How To Survive Coming To Wii U Without Online Multiplayer


How To Survive, the deserted island zombie game shown at E3 by 505 Games, has finally been confirmed for Wii U after speculation over whether or not it would appear on the Nintendo console. The news is bittersweet, as 505 Games also confirmed that the online multiplayer mode found on all other versions of the game will be missing from Wii U.

The zombie-hacking adventure title is the latest game to fall victim to this trend, as it follows an announcement by Warner Bros. Games that online multiplayer will also be omitted from Batman: Arkham Origins for the Wii U. While an adult game like How To Survive is always a welcome entry for a Nintendo console, the absence of online MP is sure to once again leave Wii U owners feeling left in the cold by third party developers. The Wii U eShop will have How To Survive available for download this fall.

133 thoughts on “How To Survive Coming To Wii U Without Online Multiplayer”


      1. not buying any game that doesn’t get the same treatment so this one also joins the blacklist together with batman sniper and splinter cell

    1. It doesn’t really matter, it still has offline multiplayer. The only thing you could do online is play with ONE other friend, and you can do this still offline. This version will probably be cheaper anyways (or atleast should be)

      1. Yup. Like what GamelNation said, you’re one of those idiots. Stop buying shit from these half asses and send the message that we’re sick of intentional lazy ports to fuck with Nintendo’s fanbase and reputation with Wii U.

        If these assholes got a problem, they should’ve at least grow enough balls to speak out and no I’m not talking about saying “Wii U is weak” which is proven false, “Wii U is crap” when its EA acting like obvious cocky crybabies over shitty Origin being turned down and other developers following suit because they have their high horses stuck up their asses over PS4/Xbox One which both have ZERO install base with mediocre to decent launch titles and are more expensive systems than Wii U. The only thing is PS4’s launch looks brighter thanks to Microsoft’s stupid ass DRM idea that scared/pissed nearly their entire Xbox fanbase away to buy PS4/WiiU instead.

              1. Typical Sonyan Drone with insults…

                I’m sure you will copy our Empire again and create the Playstation Nation…

                Oh wait you already have, it’s pathetic…

                AND considering how most western fools act towards the Wii U, it’s safe to say that it’s highly likely it was true…

                    1. I’ve criticize them when needed too unlike you and others that recycles the same boring arguments every time there is some “bad” news about the Wii U…

                      Even if the news comes 1 hour after the previous one, you all behave as it is passed several months and still in the same situation…

                      It’s pathetic…

                      But of course you must all be blind the times I do criticize their actions…

                      I’ve said numerous times how bad they did their marketing and still continue to do in EU anyway, launch window and some other smaller decisions, but that has nothing to do with me loving Nintendo games which is apperantly hard for the likes of you to understand…

                    2. I’ve been fighting Xbots and Sonyans in person for years…

                      This is merely practice ahahahahahah…

                    1. ROFL! That’s really the best you can come back with…….so sad. Yes commander just made you look like an ewok that doesn’t know his way around Endor lol.

          1. Considering EA Immediatly withdrew support after a few horrible ports( and released the mass effect trilogy on other consoles for the same price as 3 on wii u) and even cancelled finished games for the system despite them being all over it at the prior e3, not to mention even lying over they’re engine being able to run on it, yeah i’d say they’re pissed over something, ea is a very childish company them doing it is not suprising thats why people believe it because most of the evidence is there.

          2. What does Origin have to do with anything? Are you refering to EA’s issues with Nintendo? If so yes the Origin fiasco is indeed the reason.

      1. Hi Commander, I agree with you, but there is many games out there that don’t require online functions, with these games we don’t lose the fun that the game are going to bring to us.

        Another thing about the function online, is the fact that it is a way to prevent the piracy for those xbots and sonyans, that have an xbox360 or PS3 for this purpose. This kind of approach have been and success and in many cases, a waste of time and money.

        1. The issue for me isn’t really about missing features although it makes me angry…

          The biggest issue is why should Wii U owners have to pay for full price having missing features that the other versions have?…

          If they lowered the price for these gimped games by 25% then I would have no problems really…

              1. its not that they arent big, its that they arent on Nintendo Systems. This is why these creatures calling these games Shovelware.

                1. What the fuck?

                  Go hang yourself cunt, the world’s better off without assholes like you comparing killing 6 million jews to not adding in a game mode.

  1. this makes me depressed, the only multiplayer game that will sell on wii u, is smash

    and that is wrong as fuck that it will be the only one…….

      1. i hardly think that will outsell smash bros (maybe wii u but not the other version :D) but yeah that will be a big seller

        1. Mario Kart Wii outsold Smash Brothers and basically all games on the Wii except Wii Sports…

          It’s very likely it will outsell Smash Brothers…

  2. When I read the title I thought it was an article on how a game could still sell on Wii U without online multiplayer…

  3. I knew it. the only way to stop this horseshit is to not support these clown devs who keep bringing half assed games to the wiiu.

