Baird Analyst Says Wii U Fate Depends On Fall Lineup


Baird analyst Colin Sebastian has told Games Industry that the Wii U is continuing to struggle and is desperately in need of a price cut. Sebastian then went on to say that the fate of Nintendo’s latest home console really depends on the popularity of Nintendo’s holiday software lineup. Sebastian also mentioned that Baird believe that Xbox One could actually outship the PlayStation 4 3-to-1 this year.

As for the Wii U, Sebastian said Nintendo’s console continues to struggle. He said it needs a price cut, adding that “the fate of the platform will likely rest on the popularity of Nintendo’s holiday software lineup.”

129 thoughts on “Baird Analyst Says Wii U Fate Depends On Fall Lineup”

  1. If his prediction about the Xbox Done comes true…

    Then this world is really a full-blown retarded piece of garbage place to live on…

    And no the fate of the Wii U does not depend on this holiday as we have Titan Bombs ready for next year aswell…

    Too much negativity again, let’s all watch this:

    1. Other than the potential of the NSA spying through the camera, there’s nothing wrong with the Xbox One anymore.

      1. There’s the same potential they’re spying on you through the Wii U gamepad, PS Move, or your PC’s Webcam… And anyway, what would they find out about you from your picture that they won’t already know?

        1. Because the next step is control over you as a lifeform which is what the americans want…

          They are already about 70% successfull with their own people…

        2. The Wii U Pad doesn’t see the whole room all of the time, and when the Unit is off the gamepad is off. That can’t be said for the Xbox One. Honestly Microsoft lost allot of peoples trust, even though they reversed the decision. It still feels like a for now type of situation with the DRMs. It makes it hard to get excited about the positive features the system does have.

              1. This is what’s wrong with people on this site, i came to this page expecting people to be chatting about WiiU video game releases or atleast about what they find interesting about Nintendo. This whole page’s comment section is mainly focused on xbox one and it’s kinect o.o… Wtf? I’m extremely confused about how much people lose topic on this site’s forums, especially from you NC, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to redirect the conversation back towards Nintendo only? Xbox one isn’t even mentioned, well besides in one line directed towards Playstation 4.

                1. I always comment on the topic first hand before I start talking about the secondary topics mentioned by one of the site admins or something these developers and analysers utter…

                  There are tons of people on this site that doesn’t even say anything concerning games at all so don’t blame me above everyone else…

            1. It’s a matter of ethics. It proves that coperate america doesn’t acually care about right and wrong.

            2. Unplugging or having to put it on a surge protecter shouldn’t be a work around. There should at least be a switch or a Kinnect off button. Its like not having a reset button on an iPod, its bad design.

              Actually turning off a system by unplugging it lessons the life if you do it constantly.

              I don’t want to constantly have to turn Kinnect around, put tape over the camera, or put the thing in a box when I am not using it. It defeats the purpose of this system making your living room easier and more useful.

              And then I would still have to cover the Mic cause its also listening by the way. These kind of things ruin the positives about the machine.

            3. You’re kidding right ? Who the hell wants to plug in and unplug their console every single time they use it

          1. They say it can be played offline forever after the first online set up.So even if it gathers info it would have no way relay it back to m$ if you never take it online again.I’m starting to come around on the camera.It rely is a high tech thing that once people start using it I think we will all be blown away by the things it can do.I read that it will be able to read your face expression real time and have your real face in games.Plus it can tell your heartbeat so think playing a horror game and it knows when to scare you.For dead rising 3 if something loud happen’s in your room like your phone rings the zombies will hear it a head to your location.

        3. Except the XBone has confirmed that it records and archives data. Thereby when you purchase it, it isn’t an invasion of privacy. The PS4 doesn’t come with any kind of camera and even when you buy the Eye, it’s off when not in use, and the WiiU Pads camera does not have a wide angle at all and is off when the controller is off. The issue isn’t even that they’ll find anything out, it’s the blatant invasion of privacy and ethics. It isn’t ethical to sell a product that intentionally spies on you. That is the problem most people have.

          1. Depends immensely what sort of data it records; although – either way – I will agree now that the Xbox One’s Kinect negatives do seemingly outweigh the positives.

        4. well, they can hear all conversations in that household even when the xbone is turned off.. very intrusive imo. i will not support it.

        5. It isn’t exactly the same with Wii U gamepad and PS Move because Microsoft already admit to spying on people through Windows with the PC’s, so if anything, they would be the most likely candidate at spying on people through the Xbox Kinect. Microsoft knows they’ve done wrong yet they try to make it seem that they have done it for the “greater good”.

