Nintendo Always Wanted To Do Best Buy Demos


J.C. Rodrigo, senior product marketing specialist in Nintendo of America’s product development department, has explained that the company had always wanted to showcase their latest games at Best Buy and they believe now was the best time to do so.  Rodrigo says that they wanted to get the demos in as many people’s hands as possible and let them try the latest and greatest gaming experiences from Nintendo.

“We’ve wanted to do that for a long time. We really wanted to make sure we [brought] our experiences [to] the hands of people who want to try our stuff, as much as we could.”

“You had the sales and marketing briefing for the people that needed to hear that information; you had the Nintendo Direct for people that really needed to know, generally, what was happening and what we’re coming out with; and then you [had] the sampling at the Best Buy [stores] that got that information out as well. So if you look at it from the content perspective and who needed to know, everyone got what they needed to know — just in different ways. Software sells hardware, and focusing on the software is exactly what we’re doing.”

Thanks, Ahmad and Mike S

68 thoughts on “Nintendo Always Wanted To Do Best Buy Demos”

  1. I hope they do some for UK. I wish we had the demos live on the eShop because if more people gave the demos ago that have a Wii U, more likely they will sell. Mario Kart 8 to me is already a seller.

    1. They can’t put it on the eshop because the demos aren’t stable and could crash the system also the demo menu is way different than the final one.

  2. Please let this become a regular thing. It was so fun playing those games and meeting all the Nintendo fans who went.

    1. Nintendo should have brought the demos to all Best Buy stores and left them there until the games released. These events did not help the general public understand what the Wii U is or had to offer since most of the people who played the demos where Nintendo fans (or drones if they still support the company at this point) who already knew about these games beforehand. Ahhh, Nintendo how you have fallen.

      1. Saying that when Nintendo 3DS software is in the top two even knocking off multiplat games. Cudos to the Last of us Sony really made a good game there 9/10 quality :).

      2. Well, this is the first time they did it. Cut them a little slack. I’m pretty sure next time they’ll do it at a lot more stores considering how much of a success it was this year.

          1. please understand…… i apologize!!!!!! please understand…… i apologize!!!!!!
            please understand…… i apologize!!!!!! please understand…… i apologize!!!!!!!

            please understand…… i apologize!!!!!! please understand…… i apologize!!!!!!!please understand…… i apologize!!!!!! please understand…… i apologize!!!!!!!

            please understand…… i apologize!!!!!! please understand…… i apologize!!!!!!!

            please understand…… i apologize!!!!!! please understand…… i apologize!!!!!!!please understand…… i apologize!!!!!! please understand…… i apologize!!!!!!!

          2. I’m not saying forgive them for everything. I’m just saying it makes sense the Best Buy event wasn’t perfect sine it was the first time they did something like that. They probably wanted to see how popular it would be before they went all out at a huge amount of stores. Other than that though there are still things that Nintendo does that doesn’t exactly make me happy, like not fully embracing online multiplayer in games other than Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

    2. I went and it was cancelled in my city for no reason and no notice , it was so disappointing after I took day off to go. I wanted to play mario kartu so bad I could taste it.

      1. I think they had a warning on the website that it could change without notice. Sucks that it actually happened to you.

  3. anybody ever wish that there was a new tmnt game that was made for grown ups.


    well there is but this isnt coming to wii u, its to violent….. go to bed.

        1. nah, this game looks like a decent game and it will be cheap.i think you mistaking this for carnival games or all the other games you consider not shovelware.

            1. LOL i play with all consoles, but sly cooper was made to be played by 5 year old kids lolololol. Sonic,Mario and DK leave that fuckin big joke on their shadow. Its so funny that Sonic is bigger thing on Playstation than ShySly hide in the shadows lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol. I mean who the fuck really plays that shit.

    1. It isn’t even a retail game. It is just a little downloadable title. Also, it is being published by Activision so maybe that is why it is skipping the Wii U… for now anyway. 💋

      1. even tmnt is to much for nintendo fanboys intension span to hold, you wont be buying it anyway its not going to be on wii u do to the fact that its not innovative like carnival games. thats what nintendo fans like right, to defend bullshit like carnival games, forced gimmicks and no 3rd party.

