Wolfenstein Developer Says No Plans To Bring Game To Wii U

wolfenstein_new_orderLast month Bethesda announced plans to bring Wolfenstein: The New Order to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and next generation consoles. However, they also hinted at the possibility that it could come to the Wii U after Pete Hines said in an interview: “We (intentionally) aren’t being specific on what platforms “next-gen” covers. Stay tuned.” But according to the game’s developer Machine Games it, unfortunately, will not be coming to the Wii U.

In an interview with Wolfenstein’s narrative developer Tommy Björk he announced that it would be available in the last quarter of the year, but when asked about it coming to the Wii U, he first hesitated, then gave a resounding ‘no’. You can see the full interview in the video here, and at the five-minute mark you can see where Björk says there are no plans to bring  the game to the Wii U.

116 thoughts on “Wolfenstein Developer Says No Plans To Bring Game To Wii U”

      1. The game was coming it was just that Nintendo did not aproved it until the bugs where fix and knowing bethesda thats the reason they cancel it.

  1. INB4 all the, “we don’t want another crappy FPS on the Wii U” comments.

    That’s fine anyway, not every single game has to span every single system. We knew this would happen with the Wii U. Anyone who got a Wii U expecting third party support from everyone was fooling themselves.

    1. We dont spect all titles from everyone but no one is bringing there games to wiiu not even the sure hits.

        1. None of the new anounced ones they are just bringing the old ones not even trials a fucking download game.

      1. @ That’s why it’s our job as Wii U owners to show these companies the error of there ways by supporting companies that are. Buying there games.

    2. I’m genuinely not interested in this game. No loss , Hyped for the likes of Pikmin 3 , W101 and Pokemon X and Y!!!

    3. They promised us great 3rd party support. Nintendo even showed Ken Levine from Bioshock at E3 2011 praising the Wii U, but 2 years later Wii U doesn’t get Bioshock Infinite. I personally aren’t interested in the Mario games (no offense intended to people that love those games). Nintendo used to make other types of games back in the day for the ones that aren’t interested in the Mario games, Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker,etc).,Left Field (Excitebike64),Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), even the special relationship with Factor 5 they had was great (the Rogue Squadron games). They put Retro to make a Donkey Kong game, why couldn’t they work on a Metroid game or some new IP and leave the Donkey Kong for another studio to work on. All they showed are games that don’t appeal to me.
      Games like “The Division” and “The Crew” interest me a lot more than anything Nintendo showed at E3. I have no choice but to get a PS4 so I can play all those games that I am tired of missing out on. I guess if you love Pokemon and Mario and whatnot you are happy with Nintendo.(again, no offense intended for anyone that loves those games).

      1. You cant blame Nintendo for what third partys are doing. Especialy with the foul play they are showing. You want a ps4 thats ok but remember there games coming to those consoles that no matter how big the installed base of the other console are or how little the wiiu are they would have actualy have sold better on wiiu.

        1. I think that it is almost entirely Nintendo’s fault. (Maybe Not EA’s temper tantrum) Nintendo failed to sell the WiiU, plain and simple. If the WiiU sold more, there would be more 3rd part games coming.

          1. The fault here is from both Nintendo for not having enought first party games and third partys for giving us mostly old games.

      2. AGREED, i was so disappointed with the retro studios announcement, why on earth it should take 2 to 3 years to make a 2D donkey kong game i will never understand, for example look at the game trine 2, that even though running on a 2d axix, still looks amazing, why are Nintendo 2d games just so 90’s? even rayman origins and rayman legends shit all over Nintendo’s 2d offerings from the last few years, its plain laziness, its that simple, why is it other companies who make 2d games can still make 2d games which look so much better then Nintendo made ones? i don’t mind 2d games, i grew up playing them, as i have said i have been gaming over 30yrs, but when i see Nintendo milking the franchises, and making yet another 2d game, and a bad one at that, then whats the point? i know the 2d made Nintendo games play good, but what about the production value? rayman and trine 2 blow everything away that Nintendo has done as of late.