          1. Also I can all but guarantee you that in a few years when hackers cut through the Xbox Done like butter, they will find some kind of evidence of surveillance and Microsoft will be in deeper poo than before. Smh.

        6. What I want to know about all of this is if I’ll be able to know they’re using my camera. I have a MacBook and when its camera is on, a green light turns on next to it. I wanna know if they can hack so the green light stays off so I don’t know about it. Hmm…

          But I’m not sure if the NSA could do that to Sony or Nintendo, could they? They’re Japan-based companies so wouldn’t it be harder to do? I know there’s Nintendo of America and stuff but the company is Japanese, right?

        1. Kinect brings a lot of cool features and concepts. Except for the previously stated spying, Kinect is awesome.

      2. Kinect 2.0 is the biggest issue, then the controller is still the only one that still uses AA batteries, plus games wise…Halo…thats all its got, without Bungie the Xbox began its downfall. 343i cant do Halo, they’re shit.

    2. Best reaction to anything ever.

      Reactions are the one thing lost from Nintendo doing Nintendo Directs for E3 instead of conferences. While I like the Directs, and they’re probably a better way to go overall, I miss the reactions.

      Some of the reactions to stuff from this years E3 Direct would’ve been amazing.

      The reaction to Mario Kart 8 would’ve been great.

      And the reaction to Mega Man in Smash Bros would probably rival that Twilight Princess Reveal.

      1. Agreed, I hope they decide to return next year…

        Just do a “2004” conference minus the boring statistics and you will have sent the Xbots down all the way to oblivion…

    3. While i admit this reaction gave me goose bumps at the time,but today nintendo is a different nintendo to back then, i LOVE NINTENDO,my love for them is borderline obsessive, but they have fallen so behind with today’s world,while i love them to be unique,there’s no reason why they cant still be unique and still offer us the core gamers a experience which is up to the standards of the competition.

      Seriously the wii u online is a joke compared to psn or xbox live or steam! also why on earth are they not embracing the online features in their games? pikmin,super mario 3d world,new super mario brothers u, nintendo land all should have had online co op or competitive or even both as a option, yes i like local multi player,but i am a grown man, with a job,my own home,a wife and kids to maintain,i cant always invite friends and family over,i just wish we were given options,instead of being forced to do things the backwards nintendo way!!

  2. Wiiu is last gen. Why bother making games for it when it cant run any game

    Nintendo should just quit and stick to handhelds but even smartphones are raping the gimmick 3ds

        1. 1. Wii U was proven many times before that its not last gen tech. Similarly but slightly more powerful. Its more like a “bridge” instead of last gen. Need for Speed Most Wanted U is the prime example including other resources saying Wii U can run Crysis and Frostbite engines without a problem. The real problem is developers/publishers (EA) and fanboy people like you misjudging Nintendo’s work too freaking quickly and without compiling facts or exercising patience. You’re just like Republicans arguing/defending over insensible shit without gripping reality.

          2. That’s not what everybody is saying thanks to the releases of Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Donkey Kong, Mario & Luigi and soon to be its Titan game release: Pokemon X/Y. Not to mention other games like Sonic Lost World, Mario Golf, Mario Party 3DS, Yoshi’s New Island (Yoshi’s Island 3) and Super Smash Bros. are coming soon. And thanks to those games, 3DS is selling out like wildfire…like 20+ million a year. And plus smartphones are not directly competing in the mobile gaming market not to mention their games aren’t even equal to Nintendo’s or Sony’s quality. PSVita is 3DS’s ONLY competition and its flopping due to the same reason Wii U is struggling: lack of AAA games.

          So troll, you were saying?

          1. Plus Nintendo is not trying to dazzle you with the most advanced most expensive piece of tech they can muster. They have cracked to code of fun>graphics time and time again. Remember, out of EIGHT generations of gaming, Sony took TWO. I am not saying that Sony got lucky twice, I am saying that people are starting to realize again that they play games for fun, not for graphics. From 1994-2006, everybody was all “i wants ma games to be purdy”. Then, Nintendo slapped those graphics lovers in the fave with the Wii and even attracted people that don’t normally place games. Now people are saying that they don’t think Nintendo will do good with the Wii U because the Wii only got the casual market on a fluke, but it is the fact that they got the casual market that makes this such a significant milestone. Think about it why else would the Kinect, PS Eye, and PS Move exist if not to try and get some of that casual market, which I am sure they got, why else would the Xbox36o have gotten so high in sales. It is even evident that they are trying to copy off of Nintendo now by making the machines “all around entertainment machines”. They want that casual market. That is enough from me. Your God has Spoken!!

