The Only Way To Bring EA Back To Wii U Is “Sell More Boxes”


Despite Carlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America’s head of corporate communications, saying that EA and Nintendo have a good relationship, Electronic Arts Labels President Frank Gibeau has said that the company needs to sell more consoles in order for EA to bring its games to Wii U. Gibeau said the company goes where the gamers are, and at the moment they aren’t purchasing Wii U.

“Look, the only thing they can do to fix it is to sell more boxes. We’re a rational company, we go where the audience is. We publish games where we think we can make a great game and hit a big audience, and make money. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we have an industry.”

“The Wii U, we shipped four games. We shipped Madden, FIFA, Need for Speed and Mass Effect. In fact, the last Need for Speed shipped 60 days ago had a pretty good Metacritic. It was a good game. It wasn’t a schlocky port, we actually put extra effort into getting everything to work. And it’s just not selling because there’s no boxes.”

Thanks, Kjebb

103 thoughts on “The Only Way To Bring EA Back To Wii U Is “Sell More Boxes””

    1. They’re fucking idiots. Fifa – Gimped . Madden – Gimped . Mass effect 3 – good but late and released alongside the full trilogy for the same price on other platforms.

      Need for speed – You think you have no reasons why it didn’t sell? Try , it was 5 months late you bunch of fucking retards.

      Funny how AC3 and Blops 2 sold 150K+ in a matter of weeks. SASRT – over 300K , ZombiU nearly 500K , Monster hunter 3 Ultimate about 700K including Japanese Bundle sales.

      EA , stop damage controlling. You’re a bunch of pathetic asshole and you deserve your title as Worst company in America.

        1. I think the damage is done! EA needs to regain the trust of us gamers if they expect any of us to buy any of their products ever again! Period! They have some of the best developers around and it astounds me to no end that they can never release a half decent version of any game without it being gimped as explained above…

          1. Seriously. If i had played Mass Effect 3 sold LOADS of copies beforehand. do you think people would buy the game again just cause it’s on a different console? it was released way too late

            1. Mass Effect 2 came on the PS3 a full year after it was on Xbox 360 and sold well.

              The first game didn’t come to the PS3 until near the end of last year (5 years after the original release) and that sold well too just as a digital title.

              So… it’s not always because a game is released later than the original launch.

              1. Pretty bad comparison. The trilogy, of course, included the 3 games AND it was also cheaper. And it was some of the DLC wasn’t released in the WiiU version.

  1. So stop being jerks about EA and go buy Need For Speed! Really, it is a good game and if we expect more third party, then buy third party. That simple. I know we all want to boycott EA and yadda yadda, but they are a huge publisher. At least buy the good games, not every game. If there are 4 million boxes out there, theres no reason it cant reach at least 500,000. Oh well lets hope people start buying these games instead of complaining that there is nothing to play

    1. I bought it, thinking of recycling it.

      It might be a decent driving game, but it is a late port (very late, same game was first released 2006, enhanced version 2012(?)).

      I have all Mass Effect games on PC, I would have bought Trilogy, if they would have released that.
      Hell, maybe even just ME 3, if they would have given us all the same DLC.
      And sports games they released… well we all know what those were.

  2. EA are in bed with Microsoft. They dropped their online passes to make themselves look good, but it turns out they only did it because of XBox One’s ‘logging on every 24 hours’ rule. The Wii U features no such rule so EA aren’t happy about it. Not the only reason, but one of them.

    1. the fact they dropped passes has nothing to do with that…they want to stop being anti consumer, besides ps4 doesn’t feature any online checks and has no problem with ea’s support so your reasoning is moot already

      1. I think you need to do more research. They wanted to show they were doing something for the consumer, but in reality, they were just being the slimy bastards they always have been,

      2. and like I said, it’s not the only reason. It would also mean them having to retract their previous statement about how their engine won’t run on the Wii U, for another.

  3. Bullshit EA. Then why are they not showing signs of leaving the Xbone after the negative reaction from fans. Even if they did not support Wii U, EA is still going to lose money since the Xbox does not look like a success.

  4. so EA goes where the gamers are…and how do we know that PS4 and XBOX One will sell, they arent even out yet, if one of them fails(which they probs wont) then they’ll be eating their words

    1. If they don’t sell well and people don’t buy their launch games on PS4/Xbox One, they may scale back the same way they did with the Wii U. The Wii U had zero install base and EA supported them with releases at launch. So, it could turn out to be the same thing, we don’t know. Doubtful, but possible.