        And then theirs the fact that so far, even though wii u is a hd ready console so far all we have gotten from Nintendo on it are games which barely look any better then wii games, WTF?? retro should not be wasted on another 2d donkey kong game, they should have gotten some one else to do it while retro worked on a true hd 3d game which will show everyone what wii uis capable of, Nintendo when will u wake up!!

        i cant wait for my PS4, its going to be so AWESOME! its nice to see SONY step up to the level that they were at in the PS2 AND PS1 days! take it easy but hurt nintendrones, i am entitled to my opinion, grown ups are allowed to have different opinions, so don’t start with the shit talking online, save that for face to fact with some one, that way they can knock you the fuq out when you hurl insults! LMAO

        1. That’s strange I game on a PC and I’m looking at PS4s in exactly the same way you look at the Wii U. The PS4 is a FUCKING KID’S TOY with nothing but generic FPS after generic FPS. No backwards compatibility (which I’m sure as a long-term gamer, you’d appreciate) and no REAL choice between games. Grow up and get a real machine.

                    1. you seem to be confused, as are most children these days.
                      i am 37 years old and if you have been following my TROLL posts you would have known that but you are to busy throwing threats around like the bully’s in your elementary school.

                    2. “if you want to talk face to face with me, bring it on”
                      that is what you wrote, my responses were aimed at that.
                      that statement told the world what you really are, a violent fuck who is a coward hiding behind a keyboard acting out the only way a child can.
                      you will likeley be in prison for some violent crimes in your future.
                      i am now done with you.
                      go see a shrink, before you become a statistic.

                    3. “grown ups are allowed to have different opinions, so don’t start with the shit talking online, save that for face to fact with some one, that way they can knock you the fuq out when you hurl insults!”

                      That’s what I was referring too, but as we’ve covered before, you seem to lack the ability to read. I too am done as I have a job to go to in the morning – not school, as your predatory fantasies seem to suggest.

                      Peace out!

      3. I’m not happy with Nintendo. I want X and SSB and Bayonetta ASAP this holiday. Otherwise money goes to Sony. Mario, platformers or side scrollers or any games of that kind of same species never interest me.

        1. are you telling me you would rather play a game that was rushed and may not be very good, than a game that wasnt rushed and could turn out to be really good?

          1. I rather wait. I want to ever see a Nintendo game rated a 3/10. I’ll wait. I like seeing journalist rate Nintendo exclusives either at 8/10, 9/10 or 10/10. As for Do key Kong. At least its a game to give us something until another retro game arrives. That goes for Wind Walker too.

            1. I dont know how this guy says other companie’s 2d games shit all over Nintendo ones. Look at RnC, that was shit after the 1st one, sony has a few platformers but they cant touch ANY Nintendo ones. The only one that comes close is Rayman, and it still doesnt have the appeal to me like Mario or Donkey Kong do. All he sounds is like a graphics whore. By the way, Nintendo kicked ass at E3 as far as grphics go for its respective game…

      4. Retro should have done a trilogy for wiiu that showed what it can do, like they did with the prime trilogy on the wii. Aonoma(sorry if misspelled) should not have been working on wind waker instead he should have been doing a new zelda and left that project to a 2nd party.

      5. You can’t blame Nintendo. Ninten itself only publishes games, not make em. Plus the real blame falls on the devs themselves as they make the choice to send their game to the system or not. What’s a real shame is the fact that Ninten is going out of their way to bring as many devs as possible to the Wii U with as much facilitation as they can possibly give and yet the devs still choose to not bring their games. I’m glad for the indie devs coming with fresh ideas that the professionals seem to lack; what concerns me is how can they not think of any ways to actually utilize the gamepad? Previous examples like in ZombiU show how the gamepad can be utilize in a new that hasn’t been used yet

    4. No its too bad its not coming, I have alway like Wolfenstein games, but it just means one less game to buy or plan. Either way, I will live, so oh well.

    5. isnt it nice that other than black ops two there really isnt any crappy fps on wii u. its sort of refreshing to tell the truth.

  2. I got plenty of wiiu games to chose this holidays even from third partys they will be lucky if this even sell on the platforms is being released at.

    1. Me too, I have 10 f*cking games I want to buy till the end of the year, all at launch=500-600 euros. I think I will have to skip some games for the inevitable drought in January-March.