        2. How are 3DS sales not meeting expectations? It’s the top selling dedicated gaming device in the US, Japan, and Europe. It sold 225,000 units in June, Bullshit they are not meeting sales expectations

      1. How am I a troll if wiiu is flopping? Cant admit it? You nintendo fans always boast about sales and now that sales arent great….you put your fingers in your ears and scream I cant hear yoooouuuu

        Indenial like your master iwata who cant run a business properly

        1. Stocks up 4%, 3DS crushing everything, Wii U sold almost 2,5x in Japan with Pikmin 3…

          The ones in denial are the western slaves who hates Nintendo…

          1. Funny you call me a hater whenI have a 3ds and I had a wiiu.

            Lol pikmin was oone week of sales. Pulling at straws gayboy?

            3ds crushing 7 year old consoles…they are waiting for the trur next gen that will have more games than wiiu. Not even first party games will save wiiu. Pikmin 3 sold less than both pik 1 and 2. Last of us sold 3.4m in 3 weeks. Pikmin sold 1.6m in its lifetime. Hajaahaahahaha

            1. wasnt pikmin 3 like 3 days of sales. and you are really comparing a console that only has 3-5 million units sold to the ps3? and what is the true next gen thing,

            2. pikmin 3 sold more than the original pikmin in it’s first week so if that’s what you’re TRYING to say then you’re wrong. and if you are trying to say pikmin has sold more than pikmin 3 in it’s lifetime then no crap pikmin 3 isnt even out everywhere. Come back this december and see how nintendo’s is doing then.

                1. You comparing the sales of a portable Titanic to an HD video game console. Troll… you’re really reaching it. You should look at the number of Nintendo 3DS game systems sold worldwide compare to the Vita.

                  Nintendo 3DS: 164,219
                  PlayStation Vita: 42,713

                  1. Daaaaaaamage control!

                    I wasn’t comparing. I was just showing that a console waaay more dead than the Wii U has had waaay better weeks.

                    22,000 is nothing. (Which is what my point is) Shareholders frankly will be pissed that more units hadn’t been moved. Stop eating up Nintendo’s shit you fanboy.

                    1. FUCK damage control. You’re the one who’s using damage control… comparing a fucking portable to a home console. Your comment is invalid and irrelevant. Furthermore, Pikmin 3 had sold over 92,000 copies in just 2 days. There’s a possibility that it’s gonna double that.

                    2. Daaaaaaamage control my bare naked arse! u just mad because the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are outselling your favorite portable from Sony think about the future and gtfo, wanker!

                    3. Well done for Pikmin. It deserves it.

                      But the Wii U sales are not as great as people think they are! 22,000 is nothing. A more dead console has done better than that due to one game (Which was my point).

                      Why the hell do you think 22,000 is good?

                      I couldn’t care that it’s outselling the Vita. I get the games I want on all consoles, so sales don’t matter to me.

                    4. Wii U mad Sony cocksucking tart? 22,000 is just for starters and the selling of Pikmin 3 Wii U add more than just 22,000 units and 92,000 copies. just you wait until Nintendo brings more sales on Wii U games like The Wonderful 101, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 (Wii U exclusive), Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, and a new Japanese RPG from Monolith Soft, Inc.

        2. It’s funny how you’re hungry for people to reply when you should be hungry for some fresh air. But by all means continue, your trolling is so obvious it’s kind of amusing

          1. yet it contains some of the harsh truth..

            stocks up 4%.. what does that imply to you? cause it does not translate into positive wiiu sales..
            It’s all due to recent NPD success with Animal Crossing and that’s it..

            and if anyone thinks any investors are impressed with a 15k shift in wiiu consoles, you must not be familiar with the business side of things or the market in general.

            nintendo can operate fine with a net loss@wiiu division…so what are some people worried about?

            despite most of us hoping so… you’d be a fool to say nintendo is out of the woods after 1 good week..

            1. Nobody said Nintendo is out of the woods with one good week. All they are saying is sales improved with one good title. What happens when DKC, ZELDA, Smash Bros, Mario, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Sonic Lost World, The Wonderful 101, ect drop? Sales go way up

          2. Darkgamer01, just stop feeding him, he just want everybody’s attention, he will reply everybody with rhetorical comments, and trying to make an argument here, he is an example of a typical *fanboy* from Y or Z company talking BS here, and thinking that he knows what is going to happen in the future.

