Nintendo Fans Clamour For Region-Free Consoles In Petition

purple_nintendo_3dsIn a bid to stop Nintendo producing region locked hardware, many fans have petitioned to the company in order to purchase region-free games. The petition, which outlines the reasons behind why Nintendo should allow region-free titles, has over 13,000 signatures and – at the time of writing – only needs 1,548 signatures to be submitted to Nintendo bosses.

The company has previously explained why region locking exists for their hardware, stating that they  “take into account different languages, age rating requirements and parental control functionality” when producing games. Region locking also occurs as there can often be problems with software bought from another region when playing on hardware from your current region. But with region locking seen as something of the past, the petition claims that Nintendo should look to the future as it’s creating consumer restriction.

Following Microsoft’s U-turn on its DRM policies, including making the Xbox One region-free alongside the PS4, Nintendo is now left as the only major console manufacturer that maintains a region-locking policy. This practice is restrictive to customers, including those who enjoy playing foreign games not available domestically, speak foreign languages, serve in the military, or otherwise travel or live abroad. If anything, region-free policies encourage the additional sales of legitimate software that cannot otherwise be obtained in a given country; the money would still go to Nintendo, the developers and the distributors behind each game.

The petition recognises Nintendo’s stance on the matter, though, and has stated that it has shortened the amount of time between releases in each region, using Pokémon X and Y’s worldwide release as an example. If you’d like to sign the petition, you can do so here, but let us know your thoughts on region locking in the comments below.

146 thoughts on “Nintendo Fans Clamour For Region-Free Consoles In Petition”

        1. I think they do and I think they just listen to wrong fans. I mean we have so many new IP for Nintendo 3DS that it is not even funny.

      1. Right now they’re trying to steer away from the fans cries of region locking like how XBOX fans cried about its suicidal DRM policies for a month that cost Microsoft a majority of fans moving on to PS4, PC and/or Wii U. Same thing could happen to Nintendo if they don’t respond to the people’s approval.

        If Iwata is smart, he should take this petition into account especially since his approval rating is now dropping and if he resists the petition, his situation is gonna look more bleak as well as the Wii U’s attempts to recover momentum. 3DS however is doing far better but looking at the reality of region locking, I can see that its probably done because of their consistent piracy problem but at the same time them locking consoles and hindering consumers worldwide is like them behaving similarly to Microsoft over Xbox One DRM policies and damage controlling arguments and statements.

    1. “Nintendo has no plans to remove region locking from our systems. By taking this approach, Nintendo is able to include parental controls and ensure compliance with regional standards and rating systems.”

  1. Finally Nintendo fans , that’s what you are supposed to do , stand against the wrong of Nintendo and try to make the good even better .

      1. I saw an Alpha Omega Sin rant that stated that Atlus may be going on sale? I say if it does…start a petition for Nintendo to acquire them immediately! Persona, Shin Megami, all worth it!

      1. What Kind words were spoken fellow field marshal Nintendo commander? “erich80″ with the original megaman avatar is a true Gamer.

        1. Things got a bit ugly and he with a few others came to my defence like true gaming warriors…

    1. We should claim for rushed,broken,unpolished,half assed video games? That’s what you’re basically asking for, if they release them faster that’s less content such as levels, characters, stages, music,ect.

      1. ^I agree with Lisa. Nintendo is taking a while to come out with their Wii U games, because they are going to be GOOD. If games are rushed then they are BAD.. pretty simple to understand. 💋

        1. Yeah, imagine if the new Super smash bros. was released tomorrow o.o there will be pretty much no content, they’re preparing characters and stages.

        2. Has anyone said that Super Mario Bros U had been rushed? No. In fact, I don’t believe it had. But this fact didn’t preclude this game be a pale shadow of what the 2D Mario series used to be in the past.

          See Mario 3D World… Don’t you think they could put more effort on that? It just looks like the Super Mario 3D Land! For me, after Maria Galaxy, releasing that 3D Mario game for Wii U is a proof that Nintendo has stepped backwards.

          When I recall the superb leap between Super Mario 3 (an already outstanding game) and Super Mario World (the best Mario ever released), I start to wonder what the hell is going on in the Kyoto Headquarter.

