Nintendo Introduces New TV Tag Option That Lets Users Doodle On Live TVii



Nintendo has introduced a new option for its TVii application called TV Tag, in which users are able to doodle over live moments of TV programming using the gamepad. The above picture provides an example of someone drawing over a live European football game. The new TV Tag mode provides users with a variety of brushes and colors with which to manipulate their creations.

Additionally, Nintendo TVii allows live commenting on TV programming and sharing through Miiverse and other social media applications. Nintendo TVii, which just acquired Netflix availability a couple months back, has been gaining traction on the Wii U console.

44 thoughts on “Nintendo Introduces New TV Tag Option That Lets Users Doodle On Live TVii”

      1. If they focused on their penises, at least their own needs would be satisfied, while with this pointless feature, nobody will be.

    1. exactly, hell after all this time europe still has no tvii features, i wish these companies would wake up and realise that europe is big too, and that tv is not just a american thing, we all watch it!!!
      i bet it will be the same with the xbox one tv stuff, europe again will get the shaft, but i expected better from nintendo, hell the club nintendo gifts are garbage in the uk version compared to america, wtf is up with these companies ignoring europe?

      why has ninteno at the very least not given us uk viewers the ability to watch bbci,itv player, 4 on demand, 5 on demand on wii u tvii? seriously that shits as basic as it comes, regardless they should focus less on miiverse and tvii and more on core games, and securing third party support!

  1. And people living in Europe are like .. “What is Nintendo TVii ?”

    Seeing as the console has been out for almost a year and European people do not have access to the service … :-\

        1. I know, I realised it was distracting me a bit but I was just discovering the function for the first time. Once I understood the whole TV tag thing I put my Gamepad next to my chair and continued watching until the commercial.

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    1. Rayman Legends is better than NSMBU. All NSMBU does with the GamePad is off TV mode. Rayman does shit with the GamePad I never thought was possible. When Murphy knocks on your GamePad, it sounds and feels like a real knock. The GamePad is very sensitive and responds to whatever task you need to do to clear the level. Why the fuck would I want to play this same Game on 360/ps3 after playing it on Wii U? It’s just too fucking bad, Nintendo ain’t displaying Rayman Legends’s exclusive features at any expo show. I rate this game a 9.5/10 only because it takes longer to reach a more difficult stage after playing 12 stages. This game puts NSMBU to shame. Fuck Game stop’s 8.0 too!!!

      1. And if you a butthurt Wii U owner and refuse to buy Rayman Legends because it’s no longer an exclusive, that’s your loss. Thanks Ubisoft for show me what the GamePad can do since dumb Nintendo can’t do it right. Now if only Dumb Nintendo would show this game off!!! They should have showed Rayman Legends at 2012 E3 instead of NSMBU.

  3. And that Kickstarter wouldn’t be a threat to Wii U if Nintendo thought about the GamePad’s features like Ubisoft and put them into the games more. Will i’ll make an exception to Pikmin 3. But Nintendo is 50% since they weakly back up how Wii U will handle PS4 since the idiots worked on the game as if 2009 would never come.






  5. Yeah I agree it’s time for Nintendo to start showing adventure platformers that uses the GamePad like Rayman Legends. It doesn’t look like DK TF or SM3DW will use the GamePad like Legends.

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