    1. sadly chances are they’ll just think well games don’t sell on nintendo consoles(agrivating as they’re the ones gimping shit).
      It’s ridiculous how they want nintendo to hold up the console by themselves when they’re all jumping on the xbox one and ps4 before it’s even released, hell in xbox ones case they were jumping on it despite all the negativity surrounding it.
      Albiet alot of blame does have to go to nintedo as well for not being prepared with games sooner.

  4. Why would they be doing this? And even if it is the lack of a userbase, how else are you gonna grow it if you don’t provide the content, especially not half-assed?

  5. And like with Sniper Elite V2, I’ll wait until its 20€.
    Decent game though, totally worth the 20€ I paid and I doubt I would have played it online anyways.
    But buying a gimped game for full price is not a habit of mine.

  6. -sigh-third parties that do this are some real b!tches. It doesn’t have online multi, WHY? why would you follow suit and strip the game of even ONE feature?

    Your ass isn’t getting my munny. I’ll wait until it becomes used and my surprisingly fair GamrStop has it.

  7. Okay. One: Like I care about a shovelware game that I never heard of nor wanted to buy since I get myself ZombiU anyway and again, an incomplete port with missing features at full price? Screw you and this half ass ports train only on Wii U needs to stop right now.

    1. Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks awesome, and I didn’t even know about the multiplayer mode, so it’s not a deal breaker. And that game still has online multiplayer, it’s only the offline Co-op that’s not on Wii U.

      I’m still pissed about them not including the mode, or releasing it with a patch/DLC later, but as I said: It’s not a deal breaker.

    2. @Gamingfan…Even Splinter Cell Blacklist is missing a feature, local co op. This is why people are upset. Developers expect us to pay full price for a lesser gaming experience, and that’s simply not fair!

  8. If this game ever sells cheap, then maybe I’ll give it a try. But I’ll never purchase a game at full price that’s missing features!

  9. Not including online is a mistake. They will never be takin seriously by Nintendo gamers now. They had a chance…

    PS. Enough of the fucking zombie games already!

  10. These guys has lost my respect and my money. I won’t support people who treat Wii U as an inferior console. I swear to god, If Watch dogs becomes like this, I’ll lose faith in the third party developers.

  11. I can’t see myself getting it, or any other games lacking in features, for Wii U. If the game is equal to other systems, I always go Wii U for off screen play and to support, but in no way will they get full retail from me if it’s not a FULL game. Seems easy. If Wii U was my only system, and all I could afford, I might make considerations and wait to buy used or on sale.

  12. Online multiplayer never mattered to me, and due to a recent series of events I refuse to discuss here because it is too personal I don’t care about it at all. It WOULD be nice to get the full game, but if they leave it out, it doesn’t affect me at all. And to those who say i am an idiot for “supporting gimped ports,” You’ll have to forgive me, but if the rest of the game is exactly like the others, and it has additional GamePad functionality, but no multiplayer online, it seems to me that they didn’t just put a half-assed port out, but an full-on port with one thing missing. They put in extra effort for the GamePad, so they clearly thought of Nintendo.

    My thinking is that there might be something with Nintendo’s online infrastructure that isn’t fully compatible with other versions of the game. Criterion addressed this with Need For Speed, as did Treyarch with BLOps II, but cross-platform is still a new game for Nintendo. Give it time. Once the Wii U catches on a bit more with the strong 1st party lineup, any cross-platform online issues for games announced for the system will HAVE to be addressed. Until then, to me, this is a non-issue, as the single-player arcs are what draw me in, and that’s what I care about.

  13. I think I know why the Wii U isn’t getting online multiplayer. That’s right: This game has an online pass.

    Nintendo doesn’t allow such shady tactics on their games, so that’s why the Wii U version isn’t getting online multiplayer.

    But there’s no reason that such a mode should not be in the Wii U version.

    In fact, before I wrote this, I did some research on Wikipedia and discovered that 505 games uses online passes. Proof is in the link below.

    1. Online passes are just a way to protect from second hand sales. but devs should realize that its store like gamestop that should be taken out of the picture. buying used games for cheap and then turning it in to a profit cause they know people are cheap and rather pay a lower price than the full new game price… this is why i like places like best buy, who jack the price of the used game higher than that of the new game.

  14. Seriously!? I would rather them no release the game on Wii U just so tey can’t say later on that it’s sales sucked, because no one owns a Wii U and those who do only like kiddie games… It’s a lose lose for Nintendo thanks to these idiot companies. 💋

    1. The way I see it…Nintendo is like jazz, not for anyone. Having 3rd party would be a plus for me, who only wants to play Nintendo games anyway…though GTAV would be nice..

  15. I’m not sure why people support or why Nintendo of America or of Japan or whatever keeps on accepting games that gimped not sure if its on purpose or not sure if there’s something else going on why do they keep on doing this to games if Nintendo for example is trying to showcase the eShop but yet they’re showcasing games that have no multi player function it just doesn’t make sense to me if the game has a multi-player function on other systems it should be implemented on the Nintendo basically if you want this game and your household is a multi-platform household moreover you’re probably get it for the other system vs the Nintendo system because the other systems games versions are going to have everything that supposed to be there be there is this game going to be cheaper on Nintendo system is Splinter Cell going to be cheaper on the Nintendo system nintendo should mandate and demand that if games are being gimped not coming with certain features as other versions that they should retail for actually cheaper or refuse them license or something

  16. Oh, I was mislead by the title! I thought there were going to be instructions on how to survive coming to your Wii U without online multiplayer! xD

  17. Oh look, a generic zombie game. Well, don’t give a shit about this game. I swear, do people make zombie games just for a quick cash grab? At least Naughty Dog made a “zombie” game with great story, characters, and gameplay.