          1. its just funny how tmnt is some how to grown up for nintendo now. nintendo and the wii u are fucked, they cant even have a childlike game because its to much for the fanboys. its ok wii bowling with grandma awaits.

  4. It is a good idea. Nintendo should do it more often. I hope they do something like that the months before the new Super Smash comes out. I would certainly drive down to Best Buy to play a Super Smash demo! 💋

  5. Why not let EVERYONE with Wii U’s and 3DS’s, play the demos by downloading them? Have demos before a game released became so taboo that they’ve became completely out of the question?

    Or why not do both? Maximize customer outreach!

    1. Because the E3 demos can be game-breaking and potentially even corrupt the system (for example, the original Scribblenauts demo), meaning they have to have a Nintendo representative ready to fix the bug. That and they don’t want the games datamined by hackers, either.

      1. In the 1990′s Nintendo had more mature games, more RPGs, more fighting games, started the multiplayer craze, started the FPS craze, epic 3rd party support, and Powerfest gaming tournaments.

        Who ever started the whole “Nintendo is stuck in the 90s” bit needs to be drug out into the street and shot for their stupidity. The current Nintendo is NOTHING like the Nintendo of the 1990s. I PRAY for THAT Nintendo to come back before it’s too late.

          1. Address please? Seriously, you aren’t the person that started that line but you can join him if you want.

          1. Their “policies” in the 1990s are what produced all the things I mentioned that area stark contrast to what they are doing today. And I also forgot to mention that Nintendo also put specs before innovation back in the 1990s.

            The SNES would have been the most powerful system of the 4th-gen if not for the massive CPU in the NEO-GEO. And the N64 ripped the PS1 to shreds in every category spec-wise. That certainly is not Nintendo’s policy now.

            Nintendo is not stuck in the 1990s. It is stuck in 2006. Iwata thinks that the magic of the Wii will just ‘happen’ all of a sudden with the Wii U.

            If you are gonna troll Nintendo at least get the facts straight first. They have plenty of things worthy of trolling.

      2. No they arent keep playin with your Snes and Dreamcast wannabe controllers, those things are from 90s. I mean touch pad seriously what a joke. You are one of those sheeps that wanted DVD player instead of real thing back in the day thats why you like to watch those movies like the last of us so much. Sure Nintendo has their faults but so does Sony and Microsoft. And before you say anythin, im not fanboy, i have critisized Nintendo on this site many times, i also do that for Sony and Microsoft. But what you just said was a bullcrap lie and i cant stand those things. Mr.Fatareass

    2. Because it also gives and opertunity to make friends with Best Buy and opens up future deals and partnerships 💋

  6. The whole thing was kinda pointless IMO. You had to get there early to sign up and you were given a time slot. I went there pretty early and I had to wait almost two hours. I went out to eat lunch so it wasn’t that bad, but for any casuals walking around Best Buy, they wouldn’t get a chance to play. So the only people who played were Nintendo fans, which defeats the purpose of this.

      1. They can’t seem to get out of their own way. Things are spiraling out of control. I’ve been a gamer for 30 years. I’ve never seen Nintendo in such a state of disarray. For them this is unprecedented. They usually have things together.

      2. Yes, it’s called the best eighth generation console the 3DS. Remember when the Vita was touted as the 3DS killer/gamechanger? Wii U sold well with monster hunter 3 Ultimate even selling out of stores. Microsoft xboxone announcement on the 21st of may, pushed the Wii U to 875% sales at Amazon UK. What do you think 3D Mario and Super Mario Kart U will do for the Wii U. Also Pikmin 3? The real competition for the Wii U is the 3DS, games like pokemon X and Y will drain buyers lol. The Wii U shall be fine because nintendo have hit panic release games button lol. That is a very good thing, it’s the reason the 3DS is in the Andromeda galaxy right this moment.