      The current gen is still selling a lot so they have a lot of investments that could stretch there for some years to come.

  5. EA has no right to pull this shit.
    Their unprecedented partnership included late and half-assed ports.

    Nintendo cant do anything right?
    They release their system seller, third party: “Waah, we cant compete with that… why bother making games to it”.

    Nintendo leaves room for third party pubs and devs to release their good games, third party:
    “Sure, we release incomplete ports, that should do it!”

    1. “Their unprecedented partnership included late and half-assed ports.”

      Really? Have you played their games on the Wii U? Their ports (save for Madden) were all probably the best versions of the games on any system.

  6. so if xbox one fails and wii u sales pick u. does that mean thay they will abandon xbox one and move to wii u. it would be funny

    1. Well, yeah. All businesses want to make money. Even Ubisoft admitted recently, that they may have to pull back on some Wii U support because, at the moment, their business doesn’t exactly profit much from the sales.

  7. The only game I care bout is Tiger Woods. Pairing the wii mote with the gp on the floor so you can see your lie would be awesome .On the green would look different than fairway would look different to being on the rough than being in the sand etc….lets say you are up against a tree or edge of the water you would see that on the gamepad. Tiger is more fun imho with a wiimote anyways. So many opportunites for devs to kill it with the 2nd screen i just dont think they are as smart as some of us gamers. Can you imagine if you could set it enemy view while playing Metroid so you can see the view from the visor on the big rscreen but also have a panned out view of the room from any enemies view that you select on the gpad?!? Or when you go into morph ball mode and enter tunnels you have the gamepad zoom out to show a 2d side view of the tunnel maze that samus it navigting. But hey atleast we get another DK sidescroller!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is very similar to what Ubisoft said. And we were all a lot kinder to Ubisoft when they said it.

    It’s fair position to be in really.

    But the difference between Ubisoft and EA, is that Ubisoft actually bothered to support it properly and gave the machine half a chance before they said they’d wind down their efforts until sales pick up. Whereas EA just said “here, have 4 really late ports, that’ll do it”.

    I’d like EA to change their minds, because I like Mirrors Edge and Mass Effect. I really hope they will change their minds when the Wii U sales pick up, which they will. But I have a feeling, no matter how much the Wii U sales improve, it’ll never be enough for EA.

    If EA had bothered to support the system after the initial launch period, like Ubisoft has done, and produced at least 1 exclusive for the system, I’m sure we’d be treating them much more similarly to Ubisoft. That is, with understanding.

    Bottom line, I understand where they’re coming from, they need the install base to sell games to. But they could’ve supported the system a bit better to start with to help grow the install base.

  9. Bring EA back to wii u??? Even if sales would pick up, I don’t think their big games would come to us with the fact that fb3 ‘does not work’ on wii u. I will only believe EA when they confirm that they have fb3 up and running to develop big titles, such as Battlefield 4, the next StarWars game (Battlefront?), Dragon Age 3, Mass Effect 4, etc. Although they are EA games and are credited as the worst company, 2 years running, I see it that more games possible for the wii u is no negative. But if EA did come back, what ‘support’ would we really have as MOST of their games uses Frostbite 3?

    1. True, very true. They’ll probably only publish games for the wii u that did not use frostbite engine though. NFSMWU did not uses frostbite and it was a somewhat decent game

    2. @ This is how you know he’s lying. The Wii U can run the Crysis 3 engine with NO problem. Plus, EA can get Frostbite to work on mobile phones and last gen consoles? The reason Frostbite isn’t working for the Wii U is because they haven’t put in the work, and optimize their engine for the Wii U.

  10. Why don’t they help support the Wii U and there might be a slight increase in sales, but this is fair enough.

    So it’s confirmed that the origin thing never happened?

  11. I have a better idea. Have an indie studio create better sports games than EA does and make them exclusive to Wii U. It’s not necessarily difficult; we’ve gotten used to sports games being a yearly thing that barely changes except to update the rosters. What if someone rebuilt “football game” from the ground up, like Nintendo did with fighting games when they created Smash Bros? Games sell boxes, so then EA might come back… But who needs them anymore?

