NPD: Wedbush Says Wii U Sold Around 55,000 Units In September


Wedbush, the privately held financial services and investment firm, has said that Wii U sold around 55,000 units on the back of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD in the United States during September. The company also stated that Wii U sales are up 79 percent month-over-month, but things are still not great for Nintendo’s console. Sales of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during September were expected to be 145,000 units and 175,000 units respectively.

152 thoughts on “NPD: Wedbush Says Wii U Sold Around 55,000 Units In September”

    1. This is actually great news! This means that Sonic Lost World will sell badly! Or at least not as good as Sonic Colors did!

        1. Because he, Donko, AKA, and Zeama are all a part of the same troll club; convinced the Wii U isn’t recovering and hating on anyone that likes it because they’re a bunch of sick-in-the-head retards that like getting their kicks by trying to upset other people.
          They’ve got a bully complex on top of a stupidly high amount of fanboy arrogance that shows through every time they try to make fun of anything even remotely mainstream coming out of Nintendo.

          Just ignore them.

      1. I agree, nothing will save them, not even Mario, 3rd party games, Zelda2014, Mario Kart 8, the hyped up Smash Bros. or any other games unannounced……….. -_-’

        1. you know what could have gave the wii u a better name?? not having that january direct and going to e3 showing all of those games on stage, with also showing the games they showed at e3 direct on stage too.

          they would have won e3 and the wii u would be getting some positive exposure.

          1. I do somewhat agree but I think Nintendo knew that there would be too many eyes on the new console reveals and info. That and other true logical reasons to why Nin did not do a Stage Conference.

            1. disagree. nintendo would have got exposure. their games would have killed anything sony and spyboxsoft even showed.

              mario 3dpaste, mario kart 800, zelda wasted wiiumake. yoshi yarn, bayonetta,the sage partnership with sonic, x, smt/fire emblem smash bros. wonderful flop01 and all the crappy casual shit would have blown anything else out of the water.

              1. The problem is showing off games too early in development, and revealing your hand. Nintendo only showed some of their cards, enough to compete a little with the next gen consoles. NOTHING they could have showed would have had any effect on the press. They knew that.

                Watch Dogs is old news to me. It was revealed a year ago IIRC and it’s been delayed to 2014. Ubisoft announced it too far ahead of release and I’ve lost interest. This situation can’t happen to NIntendo.

                1. The thing is, the Wii U must fail, i’m not a Nintendo hater, i am actually a huge fan, but not of Nintendo as they are now, 3DS is ok, but it’s because the game development costs are low and that is what Nintendo is after, low costs of development, sell it at a full price, and thex are trying that with the wii u, and fuck them for that, i could’ve understood that with the wii because it was weak as shit, but the wii u is at least powerful as xbox 360, and the games are still like on the gamecube but with better graphics

                  1. Nooo, Wii U is not at least powerful as xbox 360, it’s less powerful than 360. Actually it’s just a Wii in HD, but, you know, HD is not true HD, it’s just a simple upscaling, the true resolution is 480p (if you’re lucky).
                    Now, you have to consider that Wii is just a 16/9 Gamecube, and Gamecube is just a more poly N64.

                    So, you can agree that “Wii U is just a 16/9, fake HD, more poly N64″.

                    1. Wrong, Wii U is far more powerful, the GPGPU is more powerful on it’s own. Get your facts right son.

                2. I don’t know why but I have alway’s had Less than zero interest in Watch Dog’s.Everything I have seen so far just does not look like it would be any fun to play.Regardless of what a technical marvel it is said to be.The gameplay just look’s plain awful.It’s a damn shame Nintendo didn’t blow rockstar over and over until they agreed to put GT5 on the Wii U.Biggest game of all time and they just let it slip away.They should have let them publish it free and payed them million’s for the chance.

            1. no it would of had exposure, dduurrr damage control. all those games showed on stage would have been great for media and make it look like wii u is better than now. instead they showed them all of in directs.

    2. Damon,I saw a report the other day that said MarioKart Wii made over a billion dollars.So your correct if anything it going to get the masses M.K.U is it.

    1. yes that doesnt make sense, ps3 and xbox are way cheaper, last gen (dont get me started on wii u not being next gen), and have a huge library already with gta5 just released..

    2. PS3 and 360 have a huge library of game and are cheap which makes them sell to presumably a younger more casual audience who didn’t buy one 5-7 years ago like a normal gamer.

      PS3 and 360 sales will soon plummet and make way for Wiiu, PS4 and Xboner …

      1. *PS4 and Xbox One

        If Wii U was going to hurt ps360 sales, it already would have done so.