          1. 3D mario games are heavy hitter, and they are exactly what the Wii U needs right The idea was on Mario 3d land and Ninty grabbed it to put on the Wii U. Although I’m not excited about it for not having a new game style like it was with Mario Galaxy, I can understand Nintendo’s move.

            1. I understand as well. But they had to make that move because they didn’t planned their pipeline flux properly. In other words, they are recklessly walking to their own hardship.

      2. Our leader Lord Iwata recently said that the main reason to the delays was becuase of low staff…

        So now they will increase the staff to make the games a bit faster without losing everything you just mentioned…

        1. That’s what we call “a slight delay”,that’s due to staff issues,now that they have a bigger staff stuff is getting released, eric basically wants them to rush every game.

          1. I’ve seen that they are building new HQs, that may help with many more games, not properly reduced developing time.

            1. As I did, “We should claim for a better, increased pace of game releasing.”
              You do realize that that means if their staff is still low , that could be a huge mistake?
              If they give games earlier releases then they won’t meet their full potential.

                  1. Sorry for being that hard on you.

                    I take that back.

                    But you’ve been being a little bit obnoxious lately. Or I’ve been too inpatient.

                    Sorry, anyway.

                    1. You wish you could be hard on me(Not in that matter), i was to hard on you, which is why i asked that question :p

          2. Well like he said a bit down, he doesn’t want that however I do agree that they must be more effective now…

      3. Lisa,

        Nobody here said a word about rushed, broken, unpolished or whatever games.

        We are talking about tech business, which involves planning and strategy.

        If there is a demand of games, why not feed the market with a proper offer?

        To increase offer, and keep the high standard of quality, one have to increase the crew. This is what Nintendo urgently needs to do: raise the number of EAD staff, as well give even more gas to second-party studios.

        Iwata has been aware of that for ages, but seems that he’s not doing anything to change that.

        1. You’re aware of the problem and yet you want them to release products faster? what if we get bayonetta 2 to soon? or Smash bros.? or even Monolithsoft’s game X?

              1. Let me quote his post here.
                “We should claim for a better, increased pace of game releasing.”
                Make of that what you will, but it’s clear that he never implied he wanted rushed games, but a BETTER pace of game releases.

                The only Nintendo games on Wii U right now are NSMBU (and Super Luigi U), Game & Wario and Nintendoland. 3 and a half games in more than 7 months is completely lackluster, especially for a company like Nintendo whose appeal is mostly first party games.

                1. The only way to get “better pacing” in this situation is to speed it up. I mean, is anybody really going to opt for SLOWER releases when they say “better pacing?”

                2. We already got that i missread his perspective, you’re little late to the party.
                  We can’t predict when Nintendo is going to start on there next project, for all you know retro could’ve started a new medroid project an hour ago.
                  Yes, Nintendo is mainly known for their great 1st party franchises, but people are not only going to get a system for 1st party alone, the experience is another reason, if Nintendo started shipping 1st party game, after 1st party game, than what would you look forward to when the e3 Nintendo titles have been released for more than 2 years? Development takes time.

  2. I signed it & I’m hoping for the best…but knowing Nintendo they won’t listen. The only petition they’ll listen to is the one you make with your wallet by buying a PS4 or if you like being spied on a XBone.

    1. Sorry xbot your disguise has be uncovered. We are nintendo gamers, we have always been against DRM. No xboxdone for us. PS4 after 3 years, when it’s 250 dollars or realistically $300. Nintendo can simply keep region locking, and release eastern games on the e-shop after ( nintendo tree house in Redmond Washington ) localizing, even throw x-seed a bone( a real one not the VCR Betamax cable box) lol.

  3. Since when did nintendo care what fans wanted. This is the same company that has the nerve to steal youtube revenue for a few bucks and port a 3ds game to wii u instead of making a real game.

    1. from what i know, nintendo did remove taking video revenue. plus, Alot of companies do this, and most simply remove the content from online. also, when have they ever taken a 3ds game and made it for the wiiu? never heard of it.

      1. Capcom did it with Revelations, and he may be referring to Mario 3D land, and the production of Mario 3D world for WiiU, but if I understand correctly, 3D land was more of a WiiU design port to the 3DS, not the other way around… Maybe he’s just senile. ;)

          1. Um no. You must be new here. I bitch about Nintendo all the time.

            It’s ok, you can still troll me if your bored.