        3. Why the fuck would you come to this site just to rage and hate on it’s main purpose?
          You think that people are going to look past what you say, or agree with your bullshit?
          Of course people are going to call you on your pathetic useless crap opinions, all you do is talk bad about Nintendo’s products, just to get attention. You’re nothing worth being taken serious over, you attention whore.
          What’s with fucking idiotic fanboys going to the site of a company they don’t like just to type insults? I say Fuck You to every fanboy and their stupid fan wars (this sites biggest jackass is Nintendo Commander), also fuck their dumbass excuses for insults such as “Xbot”,”Nintendrones”,&”Pony”…

  3. “Sebastian also mentioned that Baird believe that Xbox One could actually outship the PlayStation 4 3-to-1 this year.”
    Credibility = zero.

    1. Whether or not it’s true, I don’t see why that’s hard to believe. Systems Shipped =/= Systems Sold to consumers.

      He’s pretty much talking about how much stock/inventory will be sent to retailers. Microsoft definitely has the money for it.

      1. But the Xbox one needs more components to make for it to ship that alone means that this so called analist did not took that into consideration are doing fake predictions.

  4. someone is smoking a little too much crack if they think xbox one is actually gonna outsell ps4 3 to 1 theyd be lucky to even match ps4 sales put a bad taste in someones mouth and it leaves a lasting impression.

      1. So in other words he says that the Xbots will ship about 48 million units considering the Sonyans would ship 16 million units at launch if memory serves me right…

          1. I know but since he said that the Xbots would ship out 3-1 units more than the PS4 and considering the Sonyans said they would have 16 million units ready for launch then the 48 million units is credible going with his “prediction”…

        1. Well that might be right..But he forgot to predict that xbox will sell 6 million units and sony will sell 16 million units…..hehehe

  5. Nintendo is probably waiting on a price drop either to see if momentum picks up after some key releases (Pikmin, W101, LoZ, etc.) and / or for the holidays to compete against the XB1/PS4.

    1. Let’s see how it sells when the heavy hitters launch. Some people are stupid. Why give it a price cut now with no info on how it would do when 101, DK TF, 3D World, Wii Party U, Disney’s Planes, Wind Walker HD. Its already cheaper than the competition. Look what Pikmin 3 did to hardware sales in Japan. When it comes to Nintendo sales, I swear people have short term memory. Ignoring the mini Direct a few days ago.

      1. None of the games coming out are system sellers and the competition is getting games like Metal Gear Solid 5, GTA V, etc, there is nothing on Wii U to compete with them and nothing coming this holiday is going to compete with what is coming out on other people.

  6. Talk about being late to a party. He showed up with the out of season analyst dress used by patchter and his collaborators a year ago lol. The WiiU is in more than perfect position now. Then he had the nerve to say that the PS4 shall or might be out shipped 3 to 1 by the xboxone lol. At the xboxredmond offices maybe. One year head start, and the xbox360 ended up being last this generation. Behind the Wii in first place followed by the PS3 in second. This time around Microsoft does not have the 1 year leap.

  7. It’s all about the line up. People want it now.

    Last time Nintendo got bashed because they released a lot of first party titles immediately. Third parties complained they weren’t given a shot.

    Now Nintendo hasn’t released many first party titles and the third parties complain that there isn’t the install base.

    They complain either way. Nintendo should just release their own games and worry about their own bottom line. They can coddle and mommy these third party developers. Nintendo should be forcing its studios to release Wii U games. there is no excuse as to why there hasn’t been a Wii U Pokemon title yet for example.

    1. That’s why I think Nintendo should start buying up those 3rd party game companies that are dying off for making crappy games and get them to make gold like they used to.

  8. can’t hear the bullshit about the price cut anymore

    the price of the wii U was cut and cut and cut in both the UK and germany

    now you can get a basic set for as little as 150 pounds/180€
    did it help sales? NO

  9. All possibility of credibility to this supposed analyst die when they said “that Xbox One could actually outship the PlayStation 4 3-to-1 this year”

  10. Xbox One selling more then PS4? Ha I doubt it. Xbox One is shit and $100 more. And a price cut WONT DO SHIT. In the UK there were price cuts and not a shit was given. Games is the only issue, now STFU you supposed “experts.”

  11. He seems to be forgetting about the early 2014 lineup and Smash Bros coming out next year, which are going to make the system pick up even more momentum.
    So no, this report is false.
    Why do false reports, MNN?

  12. The XBOX One could outship the PS4 on a ratio of 3:1? No chance.

    The Wii U’s fall line-up of games crucial to its success? Not strictly true, although there are some good games coming out during the last half of this year, and not all just first-party titles either.

    Yet another analyst who has no idea what he’s talking about. Again, I could do a better job predicting what eggs taste better.

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