        The Wii U is irrelevant. Did you not see the survey that showed less than 1% percent of gamers in Australia plan to buy a Wii U?

        1. Australia is irrelevant in the world of game sales and ironically, is probably about 1% lol. Also how many people did they ask in that survey?

          Those percentages certainly don’t hold any weight in the larger regions of the world.

          Remember PS2 outsold Xbox 360 and PS3 for nearly 2 years, but then vanished and made way for Wii, PS3 , 360. That’s all I’m saying will happen to Wiiu. Xbox 360 and PS3 sales wil soon vanish and major games Like Mario Kart 8 an Smash bros will be on Wiiu , which will sky rocket sales.

  1. not too shabby after very very bad sales, looks like Zelda still sells consoles even though its just a remake (a great one at it though)

  2. Nintendo aren’t gonna be the leaders in console gaming ever again. It’s just the way business has evolved. People want shit, so shit sells.

    Unless… we get rid of all the people! Problem solved.

    1. Nintendo just needs to properly market the Wii U, showing innovative gameplay that you cant get on the other consoles. Just like the Wii did, it also needs a real flagship title like Wii Sport did. Otherwise, there is little chance that the Wii U will do incredible numbers, it will most likely be better than the gamecube though

    2. Wii ruled over last gen, in fact Nintendo was the only company that actually turned a profit, while Sony and Microsoft lost money.

    3. Considering, Nintendo were the ones who got the games industry to where it is today. Didn’t think that one through now did you.

    1. Why call the wii u a piece of shit? Its not like its spying on u, selling ur personal data to companies for money, not expensive or tried to fuck over the consumer

      1. Might want to get rid of your phone/laptop/PC or whatever. It’s spying on you and selling your data.

          1. Yeah aleast i don’t have use that time of common insulting language to get my insults to hit. I give u a zero for effort

  3. When the Wii U came onto the market and it didn’t blow away every other console (Xbox 360/pS3). You knew it was in trouble.

    1. U do realize the ps4 and one will suffer the same fate as the wii u did its first year. Just look at launch line up. most of the games are ports a few titles that original at launch but nothing great. Preorders don’t mean jack shit.Why would people support next gen when more titles are coming to current?Why because its new? I waited to get my wii u until pikmin came out and i’ll wait till KH comes on ps4 before i pick it up. Most of the good ps4 and one titles aren’t coming out till fall of 2014 or 2015. There are a few good titles coming for out ps4 in 2014 but nothing that says a must have or a system seller. Next gen as a whole will be very slow just watch

      1. I have the same feeling! Wii U had loads of preorders too and look what happened. Nintendo wasn’t supporting Wii once Wii U came out. Sony & MS will still be supporting PS3/360 for a few years meaning less incentive for current owners to upgrade and lack of backwards compatibility might turn some off too.

  4. That’s it, 55,000 units is all Wind Waker could muster? There has got to be some sort of mistake. When will Wii U push hundreds of thousands of units?

  5. that is amazing sales!! thats what all the retarded fanboys are saying.

    wii u is the worst console in years and i own one.

      1. Never really trusted microsoft especially since they confirmed they are selling data of xbox one users to companies

          1. its also not getting any games like the other two consoles and nintendo still isnt catering to the fans but focusing on the casuals. we get another uninspired mario and zelda right?? jeez how exiting….. what a great system. its not going to be a gamecube, becaus eits not going to be a fan favorite console either.

            wii u is a fail.

            1. “It’s also not getting any games like the other two consoles and nintendo still isnt catering to the fans but focusing on the casuals.”

              Yeah, because Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta, X, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 4, Batman, and so many other first party, third party, and indie games coming out now or in the near future, totally focus on purely “casual” gamers, and, in the case of third parties and indies, aren’t “core” enough to be looked forward to by people who want the PS4 or One as well.

              For the record, there are plenty of titles coming to the Wii U that ARE enticing to core gamers.

              Go drown yourself you ignorant elitist.
              You’re so busy buying into all the “next gen” hype from Sony and Micro that you actually refuse to see a core experience anymore, WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING EYES, just because they’re related to Nintendo.

              Real, core, multiplatform gamers don’t discount games due to their system.

              That’s the territory of fan-fags like you.

              Do the world a favor and just shut your fucking mouth before you say something that makes the entire community look as bad as you in the eyes of the public.
              The gaming community has come too far to afford you and your butt buddies messing shit up for us.