  12. If they are going where the gamers are, why are they making their games for consoles that are not even out in the market (PS4/XBone)?!?! That’s just plain bullshit! Though the only thing I’d miss from EA is BF, Bioware and Need for Speed (Dead Space and Crysis are over, so…)

  13. Have we forgotten that 15 or so EA games are unavailable to Wii U? What other games are there beside the 15?? I bet that EA would still only give < 5 games, mostly measly lazy ports

  14. Can we stop pretending EA’s games are worth a damn?

    Although i’m looking forward to Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2, nothing they’ve brought out in the past….3 years since Dead Space 2 or Mass Effect 2 has been worth a damn

  15. Okay. About Need for Speed, he’s mostly right. It’s a good game. However, while coming with one DLC pack, EA didn’t release the rest of them. Secondly, the other 3 games were not fully supported as they were for other systems. For example, Mass Effect 3. The Wii U was only given one DLC pack. In addition, they released the Mass Effect trilogy on other systems a few weeks later. Now, you average consumer will go with the better bargain. Which means, if you had a 360/PS3, you’re going on buy it on those systems because you get the whole trilogy, all the DLC packs, and pay the same price as Wii U owners would pay for just Mass Effect 3. EA may be the worst company in America for the past two years, but I’ll like to believe that their not THAT dumb. I’ll LOVE for them to show the exact same support for the Xbox 1 and PS4 as they’ve shown for the Wii U. I guarantee they games would sell poorly!

  16. EA isn’t a charitable organisation or something..and they have every right not spending their time on current gen ports for wiiu.

    ..instead they are moving architectures and preparing for next gen.
    Maybe if nintendo would do a better job themselves not everybody would be whining about EA/3rd party support.

  17. I like EA just because of mass effect and mirror edge. but its a very arrogant and terrible company, they will cheat and lie just to get more money

    1. Say, “I like Bioware and Dice just because of mass effect and mirrors edge”.
      EA is just that money grabbing middle man.

  18. …Okay, look, EA: You not making games for the Wii U isn’t helping sales. If you make good games for the damn system, then maybe – JUST FUCKING MAYBE – gamers will flock to the Wii U, thus fulfilling that part of your little bullshit statement.

  19. Your games aren’t selling EA because they ARE lazy ports and you’re not supporting them with DLC after release. Why would someone buy a more expensive game (compared to the 360/ps3 versions) when they have less content?

    So arrogant.

  20. It’s true. If I were a publisher I wouldn’t invest in WiiU right now either. It’s Nintendo’s job to get the consoles selling. After that, the third parties will follow. It has always been this way. The issue at the moment is that Nintendo are struggling to create a refreshing, system seller.

    1. @Phil..Your partially right. Nintendo has supported the Wii U. The problem is, they didn’t support it strong enough. For example, Mario kart 8 should’ve launched right next to New Super Mario U. However, the lazy ports, with the exception of Need for Speed, didn’t help either. EA and many other companies are giving the Xbox 1/PS4 100% support. This support on systems which have yet to prove how sellable they are, gives gamers confidence that they’ll always have something to play. Now, if EA and other companies gave Wii U that same unprecedented support, sales would be MUCH better. If I was a third party, I would take a chance and develop a quality game for the Wii U. Why? First, Wii U gamers are thirsty for more meaningful content. Secondly, you know Wii U sells will drastically increase once meaningful first party games arrive! Truth be told, they should only give the Xbox one and PS4 four games each. That’s what they did with the Wii U. Anyhow, by doing that, their finances won’t be so strained. Then they could port those four to the Wii U. It

  21. Off topic, Need for Speed MW for Wii U, for 15€ at origin store (not sure if america has this).
    Fifa 13 for Wii U is the most expensive… even though its the most ripped off version…

  22. We’ll see how fast EA starts sucking up when they realize that they can’t make money on a vcr. And maybe people would have bought one of those four games, if they werent fucking shitty ports of already released games. And not everybody wants a damn racing game EA. Damn idiot company.

  23. Well I don’t even want EA games on the wii u. They act like their shit is in demand. They are just mad Nintendo chose not to use their shitty origin service to run the Nintendo network. Which was a great decision.

  24. EA is so full of themselves, but all they really have now is Battlefield, Popcap and their sports games. And the only reason they dominate sports games is because during the DC era, 2K Sports games were better than theirs so they got a bunch of exclusivity contracts with entire leagues so they would be the only company able to make games licensed by those leagues.

