Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U Only £24.99 At Amazon


Amazon UK is currently selling the recently released Splinter Cell Blacklist for £24.99 at the moment for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Splinter Cell Blacklist for Wii U currently has an average user score of 7.9 on online review aggregation site, Metacritic. The Xbox 360 version of the game has an 8.2 publication score and the PlayStation 3 is at 8.4.

Thanks, Matisfaction

68 thoughts on “Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U Only £24.99 At Amazon”

            1. No, just real gaming consoles with no media gimmicks…

              Although the Wii,3DS and Wii U has some of these movie gimmicks, it’s not something I’ll use anyway…


          1. I play Pokemon yes and I barely have money to buy one game each month so as you can see, no chance whatsoever to buy a Wii U today…

            Hopefully soon…


          1. No you don’t command anything Nintendo related and a real Nintendo commander would own a Wii U without excuse. I now denounce your title as Nintendo commander


                1. I see…

                  Fear not, I have been around apes my whole life, they cannot harm me anymore in any way because I’m just a cyborg now…


    1. overall the wii u version is the most expensive one here though … by far (xbox 360 32€ ps3 40€) (when not only taking amazon into account


  1. HAHAHA 3rd partie no sell nintendo. Fuck sheep alway defending with excuses, this game i did not buy but sheeps are the ones to blame. I hate you nintendo you ruined my life, first rare now this ubisoft game so cheap, you cant defend this sheep you dont buy 3rd partie you only play mario mario mario. Nintendo is unrelevant now 3rd partie no sell on nintendo didnt i say it. HAHAHA sheeps are coming i smell and they make me wanna have sex with banjonetta.


    1. ruined your life? wow your life must be really pathetic to be ruined by a game company not doing the things you fancy

      amazon set their own prices btw nintendo has no influence on that.. if anyone at all would have any further influence on that price it would be ubisoft.. certainly not nintendo

      seriously how stupid can you get


    2. ^^^^^^^^^

      hahaha another pathetic impersonation off me, you cant bother me you know. your just some random dude on the internet but i can seee your so pathetic that i can bother you so much you have to do an impersonation off me!!!! loser. keep doing it, the more impersonations the better.


      1. now that’s the real iceazeama!!! Not that fake imposter and not that fake Nintendo commander that doesn’t even own a Wii U LOL all these fakers


        1. it is quite funny, these losers get there feelings hurt ssoooo bad when im talking about their favorite plastic box!!!! hahah thats some guy named artist, atleast i think hes been stalking me, saying “i dont speak spain speak english” every comment hahahah what did he get that from his mom. now he is making alts of me, sad. artists are proven to be one of the most sad people on earth anyway.


      1. well at this price it would be okay if you don’t care that much about coop

        but offering it at the same price, or even more expensive like it is the case in a lot of places, is NOT okay


  2. How did the Wii U’s version get the lowest score? The graphics are better and it has no screen tearing like the other two consoles. Did they vote on the install base or just to hate the Wii U?


    1. maybe because game scores aren’t just down to graphics?
      as a matter of fact the wii u version lacks coop which is a fairly big part of the game.. i’m not surprised that it scored lower


    1. oh yeah there is….. must of forgot because i dont wear diapers like the rest of you nintenpuppets. how is this irrelevant, this is a great price, better than pokemilk.


      1. Which country are you from so as I help you with your mental condition and family abandonment issues. Most people that behave like you are grew up in blended families. Where there mom or dad was married three or four times.


      2. Not being mean, just a keen observation. America is suffering from this kind of syndrome were kids that underwent divorce feel like the world owes them something. Thus bash nintendo because most 80s kids that placed nintendo came from stable nuclear families.


        1. nyeah nice observation, white nintendo some more. yeah ive heard of that study, old news. did you here about that new study on fanboys?? the one where people get insulted like your insulting there family when your onlt saying something bad about a plastic box and a corporation?? thats you, low self esteem is the answer. so since were on that topic why does your feelings get hurt when im talking about a corporation that doesnt give a shit about you?? sounds pathetic right, well it is.


  3. MonolithSoft a remarkably small company made Xenoblade chronicles a game that is better than all of Ubisoft’s IPs combined. Ubisoft a large developer couldn’t add offline co-op to the WiiU version. Xenoblade is actually more expensive used, third parties and Microsoft are useless, throw Sony’s Vita department on that pile as well. So third parties know they cannot create better IPs than nintendo.


    1. Everything our empire touches turns to scared gems while everything the Xbots touches gets corrupted…

      While the Sonyans just keep digging their own grave most of the time…


    2. they are bigger now and yes its better than most games, if it wasnt on nintendo you wouldnt give a damn, SHEEP hoard them in!!! folks like you would eat iwatas shit if told so.


  4. Well, everyone bitch’s and moans about a gimped version, however all I see is a good version that even digital foundry said was the best.

    Nintendo fans moan way too hard, speak with your wallets I just bought it using Flubit as well for £21

    Played it already , great version with good controls and a very useful way of using the screen, people forget those exclusive features missing in the other versions.

    Sorry the console is gimped for the texture pack, but thats the fault of Nintendo not Ubi, Co-op would come if people bought it, but as usual Nintendo fans are a bunch of moaners!


    1. It’s not even a gimped port, most people don’t even know what they are talking about, they are just assuming that it’s a bad port on the basis of other poor 3rd party efforts, all that’s missing from the Wii U version is the LOCAL Co-Op, but the gamepad features more than make up for it and at least Wii U owners have online, which is something that constantly gets cut.

      Take a look on The Lens of Truth comparison (which is digital foundry’s source material), the Wii U version is the better version out of the three, the PS3 game is practically unplayable due to some horrific screen tearing, the 360 also has screen tearing, the Wii U has no screen tearing and a better framerate, also textures differ between versions but on the whole the Wii U version is still slightly better in that department.

      As far as I know, online problems exist on all three versions of the game (not just Wii U), but patches have hastily been made available to sort these issues out.

      £24.99 is a fantastic price for a great game, even more so when you consider that it’s £54.99 on the eShop.


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