Strider Could Come To Wii U If There’s The Demand


A brand new Strider game was revealed during a Comic-Con panel this week from Killer Instinct developers, Double Helix. Sadly, the game was only announced for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. However, one of the developers at Double Helix told a NeoGaf member who attended the event that they could port the game to the Wii U if there’s enough demand from the fans.

“I spoke with a few members of Double Helix about Wii U and they said they can port it “if there’s a demand for it.”

Thanks, Gaminglord

91 thoughts on “Strider Could Come To Wii U If There’s The Demand”

    1. Double Helix game that’s actually well funded and not an extremely low budget funded from licensed games and shitbags at Konami?
      Yeah, maybe

        1. Look at Rare’s track record before they hit it big with Donkey Kong Country…
          Hell, they even did SHIT like “Nightmare on Elm’s Street” on the NES.

          This game looks sweet. It’s a love letter to the Metroidvania genre and the Strider legacy. Hell it’s more Metroid than Other M and more Castlevania than Lords of Shadow.

          1. Umm are you f-ing kidding me, you are comparing RARE before Donkey Kong Country to these guys. Rare made Battletoads, RC Pro-Am, Cobra Triangle….they made really good games. They had been making these type games since the C64 days. Double Helix isn’t even in the same league, this is the company is making the Godzilla 2000 equivalent of the gaming world (Killer Instinct).

        2. You could say the same about any studio.

          Like for example, RARE.

          Guess what? People don’t start game studios, and are suddenly gods and can turn anything into gold.
          If the person publishing and funding your game is tight, and gives you nothing to work with, of course the game isn’t going to be good. The Slient Hill games they made were low budget, because Konami doesn’t give a fuck. You don’t just go to a random studio and say “Make Silent Hill”, here’s some money, which is basically what they did, because no-one from Team Silent even worked on it.

          Fact is, when you get enough the time, and money to make a game, and talent, it’ll turn out good out of principal. Will it be a 9-10/10 game? No-one knows. But it won’t be bad, because they actually get to MAKE it, properly, same thing applies to Killer Instinct, when you actually watch interviews and hear them talk about the game rather than just say “durrrr Xbox One, and Double Helix, fail, SF4 clone”, you actually realise, the game is good, and there’s ALOT of passion behind it.

    1. It is one of the best 1980’s arcade and grayscale handheld game ever made. Am not sure about this double helix iteration though lol. They original still feels fresh even today :). There was a certain charm and mystic to it. He plays more like he is a Russian ninja with guns.

          1. Unfortunately I’m not in control in that area…

            However I can ask High Command to demand it from them…

      1. The new game is a 2.5D Metroidvania. Open to explore, boundless map, find new abilities to open up more ares, sweet things we all love.

  1. It doesn’t look too good. I saw the gameplay and it looks boring to me. Strider 2 for the ps1 was a great game.

  2. I’m buying it either way but sure, let them know.

    The only people that aren’t excited are people who never played Strider and the types that are like “err 2D game, bleehhh” because they’re stupid, and fucking dumb nostalgia fanboys and just think every attempt at a new game will be shit because they’re also stupid.

    1. strider on arcade was pure fun this new version feels dumb down and concentrate on graphics. i hope that it will be as fun as the old one i mean the old one could have like 4 mini bosses in one stage followed up by the real boss at the end. though it finally looks like he is running.

      1. Oh shut the fuck up. “Concentrate on graphics”. In comparison to what? A game 2 generations old? How do you even know how Strider would look?

        Fucking idiots, you’re the type of person i was talking about.

