, is there a blog out there similar to this one for PS news? Cause only independent blogs like this seem to be truly reliable.

  5. 3 Final Fantasy games……wow. A glipse at COD’s and Assassins Creed’s future. From 1 yearly to 3 yearly. Thats what will happen with COD and AC lol.

  6. Deus Ex: HR should have been released already…
    Although not completely, but kind of pointless to showcase it on e3.

  7. I’m still trying to figure out why Thief isn’t making an appearance on the Wii U! How does it make sense to not give your games as much exposure as possible, by bringing it to as many consoles as possible?!?! And I know a lot of FF enthusiasts that haven’t touched the series since mystic quest, stating “After the series left Nintendo consoles, it seems to have taken a turn for the worse!” I always try to convince them to play 7 on the PS1, but some people just don’t listen and along these same lines why are they so hesitant to bring FF games to Nintendo consoles?!?! That’s where the damn things were birthed(circa 1987JP and 1990US)!!! Bring the games back to their original home. I guess without sakaguchi they really don’t have much anymore… oh well! If they announce something I will gladly eat these words.

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