    EA is a company who for some reason ended the Skate franchise, has never remade it’s classic IP, the ‘Strike’ series, has bought up tons of smaller companies and destroyed them, has turned the NFS series into a sad, sad joke (those games are just awful), hasn’t made a REAL Burnout game since 2005 and has been voted worst company in America at least once. And that’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure they’ve done lots more.

    EA used to be great, you knew you were getting a quality product back in the day when you saw their logo, now they’re just a faceless corporation churning out the same dull crud year after year with the occasional bright spot dotting the desolate landscape that is their game selection.

    WiiU doesn’t need EA, just like PC gamers don’t need Origin.

  25. quite honestly unless they brought back a decent medal of honor game I really won’t miss ea, do I wish they would support the wii u yeah, but they don’t have much i really want to play

  26. I don’t see EA’s logic here. They don’t want to develop for the Wii U because it has a low install base but they will happily develop games for the PS4 and Xbox One which both have an install base of 0 and by the looks of things once people realize how awful the Xbox One is if they haven’t already it’s going to flop big time though Microsoft will easily recover from the lost because they are rich, greedy motherf******.

  27. Sell more boxes and EA will bring games to Wii U. How many households have PS4 and XBox One again? Do they have a lot and EA is publishing games for those? Cut that crap EA, let’s be real here.

  28. I can translate what EA is saying: We will make games on the Wii U once they submit to us and support online passes, day one dlc, and whatever makes us the most greedy and corrupt game company ever.”

    Look, EA won’t make games for it because they’re still butthurt that Origin isn’t on the Wii U. That’s what it’s really about. Bottom line. And I’m sure everyone agrees that Nintendo made the right choice in rejecting such a controversial service.

  29. *sigh* Companies complain that systems aren’t selling, systems need games to sell, but it doesn’t get any games because the systems aren’t selling.

    It’s just a never ending, obnoxious cycle.

    1. Thats what Nintendo exclusives are for… unfortunately, Nintendo decided NOT to make any games for the Wii U at launch aside from one Mario game. So barely any consoles were sold. 💋

  30. Instead of EA crying and refusing to make games for Wii U, they should have thought like…”Hmm, I wonder what kind of game we can make exclusive to Wii U that would make people want to buy more units”? But no, instead they run with their tail between their legs.

    1. Well it isn’t EA’s job to sell Wii U consoles. If Nintendo can’t sell their sustem then why would EA bother themselves in making games for the system!? 💋

  31. Here’s an idea EA: why don’t you do something that’s it not late (and lazy) port for WiiU? NFS was a good game, but PC assets and lack of support don’t sell games. FIFA is just thrash and they bombed ME in the WiiU with the trilogy.

  32. “In fact, the last Need for Speed shipped 60 days ago had a pretty good Metacritic. It was a good game. It wasn’t a schlocky port, we actually put extra effort into getting everything to work.”

    So EA is saying that their other three games were schlocky ports?

  33. I’m sure Nintedo will sell a bunch this Fall cuz of some games that are coming out! Nintendo will sell all the consoles they need to buy Spring 2014 cuz that is probably when Super Smash, Bayonetta 2, etc come out. 💋

  34. EA is a joke, 4 poorly done ports of games people already own. If they wanted to try to cash in, they should have dropped the price on those games, honestly how much could a port cost of an old game. EA is slowly going to kill itself. But hey project cars looks awesome and the sports games haven’t improve in 5 years. Update roster tweak graphics, charge $60+ bucks and laugh all the way to the bank thanks to all the suckers out there.

  35. What’s the old saying? fool me once shame on me, fool me 4 times in a row and don’t expect me to buy your fucking game the 5th time without major incentive? If they cared so much about need for speed they should have done more, at the very least an open letter of apology for half assing 4 games and saying hey guys I know it eats dick but spend 60 bucks on it anyway.

  36. They have release a total of 6 games on the 3DS and they only have one game coming out soon which is FIFA. The same amount of games that are coming out on the Vita which has maybe a 5 million install base to the 3DS 30+ million install base.

    I think the last game I bought from them was either Zany Golf or Mail Order Monsters. I was going to get the gardening game on the 3DS game at launch, but then they release a 1 player Madden instead. The problem is you can’t fix stupid.

  37. They NEED to realise by selling more ‘boxes’, they NEED to RELEASE MORE games onto the damn SYSTEM. No one is going to purchase a system if there are no games for it. Or not ‘enough’ games for it. So put some damn (GOOD) games on the system(s) and the system(s) WILL SELL.

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