          2. Why insult Jaded-Dry bones. He stated a fact, Super Mario 3D land is a down port of a WiiU marvel. Do you realize that nintendo fans support Sony as that little brother that finally gets it? Tough that you Sonyan fans and Sony drones don’t get that simple principle. Even though nintendo is always ten games ahead of sony, even our great programmer and developer that saved gaming Shigeru Miyamoto San stated the PSvita is a Marvel that needs humble price marketing. Hope this opens your eyes to true gaming.

          3. Excuse my swedish but we eat shit for breakfast…

            And as everything else, it turns to gold the moment we touch it…

        1. playstation allstars… should i say more? only reason you get the PSVITA version free is because its the exact same game but on the Vita, with really needs to live upbto its name.

        2. Super Mario Universe isn’t a game.

          And Super Mario 3D world is to Super Mario 3D Land as New Super Mario Brothers Wii is to New Super Mario Brothers: Based upon the same game, but with features either added or changed.

          In this case, I already see few features already changed or added: a multiplayer mode with Princess Peach being a playable character again (inside and outside of multiplayer), Chargin’ Chuck and the Goomba variant from Super Mario World (complete with immunity to stops) reappearing, transparent pipes, etc.

          Those don’t appear in the original game, meaning it’s different (even if they play similarly).

    2. Microsoft did the samething in regards to youtube accounts too and were was asswholes like you when Microsoft pulled that shit??????

      Yea, have that seat drone

        1. Translation: How do you always know what I’m saying? O.o

          Answer: I think like an animal. Also, your expressions are very well done.

    1. That would be insane if they just dropped it right now. Then I could order Pikmin 3 way in advance because it comes out on July 26 in Europe and August 4 in N.America!!! 💋

      1. I understand, but wouldn’t that fudge up the numbers at the end of the day for Nintendo…not knowing that 2,000,000 copies of Pikmin 3 sold in Europe ended up being U.S. customers? Just asking…not trying to be a tool…:)

        1. lol! Well as long as the game sells at the end of the day, I think that is what really matters ;) Plus they can probably track where the games are being shipped to. If 10,000 copies of a game is going to N.America then Nintendo should know that N.America fans bought 10,000 copies of their game! :) 💋

    1. Squuuuueeeeeee Squeeeeee…. ¬ω¬?

      ….SQueeee Sqhwwwwwwweeee Sqweeee ´ー`

      Squeee….eeeee..? °◇°

      1. Translation: Yeahhhhh, what DID happen to operation Moonfall…

        Are we gonna get Majora’s Mask 3D?

  4. There are some games I would like to import and play; having a region free system would allow me to do that. I honestly don’t see this happening though.

  5. It’s above 50 000 3DSs sold about 52 000 approximately. Meaning the 3DS is selling 200 000 consoles a month in the off months of May, June and July WOW! that is $185 ( average for the 3DS in layman’s math ) multiplied by 200 000 = $ 37 000 000 per month in US dollars for japan alone.

      1. Off to check the question Great Warrior general, field Marshal leader of the European front of our gaming empire of quality and Ocarina of time epic games. Those numbers are for nintendo fans that are mourning and complaining about the WiiU, not knowing that the older brother to it the 3DS is running the universe of gaming with not only hardware but meek sharing of resources with the WiiU. That was a marathon sentence, it way past runoff I know lol.

          1. Had to finish my breakfast, then deal with my house. It is undergoing summer sproucing lol.

            ” Runs of to get 3DS so as the commander and anonymous are added as friends.”

  6. Please people go and sign this petition! Region locking is a thing of the past and gets in the way of the interconnectivity of the modern world.

  7. Wow…18000 people of 20 million signed the petition… doesn’t seem profitable go me… If u want to import buy the regional hardware..

  8. Signed it. I’m sick of region lock on Nintendo consoles. They even refused to repair my Wii console simply because I installed software to make it region free. I still owned the Japanese/UK titles and even had proof of receipt. But they didn’t care. g.g. 100+ hours of Skyward Sword, 300+ Monster Hunter Tri, 120 Xenoblade Chronicles, etc. etc.

  9. The most annoying thing is that if two Nintendo 3DSs are from two different regions, then they can’t do local multiplayer!