    2. Its so many Wii U games coming out this holiday. I can wait. Lost Worlds, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, 3D Mario. I may not even buy all those games.

  3. Like I’ve said, many swedish people are Xbot Zealots that hate our Empire…

    I don’t care about your game and we will never care, keep your FPS garbage far away from us…

        1. haha! :)

          Seriously though , I see myself in an Ikea furnished house and driving a Volvo 10 years from now. Sweden for the win.

              1. In a simple explaination…

                Many racists/nazis/fascists or capitalists working at Immgrations nowadays…

    1. If this shooting game was on Wii U I wouldn’t buy it. Looks like just another FPS game. At least each Nintendo title is totally different.

  4. I’m disappointed, not about whether its coming to Wii U or not.
    But that Bethesda is making generic FPS crap like this.

  5. Nintendo and Sony are strategically killing off Microsoft’s xbox. These western developers are in for a rude awakening. EA and Ubisoft have smelt the roses. They Know better and are back tracking towards the WiiU. It is western developers, why even ask them to bring Nazi Nonsense on the WiiU in the first place. Every time you see a mid level developer from the west, know this; their games as of 2013 won’t be gracing the Wii U.

    1. Nintendo delayed games to give third-parties less competition, but these third-parties were still not bringing games to the Wii U. Why is Nintendo not bribing third-parties?

      1. because nintendo is about ready to nurture about 1000 indie developers into the new 3rd party, strangling the old 3rd party until there pricy engine burn up under the weight of their respective consoles, seriously look at how big xbox1 and ps4 are… their both vcrs

  6. another one passes the wiiu. at least it’s a fucking fps so no worries. though I’m mad that gtav will pass the wiiu. the gamepad could be useful for a game like that.

  7. DAMN.. another game not coming. I just dont get it ,if its coming to ALL the other platforms why not the wii u. Its complete bullshit!. See I really love nintendo and their games but I also do want other third party games as well. There are like 5-6 platformers coming to the wii u this year.. its not like I dont like the genre but there must be some “variety” in the library.
    Whenever we get the news about a game not coming to the wii u most of you guys just say that you dont care about so and so games but guess what these games will create a better install base for the system and those who own the system wont miss out on these games..

    1. to put it simply the gamepad is just to advanced for most 3rd parties to develope for. not many games coming for xbox or sony will support 2 screens even if they say they will, at least not in the sense wii u will.

  8. I looks like Sony’s little move was not enough to scare 3rd party studios back to Nintendo. At least not yet. It’s neither here nor that. Nintendo has shown this E3 that they are ready to go at it alone if the have to.

    1. Like Playstation All Stars Battle Royale?
      But thats for PS consoles only… :(
      Or were you talking about the heaps of kinect games everyone’s not talking about?
      I think those arent coming for Wii U either… :(

  9. Another day, another negative story. If you’re old enough to remember the GameCube days, history is repeating itself and Nintendo (just like in the GC generation) are too stupid, arrogant or blind to do something about it until it’s too late. I’m not interested in ONE game Nintendo has coming out. I mean, how many Mario’s do we get every year now. It used to be something special, but now it’s, meh, another Mario game. My kids and I are buying 3rd party games (Lego City, ZombiU, Batman, Need for Speed) but new ones are going away… Fast.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get it also…on the other hand “artsy” games do come. You Should try Toki tori, Trine, Bit trip runner, great games.

      To be honest i bought all 3rd party games (AC3, Batman, Ds2,ME3) and those are boring games. None gave me so much fun as Lego City or Zombiu

  10. Coming from a narrative producer is not really sometihng very discouraging, I mean, those people hardly take those kind of decisions, but still…… It’s really sad how third parties, after showing interest on the Wii U are now giving it the middle finger… I was really hoping and hyped about the 3rd parties support before the console’s launch… And after seeing that PS4 is only $50 more expensive…well….

  11. Swedish developers seem to hate Nintendo. Always have. They think Nintendo is still for kids, despite Sony and MS has got more kiddiegames. I am ashamed to call myself a swede.