        1. You can’t call it the best eighth gen console when the others haven’t even been released yet ….Wait till the end of the cycle before naming the best …

        2. Remember “who” was touting the PSVITA as the 3DS killer? Mostly Sony drones, Nintendo haters, and people secrectly on the Microsoft payroll like Adam Sessler and Michael Pachter. So those idiotic criticisms don’t really count. Plus, it was the sales RANK that was boosted 875%, not sales on Amazon.

          Yes the 3DS is doing fantastic but you cannot expect the same thing to happen with the Wii U. It can happen, but it also may not happen. For one thing, game development on Wii U games takes a lot longer than the 3DS so the frequency of game releases will not be the same. That’s why Nintendo has had to expand and hire more staff because they basically have to go at this alone. What is Nintendo going to have to offer after the holidays? All we have are vague estimations on the release dates of X, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, and Smash Bros. It’s possible those games may not see the light of day until NEXT holiday season. We’ve already seen that Nintendo doesn’t have any problem delaying games and then apologizing afterwards. I can already hear Iwata now……

    1. I thought it was a good idea poorly executed. If Nintendo is saying that they ALWAYS wanted to do this there there really is no excuse for the minimal amount of Best Buy’s demoing the games. I don’t know how it was in other markets, but the Best Buy I went to you could even see the screen unless you were right there. They should have been huge monitors so that people standing in line plus general customers walking by could have seen gameplay and possibly been intrigued to purchase a Wii U.

      The quality of the actual TVs were terrible also. The screen was dark and colors washed out. The sound was too low as well. Even when I was playing Super Mario 3D World I could barely hear anything. The only cool thing about the show was talking about gaming with people in line. Me, my good friend and my nephew were in line behind a Microsoft rep whom admitted he was there to spy! :) It was funny but we had a good time talking about stuff. I was also funny watching the banter between him and the Nintendo reps cause they knew what was up! They also went and brought in some Hot N’ Ready Little Caeser’s Pizza for us to eat along with beverages. And they had a bunch of 3DS’ out for people to play that were close to the actual station.

      It wasn’t bad. It was okay. Like I said. Good idea, poorly executed. I think Nintendo should probably start planning now for next year so that more stores are available next year.

  7. Where has alba been? Not even that one person who’s always making those trivial articles has been blogging lately. Only sickr.

  8. Does nobody remember how bad the Nintendo Direct was? It didn’t even stream properly at the Nintendo World Store.. Oh and, yknow, all of the Best Buy locations changing last minute… I mean, my city has a MAJOR N/S that intersects a MAJOR E/W, but it moved 3 hours away WAAAAAY off the beaten path. So they didn’t get the information to people like they claim. In fact, there was a gigantic turnout out my Best Buy for….absolutely nothing…….

  9. “We really wanted to make sure we [brought] our experiences [to] the hands of people who want to try our stuff”

    Free demos in the E shop would ended doing that, but more, better and in a cheapest way.

  10. the truth comes out….

    Hey you guys, whatever happened to Nintedward aka king damage control? does he still comment on this site?

  11. Why do gamers complain so much? You would think they’re the most miserable people on this planet the way they act. Gaming sites would be a lot more enjoyable if people could form an educated opinion about a topic. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. It doesn’t even seem worth it to discuss anything gaming related online because no one respects each other’s opinion. Everyone is only thinking about themselves and not gaming as a whole. Maybe it’s because of immature kids/teens online. I don’t know. Then again there are people who claim to be adults who are just as obnoxious as the young gamers. This it part of the reason why online gaming has gone downhill for me. Why surround yourselves around immature assholes? It’s only good for playing with real life friends and family. Shit. Gamers want these big companies to take them seriously? Get out of here. Not with the way they carry themselves these days.

  12. But they didn’t keep the demos in stores long enough for hardly ANYONE to get a chance to see them.

    1. right i wouldn’t even mind if after playable demos they had visual demos so u can truly see what they look like on tv

      1. It was a complete waste of time if you ask me. Only a small amount of people were able to play them. My local Best Buy didn’t even HAVE them. They NEVER do. In fact, none of the stores where I live even has any Wii U Kiosks at all. I’ve never seen the actual Wii U in person (demos). I’ve only seen it in videos on the internet.

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