  18. Someone needs to really speak with these developers. I don’t know what in the world makes them think we, the informed people of a technological world would buy a game we know is half baked. Most gamers have at least 2 consoles anyways. Why would I buy this on Wii U if its gimped? Then they blame wii u for poor sales. It’s a retarded business decision. Either don’t bring it or bring it complete! How hard is that?

    1. Actually it would be a retarded business decision to put Multi-Player in the game, Do you even understand how multi player is made possible? in case you dont, its these thing called servers, and they cost money to keep up.

      you guys keep blaming 3rd party company’s on not bringing MP to the Wii U, but in reality its Nintendo’s fault. Nintendo should’ve never released a console with such little support. They only have 4 games for their own console to date, what kind of shit is that???

      New Super Mario U (Super Luigi U DLC)
      Pikmin 3
      Game & Wario
      (im talking about 1st and 2nd Party developers)

      1. Relax. The games are here now or coming very soon. Well off the top of my head…

        Wonderfull 101
        3D Land
        Wii U party
        Wii fit U
        Sonic lost world
        Winter games

        All coming in the next few months, Exclusive to WiiU. Also some of the 3rd party games coming soon are the definitive version.

  19. I have noticed that some people on this site have short term memory. some third party devs had promised to support the wii u even before it was released, but decided to abandon the platform because their old and gimped ports were not selling well. Thier laziness is part of the reason why many nintendo fans do not purchase thier games. So it is not all nintendo’s fault that the wii u doesn’t have strong third party support. If thease devs would just make a good quality games and stop removing features from the wii u version then people would have a desire to buy it.

  20. I have noticed that some people on this site have short term memory. some third party devs had promised to support the wii u even before it was released, but decided to abandon the platform because their old and gimped ports were not selling well. Thier laziness is part of the reason why many nintendo fans do not purchase thier games. So it is not all nintendo’s fault that the wii u doesn’t have strong third party support. If thease devs would just make a good quality games and stop removing features from the wii u version then some nintendo fans would have a desire to buy it.

  21. WHAT!? Why would someone make a half-assed lazy version of the game for the Wii U!? Surely NO ONE has done that before right?

  22. Wow, didn’t realize that I could just leave a comment without giving any info.
    can I just say: this is some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen. All the Nintendo fanboys spazzing about the being left in the cold by 3rd party developers with the Wii U. All Nintendo does these days is churn out sequel after sequel, pretty much just Mario and Zelda. While there are some good games (Pikmin 3 comes to mind), the Wii U is a total failure. The reason 3rd party devs are abandoning the Wii U id very simple- they had to tone them down and change them because otherwise the Wii U would fry its hardware (and noone buys them, because if someone wanted a 3rd party game they’d just buy it on their PS3 or 360). No multiplayer? They probably couldn’t fit it into whatever tiny game cartridge or disc gets shoved in the Wii U. I bet ELEVENTY dollars that AC4’s naval combat is top down with the touch pad. Simpler and easier for little Nintendo fanboys to understand. Plus it won’t make your Wii U explode. Nintendo thought they could rope in more gullible people with stupid gimmicks like the Wii, but it turns out an underpowered handheld/home console with a touch-pad isn’t as appealing as motion control. How can the Wii U even be classified as an 8th gen console? While it my be ‘statistically’more powerful than the 360, show me a comparison where the Wii U has the better picture. I know graphics are not the most important aspect of a game, but come on! How can Nintendo not be able to get any better hardware? Welcome to HD, you’re only over 7 years late. And don’t bullshit about the Wii U being at all worth its price, I would rather pick up a 360 or PS3 or simple PC than spend over 300 dollars on that piece of junk. Nintendo has sealed its own fate; the Wii U is being abandoned by all decent devs, and Nintendo is scrambling to sell more games, enchanting gullible fanboys with HD remakes of games from 20 years ago that are still exactly the same. “Á new IP? Oh heavens no”- Everyone at Nintendo. “Just bring in another Mario remake, that’ll keep em busy!”. And the saddest thing: people somehow still manage to fall for Nintendo’s BS. By the way, I’m not some 12 yr old COD fanboy, I hate COD, and have a 360, PS3 and good PC. My favourite games: The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Civ 5, Dawn of War 1 (oldie but goldie), Fallout 3, Skyrim, Oblivion and Mass Effect 2.

    Hehe, “Wii Fit U”. Funny name. Also what’s with Nintendo and the Olympics? If you want to exercise and play a game go play an actual sport, you’ll save hundreds.

  23. Pure and simple, they are delivering an unfinished product to Wii U users. The only possible action that would justify this is a lower sale price.

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