        1. a great game is great no matter how it looks so yes in comparison to the 2 generation old game it looks concentrated on graphics, more than gamplay. and no i dont know how strider would look (well there is youtube) or play yet, thats why i wrote “i hope it will be as fun as the old one” but i guess you missed that

          1. You’ve seen one trailer.. how could you possibly say they cencentrated more on graphics??? It is a 2D GAME! How could they even concentrate on graphics?….. 💋

            1. … trine 2?? dont think 2d stops a game to have good graphics. and that gameplay trailer showed probaly 75% of what the game is going to be but as i said i hope it will be as fun as the old one, i do not know how it plays. its been ages since i played it and i dont even know how it will feel like on a controller. but once again “i hope it will be as fun as the old one”

          2. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?!

            “Concentrate on graphics” There has been NO STRIDER game for THIRTEEN YEAAAARS! How would you even have a fuking clue, how the game is “supposed” to look, or whether or not it’s focused to much on graphics, thats fucking retarded, and makes no sense. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You fucking FAAANBOOOOY.

            Jesus fucking christ…

            1. yeesh -.- calm down. im not hating the new game. I’m a fanboy of the type of gameplay not much fan of the game played it 10 times maybe, beaten the game 4 times just remember it was a lot of fun. And just plug the damn computer to the TV or better yet use the Wii u if you have one and it will even give an idea of how it plays on the controller and looks like. then just click play don’t forget to put it on the highest resolution. But sure i will shut up. I’m not trying to convince you NOT to buy the game just because i said something i assume you are old enough to choose yourself

  3. demand huh. I guess these fucking devs don’t have faith in wiiu players enough to release their games on the platform.

        1. Noooooo, it’s Capcom’s decision, they’re the publisher, because they own Strider, and publish the game, so it’s Capcom.

            1. Capcom is a publisher who has development studios. Strider is one of Capcom’s intellectual properties. They own him. So the game wouldn’t be made without Capcom. No matter who the dev is, Capcom would always be involved.

  4. What? A multiplat game might come to Wii U? Well that sure sounds like science fiction.
    Either way, the game’s made by Double Helix, and all of the games they produced were panned by all reviewers, so it’s not like it would be a good thing.

  5. Well, maybe it’ll come at a later date like a Directer’s Cut or something once CAPCOM realizes they can invest in the Wii U… 💋

  6. So, how we can make them understand that the Wii U is not only for Nintendo games and that there is infact a high demand for pretty much all the third party games out there?

    1. They’ll understand when WiiU actually starts selling.
      Pikmin is out in Japan, right? Does anyone know if it turned around console sales?

  7. Are you freaking kidding me?? I’m done with this shit! I wanted to get a wii u but with dev acting like this I’m threw! I’m going with ps4 since every damn body seems to have faith in a damn system that’s not a nintendo product!

  8. You put it on 2 fucking systems that haven’t even launched yet, but you don’t put it on the Wii U. Jesus fucking Christ, what the hell!

  9. So lame, why when its always like this when its about Wii U, “We dont have any plans now lets wait few years and see what happens” or “maybe if we see the demand” or “install base isnt big enough” or “i dont know what to do with controller” or “no comments”. Fuck you just say it straight if you are gonna do it or not, you fuckin………………..worms!
    Yeah make your games for fuckin lame boring xbots like these!!

  10. will i did talk to them on twitter on #striderforwiiu
    also i don’t see why they wouldn’t bring it to wiiu , it’s downloadable… they won’t lose any thing if it has poor sales any way.

  11. Owell if third party developers don’t want to release thier games on the wii u. This is getting old and getting mad over crap like this just isn’t worth it to me , it’s a waste of time and energy. just enjoy the games that are going to be released on the wii u and the 3ds. Good games will start to be released in august on the wii u and then each month a game will be released until the end of the year.

  12. What does this even mean – “demand”? Do they mean like online petition or something? Phone calls? Letters?

  13. Shame we don’t have the Everybody Votes channel on the Wii U. We could use that to let companies know the size of the demand for their games.

  14. I want it!!!
    At least they said they would do it if it was demanded, not like ea waiting for sales to grow to give Wii U games…THAT IS JUST STUPID!!! If U dont support a console, how the hell U expact it to sell more!!!

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