    I have a friend from Saudi Arabia where US 3DSs are officially distributed, but currently he studies in the UK, this is why he preferred the PSVita over the 3DS.

  10. This would be a fantasy to be able to buy Nintendo Games while I’m in Japan. Nintendo would sell more titles for example, My wife would like the Just Dance with Japanese tracks. Not an option with Region Locking. No Region locking, we could own both NA, Japanese and others. For me, I’d buy those exclusive Japanese market releases and starting brushing up on my Japanese.

  11. People would be spending their time better in asking Nintendo to sort out some decent third party games for the WiiU, any games in fact other then the crappy iphone/droid eshop games.

    1. you really are drunk arent you… to be honest, nintendo doesnt need to be mature to still tell a brisk inspiring tale. sure in some games it helps, but when its not needed, it should not be changed.

    2. To simply “ask for mature games” is kinda “immature” in a way. Nintendo doesn’t just sit down an say “Hey we need more mature games.” They come up with a game strategy, the think of what makes it innovative, they design everything about that game (the environment, controls, etc) before even thinking of what characters go into the game. If Nintendo thought up an idea and happened to think it would work best being “mature” then they would make it. But to make a game with blood and guys just to satisfy those who want that kind of game is not enough justification. 💋

      1. The problem is 3rd parties are going to stick it to Nintendo fans by saying the machine is current gen (bs) and take their IPs else where. If the Big N makes mature IPs for their fans, like they did with Mach Rider, Star Tropics, Muramasa Castle, and Geist, we don’t have to do petitions all the time for 3rd parties to bring their games on Nintendo machines.

        We don’t have to petition companies to bring their platforms games because we have Mario, Donkey Kong, and other IPs that is better that they can offer. It is always with mature IPs, that Nintendo fans are begging companies like EA, Activision, Konami, SQE, and Ubisoft to bring their IPs on our system.

        This not an immature request but an observation that the Big N needs to see what the fans are asking/demanding. And a mature IP doesn’t have to be about blood, guts, gore, and sex all the time.

  12. Love the idea! That’s part of what I liked about the PS3, I was able to import SingStar Guitar so I could play the guitar feature without purchasing a bunch of songs + the guitar add-on and I was able to get the Toro game that was released only in Japan and Hong Kong, with the latter version having an option for English (though poorly translated, it was enough to enjoy the game). I’d love to learn Japanese, and learning through gaming would be great, especially when I’m waiting for a translation of a title to come out.

      1. Like iceazeama say, there are a lot of games that are released in English or even English subtitle. If you check some of the Asia games (not Japan) and you will see some English, English subtitle, or no English.

        And I am not sure how the importer going play PAL/NTSC games for NTSC/PAL Nintendo Wii U. (Maybe HDMI help just like the PS3?) I don’t know Nintendo 3DS have the same standard in worldwide.

  13. I am a Chinese and a Chinese version 3ds has fucking few games! Only about 6-8 games. And many of them don’t even need translation! Mario, Mario kart…

  14. It sure would be cool if Nintendo listened. If a new Tingle game like Rosy Rupeeland came out in Europe for 3DS, I’d be very upset because of not being able to play it on my NTSC 3DS. I LOVED Rosy Rupeeland. I also wish they’d take the regional lock OUT of the Wii U too.

  15. They should just remove region lock cuz with the wii there were a few games that were released In Japan and USA that I wanted but never came to Europe or Australia so now Have to find someone who will mod my wii so I can buy them on eBay but it is more than likely that they won’t be there cuz is been so long

  16. Follow my logic:
    -Nintendo want to use parental control according to regional standards
    -Only the adults opt to use the parental control
    -So I have I idea: if the adult opt out to use the parental control, they need to choose a region
    -According to the region, the system will check if the game respects the “indicative rating agency”(don’t know the right name) of the region chosen; if the game does not exist on your region, it is blocked
    -The system will receive via spotpass frequently a list of the games on the market of each region for the use of parental control
    -For whose don’t opt the parental control, the console is REGION FREE.

    You can copy my idea and publish it, sorry about the bad english, I’m a foreigner

  17. I’m starting to really hate Nintendo. The handhelds are great but recently they just seem to be failing at everything. Wii u has no ads. They try to compete with a current gen console as a next gen. Ps4 compared to wii u. No just no. They should have made this when ps3 cameout.

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