              1. look at all the other systems and think again tool. they will have as much stuff at launch and they actually cater to the fans. nothing released for wii u yet and is only a select few coming out next year. next gen systems will have just as much as wii u when it launches. also nice from taking that name fireazeama from that conversation.

        1. Pre orders have never ment much. Anyone who thinks pre-orders for account aren’t very smart in business sense. I believe the 360 beat the ps3 in pre-orders and its the best damn console. Looking at game list for ps4 for 2014 its not all that great most of titles are on current gen so a reason to get the ps4 or one in terms of games only a few titles that are exclusive. Most of the good titles aren’t coming to 2015. Ubisoft just delayed watch dogs so there goes a game for all three. It won’t effect the wii as much but a little its more likely to hurt ps4 do to that bundle. I’m not getting a ps4 until kh comes out i got a wii u when pikmin came out. I never buy a console at launch because i know how it works now. The wii has a chance for the holidays if nintendo does some fucking advertising. Lets also take account that heavy hitters aren’t all out yet. Just wait another year before saying stuff like that. Ps3 suffered the same thing the wii u did and it was revived.

          1. Xbox one also sells ur data as advertise data for companies. Ps4 is going to be a great system just not getting right now.

            1. I was talking about his claim that “PS4 preorders outsold WiiU”, which is false.

              I’ll also point out a significant number of those preorders comes from Japan and PS4 doesn’t launch there till feb ’14. Not only that but Sony will be supply constrained. Anyone thinking PS4(or X1) will outsell WiiU at launch needs a reality check.

              These haters need to layoff the hype.

              1. No. Those pre-order figures were given before the PS4 was available for pre-order in Japan. Those numbers are mainly for other territories.

                Obviously pre-orders do not dictate the actual amount of sales the system will have during launch, but it’s a good indicator; especially considering that there are many, many, more people who *want* to pre-order but can not because there are no more pre-orders available.

                Are there more pre-orders for the PS4 than the Wii U console sales? Unlikely.

                That doesn’t mean that Sony can’t reach its 5 million goal by the end of the year though. We’ll have to wait and see.

                1. Oh, yes, you are correct. I was wrong, I assumed it included Japan ‘cuz, I thought I was WW.

                  However, regarless of pre-order or demand, the supply just won’t be able to keep up. PS4 could sell like hotcakes, but no way 5mil before 2014. I mean I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, just perhap almost impossible :). Sony themselves said they expect to sell 5mil by march(or was it april).

                  I think Sony fan expectations are way too high.

                2. Mind that generally the preorders for a system are higher than what the system will sell at launch. I forget the ratio that usually happens, but with consoles it is is higher than with games. Most people do not show up to get the system, or they decide to cancel. Sometimes they cannot afford it.

  6. Everyone forgets that the price dropped on September 20th. Basically 55k units in 10 days which would be around the same as PS3/360 which sold a whole month. Zelda is just the first big game coming to Wii U this year like Sonic, Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, Mario 3D among others.

    1. that also something taht pisses me off about nintendo. “wii u wont have a price drop for years” bastards. what a great deal 350$ with shitendo land, with shitty games and delays. wii u is a scam.

      they said it wouldnt drop in price, then months later it did…… they should show appreciation to people who bought it. nintendo are lying assholes. they sound like a broken record.

      1. Well if they said there will be a price drop in the coming months then no one would buy the Wii U for months. It is a better strategy to tell customers about the price drop around when it will happen.

            1. Likely, yeah.
              All I’ve seen from Sony and Micro lately regarding their upcoming systems, is hype over shooters, sports, and sandboxes from the fans.

              I’d care more if they’d show more games like Watch Dogs, which does a lot of things differently.

    1. wake up man. im surprised more of their fans arnt annoyed with them. nintendo takes their loyal fanbase for granted. look at gamecube it was a flop sales wise but they cared look at the games…….. and look at them now.

      they dont care. they care about the $$$, thats why they are chasing that money stash (the casuals) that left and arnt coming back.

      they should be doing what they did during gamecube and n64 with wii u, but they will have bad sales (which to the players doesnt matter, its the games) and not give us the games. they dont care about their reputation, fresh franchises and creative games anymore. nintendo has become greedy.

      1. Nintendo is not at greedy levels thats capcom water and nintendo isn’t capcom. While agree with games part. Nintendo does need to work on older ips like star fox and F zero. They have given us old ips like sin and punishment and punch out i want more older. New ips nintendo has a few in works like miyamoto’s and possible another.