    1. Indeed, they love to play “Good Doggy” to the US and so has also manifested in the gaming universe…

      They love the Xbox/Microsoft or anything that’s american no matter how good or evil it is just because it’s american…

      I’e had several “friends” who always thinks like the typical Xbot:

      Nintendo is for kids…

      Xbox is for mature because of guns and soldiers and real life things…

      Stupid beyond reason, no wonder they elected the Swedish Democrats last election…

      Bunch of krauts…

  12. Citation: they also hinted at the possibility that it could come to the Wii U after Pete Hines said in an interview: “We (intentionally) aren’t being specific on what platforms “next-gen” covers. Stay tuned.”

    To me that sounds more like there won’t be a Wii U version, because Wii U is next-gen…

  13. Another indudtry Derp states no intention to bring a fps to the only sydtem with a fps core controller LOL ITS TRULLY LIKE LIVING IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE

    Translation we fear nintendo and fear there userbase and only make auto aim scoll the pladtic stick shooters INDUDTRY PLEASE CRSDH AND DIE

  14. This isn’t news anymore.
    I’ve given up on wanting 3rd party support on Nintendo, I’m getting a PS4 and Vita to accompany my Wii U and 3DS.

    1. I don’t think I had any hope. The Wii PWNED with no 3rd part support. The 3DS is PWNING with no 3d party support, and the Wii U will PWN with no 3rd party support

  15. Any company that says they don’t plan to make a game on the Wii U is a failure company. Although, who needs games like this anyways? Ugh!

    1. You do realize you’re calling a large majority of developers failures?
      Just because they aren’t making a certain game on the Wii U does not equal being a failure.

  16. I’m pissed like really how can a developer any
    Developer justify putting games on a system ththat’s not released but say ninety just doesn’t have the user base wed like to see just because the original wii sold so fast whatmakes tthem think any system will do it again ps3 Xbox 360 have a huge install wii also so if anything the ps4 and xbone should miss out at least the wiiultimate has 3-4 million in house waiting on games to play out jeez developers are stupid no wonder they all going belly up and laying off constantly the wiiu is not that dissimilar hardware wise I’m soryy its not yeah the ps4 and xbone paper omg look how many cores and blah blah ninety made a easy unit to create for you but you are wasting money trying to get every drop of it runs on 5 GB and 8 cores but its all a wash I’m bout done if Sony ninety don’t make the game I’ll just watch it sit on a shelf

  17. Are machine games completley insane or bone idol lazy or both wii u has the power to handle the game what is the problem?

  18. Wow, didn’t realize that I could just leave a comment without giving any info.
    I know that this conversation is dead but can I just say: this is some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen. All the Nintendo fanboys spazzing about the Wii U, how you don’t want any other, actually good games, it’s hilarious. All Nintendo does these days is churn out sequel after sequel, pretty much just Mario and Zelda. While there are some good games (Pikmin 3 comes to mind), the Wii U is a total failure. Nintendo thought they could rope in more gullible people with stupid gimmicks like the Wii, but it turns out an underpowered handheld/home console with a touch-pad isn’t as appealing as motion control. How can the Wii U even be classified as an 8th gen console? While it my be ‘statistically’more powerful than the 360, show me a comparison where the Wii U has the better picture. I know graphics are not the most important aspect of a game, but come on! How can Nintendo not be able to get any better hardware? Welcome to HD you’re only over 7 years late. And don’t bullshit about the Wii U being at all worth its price, I would rather pick up a ps2 or even a cheap pc than spend over 300 dollars on that piece of junk. Nintendo has sealed its own fate; the Wii U is being abandoned by all decent devs, and Nintendo is scrambling to sell more of them, enchanting gullible fanboys with HD remakes of games from 20 years ago that are still exactly the same. “Á new IP? Oh heavens no”- Everyone at Nintendo. “Just bring in another mario remake, that’ll keep em busy!”. And the saddest thing: people somehow still manage to fall for Nintendo’s BS. By the way, I’m not some 12 yr old COD fanboy, I hate COD, and have a 360, PS3 and good PC. My favourite games: The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Civ 5, Dawn of War 1 (oldie but goldie), Fallout 3, Skyrim and Oblivion and Mass Effect 2.
    I really wish someone was here to read this. Oh well.

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