Pokemon TCG: XY Introduces Mega Evolution To Extremely Powerful Pokemon-EX Cards


Mega Evolution, what could be described as an Evolution beyond all Evolutions, is changing the landscape of battles in the recently launched Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games for the Nintendo 3DS. This revolutionary game mechanic is also coming to the brand-new Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY expansion when 10-card booster packs arrive at retail in North America on February 5, 2014. Mega Evolution Pokémon evolve from Pokémon-EX, extremely powerful cards in their own right, creating a force that will change the way Pokémon TCG players build decks and create strategies for battle.

Before players Mega Evolve a Pokémon like Venusaur-EX or Blastoise-EX, they must consider the situation carefully because doing so ends their turn immediately, which means they can’t attack. The risky move is worth the reward, however, because Mega Evolution Pokémon exhibit a strength that surpasses Pokémon-EX. Hard-hitting attacks and high HP totals make Mega Evolution Pokémon dominant during Pokémon TCG matches.

Look out for the Pokémon TCG: XY expansion, including powerful Pokémon-EX cards, on February 5, 2014. The Pokémon TCG: XY—Kalos Starter Set, featuring new Fairy-type Pokémon, the first Pokémon type in the Pokémon TCG to have resistance to Darkness-type Pokémon, launches November 8, 2013. Each XY—Kalos Starter Set deck and XY booster pack will include a code card that unlocks virtual cards for the Pokémon TCG Online.

33 thoughts on “Pokemon TCG: XY Introduces Mega Evolution To Extremely Powerful Pokemon-EX Cards”

    1. Titanic U Need help Save them nintendo!
      Nintendo:Fuck that shit no one wants to buy that shit.We rather Focus on LiL Kids Games.
      *Titanic U IS GOING DOWNN*.

      1. Ignoring the 685% increase in sales on WWHD the best it did since this year. Yet you rather play dumb as if that never happened.

        1. If GTA V was a Nintendo exclusive you would have said it was killed. But Halo, Resident Evil, God of War or GTA and COD can get away with it because they aren’t exclusives for Nintendo.

              1. Rockstar needed money so they made another GTA. Wii au needs revenue so they pushed up a 3D Mario game. TCG my ass. I know how the world works. When Toyota had the floor mat problem they needed money so they advertised Corolla and Camry their heavy hitters.

    2. Most Pokémon fans don’t see it as milking. And for those that don’t like Pokémon, well… why do you need to care? It’s of no concern to you.

  1. Pokemon TCG is so hardcore. I stopped playing for 10 years and had a deck with only 1st gen pokes in it. Now I have new cards and my Dragonite gained 50 HP. He also went from doing up to 80 damage to doing up to 240 damage. Wow.


    I not many people don’t even know how to play POKEMON TCG….

    HELL! more people new how to play Yu-Gi-Oh JUST BY WATCHING TV LMFAO!

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