      2. I don’t know if it’s so much as their greedy as much as it is they run their business like a bunch of retards. The best move they could have made this year was opened up their big fat wallet and won the auction for Atlus. Instead they dropped the ball. They could have opened up their wallets and got more third party games on Wii U but they dropped the ball with that. Their biggest ball drop was how the marketed the Wii U. Their marketing team should be whipped 40-1 times for their terrible job.

        1. Nintendo doesn’t like to spend money. Guess that’s probably why they have so much of it lol! Sony and Microsoft spend crap loads every day and look how much they have in the bank.

        2. your right, nintendo does run their business like a retard. they could have easily bought atlas, which could have helped the gaming droughts and brought in new fans. sega instead bought them, they out bided nintendo….. greedy and retarded. also if nintendo was smart they would buy rares ips back and im pretty sure a lot of ex rare employees would join them to create a team to make some of those franchises. also if nintendo wasnt retarded they would fund shadow of the eternals and call it eternal darkness 2. almost every decision nintendo has made since snes has been retarded, to now the point where its a hroken record.

      3. If they didn’t care then why was many Wii U games delayed to get up to 1080p 60fps and to improve GsmePlay? Though I think Nintendo is stupid for not planing a Pokemon RPG on Wii U yet put Smash on 3DS that will decrease the chance of Smash bros. Being on Wii U for not having GsmePad features as well as 3DS having a wayyy bigger install base. That was stupid. That smash bros. Game will not increase Wii U sales as much but the software will reach top ten.

        1. And why downscale Luigi’s mansion to a hand held. Lost Worlds won’t help Wii U sales since the 3DS version has a bigger base and has online. It was rather stupid of Nintendo to avoid online on AAA tittles but give it the casual software. Nintendo is also stupid for not thinking of PS4 during development of Wii U. Who wants to bet the next console will be a little more powerful than PS4. You know Nintendo is too stupid to think Sony will make PS5 more powerful than PS4.

          1. Unless Iwata and other executives at Nintendo the cycle the will continue -_-

            1. Nintendo announces a new console at E3 with an “innovative” controller

            2. Nintendo hypes the thing up saying it will have third-party support and fewer game droughts

            3. The console is revealed to be extremely underpowered

            4. The console comes out to little fanfare, the third-party support drops and there are long game droughts not long after launch

            5. We play the never ending waiting game for the console to get a consistent flow of quality games and sell well

            1. to be honest, i feel its not the fact that they’re chasing after casuals, the consoe isn’t as strong as the other competition. It’s more like nintendo sucked at advertising a console, gave it a crappy name and crappy games and expected people to buy it, Now that they’re starting to offer decent games after a huge drought inbetween they’re having trouble gaining traction now that the other two next gen consoles are being released

              1. Crappy games on Wii U? You can talk about the Wii U, because they were stupid to focus on PS3 back then but Pikmin 3, ain’t crappy. Neither is WWHD or any DKTF. You crazy. They were just stupid building the Wii U.


    1. Real man games? And what’s that reality based games that have limits to what different experiences can be done because they have to obey the law of nature. All they can really do is add more guns a better map and more visuals.

  8. The Wii U will prevail, there are gonna be LoZ fans out there that want a LoZ: Majora’s Mask remake and when they do, the Wii U shelves are gonna be crowded by nerds and geeks. Glasses and protractors are gonna be flying everywhere!

      1. You messed up that sentence, let me fix it. “No, only Wii U will prevail, not XDUMP”. Horrible grammer for a robot, someone needs to update their operating system.


          1. UBER outdated robot, last I can remember, BOP BOP BOP hasn’t been used since the late 1900′s. Definitely a defective robot, it doesn’t even know what it’s talking about.

  9. Next year will be interesting especially if sales of the other 2 next-gen consoles don’t go as everyone is convinced they will. Sure pre-orders will be huge but so were Wii U’s last year. 2014 will show and Sony/MS will continue to support PS3/360 which greatly decreases the incentive to upgrade when some games will be on both. Also Japan in February for PS4 gives other systems time to boost sales too. If sales drop at any time I can see the comments now – it’ll be okay, Sony/MS know what they’re doing, they planned for this etc. When it’s Nintendo it’s they don’t know what they’re doing, Nintendo should get out of consoles, go multiplatform etc. Keep dreaming of that ever happening!

  10. Just seeing how many PS3′s and 360′s sold goes to show why I can’t relate to most of today’s gamers. I don’t get along with Playstation and Xbox gamers. They have this stupid attitude on them that I don’t like. And they all love games that I myself feel is pathetic. Like Grand Theft Auto and Halo etc. Ugh! NO THANK YOU!

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